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Erotic Group Sex stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.


group sweet_lusciousdesire 2018-11-14

Like a dog Paul eagerly lapped up his cum for the pleasure of experiencing Salina's big beautiful tits. Before he knew it she was coming like a wild banshee, over and over again as Paul described to Salina in detail how was going to fuck her when he got home." When the men put the girl in middle of the room, blind folded her, and spun her around to determine which of the men's cock she'd suck, Salina put her hand in her shorts, pushed aside her panties and started rubbing her pussy to the images before her. With those words Eugene forcefully rammed her cum covered mouth, with his powerful cock, while the other three men started taking turns fucking her pussy and ass.


Virgin. Whore. Mother. Queen: The Whore.

group Burquette 2018-11-14

Flora thought for a moment, opened the door a bit wider, and put her hand through the crack. "Yes, Princess?" Julian said, looking up for a moment, circling her nipple with a wet, soft tongue. Julian thrust into Flora again; her shudder of pleasure made her gasp despite herself. "When Julian is home in Veiland," Lucas said from behind her, "I will see to things here for him.” His hands went to her waist and warm lips pressed against the back of her neck. “There’s still one place on my new bride that remains unexplored,” Julian said, looking over Flora’s shoulder. "Princess Flora," he said, lifting her hand. She spread Flora's sex with two hands and rubbed her mouth into the princess.

The Ups and Downs of Massage

group ANcpl 2018-11-14

The entry fee included an introductory foot and leg massage, so when two male and two female masseurs arrived, we lay back, closed our eyes, and enjoyed the attention. Later, when I told my husband what happened, he couldn’t believe it. Boobs oiled, he dismissed them and lowered the towel to my thighs, took a good look at my shaven pussy and began to rub oil on my tummy. When my husband told him to leave, he didn’t seem to understand why, but knew something was wrong and left with his tail between his legs. He didn’t need to feel my juices to know how turned on I was, but when he did, he pushed two fingers inside me.

Erika Goes Pro

group thatguy625 2018-11-14

There was not a table I walked by that didn’t reach out and grab my ass, squeeze a breast, or even try to pull my thong away from my body. I got off the bed and approached Max. He was rubbing his cock through his jeans but moved his hands when I got there to let me take over. Looks like she might need some of that dick soon!” Sheila said. Don’t you worry, between my fingers and Max’s skill, were going to get the think all the way up inside you tonight!” Sheila told me. The next several minutes consisted of Max fucking me in earnest while Sheila straddled my body facing me and kissing me passionately.

A Night at the 40Watt

group ugacouple 2018-11-14

He pushed her down on her back and moved down between her legs and I started pulling and squeezing her nipples while Steve spread her legs and began to lick and suck her pussy. Her body stiffened slightly when she felt his cock slide inside her, as he began to slowly take her she relaxed and I could hear her enjoy being fucked in her pussy and mouth at the same time while I was squeezing her very hard nipples. I could tell she was really close to her orgasm so I quickly switched place with Steve who stuck his still somewhat hard cock in her mouth and began to squeeze her nipples while I fucked her extremely wet pussy hard and fast.

Blondie and the Angel from Hell

group sprite 2018-11-14

Fucker knew me too well, too, dusting his sticky cock with more coke (did I mention how plentiful that shit was while he was around?) before sticking it up my ass, his iron fingers gripping my hips as he slammed into me hard enough to move me across the tiled floor half a foot at a time until I bumped my head into the fridge. I slept like the dead through the next day, awakened occasionally by Lena, her head between my legs, eager to drive me to the edge of sanity with yet another orgasm, coaxing me into returning the favor, laying opposite her, slowly lapping and licking and sucking her clit until she surrendered into ecstatic convulsions against me, then we’d both drift off again until next time our carnal lust grew too great to contain…

Bank Holiday Break pt2 'The swimming pool'

group BiUKSwinger 2018-11-14

I always enjoy swimming naked, as I reach the other side of the pool I looked back towards Helen and could see her chatting with Lisa & Tony. I swam to the waterfall and stood beneath it, feeling the water splash down onto my back and shoulders. I glanced over at the other three people and could see the guys looking at Helen & Lisa, while the woman was standing in the pool stroking one cock while sucking on the other. The guys maneuvered into a position either side of the ladies heads and shot spurt after spurt onto their faces and in their mouths. Helen and Mandy swallowed and licked the cocks clean, before kissing each other again.

Be careful what you ask for

group justalilfun 2018-11-14

“Yes I did actually, he gives great head; and his cock feels good in my pussy too.” Nicole replied as if it was a normal thing for them to talk about Mr. Last night. Still rubbing her pussy with my soapy hand, I kissed Nicole on her shoulder and pressed on her rear opening again, this time just the very tip of my finger and it slid in to the first knuckle. Nicole licked her hot lover eagerly. Kerry was now above my chest and I was able to suck on Nicole’s left nipple. I want your hard cock too.” Nicole almost pleaded with Kerry to fuck her. It looks like he wants more.” Kerry smiled as she took her cock off, handed it Nicole and said.

Our First Threesome

group baddad53 2018-11-14

When I went out into the loving room Gary had a big grin on his face as he asked, "Is everything alright?" Diane stepped to the door, covered only in one of my button-up shirts held together by her hand. I went into the kitchen and grabbed a fresh beer, came back into the living room to find Gary with that stupid grin on his face. Without hesitation Diane turned around offering her pussy to Gary and grabbing my cock in her hands and pulling me towards her waiting mouth. I heard her moan into my cock as Gary slid into her tight pussy and began to stroke her ass.

Girls' Night-Part 2

group sultry_eyes88 2018-11-14

I’m walking backwards, beckoning my husband to follow me to the bed, where my beautiful friend and now lover, Alice, awaits. “You are incredibly sexy right now,” Bryan says gruffly, with a sly smile spreading across his face. Alice tangles her fingers in my hair and sits up to watch me tongue fuck her. I love watching her breasts move up and down with every thrust, knowing my husband is inside her. With one hand on my face, one on my breast he continues thrusting into Alice, who is coming undone beneath us. Alice and I have just enough time to sit next to each other as Bryan shoots his hot load all over our awaiting tongues.

Black Prince Of The City

group Samuelx 2018-11-14

Like a lot of white bitches from the suburbs, she's got a thing for Black guys. Shelley's asshole felt warm and tight around my dick, even though I was sure this bitch was no stranger to anal sex. I plowed my cock up her tight white ass like ass fucking was going out of style. A hot and deliciously plump and busty Haitian woman named Jacqueline Joseph and her roommate and lover, a sexy, chubby and big-bottomed, dark-skinned Latina named Miranda Jimenez. Meanwhile, Jacqueline the sexy Haitian woman spread my ass cheeks and began licking my asshole. It's not every day that a brother like me gets to fuck a big beautiful Haitian woman in the ass.


The Roommate - Part 2

group honeyrain 2018-11-14

After hearing Emily close the door, Jake opened the front door to see his friend, Chris. I think I left some of my notes in it," Chris said, and walked quickly back to Jake's room. A moment later, Chris opened the door to see Emily standing there, completely naked. Jake reached around Chris and closed the door quickly. "What..." Emily said and turned her head around to see Chris standing behind her. Before she even came down from her orgasm, Chris knelt on the bed behind her and Jake moved out from underneath her. She felt Chris's dick at the entrance to her pussy and he began fucking her even harder than Jake had.

Traveling for work

group quietmischief 2018-11-14

The game then seemed to take a turn as she motioned for him to lean a little closer and asked, “One night stand or friend with benefits?” Leaning closer to her, Matt got a quick smell of her perfume, which, combined with her question, sent a jolt of electricity all the way through him. They had all gotten a little carried away with their game, and Steph said that she and Kevin were going out to eat, and they had just stopped by to let Matt know that they wouldn’t be home for a while. don’t want you to think I’m some cheap slut.” That brought Matt down a little bit, but he still was looking forward to seeing Camryn in a swimsuit… and wet...

Dreams of the Chinese Room

group Buddybear 2018-11-14

The oversized room was decorated in a tasteless mishmash of New Mexico pueblo and Chinese restaurant, and I did not recognize it for the longest time.  I was standing next to a day bed watching a brown skinned young man making love to a beautiful girl with pale mustard skin, oriental eyes and jet black hair.  Her hands and the heels of her feet pulled him into her with each thrust, until they both explosively achieved orgasm with amorous shouts and groans.

Carol - Part Thirteen

group mike8253 2018-11-14

Jill’s hair had matted to her face; she had saliva and pussy juice around her mouth and chin; cum still on her forehead, and, lips that were wet and bruised. After several minutes, Jill sat up, held Carol’s head tight against her slit, pulled the shirt out of her mouth and yelled at me to fuck Carol harder. Jill’s fingers slid onto Carol’s clit and she rubbed the love nub hard, smiling as if in victory, as she watched me fuck Carol. Jill looked the same, with a little more cum and pussy juice on her forehead, nose, lips and chin, and sweat that has run off her face and down over her breasts.

My Lost Shaker of Salt, Part II

group oldhippie1949 2018-11-14

"Oh, that feels good to let the girls out." I just stood and watched as Mary, a petite Latina with a beautiful smile, pulled her shirt off, too. Melissa had not so much stopped sucking on her as she just let Mary's clit flutter on her tongue. When Melissa pushed the head of my cock into Mary's taint, she gave out an animal groan, real deep and throaty. Melissa slapped my ass and then she got on her hands and knees like Mary had done, ass up. Mary lay watching us and put a hand under Melissa's breast, fondling and pulling at her nipple. Melissa, Sylvio, Mary, cock, pussy, suck, fuck...yeah, I had a good time here.

My Introduction to Group Sex Ch 19

group LuvitAll 2018-11-14

They both turned in to face me, saying things like, “great nipples, look at them.” The man dropped his head to one and sucked it into his mouth and his wife followed to the other one. A gentle pressure on the back of her head and pulling open my arse cheeks felt her slide through more to my rear and then the unspeakable pleasure of her mouth closing over my arse hole with a gentle suck and a swirling of her tongue. I looked under and saw her sliding herself face up between his legs where she lifted her head and started tonguing his balls and licking my lips.

Three Is Better Than Two.

group juicyeeju 2018-11-14

“Oh, I don’t know about that, I want two cocks in my cunt but a stranger fucking my arse? Her hips thrusting gently along my cock, It’s tip hitting her rock hard swollen clit making her moan again. She finishes off the message and hits send, but keeps the phone in one hand while I carry on rubbing her wet and juicy pussy. Her hand reaches behind her to push me away out of her tightening arse, but I hold still, continuing to push myself deep inside her and enjoying the tightness. At this, he lifts his hands to her arse cheeks and pulls them down allowing him full access to her cum filled holes.

Oh the younger days

group acecruiser 2018-11-14

I heard one guy say “Gee, it’s like she’s fucking the music." One girl yells “Hell I’d eat that pussy.” A young girl comes up behind me, runs her hands inside my panties sliding a finger thru my wet pussy and then rolls my panties down to the floor. I said, “this is not what I really like, so please stop okay.” The head of his cock stayed where it was but he was rubbing it up and down my asshole making me actually want it. Someone in the back ground said “let me fuck her ass,” so the black guy just sped up his fucking movements until he moaned loudly and let his load fly up my bowels.

Kelly's Passion, The Final Chapter

group Milik_the_Red 2018-11-14

“I’m sure May. This will work, it has to.” Kari said it with the same conviction she had all day, but suddenly her hands began to shake and her stomach felt as if it was turning upside down. With the one guy in the room that just might be counted to do the right thing leaving, they still had nothing to work with, and after the show they'd put on, a man like Carl Roman wasn't about to just let them leave now. While Jack sat dumbfounded by the ferocity of Carl's attack on Kari, Pete came bursting out of the bathroom at the sounds of the girls hysterical crying.

Our First Sex Party

group blsstories 2018-11-14

One night after Kris and I had had sex, I lay there thinking about what it would be like fucking Kris surrounded by other people - or watching her suck another man's cock. The next time I saw Dave, I told him that Kris and I were thinking of attending one of his parties. She said she loved to take her time and give him a great blowjob and then he'd fuck her, stretching her pussy to the max. I wondered how Kris could get the head of his dick in her mouth, let alone in her pussy. Then Kris sat up, looked at Rob and said, “I hope you recover fast because I want your big dick in my pussy."

Midsummer Night

group Amethyst_Dawn 2018-11-14

We have celebrations throughout the year, but on Midsummer Night is when the group gets together specifically to release that energy.” Audrianna paused again and looked deep into Terri’s eyes. Terri could feel Michael’s hands still caressing the sides of her breasts, but now she also felt someone pulling her shirt up over her head. As Audrianna and Karen rode out the apex of their zeniths, John thrust his cock in her mouth hard and deep and she felt the cum shoot from him against the back of her throat. Terri heard Audrianna and Karen breathing hard in her ear as they rested their heads on the table beside her.

The adventures of Dean Roberts: part III

group xxSnakePlisskenxx 2018-11-13

Christy was massaging and squeezing Dean’s big, heavy balls with both hands as she sucked his cock in long, deep strokes, and Taylor heard Dean moan again and noticed that her his breathing had gotten fast. As with Christy's ass, the hard part was over and once Melissa began to coo and wiggle her hips, Dean started pumping his mammoth cock in and out of Melissa’s deflowered pussy. Taylor and Christy sat up on the couch beside Melissa and pushed each one of Melissa’s tits towards the other one, as Dean lowered his long shaft between her mammoth breast.

My beginning and pathway to groupsex. Part 2

group LuvitAll 2018-11-13

It played out pretty much the same way, except my boyfriend sat on the other side of me on the couch this time and had his cock out ready for me when I finished sucking his brother.   I raised my arse and soon his brother had pulled my pants down and was fingering me deeply while I sucked.   My boyfriend now seemed to be very accepting and at ease with his brother playing with me, but eventually gave him the nod to leave so we could fuck. Over the next day or so, we talked about what had happened with his brother, and I was full of re-assurance that I was ok with it if it meant we could get condoms to keep fucking.