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Erotic Group Sex stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

Mike, Robin, & Me Ch. 03

group wileycoyote035 2018-03-29

I look over as Mike, lying on Robin's left side, begins to slide his hand along her thigh, slowly running it back and forth under the water. I watch Mike's middle finger slowly slide part way into Robin's hairless pussy as I feel her foot tense. I grab Robin's ass in both hands and begin to lick her in long, slow strokes from the bottom of her pussy to her clit. Mike is sliding a finger in and out of me as I continue to tongue and tease his wife's pussy and ass. Hearing Robin talk this way is getting me very, very close and Mike's probing finger is not helping me control myself.


group Wes_Sherlock 2018-03-29

Similarly as he did with his tongue, Jude began stroking her pussy with his hard cock from top to bottom and using the tip to tease her asshole. Stepping off the bed, Jude stood behind Annie, and began running his finger down her back and caressing her ass. Now in a reverse cowgirl position, Annie began riding the strangers cock and again took Jude in her mouth. Jude continued to fuck her from behind as the stranger lay back on the bed, his cock exploding in her mouth. She stood up, placed her underwear in his mouth and slowly walked out, lifting up her dress to give the stranger one last look at her legs and ass.

Becky's Hungry Mouth Wants Two

group BklynObserver 2018-03-29

Craig and I struck up a conversation regarding the finer points of Becky's naked body as we ran our hands up and down our dicks, and didn't even notice as she got down on her hands and knees and crawled toward us, licking her lips and narrowing her eyes like a savannah predator. Soon, as Becky was sucking me, Craig rubbed the tip of his cock against her lips and tongue, and consequently, all over my dick. "It makes me horny to see your cocks rubbing against each other while I'm sucking them," Becky said, looking to us for agreement. As we both shot our bursts of hot sticky cum on Becky's soft face and tits we first watched our own cock and then the other's, exchanging a quick mid-orgasm glance.

Adventures in Swinging Ch. 04

group the_apocalypse 2018-03-29

Looking at Mel, to make sure she was okay with what Jo was doing, I saw that she hadn't bothered to stop at Pete's underwear and had his semi hard cock out slowly wanking him to full stiffness. All the time Jo was sucking mine I kept glancing at Mel, and saw she was bobbing her head up and down at quite a speed, seemingly trying to make Pete cum in her mouth. Finally stopping for breath I looked at Mel and saw she was sitting on the sofa, her legs spread as wide as possible, with Pete's face buried deep into her pussy. Pete moved to the side of Mel's head and she turned, opening her mouth at the same time, letting him slide his cock between her lips.

Good Friends Fuck

group assbr 2018-03-29

We went back home to dry off and have our drinks, and as we got in the house Mary yells to John "we are in my room changing, come see the nice ass that Wendy has", John quickly went down the hall see. As I am fucking the hell out of this woman I've met only a few month's ago she says to Wendy I want to taste you and moves to her pussy, pushing John out of the way (you have to know that Mary has to control every thing that happens in her life and it does not matter who or what is in her way) and licks this beautiful pussy.

The Lawn Boy

group FeverDreamer 2018-03-29

So much of this was unusual, how there was a stranger on our property, likely with one of the doors to the house unlocked for him, and that we were doing this in the living room, in the middle of the day, with the windows open; but Cheryl's hornyness and the heat of the day all combined, and then all quickly passed out of my mind as we both became totally enveloped in the white hot heat of sex. Then I watched Cheryl move over slightly, and put her hand on James's flat stomach, rubbing it with her palm, tugging his shirt up and touching the skin. James shivered, his hands at his sides, fingers digging into the couch cushions, as Cheryl looked up at him and sucked his cock, taking him deeper and drooling on it, letting strings of spit run down his shaft and balls.


Perfect Harvest Year

group sr71plt 2018-03-29

the sea of men between him and the top of the smoking mountain parted, and Xulatiki slowly ascended this path, proud and welcoming, his head held high, his bulging breasts rock hard and nipples taut, his comely cock swinging against newly manned thighs, his eyes locked on those of the waiting highest priest of the sun god. There was a gush of blood and fluids and the high priest of the sun god pulled his phallus out of the queen and stepped down from the altar, just in time for dawn to strike and for the head of the new baby, a strong son, to appear.

Swinging 101

group choclit_tai 2018-03-29

I never thought of myself as one of those men who got off on seeing his wife with another man, but every time Alana started talking about the possibilities of what could happen that weekend, I found myself with a raging erection. Mike placed himself above Alana's head, so she was looking up at him trying to get his dick back in her mouth, when Tyler first touched her. Mike seeing that Alana's concentration on his cock was fading with each motion of his wife's tongue, finally gave in and sat back to let the girls have at it. I pulled out of Alana and Tyler started stroking me as I shot all over my wife.


My Husband’s Fantasy Makes Me Excited

group 2018-03-29

After few minutes someone slept on me started kissing on my lips and pressing my boobs hardly I thought my hubby in my mind I was enjoying the moves and slowly my hands move down and hold cock; then I felt different with regular. Now he came up and slept beside me now it’s my turn I went down hold his cock and it giving very bad smell but I am enjoying the smell I kissed it first now slowly I am taking completely his cock it’s taste was good in the same time I am pressing his balls slowly and pulling his pubic hair.

Sharing Christine

group MCSKU 2018-03-29

I had never really talked to him (I think Christine actively tried to avoid letting us meet, she probably thought I'd beat his ass), but as the night went on, I started to realize he was a pretty cool guy. She wrapped her leg around him, and he moved his hands down and pulled her dress up over her hips, exposing her tight ass and sweet pussy. As I took the corner I saw Eric pulling the dress up over Christine's head. "Oh fuck yes!" Christine threw her head back, closing her eyes tightly as he began thrusting in and out of her.


Our First Spotlight Swinger's Party

group nighttimestories 2018-03-29

I looked over just as the guy fucking my wife pulled out and pumped a load onto the small of her back and was letting his cock slide along her ass. I looked over at my wife as the guy behind her was pulling his cock from her pussy he had it aimed at her ass. I then looked into her eyes and asked, "You like getting your tight little ass fucked don't you?" The short stocky guy jumped in and inserted his cock into Maggie's pussy and started stroking into her. Maggie yelled, "Oh fuck!" I watched as the skin around her pussy was being sucked in and out as this big cock plunged and withdrew.


Scott Chadwick, Summer Associate Ch. 02

group Victor C. Anderson 2018-03-29

Wilson finished his coffee then looked at Scott then Quentin. Wilson looked at Quentin, then at Scott. Quentin not only gets to fuck Wilson, but it looks like he'll get to fuck a woman in both the pussy and the ass! Quentin looked at Scott ashamedly, then at Wilson in fear. "If you knew how to handle men socially, young lady, you'd be climbing some stupid mountain with this Scott boy rather than being here with two old--mature--women." As the woman repaired the damage, Laura walked around her to Scott, who was the last one in, then to Quentin, then to Wilson, like a drill sergeant inspecting his troops, and not pleased with what she saw.


My Renaissance Ch. 17

group Modern_Citizen 2018-03-29

"Wow!" Crystal said after looking Brian's cock over while holding it "Nice cock, Brian!" It was about six and a half inches long and a good bit thicker than mine. I helped Crystal out of her pants while she sucked Brian's dick then I slid my cock inside her doggy style, slowly and deliberately fucking her. Crystal went to the bathroom, holding the washcloth against her pussy, leaving Brian and I sitting on the bed. I turned off the light and got into bed, leaving the blankets turned down on the near side for Crystal when she finished fucking Brian. We had a great time over the breakfast table and Brian even got a hug and a kiss before Crystal and I left for work.

Lisa's Second Threesome

group LisaMoore 2018-03-29

I ask "How soon sir" and he tells me very soon, you see as I was sucking away it got another mans attention and while they were chatting, his new friend offered to come lend a hand. As I suck slowly, deeply, I hear Master tell him he may join in now and as I expect to feel another's hard cock enter my throbbing pussy, he instead lies next to me on the bed and asks to help. We all change positions our new friend lays on his back on the bed, as Master starts to slowly fuck his face, so I can lick Master's asshole. Our new friend shoves his cock in deep, just as I feel it start to cumm, he pulls out and strokes it all over my face and chest.

My Best Friend's Wife Ch. 2

group oddone 2018-03-29

Sue got off the couch and kneeled on the floor, then reached over and started to play with Linda's tits again with one hand as she was jamming two fingers from her other hand up her soaking wet cunt. He stood there for a minute or two taking in the scene before him, and I could see a tent starting to form in his shorts watching his wife and I 69ing and a naked Sue playing with Linda's tits and ramming her fingers up her cunt. In the meantime, not wanting to be left out, Sue scooted over and knelt down pushing her cunt down on Paul's mouth and, as I looked to the side of Linda, I could see him tonguing her cunt and clit as she played with her own tits, pulling on her sensitive nipples.


Second Honeymoon Ch. 02

group jt123 2018-03-29

Her bikini top fell off into Vanessa's hands causing both women to moan softly and causing Jon's cock to surge with lust as he watched Vanessa continue caressing Michelle's now naked tits. Vanessa took more time but soon she too had Sam's suit off and started caressing his hard cock as they kissed. Almost as soon as Jon finished cumming the two women embraced in another hot kiss as they each sat with their man's wilting cock inside their pussies. As Jon and Michelle continued their soft embrace and watched, Sam began to give Vanessa a full body massage. He and Michelle moved to the other bed together and watched as Sam began to focus his attention on Vanessa's tits.


I Think Back

group JohnWesleyWalsh 2018-03-29

I watch them, still unsure quite what is happening, he is now fondling her breast, pinching and rubbing her stiff nipple, and his cock is rising from between his legs, his cock is sticking up now, she grips it with the hand she had on his thigh, I watch as she holds his penis and starts moving the skin over his shaft up and down, retracting his foreskin, showing me his glistening purple tip, thicker, wider than the length of his dick (I cannot help but compare it to mine, I cannot help but feel pleased that his is shorter than mine, that it hadn't grown by a huge amount from its flaccid state, that he is shorter than me by an inch, even two, and looks slimmer.


Annie Ch. 1

group CiaBlaise 2018-03-29

I moaned and James unbuckled my bra and guided it down my arms as he slipped his huge cock between my legs teasing my dripping clit. Alex crawled over and put his hands on my face kissing it gently he slid his firm long cock towards my lips. James let up on the pressure on my back and I crawled towards Alex's cock and took the entire thing into my mouth in a long gulp, my nose now buried in red pubic hair I grasped the base with my hand and started sucking until he moaned and twitched. I groaned around Alex's well-attentioned cock as I felt James slowly slip a finger into my tight hot hole.

Gangbang Shower

group TammyTrueheart 2018-03-29

Once he made it to the bottom of my ass cheeks, Joey dispensed with the cloth and rubbed me with his soapy hands, with an occasional finger rub on my pussy from behind. I was now ready to suck some dick with out distractions, although I really wanted one of the big dicks in my pussy, either Lorenzo, or Joey. At one time I had two black cocks in my hands, while I was bobbing my head back and forth on Juice’s dick. I removed his cock from my mouth a couple of times to lick the outside of it and to suck on his balls a little. After Lorenzo got off my face, Joey grabbed my pale white tits with his large ebony hands.


Wife Tries Another Man from Ski Trip

group luvtowatch 2018-03-29

She then lifted her head and stood up, grabbed his cock and said, "Let's go to the bedroom." Mary laid down on the bed, and Joseph slowly licked her pussy for about five minutes. With that, Joseph slowly inserted his eight inches into Mary, and she let out a quiet yelp, and then she wrapped her legs around him, while he sped his thrusts up. Mary grabbed my cock and wanted to suck it but I said, "Let this be about you and him." I backed away and let them have their moment. I got hard watching it and stroked m cock to attention and came again on her chest while she came on Joseph's tongue.

Reading Material

group FeJuggler 2018-03-29

Smiling, Marcie pulled back on her captive's legs and rubbed her naked pussy harder against April's red hair. Wrapping one arm around both of April's ankles, Marcie tucked the girl's feet against her chest and reached down with her free hand to pull on the giant, stiffened nipples below her. The woman's orgasmic fluids began pouring over the girl's face and Marcie sucked one of April's toes into her mouth, licking at the sensitive skin between the digits. Jonathon groaned and thrust deeper into April's sopping cunt, stroking Marcie's shoulders with his hands and pulling her head toward the base of his cock. Wrapping her small fist around the young man's tool, Marcie pulled him out of April's cunt and slipped her lips over the tip of Jonathon's erection.

At the Movies

group Manx469 2018-03-29

On the screen is a giant image of a large breasted black girl being double penetrated by two white men while sucking off a third. The first grasps your head and thrusts his engorged member into your mouth; you suck hungrily as another man kneels behind you and buries his cock in your tight pussy. One man walks in front of you and shoves his cock in your mouth while another slides under you and enfolds his cock with your breasts. “Go home Jen. Do not attempt to clean yourself up and if anyone asks how you got in this mess tell them you are a little slut who loves to fuck.”


The Camping Trip

group 1965looker 2018-03-29

I kept shifting my growing and relaxing cock in my shorts as Mel and Laura watched curiously. I went to Mel over to the drink coolers and slid my hand over her bottom a few times while my cock swelled in my shorts. We got back into the van, and I settled on the back seat with Mel, while Laura unfastened her shorts and teasingly pulled the fly apart to show me her shaved pussy. "It's not much further from here." Jen told us, as I watched the girls climb into the van, their legs parting wide, pussies exposed. I stood there, my cock throbbing, fingering Jen's pussy as the girls settled into their seats.

Stories my Ex-Girlfriend used to share with me #1

group knkyman87 2018-03-29

One night she told me she was going to be very quick at her boyfriends house (dating him for about 3 months) then come over afterwards. She said she wasn't going to sl**p with him because she was picking up some of her clothes she washed at his house including her lingerie. They both were in the living room and they started watching a movie with his friend on the recliner while she was sitting with the other guy on the couch. The host of the house decided it was time to fuck and moved while she was still sucking his friend and removed her sexy thong. She was getting fucked missionary when when the first guy came all over her face and she licked his dick clean.