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Erotic Group Sex stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

Naughty Spa Gift for My Sexy Bi Man

group sensualcouple520 2018-03-30

He gestures a little towards you as to suggest you move your towel and you reach your hand down and push it a little so it slides off but instead of moving your hand back where it was, you let it slowly come back and rest on your hardness, unable to take your eyes of what he's doing, excited as much that he's looking at you as that you are watching what he's doing and almost subconsciously, you begin to stroke and for what seems the longest moment, the two of you are alone together, sweat beading off your bodies, legs almost uncontrollably spreading wider at the pleasure, the stroking becoming more intense for both of you, for the briefest moment you close your eyes and when you open them again, he's standing right next to you, his hardness directly at your eye level, one hand against the wall allowing him to lean a little, one foot up on the seat beside you, so he's in your full view, stroking slowly which makes you stroke even more at the pure sensuality of it all, and your mind begins to wander.

Descent into Depravity Ch. 06

group Bluepen451 2018-03-30

After a long look, Andrew said, "It just so happens that Alex has a couple of joints in his knapsack there. I let my legs fall open just a little so the thigh not pushing against Alex was pushing against Andrew. As we sat, we escalated our grouping so Andrew had his hands under my T-shirt, fondling both of my tits, and Alex had his hand between my legs working his way up to my pussy. "God, I'm stoned," I said., "and this feels so fucking good." Then I gasped as Alex's hand reached my pussy. Keeping a firm grip on both dicks, I leaned forward and begin to lick Alex's cock with long slow strokes starting at his balls and continuing until I got to the head.


Outside Her Window: Men At Work

group bbw4youngercocks1 2018-03-30

The two men who did capture her attention became two of her favorite workers during the time the crew was working on her street: Matt and Rafael. He was a little over six feet tall, blond, a bit more muscular than Rafael, had a tight ass, and when he removed his shirt on hot days, Maria saw his six-pack abs. On another night, she fantasized that she was doing Matt with Rafael watching them, and in yet another, Maria fucked both of them at the same time. He undid her bikini top and pushed her back on the table, kissing, licking, and sucking her breasts.While he rubbed against her and continued playing with her tits, she pulled open the zipper of his jeans and freed his throbbing, rock-hard cock.

Synergy Ch. 04

group BBArms 2018-03-30

Jeremiah moves between Anna's chocolate covered legs and dives headlong into her cream covered pussy. I look up to see Jeremiah licking a trail down Anna's leg and I continue to devour her body. Once Anna is mostly exhumed from her covering and has cum multiple times from the attention, I retrieve the chocolate topping and whipped cream then dab a bit on the end of my now rock hard cock. It does not take long for Anna to bring the pizza boy to the edge and she pulls off him, his come spewing all over her face. Anna whips around, displaying her gorgeous cum, chocolate and cream covered face perfectly framed by her blue hair.

Seducing Jennifer Pt. 15-16

group jacktar48 2018-03-30

I got out, shut the door gently, and said through the open window, "Thanks for the ride, Mrs. C." I blinked away acid tears of loss and sorrow. I went back to 'missed calls' and hit 'return call.' Jennifer's phone buzzed seven times and went to voice mail. "Jeee-sus!" Tommy blurted out loud, attracting the attention of the hatchet-faced lunchroom monitor, who started stalking towards us, beckoning to her ass-kissing student assistant. But anyway, her mom starts getting all religious on me, and then she comes right out and says that fucking is better than whacking off! I gently rolled half-way over with Tse-ni-sa's hot little body clasped in my arms, putting her back next to the mud-plastered wall of the hut.


What a Deal! Ch. 02

group deadeye_76 2018-03-30

"Of course, I'm going to clean up your dick so that I can have some, too." That was my wife explaining how she was going to finish me after she let me fuck our friend Diane again. Finally, about three weeks later, I came home a little late from work to find that Cindy and Diane were finishing off a blender of margaritas. I don't think I could carry those around all day." Diane looked like she was going to say something, but Cindy then tweaked her other nipple and Diane jerked at the sensation. Diane was watching closely and trying to hold her upper body still, but when Cindy sucked on a nipple, Diane started cumming. Diane leaned over and studied the nipple up close for a second and then looked up at Cindy.


Bringing Out the Animal

group Daveest 2018-03-30

Looking back in the rear view mirror at Dave, walking inside she wanted him, that glimpse she had of his erection made her damper, Dave was going to be hers the lust she felt at that moment in her slick pussy, sent shivers threw her body, making her skin super sensitive. The knock at the door brought him out of his stupor, he walked over to the door, and as he opened the door, Belinda was standing there in a summer dress; she had obviously taken a shower and the aroma of her perfume wafted to his nose, there was a stirring from his still semi hard dick, the short summer dress she had on loosely shaped her body perfectly, her nipple's where pointing at him, and it took some effort to look her in those big green eyes of hers.


Summertime Lust Ch. 03

group Balke7612 2018-03-30

His confidence rising, Henry pressed forward again, feeling Hannah bend at her waist to push back against him then snake her fingers around his cock as well as she could through his shorts, squeezing it, all the while screaming and kicking at David to stop. Allison in her jeans and tee shirt reading a book, Blake in a tatty old pair of shorts as he peeled the bark off a branch with his pocket knife, and Melissa wearing a short summer dress, flipping through the pages of the porno magazine David had bought. When Henry and David finally reappeared from the shower the fire was blazing and between them Hannah and Blake had managed to pull part of it out, spreading the embers and setting up a little rack to cook some burgers on.


A Las Vegas Threesome Ch. 01

group MartinFaust 2018-03-30

My hand replaced Amanda's mouth as she began to kiss her way down Libby's stomach. Looking between her thighs, I could see Amanda's hand working her fingers in and out while her tongue was most likely on her clit. I looked to Libby who was still very much face down ass up, kissing the insides of Amanda's thighs. "Malcom was nice enough to mix you two some Long Islands." The two girls looked at the bartender and smiled, each saying their thank you's before kissing me on the mouth and taking a seat. We can do that at home." Libby was all smiles, her hand firmly in Amanda's.

More Twisted

group wetfeline31 2018-03-30

The room was lonely, and I got envious, and maybe a little (jealous?) when I thought about what Taryn and Josh were doing right now. It was cool!It was very empowering, it actually felt like I had a cock, and would fuck Taryn with it till she cried in ecstasy. Before I even knew what was happening, one guy hooked an arm under mine, clamped his hand over my mouth, and lifted me off the floor. "Ok, I called dibs on first fuck.", said one guy as he took off his shorts, revealing his hard cock. I began to talk him up even more to her, telling her about all his good qualities, including what a great fuck he was, and how big his cock was.


A Note For Three

group horny_virgin 2018-03-30

She leaned in and gently stuck the tip of her tongue in his ear moving it up and down softly, causing a tickling sensation which she knew made the man want more. Adam lifted his hand up and began to rub Alex softly, he didn't care what she said, he wasn't the type to hurt someone, even in pleasure. John licked the cum from Adam's fingers and gently removed his fingers from Alex. Both Alex and john moaned as he slid his cock into Adam's arse fully, thrusting his hips as he did. She turned to face john and began to slowly suck his balls as Adam grabbed her by the waist and slowly moved her up and down, he wanted to savour this.


Boy-Toy Ch. 03

group CSK 2018-03-30

"If you like mine, you are in for a visual treat this weekend because I am probably one of the smallest in our group," he said and pushed forward and I opened my mouth to receive him. Mandee then said to them while still looking at me, "Don't judge me," and then leaned in and began licking his cum from my face and giving approving"mmmmm's" as she did. I leaned forward and kissed the head of the fake cock and looked directly at it and said, "thank you for using me, come back any time." He pulled out and this time Mandee stood up behind me and grabbed both sides of my head with her hands and pushed me forward, choking me on his big cock.

My Friends And My Mom

group luv2bblown 2018-03-30

This made her breasts and her butt very big and round, making her the perfect prey for thugs like Corey and Charlie, let alone all the boys in school. Is one big fat ass!" "Damn right!" 11-year-old Charlie said confidently, already flopping his dick out and tugging at it "Almost as big and fat as Matty's moms ass" Both boys giggled. "Damn man im going to cum!" 16-year-old Corey bellowed out, he jerked his dick harder, making a really strained face and sprayed white cream all over his cock. I would is she were my mom!" Little 11-year-old Charlie said " I would be looking at her ass in the shower all the time!" "Do you want us mommy?" 11-year old Charlie said to my mom.

Misti: Happy Birthday

group FeJuggler 2018-03-30

Lisi had ended the night by giving me a "birthday whipping" -- she'd really laid into me with a thin belt, but luckily my screams and cries had been muffled by Lesley's shaven pussy, plastered over my sticky face. I started to peek through the hole between the booths, but Lisi pulled up my skirt and stung my ass with her hand. I knew Lisi was watching from the next booth as I got down on my knees again and reached for Russ's cock. Before I'd even left the booth Lisi was moving for the little hole seperating us from Russ and Lesley. Lisi's hand went to my tits as Lesley pulled out of the parking lot, trying hard to split her attention between the road and the rearview mirror.

Angie's Birthday Fling

group charles_dickings 2018-03-30

As she began to lick out the hairy vulva that straddled her mouth, guessing but not knowing exactly whose it was, the birthday girl felt another tongue go to work between her thighs, this one laving her just as expertly as the first one had. It was dripping cum and tasted like cunt, so Angie guessed that it must be the penis that had just fucked her. Meanwhile, the prick in her mouth was getting harder, too, and soon it was spurting cum inside Angie for the second time that night. Never before had Angie felt a prick cum inside her pussy, but this one popped off with such force that she sensed a torrent of sperm gushing into her womb.

Peggy On Top

group Teddy46 2018-03-30

'Aw what the hell,' I gave him a big smile and pulling my skirt up a little I slid into the booth, legs spread wide, and left them like that and went back to staring out the window. I think she was having a hard time keeping it all in her mouth, but the way she was sucking my pussy she was loving every minute of it. I was bucking hard against Alice's mouth and fingers, getting closer and closer, feeling the organism radiating out from the center of my being and listening to Adam I knew he was about ready to go too. I put my mouth over her pussy and sucked her clit and lips into my mouth and Adam got the idea and went back to pounding his fingers in and out of her cunt.


A Trip to Burma Ch. 02

group leBonhomme 2018-03-30

Then we were chuckling and smirking about what we knew we all wanted to do, were going to do, quickly starting with our first beers, again sitting facing each other on the beds, this time Randy and I on one. I came and felt that Anna did, and was sure from Randy's grunting, that he did, hoping that Marie's pussy had flooded his cock like Anna's had mine, also hoping that both of them got to taste as much of each other's pussy juice as they could. Our cocks weren't aroused, but that wasn't going to be a problem for me; she could start sucking it before it was, and I was already looking forward to licking her pussy.


Apartment Swinging

group WildaRaven 2018-03-30

Leroy told chuck of his first meeting with Mrs. News Lady Chuck said if they had other work order for that apartment he would take it... Leroy said "Fuck; take his cock out Baby and give Chuck a hand job." Chuck watched his cock disappear down her throat and quickly said "Karen you're one hot fucking cocksucker. Leroy had told Karen a hundred times there was nothing sexier than watching his cock disappear up her ass. Karen had fucked twenty different guys in College and since then twenty more but only Leroy was allowed to fill her ass hole with his rock hard cock. Chuck kind of pushed Karen toward the bedroom again closely followed by Leroy and Barb.


Island Man Ch. 02

group Island_Jewel 2018-03-30

I walk back to the bedroom, put on my swimsuit (remember, that tan is critical) and tell AJ I'll be out at the pool. Yes, the tan is critical, but since that's the only place I've seen My Islander, that's really what draws me out so early this morning. Sadly, I spend the entire morning at the pool and while I did acquire more tan, I didn't take care of that longing deep inside. I'm watching the dancers when I see My Islander walk up to the other side of the pavilion. I grab AJ's hand and take him out to the beach -- away from My Islander. I try to convince him it won't happen this time.

The Screamer Ch. 12

group Liquor69 2018-03-30

Mark, Michelle, Jill, Gary and his women, Ainsley, Red and Nancy, Holly, Jim, Aleka, Dani and DeeDee climbed onto Mark's jet. Talk about looking good, holy shit, I didn't think it was possible but you get better looking every time I see you," Jeremy said as he kissed her again. Phoc started to laugh as he took Debbie's hand, "Eric and Hans will escort these lovely ladies to their rooms. In fact, I want the four of you to do her and Mark, Jeremy, Jill, Michelle, and my girls and I are going to watch. He welcomed everyone and introduced Mark, Michelle, Gary, Jill, Brenda, Wendy, Debbie and Rose to the assembled group.



group herandtheoldman 2018-03-30

I then told you to bend over the chair as I did the same to you, first I teased you by running the crop up and down the crack in your arse I could see you enjoyed this as you twitched every time it went near your hole, I then whipped your arse until it was red but not too much as I did not want to hurt you too much, well not just now that would come later..... I then instructed you to bend over the bed and wait for me eyes buried in the sheets, I then went over to another set of drawers and took out an extremely large frulecent pink strap-on and fixed it in place, I felt so powerful and it would give me so much pleasure.

Intellectual Pursuits Ch. 04

group Artist1 2018-03-30

I think I'll have a taste." As Jane got on her knees before the panting Pauline, I pulled the top of Jane's dress down, letting her round globes with their thick dark nipples bounce free in the night air. As Pauline and Francisca recuperated, Jane came to our side of the bed and placed her pussy on Daisy's mouth, saying "Lick that thing for me you sexy bitch." Pauline pushed me back, causing my cock to emerge from Daisy's pussy, then sucked me into her mouth for a few moments, forcing me all the way into her throat before she pulled off. Pauline then slathered my cock with lube and Francisca pulled her fingers out of Daisy's ass and went to wash her hands.

My New Neighbor's Pool and New Pool

group trueman_darling 2018-03-30

Lacey excused herself back inside to get the lemonade she had prepared, and I nudged Bill’s arm to let him know that I could see him staring at her tight little ass as she walked away.” Bill looked over at me, shocked once again, but his eyes quickly returned to Lacey as she grabbed a tight grasp of his cock and slowly began stroking it in her cold wet hand. It wasn’t until I felt Lacey’s fingers pinch tight to my nipples as she exploded in wave after wave of violent delight on my husband’s swollen cock that I decided to join her in that same incredible feeling.

College isn't Everything

group RonCabo 2018-03-30

After an indeterminable amount of time, during which Patti came, Allison and Joe came together in an explosive orgasm. On the bed, Joe noticed that Allison's nipples were rock hard and looked like they were just waiting to be sucked. Joe still had his mouth full of Allison's tits, so Patti slid down on the bed and began caressing his throbbing dick with her warm lips and mouth. While Patti was driving Joe to ecstasy on his lower half, he decided it was his turn to start dishing out the same to Allison. The sounds of Allison's ecstasy really had an effect on Patti, as she worked her tongue and lips in a frenzied passion on Joe's dick, bringing him to a titanic orgasm that seemed to last forever.