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Erotic Group Sex stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

Doesn't Anyone Lock the Door?

group lizard_lix 2018-03-31

Scanning down the hits, he saw a site named 'Free-College-Sex-Videos.' Thinking that sounded like what he was looking for, he clicked on the link and in just a few seconds was at a website that showed a bunch of small pictures in row after row down the page. He was really enjoying a guy, who looked a lot like him, pounding a gorgeous dark haired curvy girl from behind when the door opened and Tyler walked right in yelling, "Hey dude, I'm back." Dave clicked the play arrow and took a large gulp of his beer, then leaned back and watched the now familiar start of the sex scene.


Gail and I Get Caught

group ALawyer 2018-03-31

She’s slapping her pussy down hard on me and I’m shoving my ass off the table to give her a good fuck. I come up behind Gail as she watches Sandy and Joe. I push her forward a bit and fit my cock into her pussy. Gail and John have missed the sound of the alarm cycling in the phone closet and are almost ready to cum together when the door opens quickly and Joe and Sandy appear. Sandy, who knows the effect of John’s cock on her ass is turned on by the fucking couple. “I know I told you couldn’t fuck my pussy, but I’ve got to feel two cocks in me like Gail.” John watches as Sandy points his cock at her pussy and slides down it.

Samantha's Mystery Friend

group SarumBoy 2018-03-31

Brian's hands caressed her breasts, then moved down over her arse and thighs, pushing her skirt up to reveal her stocking tops. Samantha leaned over, and he felt her lips move forward for a kiss, then she slowly moved down his body, caressing as she went. Brian felt the tension of the day recede from his body; he ran his hands through her lustrous hair, now just imagining its colour. As Samantha moved in once more to kiss him, Brian didn't at first find it strange that his cock felt warm too. He felt the stranger's hand grip his cock, the fingers long and slim and soft. Samantha loosened her grip on Brian's arms and turned to face her friend.

Pleasure Cruise Day 02

group TeriGirl1983 2018-03-31

I sat on the little couch and drank with Mike sitting near me, while Angus sat on the bed, watching me with greedy eyes. I closed my eyes and tried to keep up with both of them, thrusting back against Mike's piston-like cock and sucking gently on Angus. I opened my eyes wide and crossed them and watched Angus' cock getting stiffer, growing thicker and longer as my gentle sucking started to fight against his shallow thrusts. He let loose with a stream of obscenities like I hadn't heard before, calling me a cunt, a whore, a little bitch, and a slut, and telling me (I guess complimentary) comments about my legs, my skin, my face, my hair, my tits, and most of all my pussy.

My Renaissance Ch. 15

group Modern_Citizen 2018-03-31

Jenn called me around two o'clock the next day, Saturday, and said that her room-mate Melissa was walking on clouds when she got home after work. I really wanted to see Sherri getting fucked but I thought it would be rude to invite myself in, so I left and picked things up a little bit before the girls came over. "Watching his cock going in and out of you is one of the sexiest things I've ever seen," Jenn said to her friend before kissing her again. Jenn reached down between Melissa's legs and rubbed her friend's clit while my cock slid between her first and second fingers.


Our First Swinging Experience

group mildhot 2018-03-30

They are sitting very close to each other, and I can see the naughty look in Marion's eyes as she takes hold of the zipper on the front of Debbie's top. Debbie puts her hand behind Marion's neck, pulling the taller girl's head down for an open-mouthed kiss. I see Joe move down towards the cunt he has longed for since he met Marion, and Debbie brings her mouth over my cock. I repeat the procedure, but this time I pump in and out a few times with Marion's mouth alternating between my cock and Debbie's pussy lips. I pull out again, taking my cock into my hand while Marion goes to work on Debbie's pussy.


Travelogue Ch. 06

group BradBigBrain 2018-03-30

Bryt shoved her tongue into Maria's hole and pulled out a mixture of cum and pussy juice. Maria lowered herself a little more so that Bryt's tongue was fucking her pussy like a little cock. At Maria's request, Tomas stopped fucking Bryt and pulled out of her. Right next to us Maria was sucking Tomas's cock, making sure he was good and ready to fuck Bryt in the pussy. He couldn't take his eyes off Bryt's pussy and her ass as it was being stretched out by my thick cock. Maria let go of his cock and pushed him by the ass in to Bryt's pussy. Tomas was french kissing Maria and fingering her pussy as he fucked Bryt really hard, controlling the pace of the double penetration.

A Surprise from My Wife

group patdown 2018-03-30

Well my head was spinning, my cock was throbbing in Lisa's hand and my mouth was watering when Lisa opened the door wide and Erin turned towards us and said breathlessly, "Damn what took you guys so long we had to get started, oh hi honey." Erin laid her head down next to me and said, "I would love to see Gary or Seth fuck you up the ass Alex but with three hot pussies to serve I think the women are going to get all of the dick today." Next to me I just stared as my wife sat on the edge of the bed with a big dick in each hand as she got Gary and Seth good and hard for whatever they had planned next.


Honey and Jinx

group xtcnymphette 2018-03-30

Jinx smiled at the pretty little girls comments and glanced at the perilously short pink summer dress she wore that had ridden up to reveal a fragment of white cotton bikini panties with tiny cartoon figures on them. A few seconds later the gate opened slowly and for a moment Jinx thought momentarily about driving on and leaving the annoying little teenager to walk towards the mansion, but she managed to control her devilish thoughts and waited until she was back in the car. Honey knew full well she had an audience when she entered the room and made a show of bending over to pick up her suitcase so that her sweet white cotton print panties and pert little ass flashed clearly as her hem slid up.


Cara's Victory

group kaseymartins 2018-03-30

Dylan tried to keep up with the conversation but kept being distracted by images in his mind, of red hair mixing with brunette as lips locked in battle, Cara reaching down between them unbuttoning Lydia's jeans, running her fingers through the little bit of rouge fluff as she made her way down to her womanhood... He moved into position, guided by silent hand signals, just in time for Lydia to come again, then Cara pulled out with an "Oops" grabbed him by the cock and pushed him quickly in. With tongues punishing her breasts and cunt, Lydia soon started the orgasms off again, making Cara join in when she reached down to stroke her clit.


Go Canada Go

group tastemyhoneypot 2018-03-30

"Krisa will be here shortly, she stopped for another case of beer," Jaylie told her friend Dave as the puck was dropped. Fuck us good!" Jaylie screamed as Krisa began to gently bite her nipples. Moving behind Krisa, he thrust his hard cock up her tight, wet pussy. Slowly, she slipped two fingers into Jaylie's cunt as she fucked her clit with her tongue. Moments later, Dave began to cum, he pulled out and shot it over Krisa's ass, and a bit on Jaylie's face. Jaylie grabbed him and kissed him and Krisa began licking his cock to make it hard again. As Dave began pushing his cock into her cunt, she began sucking and biting Krisa nipples, while plunging two fingers inside of her.

The Game Ch. 14

group Sara and Ron 2018-03-30

Rachel sighed and said, "Jeez this is harder than I thought." She was not complaining, and rather looked like she was enjoying herself despite our inability to find any 'costumes' worthy of a very crazy fantasy. After another moment and another drink of water she smiled and said, "It's just that I don't want anything to mess things up with you and him; and I am not sure I will be that great of a fantasy." Rachel opened the door and smiled and said non chalantly, "Hi, Uncle Ron". Rachel was sitting on the bed and said, "Uncle Ron can I ask you a question?". Rachel cut him off with a smile and said, "Uncle Ron I have not asked you a question yet." Ron shut up and stared at her.


Cindy Teaches

group Gentle_One 2018-03-30

"First you must caress it," said Cindy as she took April's left hand and guided the flat of her left palm to the front of my shaft and stroked her hand up and down it gently. Cindy reluctantly took one more downward plunge (it felt a lot like the first full thrust into her vagina) and then she very slowly backed her head up sucking hard all the way swallowing all the semen she had unleashed from my proud member. She slipped me out of her mouth and turned her head toward Cindy and said, "Help me, please." Cindy leaned into my cock and took command of the side opposite April. Suck on his head while I lick his balls." "Ok," April said and immediately obeyed.


A Birthday Surprise

group Penny_Tralia 2018-03-30

The thought of him filming me sucking on Dan's cock made my pussy wet and made me want to suck him even more. Kevin had the camera right next to my head, filming as Dan's cock started to slide into my mouth. Kevin moved to the head of the bed and began to film Dan eating my pussy. He came over just in time to film me lifting my head, opening my mouth and letting Dan's cum shoot into my mouth. Without waiting I reached up spread Dan's ass open for me and stuck my tongue right in. I was covered in Dan's cum and I started to wipe some of it off me, licking it from my fingers, making sure Kevin was filming it.

Bachelor Party Vengeance

group mughalpunjabi 2018-03-30

I felt Phil's hard cock pressed against my ass and I was very turned on, but when I noted someone's hands slide into my panties and begin to rub my pussy I stopped them. Looking out of the side of my eyes, I noted that Karen was on all fours, with Hemant's cock in her mouth and Phil pounding her from behind. I couldn't believe I was sucking Rafiq's cock as of one his friends fucked me while the others watched or skewered Karen and cheered. Right before I knew I was about to cum I stopped sucking Rafiq's cock and placed my hands on his thighs and hung my head between his legs.

The Squaw Baths

group CRWestminster 2018-03-30

My cock was rising under the water and I made sure to rub it against Surena's thigh as I turned to kiss her. On the way to Bob and Jessica's house, Surena and I talked quietly as we played with each other in the back seat under cover of the radio and towels. "Well, after what you told me you were doing to her tonight in the hot springs, I don't think there will be a problem," I replied, looking Bob right in the eye. In my mind's eye, I saw Surena going down on Bob. From what I had seen at the hot springs, she had her hands (and mouth) full.


group 2018-03-30

Was the beginning of last summer,began to get hot in the city,in the early afternoon was too hot to stay home,so I took a towel and I went to the beach more That afternoon I went out before work,I made a trip home took my stuff and sat on the same road that leads to the sea. At first I gave a little annoyance,his invitation was too explicit to put me in embarrassment,I went to lie down on my towel,hoping to rest in peace.After a while I realized that was not the only one who was wandering among the pine forest in serch of cock to suck.

And Lynn Makes Three

group cj8000 2018-03-30

In fact, for a time Kate believed I was having an affair with Lynn. But if this week was good, it only added fuel to the fire and hinted toward even more fun on the upcoming weekend as Kate and I had plans to go to Las Vegas for a couple of nights. Kate smiled wickedly and sort of giggled in her glass as she took another big sip. Kate handed the wine glass to Lynn. "No. I always stay up at Ceasars or Paris when I come to Vegas," Lynn answered as I moved across the room to get her suitcase. Kate appeared over Lynn's shoulder, "Some rules, first?" It wasn't really a question.


Cheap deal all the way.

group adventureousmale 2018-03-30

As Anna's voice quietened she asked him to sit on one of the benches, stradlng him she mounted his cock again grinding it inch by inch into her ass, saying to everone in the room she needed their hands on her body, on her tits, fingering her pussy everywhere. Anna now had a big black cock in her ass, two sets of fingers probing at her loose pussy and a pair of hands mauling and pulling at her tits as she reached orgasm she lifted herself up a little so her ass could get fucked rapidly by that big cock sending ripples through her body for what seemed too long to her before she the warmth of his cum deep inside her.

My Life with Carla Ch. 01

group Frankly Speaking 2018-03-30

Jana came up for air and said, "Now, fuck my ass with that cock." She and Carla moved into a six-to-nine position with Jana on top. Instead, Jana's hands came around and pulled her butt cheeks apart and Carla put the head of my cock at Jana's rosebud and, with her other hand pushed on my butt. Jana raised her head from Carla's pussy and moaned, "Oohhhh!" as my cock went in her ass. When I fell back on the bed, I watched as Carla's lips went to Jana's asshole licking my cum from her butt. Truly exhausted, I lay back and Jana turned and started licking my cock clean moaning how thankful she was that I could fuck her so hard.

Twin Hefemales Ch. 01

group Tarbut 2018-03-30

After emptying her breasts with a double pump, and putting the bottles into the fridge, Laura anointed her nipples and areolas and massaged them; then she went to bed and began rehearsing erotic fantasies -- or better, reminiscing sex life with her late husband Mark. Mark and Mike didn't stop sucking her milk and titillating her labia and clit -- they simply kept doing that until their refractory period ended, they could have another erection, and eventually penetrate Laura. The remedy was double vaginal penetration: Laura sat on Kismet's clit/penis first, and then laid on her breasts, so Isabel could enter her vagina from the rear.


The Gunpowder Gals

group shawalphamale 2018-03-30

A patrol of Confederate soldiers has to destroy a river boat full of Union gunpowder and Amanda's town is going to get blown up with it. One of them, hardly twenty but wearing Sergeant's chevrons, laughed openly at the sight of the flag, his keen blue eyes fastening especially on Amanda's generous proportioned bosom. As one of the Rebs looked around the schoolhouse Amanda saw a dozen glum looking townsmen walking down the street, two cavalry men riding behind the procession, carbine butts resting on their hips. One of the soldiers was chewing like a cow on its cud and as he passed Amanda and the Union flag a stream of tobacco stained juice spurted from his lips and across the schoolhouse steps.


Will You Love Me 'Til I Die? Ch. 14

group mountaincat4 2018-03-30

One of the models kept looking at Mitra while trying not to let it be noticed. If you want to get back into the Chateau tonight and continue your assignment I strongly advise you to delete that picture. Sometimes photographers think they can take a picture of anybody any time they feel like it. "Unfortunately Genevieve there are sometimes unpleasant dues to be paid if you want to make it in a job that is very competitive like modeling." Somehow when I looked at you tonight I knew you would understand how I feel and I guess I need somebody to talk to. Having to deal with Antoine and others like him, the jealousy and deceitfulness of other models, not being given much notice for jobs that come up.


Roberta Ch. 2

group abtaylor 2018-03-30

"Mr. Griffin here is going to head the new project," Roberta's voice was glazed over from her self-pleasure session. Like viewing a new creature, Michelle looked inquisitively at the string of pre-cum that oozed from my cock-head. Michelle's mouth felt like a wet, velvet glove as she wrapped it around my root. "Do him right, sugar," Roberta cooed to Michelle, running her hands along the young girl's face and neck. "That's my boo." Roberta looked proudly at Michelle as the young girl rose to her feet. They shared the most sensual kiss I'd ever seen, with Michelle grabbing Roberta's healthy ass in both hands. After they finally separated - not without Michelle rubbing her face in our boss' bosom - Roberta was back to business.