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Erotic Group Sex stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

Educating Charlie Ch. 04

group privatejoker 2018-03-29

Charlie closed her eyes and took in the tactile experience, whilst starting to feel her body change. As the fingers stroked and pinched at her mounds Charlie's legs started to tremble and shake, whilst she felt moisture grow within herself. He let her drop to the bed and started to suck on her clit, whilst he slid two fingers inside her and felt for her g-spot again. Soon the weight of her breasts pulled the blouse apart without the restraint of buttons, so Jake pushed the material aware from her chest and said, "A demonstration, madam?" She tried to pull away from it every time it made contact with her clit as the feeling was too strong and she felt like she about to drop off the cliff of uncertainty into a blackhole.


Spin-The-Bottle Ch. 02

group Thizbee 2018-03-29

Kevin had been right, the cum was sweet and she licked her lips, pleased and amused at finding herself sitting at the feet of this man. Some time after the plumber wars, on the car ride home from a little shop down town that sold refurbished Victorian hardware, Kevin had asked her if she had a crush on Tyler. Kevin got out of the car and walked around it to Jade's side, and opened the door, "Get out." Lifting her head, the sun stung her eyes as his face slowly came into focus. She also wondered if he could tell she was hot and wet through his light linen pants as she put her head on his shoulder and looked up at Tyler.

A Casual Friday

group Dirty Kitten 2018-03-29

Turning slightly, and forcing Sam to move with her, Meg bent over at the waist, one hand holding onto the shelving unit to steady herself, and took Mike into her. She felt his hands reach in to grasp her hair and hold her head in place as he greedily started fucking her mouth. As her body screamed, she heard Sam let out a barely concealed groan, clasp her to him, and then felt his cock jerk as he came inside of her. She felt him slide in slowly and closed her eyes at the sensation, her clit still sensitive from the orgasm she experienced with Sam. Mike started moving inside of her, his strokes short and hard, his balls bouncing against her swollen lips.

f****y & Friends

group JaxsonCurry 2018-03-29

of telling me every thing was going to be okay she got a big smile on her She started to grope and kiss Tracy, I could tell that this definitely Tracy pulled Stacey over so she could sit on her face. I loved being kissed by Tracy while Stacey tongue fucked I didn't know why my dads hand was having that affect on me, but I could figured Stacey and Tracy were in the room together messing around. We each took turns sucking on my dads cock. He came on Stacey's face so Tracy and I licked it off, Stacey than sat on her face and I sat with my dad and watched. loved touching each other while we watched two beautiful women fuck.

Mom, Daddy and George

group loloishorny 2018-03-29

Scotty's dick was getting hard as mom was rubbing her ass on the guys covered cocks. Daddy began to stroke his cock, mom told him to stop or he wouldn't be allowed to touch George. Mom came and daddy licked her clean, then she told daddy to stay on his knees, because she wants George to fuck him. Mom had got daddy to cum as George rammed his dick hard, before cumming in daddy's ass. Mom told daddy whe wanted both of them in her pussy, she then laid on top of George. Mom lead George to the oversized shower in their room, while daddy found me and Scotty trying out my new sleeve.

The Submissive Babysitter Pt. 03

group writemarksmith 2018-03-29

I gave her a number of chores to do in the house which she was eager to agree to, then I told her she was a good girl and kissed her on the lips, as if offering a reward before we left. Brad and I had had a few drinks at the party when I saw the Rick, the Adonis hedge fund dude, standing against a wall, chatting up a girl. I started to tell him that my husband was in the next room, that I knew people at the party but I had barely got a word out before his big hands directed me down to my knees. May suddenly pulled her hand away from my husband's cock and started to stutter "I...I c...can't Mrs. Taylor.

Up Up & Away For Valentine's Day

group dreampilot79 2018-03-29

I should have logged my daydreams because at the end of the day I found myself wondering what I had dreamed more of, balloon flying or Jody's neatly trimmed magic carpet. I smiled to myself and wondered how they had even know about the ride since Jody had been all over Allen almost from the time we left the ground and spent most of the flight in the throws of ecstasy in the bottom of the basket. About that time that Allen finished talking about Amanda and her romantic plans, Jody and Carol came out of the kitchen. "I know it'll be cold," Jody said, "I'm sure we can warm each other up after we fly." She giggled.


Grace Shared with Swingers

group dreamweaver5539 2018-03-29

To show my acceptance and anticipation of this role I gave Christine a deep kiss, placed her hand on my bare ass, and then whispered in her ear "I look forward Mistress to eating pussy, sucking cock, getting fucked and letting all the men here enter my ass tonight!", followed by a deep long purr and another passionate kiss on her lips. With Sam still pounding away on my asshole with his raging hard-on, Christine commanded "Eat my pussy slave and show the ladies how good you are at it." Trying to let out my best meow and purr, which was actually quite challenging while being ass fucked, I dove into my Mistress's pussy.


"My Husband is a Soldier..."

group craverandscarlett 2018-03-29

Josh said they were total sluts, and when he told me how much they loved getting gangbanged I asked him if he fucked them, too. Jake was coming already then, too, pressing into me as hard as he could, his long, thick cock poking at the back of my pussy, hot spurts of cum shooting into me, and with each new explosion of cum gushing into me I came again, rubbing my clit now, over and over as he filled me with what felt like a pint of hot cum. I looked like a fucking wet, slippery glazed donut with tits, and I couldn't wait for Josh and his guys to see the video.


Brian's Story Ch. 02

group velvethammer 2018-03-29

Looking back with almost twenty years of hindsight experience, I hadn't been fucked like an adult until Gary and Irene. Irene asked if I liked the room and I said it was great. I told Gary and Irene that I had a date with Dianne and Irene winked at me and said they weren't going to be home until very late. So I told her that it was like sliding into tight butter when I slid my cock into her and she was so tight and I wanted to fuck her ass all night long, and stuff like that. I guess I looked at her strangely and she said Dianne sounded like I was fucking her to death.


The Poker Party Ch. 02

group tv46 2018-03-29

Lucy started to protest, but quickly felt the incredible sensation that rippled through her body as Jane's finger found the nub of her wet clit. Lucy continued to massage her breast while Jane dropped her hand down between her legs and slid a finger between the lips of her wet cunt. Lucy watched Jane bring her hand back up to her mouth and lick her pussy juices off of the glistening finger. Wanting more, Lucy dropped her own hand down to Jane's pussy and slipped a finger into her wet cunt. Jane began moaning loudly as Lucy returned her finger and found the little nub of Jane's clit, and quickly brought her to an intense orgasm.


Everyone Wins!

group biguy13 2018-03-29

Lisa moaned as Sasha massaged her breasts and then slowly worked her hands down to the crotch where Lisa's hip started to move like when we danced. Lisa stopped, then came around to the front of Sasha and began kissing and licking her entire upper body all the way up the neck and to the ear, came very close to kissing but stopped, only to turn to us and give us our turn. They went at it for some time until Lisa closed her legs on Sasha's head and muffled her scream in the pussy. When all was licked clean we all jumped in Sasha and Corey's Jacuzzi where we all talked, shared sexual stories and fantasies and of course, played with each other's body for the rest of the night.


group russello 2018-03-29

She heard the sound of a zipper, and held her breath as a flaccid, snake-like object slithered in through the hole, the drooped head of it flopping against the painted wall. With just that brief contact, Annette realized, she had made a man feel good--had made him want her. Even as the man she'd just satisfied pulled out, Annette felt something pressing against her left hand--the one she was using to steady herself against the wall. Annette was breathing hard around the stiff dick in her mouth, but was otherwise quiet, only living the experience of pleasure and pain as something deep inside her tore apart, and she felt herself taken and filled. Suddenly Annette realized--those men in the bar upstairs hadn't been watching a porn tape.


Never Enough Ch. 06

group Sweetcheekss 2018-03-29

“I’m making a list of things I need to work on when we take over the club.” I replied, sipping on the scotch. Melissa asked Amber about Chris and Richie and how she liked working with them. Melissa offered to help since she didn’t work and was looking for something to keep her busy. I told Melissa I’d call her in the morning to see if she was free to work with Amber and me. Scott called me on my cell phone to let me know he’d gotten an appraiser to come and look over the club the next Monday. I told him Melissa was going to be working with me on the club purchase.


Me and My Roommate

group milf_bitch 2018-03-29

Ah Jenny this is George, George this is my roommate Jenny." He looked at me for a few seconds and then turned to Emma and said, "Do you want to go back to my place for the night?" After seeing this guy in his underwear I suddenly really wanted the sex which I hadn't had for months. I stood up and said in my sexiest voice "Is that a yes big fella?" Once again he nodded and I walked over behind Emma and started to rub her belly button before saying "We need you to talk or else it's a no." He put his hands down his underwear and said in a quite voice "Fuck yes." Emma stood up and said "Now it's your turn Jenny." I took my fingers out of her and gently licked Georges cock before shoving it deep into my mouth.

My French Revolution Ch. 03

group sexyminxlola 2018-03-29

I heard Pieter start counting and on three he thrust straight into my ass as Anya released then clamped my clit. I moaned loudly encouraging Pieter to fuck my worthless slut ass and Anya continued to torture me with the clit clamp. Pieter once again appeared at my side a few hours later but instead of offering me a break he had my stand on the stage as two fully clothed brunettes stepped up with large vibrators in their hands and fucked me raw for the guests amusement. Anya was busy eating her brother's cum out of my pussy while he fucked her ass as I came out of the high.

C'mon, Let's Spice It Up Ch. 10

group loving_hubby 2018-03-29

On the other hand, with the rather formal nature of our relationship with Fred and Annie as our good neighbors for the past five years, we feared that the ambiance and mood for the evening might not be conducive enough for unconventional and compromising behavior. "I've been wanting to fuck your angel from the day I first laid my eyes on her," Fred confessed, as he boldly let his other hand get under Tina's hemline. "Tina ..." Fred spoke in a very soothing tone while his fingers relentlessly fucked my wife's pussy, "I want to be inside you ..." As I eased Annie's panties from her curvaceous hips down her thighs, my attention was drawn to the suckling sounds of Fred's mouth working on Tina's breast.


Housewives' Choice

group Adam Kilmer 2018-03-29

Her body was plump, not fat, and her ass looked large beneath her skirt but the two things that took your breath away when you saw Sandra were her tits. The other three housewives sat in the living room, Julie and Sandra on the sofa and Jill in a chair. Sandra, Julie and Donna watched as Jill knelt on all fours before me. "Come on, Adam, " Donna said, "Let's see that lovely big cock explode all over Sandra's tits." "We want to see you shoot your cum over those big nipples," Jill said. "Cum for me," Sandra said, looking at me seductively, "All over me, all over my big tits.

Patty: Still More Patty Jenkins

group caprine 2018-03-29

This line of thought had my nipples twitching and my pussy itching by the time I walked in the door to Coach O'Leary's office and found him standing in front of his desk with a bulge of anticipation already growing down his trouser leg! As my mound began to appear and reveal that it was indeed unshaven, like the last time, Coach's monster black snake nearly broke out of his sweats! I had Slave Jack get on the floor again, and with my back facing him, I settled my back door down on his black snake monster, but not before telling him to lube it up with the juices on my pussy.


It Didn't Work Out Ch. 08

group -Ripley- 2018-03-29

Bridget felt like knowing that Sian loved her gave her a little bit of protection against being hurt. It was the first time in a while that Sian wasn't with the person she cared about on New Year's Eve. She went to her friend's party but she couldn't get Bridget's absence out of her mind. Fortunately about the time when Sian started to really get frustrated, Bridget could tell that she was reaching that point and pushed her fingers harder against Sian. They had managed to make love one time, although it bothered Bridget a little how much he had needed her to talk about being with Sian.


The Caribbean Adventure Begins

group hondo1906 2018-03-29

Linda was beginning to notice how wet she'd become and slid her fingers down, to her own moist cunt giving herself a slow finger fucking, as she imagined what it must feel like to have those big black cocks felling up her own hot, horny holes. She pulled away from the cock in her mouth and shouted "No Damnit, NOOOOOOOOOO!" as her ass hole was spread wider than she'd ever imagined it would go, and she felt the big black piece of meat make it's way deep inside her anus, meeting the donkey-dick that was already in her cunt.

Love Me Brothers Ch. 02

group littlemisswantsyou 2018-03-29

Anabel kissing me back, running hand slowly up and down my cock. Her tight walls suctioned my cock as I ran my hands up and down her thighs as I watched her slow bounces on me. Yeah, ride me." I watched her beautiful pussy swallow my cock, let it go, and swallow it all over again as she bounced on me. I pulled out and Anabel turned around, guiding my wet cock into her mouth. So I pulled away from my beautiful mate and walked to the kitchen with my hard cock slapping against my stomach. "You like my cock in your ass, Anabel? "Another mate?" Anabel asked, pushing me out of her, and I heard her gasp as my large tip slipped out.

Not Letting Go Ch. 01

group WokeUpOneDay 2018-03-29

Carol went toward the inside doors as the body guards opened them, taking her card back as she passed. Carol handed me the card and just said, "Wallet." I took it but didn't instantly comply. Topless women and men in banana hammocks, what little clothing they wore black with white accents as if it was some sort of tuxedo attire, were walking around taking and delivering orders. As the dance continued and hands fell to reveal, the women started using the chairs on stage Cabaret style, legs spread wide much of the time. I also noticed the men around the club showing their ladies a little attention, so my left hand went to Carol's chest. I looked down and saw that the hands were touching and Carol did not push Monica's away.


Triad Ch. 02

group SteveWallace 2018-03-29

Eventually, Anna started to question Abby, quickly determining that she was far from the ditzy teenager or college girl she might have been. When I got to the Cape house with my usual carload of crap, I found that Abby had left a note on my door: 'Welcome back. Let me throw a robe on and then join us for breakfast or coffee." The sight of Abby in shorts and a crop top kissing a very nude Anna about exploded my head. Anna asked, "Abby, you have all this unrequited love for Jim. Doesn't it frustrate you?" Abby kissed back and I watched one of her hands fondling one of Anna's breasts, even toying with the nipple.