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Erotic Group Sex stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

A Surprise Threesome

group milehibi 2018-03-31

Starting at her neck he began a licking and kissing thing that slowly moved down her body as he made his way to those beautiful perky little titties with real hard nipples. Amy moved her head away suddenly and Joe laid a deep wet kiss on me with tongue wildly searching my mouth. Amy began to giggle a little and she and Joe started kissing and licking cum off each other as I laid there and tried to regain my senses. I did stop for just a moment to slam my tongue down Amy's mouth and slosh a mouthful of cum back and forth a couple of times but I went right back to that throbbing cock and stayed there until it started to go soft.


Heading over to Steves (part II-A)

group atlsexyguy 2018-03-31

Steve turned me around and pressed his hard rubber covered body against mine and started walking to the door. He was nearly hard and I openly looked and smacked my lips as he slid on a gel cock ring, and then he pulled out a set of Slick it up arm guards that covered his shoulders and arms! He rubbed his bulge and pulled his nipples until Steve dropped to his knees and rubbed his face against it. Chris smashed Steve’s face into his crotch and pulled me in to help worship his bulge. Chris moved in with a handheld cam and got me working at his spandex covered cock.

Glorydaze 4

group risonar 2018-03-31

By the time I got to the door I was hard from the hands on my cock and ass. I went after like I was starving, I sucked the head, licked the shaft, took his balls in my mouth and worked them with my tongue. Dennis started rubbing lube into my ass hole, curling two fingers inside he said”You want this guy to fuck you?” I moaned “Yes sir” “Ask him then” he ordered. Dennis handed him the lube and he squirted in on my ass as he pressed that huge head against me. I continued pumping his cock as I licked his ass until he came in my hand and on the floor.

Dad and Son Bonding

group 2018-03-31

I remember that when I first started growing hair around my cock I thought I had some kind of disease. What they saw was not only the video of a girl being fucked in all her holes by three hung studs, but their dear ole dad laying on the bed, buck naked, legs spread wide, jacking his hard, lubed cock. Greg, the older one, jumped right up on the bed, Kevin was a little more shy. I looked at Greg and said, “Well, what are you waiting for, son, get naked and start working on that cock of yours, I am sure it needs some attention by now.

Conservative Wife in Foreign Trip

group kvijaya508 2018-03-31

Vijaya wanted to turn her face away from the cocks, but she could not resist the temptation of viewing the naked males with formidable organs. I heard some encouraging male voice from audience, "Fuck your wife hard, and let her enjoy your warm rod!" Vijaya gripped my palm and attacked my cock with her big ass, "Fuck you, fuck you hard, and make you dry!" I was surprised to hear these filthy words from my conservative wife in front of the crowd. One ladies voice I heard, "Push your hard cock in your wife's mouth!" The man suddenly started hard long strokes gripping Vijaya's big swinging tits.


Honest Mistake Ch. 03

group purplepanther25 2018-03-31

"Yeah boss, we did a bit of a worker bonding thing with Frank and we got over any issues and realized we needed to work as a team." Steve said as well. He told me he wanted more excited in our sexual lives, he says it will help to spice things up and get over this sex boredom we are suffering from." She said. I sent pictures too, of my 7" cock, which both Michelle and Brandon said that they couldn't wait to have inside them and suck on it. However Michelle said that she wanted to lick my shave butthole, which I found hot because not many girls liked that. "Hey baby, why don't you come down here so I can see you suck your first cock." Michelle said to Brandon.


ddy's First Birthday Present Ch. 02

group TracyPencils 2018-03-31

As Ryan fucked her face she glanced down to see Marcus' huge 10" cock sliding up and down her pussy lips. Marcus immediately plunged his hard cock into her wet pussy. Chuck's hand reached down and he began to stroke his stiffening cock through his pants as he watched his baby getting fucked. Do you like it Marcus is my pussy tight enough for your big cock? Daddy loves to watch his baby get fucked by other men. You should look like a whore while your daddy fucks your ass. Tracy felt her asshole get slick with her daddy's come as she struggled to keep up with Marcus. Tracy felt daddy's cock slide out of her asshole and his warm come dribble out after it.

My first threesome

group Iluvto69 2018-03-31

Katie the got off me and both her and Lisa went down to my feet and with their tongues they slow worked their way back up to my hard cock and i could feel both set of lips go up my shaft and Katie and Lisa took their turn sucking my cock this was just to much for me and my then young cock that i told them i was going to come they stop and want me to come on their breast so i stood up and stroke my cock so that a came all over there breast.

Video Slut

group nick whistler 2018-03-31

When I was still in school, one of my friends, Jake, was a frequent patron of Ashley' oral services and often tried to get me to come along. His big cock, wet with saliva, slid out of Ashley's succulent red lips – the same lips I'd seen in class so many times under such different circumstances. But through it all the image of Ashley Sweet's eyes looking at mine as she sucked that cock remained seared in my mind. Ashley was the first in, while I was the last; when I stepped out of the shower (wrapped only in a towel) Mike and Jake were playing foosball in the living room.


Orgy On Parade

group pcbigboy 2018-03-31

The guys were on top of the women & EACH had their cocks in the pussy of the women In what seemed like LOCK & STEP motion, the guys were fucking the women. By that I mean it looked as if was either choreographed or the guys were being instructions almost drill-sergeant style as each of them SIMULTANEOUSLY dipped their cocks in the pussy of the girl they were fucking & then almost immediately afterward would SLOWLY pull almost completely out only to be told to repeat the process A FEW SECONDS LATER (Making sure to go even deeper each time of course) All it needed was a little SLURP STYLE blowjob from a willing FEMALE bitch to lube it up & I was ready to FUCK !!!

Shame Game Ch. 02: Oh, Frank

group shamefever 2018-03-31

As my face turned red as a beet, I calmly rolled down my window and said, "No thanks, not today, but if you come back here Friday at the same time, I'll let you guys do whatever you want to me." She really is a wanton slut and may squirt on your floor, but I know you'ld enjoy the show." I almost died of embarrassment, as my face turn bright crimson, but he readily agreed and Frank led me into the back room right behind the guy. But I knew that I needed to save some sexual energy for my dear hubby, so I just pushed the filthy thing into my twat and held it there for a minute, to revel in the depravity of having the filthy dildo deep inside my married twat.

Chrissy's First Orgy

group Emmie8111 2018-03-31

I looked next to me, Darla was naked besides her tiny blue bra, her pussy slid down on the thick cock of the young man. My eyes slowly closed as she kissed me, the lights dropped as they had been last night and her hand slid up my shirt. I held my hand out, Jenni took it and pushed my first two fingers inside her. Penny and Jenni kissed my mouth softly, my eyes adjusted and saw Terrence's wife, Paula, standing above me. They knelt by my breasts, each took one in their mouth and I sighed in relief when Paula leaned forward, pushed deep inside me.


Back in the Saddle

group ~calypso~ 2018-03-31

I was barely able to breath by the time he worked his other hand into my curly blond hair, slipped his finger under the edge of my panties, pulled my ear to his mouth and said, "Oh, this is going to be so good." Then John said, "Sally, you get out of those clothes and I'll take care of these," as he hooked his thumbs over the waist of my panties and pulled them over my ass and down my legs, kneeling in front of me to slip them over my pumps. I was rubbing my clit as I watched John stroke Sally's hair while she licked his balls and spread his pre-cum over the head of his cock, when he said, "Sally, we've got to do something about Jill.

Condom Compromise

group yorknudecouple 2018-03-31

As a curious, sex-mad (even more so than now) youth I had enjoyed masturbating into fresh used condoms discarded at the local “lovers lanes”, fantasising about the strangers cunts and cocks that had been in such intimate contact and using the sperm deposited within as a lube to wank with – quite possibly in part the origin of my current enjoyment of cream-pies and sloppy seconds as I later discovered were the terms for my minor fetish.

My First Day 01

group funky2003man 2018-03-31

As the porn scene was going on, I could see both Sunita and Madhu caressing their breasts and making low moaning voices. Just as Sunita pulled back, Madhu locked her lips on mine and her tongue started to feel the insides of my mouth. By the time Sunita taken off all her clothes & pounced on Madhu and kissed her hard on the lips. Then Madhu slowly moved down on Sunita's body kissing and taking care of each part at a time. Sunita sucked on Madhu's boobs and kissed her as she purred like a sex kitten. As Madhu left room to kint Sunita in kitchen she kissed me, put her hand on the side of my face, and said, "I'm so glad that you fuck my ass.

Planning Another Impregnation

group eymach 2018-03-31

Tia began, ”I know Greg mentioned that he and Gwn had an open sex relationship with another couple. “I am also interested in the effect the heightened sex responses have on a person’s emotional stability.” answered Gwn. “I am convinced that different levels of sexual intimacy can be separated from the special pair bond a committed couple has achieved over time.” Gwn answered, “I suggest that next weekend Greg visit Tia here at her home and let Tim and I meet at The Lamp-Lite Steakhouse where we can continue some more conversation. The plan was for Tia to bring Greg back her home, then let Gwn and Tim get to know each other better over dinner.


The Pizza Girl Delivers

group onwardbob 2018-03-31

And then, I got as far as "Well yeah, sure I've kissed girls, like at parties," before I felt the rising heat of a furious blush. Knowing I was doing it, but unable to stop, I stuck that troublesome foot in my mouth, and listened to myself telling her "Oh sure, girls are fun to kiss, and I liked it fine!" Oops, and the look in her exotic eyes told me what was coming! OK, so what if that was only so I could plead "More, yes, do that...oh god, I love it!" Answering my pleas, Judi moved from one deliciously tantalized nipple to the other, alternating her fiery mouth's wicked sucking, with the sweet torture her fingers were dishing out!



group d4david 2018-03-31

Just wait till Daniel come in that ass, when he get up I'm gonna bust his ass wide open...' Sweat was already falling off of my body and as Daniel continued to slide his penis back and forth he too started to sweat. Mumbling through our lips Daniel said '...give me your tongue, stick your tongue in my mouth...' I surrendered and Daniel begin to gently suck my tongue, it was shortly after that I felt his penis throb and a stream of fluid strike my bowels walls and I knew he was coming again as he held my head and sucked my tongue.

Under the Mistletoe!

group Evil Alpaca 2018-03-31

He worked out, trained hard in both football and martial arts (the one thing that was actually Vic's idea that his father didn't object too), was class president and had taken a position on the high school yearbook. Jack sat on the guy's back, grinned at Vic and said, "So would please explain what is going to happen to them if they don't take a hike right now." "Yeah, I put one next to the sink." As Vic started to turn towards the kitchen, he could have sworn Jack was checking him out. Angela and Dawn would hook up Christmas Eve and get half the stuff, while Jack and Vic would get the other half.


Recollections Ch. 04

group Kaadorix 2018-03-31

"I'm proud of you, Jeremy, man," Mike, my medical business partner and best friend, said as he stood with me in the front room of my waterfront home, bright and early, on Friday morning. Like I looked at her the very first time I saw her, and I just KNEW, in that split-second, this is the woman I want to marry and spend the rest of my life with." When Mike offered me an odd, peculiar expression, I sighed and shook my head at him once more. The one you want to marry, even though you just met her?" Mike sounded serious - like the best friend I so desperately needed right now. If that's okay with you?" Alexa nodded her head as I added, "My friend, Mike, suggested Pierpont's at Union Station."


Living in Cockington part 21

group 2018-03-31

I guess Bob needed to see what was going on because he opened his eyes for a moment and stared in amazement as his wife sucked his son in laws hard cock greedily before he quickly closed his eyes again. "Oh" she gasped as my cock head pushed in and then she groaned as I thrust in more and I slipped into my mother in laws pussy. Her stocking clad legs lifted up in the air and I took hold of them as I pushed harder and deeper into her pussy, her hand tugged harder on Bob's cock and he too was grunting and groaning harder.

The Gunpowder Gals

group shawalphamale 2018-03-31

A patrol of Confederate soldiers has to destroy a river boat full of Union gunpowder and Amanda's town is going to get blown up with it. One of them, hardly twenty but wearing Sergeant's chevrons, laughed openly at the sight of the flag, his keen blue eyes fastening especially on Amanda's generous proportioned bosom. As one of the Rebs looked around the schoolhouse Amanda saw a dozen glum looking townsmen walking down the street, two cavalry men riding behind the procession, carbine butts resting on their hips. One of the soldiers was chewing like a cow on its cud and as he passed Amanda and the Union flag a stream of tobacco stained juice spurted from his lips and across the schoolhouse steps.


Four Little Friends & How They Fuck

group Ruby E. Rotik 2018-03-31

Constance, with her sleek waterfall of black hair, and dark gold skin, stood head and shoulders above Daisy, who was compact and curvy, a bundle of cheerful energy topped by constantly rumpled blonde hair. "Let's go inside, the mosquitoes are killing me!" Daisy jumped up, leaving the dirty plates on the patio table, and led Wes into the living room, where they sat close together on the couch. "Do it, Wes, put it in." Daisy wrapped her arms around his shoulders, and her legs around his waist, as he pushed the broad head of his deck inside her. Wes pulled out right as he was about to cum, and rubbed his cock up and down her pussy as his jizz smeared all over her, getting into her pubic hair, and dripping down her legs.

Holiday Hotel Encounter

group suelove58 2018-03-31

As I reached for my glass (leaving my hand on his leg) and took quite a large drink of Malibu or Bacardi (I think) I felt his fingers make contact with the skin of my upper thigh and realised that he had subtly worked his hand into the slit of the wrap around skirt I was wearing. From the corner of my eye I could see Pam's hand continuing to move up and down Steve's penis as she told Jim that they were okay for the moment and that she hoped we enjoyed our walk. Standing between my legs, leaning over me was Pam. I looked upwards and at my head I could see Jim. I briefly wondered where Steve was then I saw motion at the side of the table.