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Erotic Group Sex stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

All Natural

group AlwaysHungry 2018-03-30

In addition to myself, Ralph and the twins, there were Mattie and Lucille, two grandmotherly types; Arnie and Heather Thompson and their young boys, Evan and Peter; Leonard, a weatherbeaten old fellow who was a regular on these journeys and had evidently been a serious mountaineer in earlier times; and last but not least, Amy and Josie. Soon thereafter Amy announced her intention to catch up to the others ahead of us, leaving me to walk the trail with Josie, with the twins dawdling somewhere down the hill. She began to rub her cunt all over my mouth, moaning little incoherent instructions to me as I alternated between sucking her big clit and thrusting my tongue up into her, letting her fuck my face.


Best Friend Stacy Ch. 03

group lmnop321 2018-03-30

The combination of her finger in my ass and her mouth on my cock was incredible and in a matter of moments, I let out another small yell trying like crazy to be quiet, as my orgasm erupted from me and spurted into her warm and awaiting mouth. One quick blow job in the living room while Stacy was showering and another morning visit, each time coming into her waiting mouth was enough to make me think this wasn't going to last forever. Trish sat beside us and held Stacy's head, stroked her hair and her breasts, pulled on her nipples and then let another hand sneak towards Stacy's pussy, filled with my cock.


What a Weekend!

group walterio 2018-03-30

Susan crawled over by me, looked up with glazed eyes and whispered, "Frank and Dave are trying to take my panties down." He moved in behind Susan and slipped his cock into her pussy from behind much to the shock of his girlfriend Karen. Dave pulled Susan's panties all the way off and then Frank moved behind her. Frank lined up his cock and slipped it in to Susan's ass much to the shock of Karen. Once I was in her cunt, Frank pushed his cock back in her ass and she took Dave in her mouth. Frank and Dave moved away and then Susan got off me and told me to fuck her ass.


Magaluf Fun Ch. 01

group Annatartywife 2018-03-30

After swapping around three or four times it culminated in me getting a face full of spunk from the lad with the smaller of the two cocks as his mate fucked me furiously from behind. I wanted my cunt full of it this time so I positioned myself on all fours, my body naked except my high heeled wedge shoes and told him in no uncertain terms to, "Fuck the hell out of me." Sandra was so jealous she searched for him the next night and ended up getting fucked doggy-style by him and his friend in her room that night. The next part will include my day with eight different guys, my second time with the young waiter and my last cocks of the holiday x x x

Home for the Holidays Ch. 04

group jt123 2018-03-30

His hopes were fairly quickly squashed when Leslie headed back upstairs and said she was going to change and go out for a long run to work off some of the extra desserts she had the previous day. Tom told her to help herself and then was taken by surprise when Leslie added, "Besides, the shower in your room had a wonderful surprise that I surely wouldn't have had in the other shower." She flashed him a knowing smile and a little wink and headed upstairs. Just as the water shut off in the upstairs shower Katie, Megan, and Diana went upstairs to put away their new things leaving Amy and Tom alone in the living room.



group funnforyou 2018-03-30

Then john said I'm ready and pulled out of my ass tony moved out of the way and john shoved his cock in my mouth and started fucking my throat. Tony went around and shoved his cock in my ass and started fucking me fast and hard while I sucked john. Then john told me to open up and as I did he started to shoot a stream of piss in to my face quickly aiming it into my mouth and ordering me to drink it as the hot stream of nasty tasting piss shot down my throat. As soon as he was done pissing tony pulled out of my ass and pumped his second load of cum in my mouth making me swallow it and lick him clean.

Canadian Janie

group divergirlxoxo 2018-03-30

Exasperated, I shouted, "Look I don't know a damn thing about your lab's politics, but I just arrived here from California, and I am hungry and tired and I don't want to sit at this bus station a second longer. He continued, "Sometimes I feel--we all feel--like Drew passes up his own students for fellowship positions. Casey was right, out of the 13 students in the lab including me, there were only four women. It was true; Casey looked like a Viking and Rene a Mongolian warrior, albeit college kid attire. "You know this might be easier if I drink all this beer now, so we won't have to carry it all the way up to the lake," Casey laughed to Rene.


The Sex Shop

group cahab 2018-03-30

Still looking him in the eyes I knelt down and took the head of his penis in my mouth, letting my tongue curl around it, feeling my way around its curves and breathing in its taste. I walked over to Simon and straddled him, facing away from him, lowering myself slowly down onto his cock as I wasn’t sure how much of it would fit inside me. I don’t know what I must have looked like at the time, but I know my hair was in my face and I couldn’t take my hands off of Simon’s knees for fear of falling too far on and rupturing something.

The Black Guy

group tirreno12 2018-03-30

At this point Tim and Albert seemed also to be ravished by those mellow tunes and my guy proposed us to leave our clothing completely off, trunks for him and Timothy, bikini bottom for me. They talked for a while between them making comments then Albert leaned over my ear and in a whisper he suggested I part my legs a little bit so our friend could get a better look. After the romp at the beach Albert wanted to see Tim's black cock fit in my white pussy. Tim kept fucking Albert's mouth like he had done with my pussy. I never commented the afternoon with Albert and how I was surprised watching him suck on Tim's cock and engulf our friend's seed.

Crossing the Forbidden

group Martins 2018-03-30

I imagined David fucking my wife; plunging his dick inside her shaved pussy like I had seen him before. But as soon as the tip of my dick touched her pussy the hood went back over my head and I heard everyone pile back on the bed. David held the hood up just enough so I could see Julie lowering herself over my dick with Dena guiding my erection toward her dripping pussy. My hands were still bound and my head still hooded so I still felt quite helpless hearing only the sounds of my wife squirming on the bed before me to the monotonous beat of soft music droning in the background.

Beachems Threesums

group RubyRose123 2018-03-30

Samantha moved first, slowly drawing her hands up to undo her blouse. As they reached each other, Justin put his hands out to snap Samantha's thong. He fairly thrust his dick into Samantha's mouth trying to get her warm saliva to get him hard. Justin had moved back down and dipped his tongue into Samantha's cavern. Justin kept darting his tongue in and out of Samantha's wet cunt. The happened for about 20 minutes and then Justin pulled out and shoved his cock in her mouth as he came. He went over to get dressed again and Justin kissed Samantha, sweetly, thoughtfully. John was long gone by now and Samantha and Justin packed up the picnic things.

A View of Alcatraz

group AnneArbor 2018-03-30

I think he was feeling a bit awkward, not just because he was sharing a bed with another man, but having his penis in that other man's wife's mouth, so I tried to give him something to look at instead of having to look at Jed. I circled the base of David's erection with a thumb and forefinger, gripping snugly and sliding up and down. My juices were flowing like Niagara Falls, Jed's cock was grazing my G-spot on almost every stroke, and I felt hugely turned on by the scene, but I just knew it wasn't going to happen, and I didn't want to waste any effort worrying about it or trying to reach for it.


Slut School pt. 7

group azid619 2018-03-30

After her long finger-play, Sarah spent the rest of the day and night in her 'slut prison'- as she began to call the dundgeon- the only contact she had with Mandy was when she came in to give her some dinner and just sat and watched her eat, and once Sarah finished her little pasta meal, Mandy took the bowl from her hand and placed it on the side. Sarah kissed her back and smiled as she watched Mandy turn around and walk out the door, she looked very forward to seeing Mandy again, and wondered just how she was going to 'take care' of her soon...

The new summer job part 10

group ab8715 2018-03-30

and here he stood, his cock sucked to the base as the boy's mouth muscles glancing at the piss pounding out of the black guy's cock. Daniel stood silent as the guy turned sideways, waged his stiffening cock The guy stuffed his thick cock back inside his pants and started walking There was another black guy in the front seat who gave Daniel a confused As the guy in the front watched, Daniel sucked and stroked and fucked his own mouth with the guy's long hard cock. pink lips of the white boy eating his cock, as Daniel moaned with pleasure. pants, and took out his cock, stroked is as the guy fucked him, face-fucked

My Freshman Year Ch. 02D

group Mrs_Jones 2018-03-30

The guy was sitting between her wide open legs taking pictures of her up close and further back and even had the girls spread her pussy apart as the flashes continued. As Bob continued his lesson with Amy I looked over at the Cheerleader again and the guy was sitting on the stool, eating her pussy out which set me off again. I looked over at the cheerleader and the guy was giving her lessons in sexology on her body like we were getting from Bob. I could tell my asshole was relaxed and open like Amy's was as I watched everyone look up me down there, I even felt the cool air rushing into my stretched asshole which gave me another shudder and he took more pictures.


Sometimes It's All About Him Pt. 01

group StackedAction 2018-03-30

He got hard and I kissed him and said "Let's end our vacation with a fun night baby...let's come to the room after dinner and let me show you how much I love you" as I had one hand squeezing his balls and the other gripping his ass. Britt walked up and dropped to her knees beside me as I slid Jack's pants down and pulled his cock out of his boxer briefs. After a little of Jack's talented fingers, Britt, let him pop out of her mouth and began moaning and gasping. Britt took a shot of his cum in her hair before grabbing his cock and letting the rest land in her mouth.

Witches in the Moonlight

group Tiffy1 2018-03-30

The activity and the heat of the fire made me feel very warm, I looked around at the other women and I noticed that they had started to remove pieces of their costumes, exposing their beautiful breasts to the night. I then pulled her hair with my other hand jerking her head up and away from me and I moved my head down to her breasts and started to kiss and fondle them. As I held and touched these beautiful full breasts, another lovely lady moved her hands down my body to my pussy, where she expertly played with my clit, pressing 2 fingers deep into me. "You're a little slutty witch aren't you?" One of the vampires said, as he pulled me across his lap, pushing his cock straight into my sopping wet cunt.

Chance Meeting

group tk5555 2018-03-30

"I want," Fiona said once they were all shirtless "Frank to caress your chest." She was looking directly at Chance, licking her lips. Fiona moaned softly, either from Chance pinching her nipple between his teeth, or the thought of taking Frank in her mouth. Both Frank and Chance watched Fiona's hand as her fingers alternated between rubbing her clit and slipping between the lips of her pussy. "Don't be in such a rush," Fiona whispered, "you will get to fuck me, but I'm going to make you work for it." She pressed his head down, and Chance found his face pressed against her breast. Fiona let go of Chance, putting her hands on her breast, tweaking her nipples His tongue pressed against her, and she began to thrust her hips back and forth.


Summer Days

group DaReaper 2018-03-30

Mike introduced Doug, Irwin and myself and asked her if she felt like playing some ball? Laying her on her back, Mike continued to kiss her long and deep as Doug moved between her legs and started licking her pussy. Me and Irwin got on either side and began sucking on her tits while she used her hands to play with our hard dicks. Mary moaned really loud, so I moved my fingers in and out fast and hard, but what took her over the edge was my renewed sucking on her clit. She told me she had never had anyone lick her ass and that it felt great, so I made sure she would never forget it and tongue fucked her ass, making my tongue a little cock and sliding it in and out of her butt hole.

Doug and Diane

group MacSwain612 2018-03-30

Throughout the rest of her massage and Doug's I kept thinking about them and the way they looked nude, I was becoming intrigued with the idea of them wanting to try something new and erotic, and do it together. Diane sounded a bit sad when she told me that she didn't want to just hire some girl from a service. Doug was wearing a casual suit and a silk shirt open at the chest and Diane was wearing a full length evening dress that left little to the imagination. She watched me massaging Doug for awhile and then stood up and slowly removed her dress, and sat back down in her chair wearing nothing but her thong.

Pro Bono Ch. 2

group Bob Peale 2018-03-30

Tony got on his knees, placing a hand on each of Judge Evers' thighs, and stuck his tongue out warily. He removed his fingers from Angela's pussy, much to her disappointment, and placed them, still wet, behind Tony's head, guiding him toward his cock. I don't want you passing out," Judge Evers coaxed, resting his cock on Tony's tongue. He pumped a few times, wedging his cock in Tony's throat, slowly fucking his head. He drew his cock almost all the way out, then pushed Tony's head down until his face was buried in the judge's silvery pubes. In a flash, Judge Evers picked up the gavel, still wet with Angela's juice, and pushed the handle into Tony's asshole.

best nite threesum PART 3

group chrischattam 2018-03-30

she let off more moans he grabbed her by the arse cheeks and got faster slamming his cock harder each time she moaned even more while sucking me faster i could feel vibrations off her mouth every moan she did and it felt sooo good. oh baby yeh i sed he eventually shot his load up her shaved pussy and pulled it out with spunk drippin out her pussy slit he got an old rag and wiped it ...i told her to take my cock out her mouth she sed y i told her its his turn to swap ends she laughed and sed what u both like i feel ashamed doing this but am sooo fucking wet and turns me on soooooo fuckin much .

Babysitter gets educated by an older woman

group phatwilly 2018-03-30

The 43 year old Alison had brought back what looked like two young men in their early 20s. Seated between them on the settee, Jade could see that Alison's top and bra were off and both men were sucking her large tits and she lent back and had closed her eyes. Sitting back on the settee Alison got off and knelt between his legs and began licking and kissing his soaking cock like it was a sick infant. Meanwhile the man grunted and left his cum mixed with that of his friends up the old woman's pussy. Alison kissed the young girls mouth passionately, then worked her searching lips lower and lower until finally going down on her, tonguing her quim as deeply as she could reach.

Friends and Lovers Ch. 01

group mstwistedangel 2018-03-30

Lila motioned to her husband to join them and he slid his cock into her waiting mouth while Lilly continue to lick and suck her clit and Jake continued fingering and rubbing Lilly's pussy. Slowly Lila takes Jake's cock into her mouth and Kevin tentatively runs his fingers down Lilly's ass and slides them slowly into her wet pussy. With unspoken words Lila and Lilly slowed their husbands down and gently motioned each other to 69, the girls started fingering each other, sucking each others clits and their moans of pleasure excited their husbands. Lilly became so turned on that she started fingering herself and rubbing her clit again, watching her husband slide his big stiff cock inside of Lila.