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Erotic Group Sex stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

Debbie And The Training Course

group gdsvalentine 2018-03-30

Then, after just a few minutes, a slower paced song came on and Carl immediately stepped up close and put both his hands around Debbie's waist, he said into her ear how he loved this song and then began to sway from side to side to the beat while all the time holding her just above her bottom. At this point a couple came out of a room some dozen doors away and headed towards them, Debbie felt embarrassed with Carl still on his knees so she told Carl to get up and get in quickly, she would have one quick drink then she was off.


Our Alaskan cruise (and another couple) Part 3

group BeckyInLove 2018-03-30

She smiled and told me that she didn’t know about me, but she was starting to get excited about going without any form of birth control and she asked how I was feeling about it. Jim didn’t accept that and kept asking me what we were talking about and I finally told him that Denise was saying she was excited about fucking Michael without birth control. Jim had a huge smile and I asked him how he felt about it and he said that ever since he first met me when I got to Spokane, he has been wondering what it would be like to get me in bed and knowing that I was not on birth control right now made him even more excited about it.

Potter's Mark

group Scorpio44a 2018-03-30

Beth, Donna and I had conferred before we left home and decided that cheerful, bright clothes would help us keep from having our good-bye talk with Frank be too solemn. It took two months for Donna to clear things up at home, sell the house and move her sisters to L.A. During the two months Frank helped by staying in L.A., working and by not doing much else. "I still wish I had a picture of you the night we told you that to marry Beth you needed to love all three of us." Carol said. Carol said, "His eyes kept getting open wider and wider as we all got undressed and helped him get undressed."

The Extinction Ch. 01

group extreme_hetro_sex 2018-03-30

"I am Sara, I am your neighbor and this is Nat, she is a friend of mine," She pointed to a girl, standing right behind her." Are you going to hit us with the bat?" She asked with a nervous smile. She slowly took my manhood in her hand and said, "You know at the time of the outbreak, I was experimenting with two guys and none of them got a monstrous cock like yours. Sara stopped riding my cock for a moment and put her face on Nat's breast. "You gave me what I wanted, now it's my turn to repay you," She said in a slow sensual voice, kissing Nat's lips.


Erin and Cal in Wonderland

group Rainwalker 2018-03-30

We even laughed a bit about the humor involved in Mia and me trying to find a comfortable place for sex in the mountains while Erin and Lew would probably be languishing on the sofa or in bed. I freely admitted to myself that Erin was truly irresistible in her submissive position and fantasized Lew engaging her while Mia and I watched his cock working her on their comfortable couch. I began to wonder about my lover, alone at home, but soon my thoughts swirled around sensual visions of Erin opening herself to Lew. I hallucinated her body relenting to his probings and smiled inwardly as she bent to his will; he over her or behind her, seeking her moist depths for hours.


Beach Party for Three

group mothgirl21 2018-03-30

They finally pulled up at the beach, got their bags out of the back of the car and started the walk up and over the dunes to the spot where Kyle's friends were due to be meeting them. By the time Kyle had come up for air and worked out what had happened, Cleo was stood on the beach waving his shorts in the air and laughing wildly. Cleo felt like Kyle's confidence had expertly nullified her short-stealing prank, but she felt like the sight of his sexy body and a close-up view of his mammoth cock was a pretty good consolation prize.


Dedicated to Kinky Mushroom and his Brave wife

group 2018-03-29

There was an urgency in his voice, 'In my bag', I replied, 'here in Sweden, girls take their knickers off to fuck, John', he remained silent as if in a trance, 'I want you to fuck me John, and I bent in towards his ear, 'I want to feel your cock in my arse', and then I pulled him towards the room where the rough spanking took place. The heat inside my ass was causing the lube to melt and run down my legs, pulling my silk dress open and guiding John's cock up my ass as we enjoyed the show,he fucked and I bucked, and soon other men realized what we were dong, I could feel many hands on me, and as my anus squeezed my hands wanked.

Chapter 03: Partying the NIght Away

group shakenmartini55 2018-03-29

Liz got down on her knees and licked the head of his chocolate cock clean and then licked the cum from my cheek and chin finished her work by giving me a quick tongue kiss. Liz was grinding against Eric and John held her head as he fucked her mouth like it was a pussy. Liz looked over to us and said, "I think it's time to see if the sperm stopper works." With that, Amanda covered my cock with her mouth and started sucking in earnest. I heard Liz say, "Well, it sure looks like it works." Amanda took my cock out of her mouth and responded "Yeah, but I think I'd rather have his load of hot cum."

giving oral on cruise

group down-onu 2018-03-29

These guys were trying so hard, and knowing full well what they wanted, I figured, why not. He tells me he will not fuck me, but I feel his cock up between my ass cheeks. I reached around and put my hands on the ass of the guy fucking my mouth and was helping him f***e his cock down my throat. I push him back held his cock up which lifted his balls, and with one hand still on his ass pulled him into me. He knew what I wanted and lifted up a little to let his balls drop in my mouth. Luckily that happened toward the end of the cruise because after that night those guys started acting a little uncomfortable around us.

My Wife's Cousin Ch. 01

group off2bed 2018-03-29

Angie let go of my cock and pushed it toward her cousin as Jennifer's fingers reached the flesh of my rod. Then my wife's hand slid out, and I felt her unbuttoning my shorts, followed by the zipper slowly going down. Angie pulled my cock out and I opened my eyes a crack to watch her head descend upon it. My fingers ran through the hair on the back of her head, and my other hand touched her thigh, gently squeezing through the robe. The tip of my cock was touching Angie's pussy lips, and I was sure Jennifer's hand was touching her. Jennifer moved her head so she could see closer, pushing my cock back and forth against Angie's lips, finding the way in.

Chance Encounter Ch. 02

group Angel Love 2018-03-29

As they approach his car Rob turns to her, "Angel, I hope you don't mind but a friend of mine is feeling pretty down tonight," smiling reassuringly at her. Rob moves around the front of her and begins to nibble on her right nipple, which is standing erect for him, while running his hand down the length of her body to her waiting, throbbing pussy. Angel is still intensely sucking at Rob's throbbing cock, taking him deep into her hot throat, and then pulling him back out again. Joe rises up on his knees again and bringing her legs up over his shoulders thrusts his throbbing cock deep into Angel's hot, dripping, tight pussy.


Enlightening my new friend.

group bustychubbygirl 2018-03-29

When she put my receipt on the counter I grabbed her hand and squeezed it and said"come to my room at ten, Im sure I may need some extra towels or something". come here and help your new friend out and dont let that go to waste." I got up and walked to where Charles was standing and looked to see what he was pointing at. Charles said"Honey you need to lap that up like a good girl and dont let any go to waste". They guys left after midnight and Sherry finally looked over at me and said "do you think people will be able to tell that Im a black cock lover just by looking at me"?

A Different Kind of Vacation Ch. 10

group jim313 2018-03-29

Alice asked her what kind she had and when she told her, she told me she'd be right back as she slipped out from under me and went over to the dresser and removed a large and thick, realistic looking double ender strap on which she handed to Cory as she got back under me and fit my cock to her pussy and captured it deep inside her once again. Cory told me to stroke in slowly, go deep and then pull out to the ridge around the head so the girls would be able to see my cock moving in and out of his ass and that's exactly what I did and it wasn't long before the two of us were moaning and telling each other how good it felt.


The Bet

group zimabean 2018-03-29

The bet was Kim and would give hand jobs to all four if these two dude had the biggest cock we had ever seen. "Don't worry Lisa, look at these guys they are young, skinny, ugly, how can they have big cocks, they are white! Her small dick guy was balls deep inside her. They picked up speed and soon enough my orgasim crashed over me and the small dick guy came with me flooding womb with his warm spunk. By the sounds of it, Lisa was doing the same, cumming and taking a load from her small dick guy. That massive cock felt so good inside my hungry pussy.

Helping Husbands Best Friend

group wvwife4u 2018-03-29

We laughed and Jeff said I had to do the same when Ray was taking his shot. Ray came back with the beers and I told him Jeff and I have the next game. I felt Jeff tense up and he told me he was going to cum so I took his cock as deep as I could and he shot into my mouth. Ray had been moving in and out of me slowly but after Jeff had cum he started to fuck harder. I was letting my nipples rub his chest as I slowly fucked his cock .After several minutes if me riding Jeff I sat up straight and asked Ray to let me suck him.

Hotel Pussy

group HardCoreFire 2018-03-29

Her lusty face was already covered in spunk, as if ten guys had already blowed their load on her. The guy she was fucking got up and stood over her as well, his dick practically dripping in her thick pussy cream. Then she took the final cock, the one she had been fucking, and slowly, gently, started sucking. 'Lick that clit.' I felt the river of cum on her body starting to trickle down onto my stomach, but I was enjoying her pussy too much to care. I suddenly noticed two new guys in the room, naked, hard and jerking; they had entered while I was buried in pussy. As I started fucking, the other two guys were jerking off in her face.

Sharing Ch. 02

group Sven the Elder 2018-03-29

I wished I hadn't given up smoking, at least it gave you something to with your hands - I took a drink instead and decided to go into dinner - I smiled sweetly at him as I got off the stool and went though the door to the dining room, still able to watch him in the angle of one of the side mirrors. He smiled and glancing at the bar then back to me said , "as you were on your own before dinner Bob was going to ask you to join us, but you'd gone in just before I arrived." "May I ask what brings a girl like yourself to these parts at this time of year?"


A Housewife or a Whore Ch. 07

group strtlr69 2018-03-29

Rekha could not quite imagine Amit reaming her ass but Jaya's word made her wet between the legs instantly. Her body and mind were on a rollercoaster ride thinking of everything that was going to happen between her and Amit, wish she knew the role Jaya would play. She was feeling too shy and did not want Jaya to look at her when Amit licked her ass. Amit was not only cherishing kissing her ass, his finger was gently feeling her over flowing cunt. Amit placed each of his hand on Rekha's and Jaya's ass and started to massage them. Amit pushed his finger all the way into Rekha's ass as he released his warm seed in Jaya's mouth.


College Date pt. 2

group biguy52x 2018-03-29

This time after I came I was smelling of Jeana's pussy on my hands and started licking them. I told him after I thought about it I realized I did enjoy all of it. She said hurry suck his dick and then come over here and I can get some time on your ride. I said ok she told me she wanted me to eat her pussy. My cock recovered and I told her I would love to eat her pussy. As I ate her she told me Tom refused to even kiss her pussy much less eat it. Tit for Tat I thought "won't eat the pussy, won't suck the cock" Their loss my gain. I told her I had a fantasy about eating a just fucked pussy also.

Promiscuous Reward

group Sarishepard 2018-03-29

It seemed like a fun time, but not a good venue in which to ask either one to come back to the hotel. Holley's eyes opened in wide delight as she peered over her pelvis at my shimmering shaft. Gabe lost his resentful attitude and knelt at the edge of the sofa cushion, leaning his hands on the backrest to dangle his cock over Holley's mouth. A tiny bead of white dribbled from the corner of her mouth as Gabe's cries faded and his balls dropped low in his sac. But in that span of time, however brief, Holley managed to spring onto her hands and knees and dive over my half-hard pole.


A stranger joins us for some fun (cuckold, bisexua

group horacy-xxx 2018-03-29

They saw that I noticed them as they briefly stopped jerking off but no more than 2 seconds later they started pleasuring them selves while looking at my wife's beautiful ass. As I fuck her and play with her fits she arches and purrs giving the boys a better look, then whispers in my ear “look out the window, we've got audience “ ,“i saw them while you were sucking me off, they were looking at your ass and jerking heir cocks off, I didn't tell you as I wanted you to see them your self “ I replied pushing my cock deeper.

Two for Love, Four for Lust Ch. 04

group dchapleaux 2018-03-29

I smile and lift up my body, then proceed to slide my cock hard and fast into Sandra's wet pussy for a few seconds. As I slide my cock hard into her pussy over and over, her squeals turn to moans, then to short screams, showing how much she is enjoying the pleasure. With a muttered curse and a final thrust, Tim cums deep inside of you, triggering your own orgasm, making you scream. I thrust in hard a few times, pulling out slowly, but before I can even finish my tenth thrust, she is squeezing my cock and letting out a scream of pleasure as she begins her last orgasm of the day.

The daughter, her mother, and her boyfriend and hi

group SFS 2018-03-29

Lorraine saw that Paula hadn’t heard John, and when she opened her eyes after her orgasm she was surprised to see her daughter standing in front of her. Lorraine was still on all fours, watching as the three guys fucked her Mum. Then she felt two hands on her hips, and she was pulled backwards slightly, and at last, oh at last, a cock slid into her aching, wet cunt. Paula pushed the guy fucking her cunt away, what was his name, she then raised herself off the cock that had been in her arse, and knelt beside her daughter. Lorraine nodded to her mother, Paula nodded to John, who pushed his cock, slowly back into Lorraine’s sore arse.

Oh Cum All Ye Faithful

group echorene 2018-03-29

Mike moves in closer and wraps his arms around me and we start to kiss. I am getting weak in the knees over the sensation of Mike's mouth and Jason's cock. Mike and I started kissing again as Jason begins fingering my pussy. He moved down underneath me and starting tongue fucking me as I sucked Mike's cock. Jason continued to bunny fuck me while I sucked, licked and stroked Mike's cock. Mike didn't care, we kissed with such passion and fire, for what seemed like hours, with my pussy melting around his cock. He finally moved off me and kissed his way down to my pussy, licking all around my lips, spreading them wide, as he lavished me with his tongue.