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Erotic Group Sex stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

Weird Sex and the depths of depravity

group 2018-03-29

'Did he tell you I would like to be in their with them', I said, pointing to the pigs, 'As a matter of fact he did', he said, his voice changing as the thought of a beautiful woman preforming a sex act with a curly cocked pig, looked like a reality, and why not, as I was relaxed and calm when I spoke, the pigs did not frighten me, but the sex did, I was aroused with the outrageous thought of it, and at the same time angry, but the debasement appealed somewhat, so I stepped from my shoes and placed my bare feet into the mud, feeling the ooze as it went between my toes.

Best Neighbor Ever! Ch. 03

group Tomcatfive 2018-03-28

Her hand grabbed the shaft of my cock tightly, and started stroking up and down, fast and hard, the wetness from her mouth making it feel wonderful. She leaned forward over me, putting her hands on my chest, and started rocking back and forth, sliding up and down on my cock so hard her ass slapped against me with a loud wet rhythm. I started moving my hips very slowly, my cock sliding in and out of her with long slow strokes; god that felt so good! When she started moaning with every stroke and pulling hard on her nipples I knew she was ready, and leaned forward, my hands at her sides on the mattress, staring down into her eyes.


Can I Watch

group Tammy_Nguyen_77 2018-03-28

Both Shawn and Jason would flirt with the cute little hotel maid every time they saw her, but Sarah knew they were just pretending to make themselves look straight to whoever happened to be around. "Oooooh, I just don't know what I'm going to do, I'm all alone in a hotel room with two big...strong, why you could just take advantage of me," Sarah said seductively as she walked around behind them and ran her fingertips along their spines again, making them tremble. Sarah climbed on top of Jason, guided his penis inside of her, turned to Shawn and said seductively, "does that make you mad naughty boy....Mommy likes him better....I bet you want to punish mommy don't you....Huh, naughty boy,you wanna punish mommy...

A Night Out Ch. 2

group Liz 2018-03-28

You keep your mouth over mine to stifle my moans and knowing how close I am to cumming you begin to finger fuck me faster as my ass begins to move against your hand. You move your hand down to my pussy and hold my lips open for her and I feel her fingers move inside and find my g-spot. I feel your hand move up to squeeze my nipples and it is enough to send me over the edge and I cum against Cindy's mouth and tongue. I hear your deep-throated moans behind me and I know that soon I will feel your hot, sticky cum flowing down my legs.

Rob and Stacey Come for Dinner

group Tenderlust 2018-03-28

Not to worry , Stacey your sweet little arse will be on my left, Rob can be opposite you and Sarah sweetheart, you can be opposite me as far away as possible. Sarah: John gets the drinks – Rob and Stacey are dying of thirst here. John: Well Stacey as you full know, the table leg is wooden and mine are made of flesh and bone just like yours... John: Stacey there's nothing in the world that I'd rather do right now, than fuck your arse clean off you legs, but this really isn't a great idea. Sarah: Trust me John, I was just looking out for my kid brother, like I've always done, but it's you I love as my husband.


Sexual Diversions Ch. 04

group sammican1 2018-03-28

Sammi phoned her closest friend, Mel. She had bucketfuls of money, plenty of free time, loved the sun and had, how had Emma described her, oh yes, the sexual morals of an alley-cat; just the sort of girl to go on holiday with, Sammi smiled as Mel said that she would love to come with her. "Well that's not really Mike or the clinic, that's Emma and La Crème, and that's different." Sammi said, the fantastically erotic, black dress and white apron Emma had modelled for her, flashing into her mind. Mel understood that Sammi wanted to be by herself with Wilson, catching up on old times, so she arranged for a day round the pool.


Welcome Home Baby Ch. 01

group h3lls_sweety 2018-03-28

Her lips descending on Amanda's neck till she reached her nipple, kissing it lightly then gently sucking, while her fingers slipped down to her moist pussy, slowly stroking, rubbing, teasing. As sandy lay back on the bed, Amanda began kissing her lips then down to her nipples then lower, till she reached her dripping wet pussy. As sandy reached her climax she removed her lips from Roberts cock and let out a scream, her body shaking beneath them both. Robert directed sandy to lay above him on the bed back to him, as he guided his hard throbbing cock into her pussy, and he directed Amanda to slip between Sandy's open legs and suck on her clit while he fucked Amanda.

Danny's Birthday Surprise

group SWPLF 2018-03-28

I am not stupid, so as I slip my hand up her dress and discover that "no panties" is the rule tonight, gave a little tug on her clit ring, and whisper back,: "Of Course -- But you did coach her very well and that just made me want you more." From my position next to him, I could see Christa stroking Danny as well. After deep throating one end of the dildo, Christa reaches down and pulls Starr's legs up under her arms and leans forward and splits Starr's lips with the fingers of her left hand and then pushes a good six inches of the dildo into Starr's pussy.


Halloween Party Night

group English Bob 2018-03-28

" Replied the first biker, "we were quite happy mooching around in the nether world until this bitch called us back," he motioned towards the still silent Sally, "having said that, of course, it's very nice to see all this nice female flesh on display. The other two men knelt in front of her face and the gasps that were escaping from between her red painted lips were soon curtailed by both cocks being forced into her stretched mouth at the same time. As we all played with each other, biker number two suddenly pulled his cock out of Sally's throat and, with a deep, unearthly moan, unloaded his seed over her face.

No Such Thing as an Ex-Slut Ch. 04

group fastandsloppy 2018-03-28

"Oh, hey bro," said Jimmy when Roy opened the door. I guess it's just you, me and Wanda Jean then," said Jimmy as he pulled out a phone and tapped a button. With her face locked on Roy's cock, Jimmy pulled Wanda up by her hips and yanked her mini-skirt down her legs. Jimmy didn't say anything but Roy could tell immediately that Wanda had said exactly the wrong thing. Wanda held onto Roy's cock like a lifeline as Jimmy pumped her mercilessly. "Sure," said Wanda as she climbed off Roy's cock. Tuli just stood looking at Roy as she waited for Wanda to leave. Tuli shot Wanda a grin as Molly stood and began nervously pulling off her tee-shirt and denim shorts.


Primal Reproduction

group Over Stimulated 2018-03-28

Dr. Emeril Cox sat at his desk, watching Linda Foster, waiting for her response to his long description of his group fertility procedure. "Look, Mrs. Foster, you came to me knowing you'd receive only the best, most advanced, most effective information on reproduction techniques." She was looking at him, her face starting to show she was sorry for her initial response to his ideas and his upfront discussion about an embarrassing situation for himself, seeing him now as more trustworthy. And my research has found that as a woman's pleasure increases, and as she's penetrated by different partners during a single sexual experience her body unleashes more of the hormones necessary to create a womb friendly to a fertilized egg."


Mother In Law Visits

group Mrbigdick2014 2018-03-28

Her hand slipped iside my underwear and she slowly stroked my cock while kissing me deeply again. My hand slipped from her breast down her stomach and as I neared her pussy she said, "we need to stop here." I was now confused and frustrated. One hand reached behind my ass and caressed it slowly while the other guided my cock to her mouth. She swirled her tongue around the head, licked the shaft from the head to my balls then took me deep into her mouth until her lips brushed against my pubic hair. After she sucked the last bit of cum from my cock and licked the head clean, she laid back on the bed, relaxing with her hands behind her head.

Julie's Tale Pt. 01

group JulieRichUK 2018-03-28

They did not tweak my right toes, but neither did they run the hand up the outside of my leg, fingers gently raked up the top of them starting at the foot, legs tensed as my knee was past, slowly up my thigh, over the elastic waist band of my thong dragging over the fabric of my clincher; pausing momently when back on to my skin below my right breast, brain is whirling, focusing on the feeling, four thick rough fingers on me, slowly I give a little giggle of my torso. I imagine him closing his mouth over it, hot breath on me his tongue swirling around the hard rose bud sucking and gently nipping with his teeth, so damn horny pushing my ass down on the bed and thrusting my chest upward biting my lip and turning my head away to the right, he then moves off my breast and up my arm.

The Club

group NineEnigma 2018-03-28

Loud enough for the room to hear Stephanie says, "I want your cock in my slut pussy." Her hips moving slightly Lindsay takes Will's cock and rubs it across her hot wet pussy. Lindsay sits on my lap wrapping her arms around me; her ass pressing my hard cock through my jeans, "you know she is your slut too." She says I look over at my wife her ass in the air her face covered in cum and cum dripping down her leg and in her bush. Lindsay noticing my hard cock and no one to take care of it says, "slut don't forget about Sam. You're his slut too you know." Stephanie rolls her head and looks at me waiting for me to come over at add to the cum.



group livinfree 2018-03-28

While our relationship at work had gone back to normal, and we never brought up the kiss, I couldn't help but remember how soft her lips were and how good she smelled, and wondering how her tits would feel in my hands, in my mouth... The act of kissing Morgan with my husband not only watching, but sitting right next to me was a total turn on. Her fingers traced my pussy lips, feeling the way Nick's cock pounded in and out, coming to a stop at my clit. Nick released his hold on Morgan, only to grab both of my tits in his hands, pinching my nipples to the point of pain, tugging on them in time with his penetration.

Filming Porno for my Birthday

group 1mbibry 2018-03-28

The box contained a beautiful pair of thigh-high black patent leather lace-up boots with stiletto heels, bright red stockings and a matching garter belt, a gorgeous red-leather cup-less corset and a note saying that the driver would give me the rest of my outfit when he arrived. Willy didn't take long to get naked and join me on the bed and since I'd already had his beautiful cock in my mouth I offered up my sopping wet pussy as I reached out and grabbed Bryan's huge cock pulling him towards me as I lay on the bed.

Great Loop Ch. 14

group Creekman 2018-03-28

I would need a few days to get everything organized on the boat and I wanted to take it for a test run before entering the Illinois River and continuing my trip. BJ would have to arrange for the day off which would be difficult because she was in the middle of tax season, but Jill was getting ready to leave the club for the summer so that wouldn't pose a problem. The next two days were hectic as we finished getting the boat ready, Jill took care of some last minute things and chased down the status of her Physical Therapy license. Jill and I took long hot showers together, sometimes very early in the morning or late in the night so that we wouldn't disturb others with our love making.


Fun With J&J

group SxxyLyssa 2018-03-28

"Eat that little slut." Jenel whispered, picking up a smooth white dildo and sliding it up and down her wet pussy, teasing it against her clit, watching as Jerimy began tongue fucking the girl. She stuck out her wet little tongue and slapped his cock against it a couple times, smiling, then wrapped her lips around it and sucked him in hungrily, surprising Jenel when she took it him all the way in, because Jerimy had a good eight inch dick, and thick to boot. There was a pause, and not surprisingly, the girl stuck her face between Jenel's thighs and expertly began licking her cunt, sucking her clit into her mouth and in return Jerimy began banging into her slut pussy.

Thanksgiving in Sacramento

group Invisiman 2018-03-28

Finally, after three days at the hotel, and many injuries to my pride for my shyness, I saw two girls on the dance floor on that Saturday night. Usually when a girl has breasts like these, they almost face the floor. I'm not a breast man though, so I began undoing girl number 1's pants. I thought I was going to cum right there, but I got girl number 1's pants off and concentrated on her pussy. After a couple of minutes of that, girl number 1 began licking my cock. With one girl working on my cock with her mouth and the other girl squealing as I ate her out, it was getting hard for me to contain myself.

Our Night with Bob

group Jenny6969 2018-03-28

Beth's eyes grew and grew as Louise and Nancy talked about Bob and his big cock! Beth watched Bob as he tried to look somewhere else, but she told him, "And you Mr. Big Cock! When Beth saw Bob's big cock sticking out from his body like a small baseball bat, she took a deep breath. She told the girls not to stop, so they continued until Bob's big cock was completely hard. As both girls continued to suck on Bob's cock and play with each other, Beth got wetter and wetter between her legs. Louise looked at Beth and then she went back to stroking Bob's long hard shaft and putting the head back into her mouth.


Ride, Ride, Ride!

group magmaman 2018-03-28

Sue pushed my hands away, I looked at her and both of her breasts were out of her blouse, now undone all the way. I felt my pants give as Sara tripped first one button, then another, Sue was holding my hand by the wrist. Sue's hand squeezed gently on my testicles and I could not stop, I erupted into Sara's mouth. The door on Sue's side opened and she got out, coming around to climb back in on the passenger side front seat. Then I looked in at Janet, she lay back on the front seat, she was naked, her legs open to me.


4-4-3 Girls at a Bar

group CopperSkink 2018-03-28

Rather than move to a university far, far away after a summer of quiet contemplation like she'd planned, she has to find a place to stay here in town to work, maybe even go to Laurel U because it's the only school she'll be able to get into without the time, roof, and peace of mind to apply for scholarships and stuff. Even when I'd mention Sadie or Salamandy in passing while talking to her about the goings-on of me and my boys, Becky would get that look in her eye. But when they both opened the door for us the first time we showed up on their doorstep, Becky looked like she wanted to take Leo right to bed.


Miss Kitty Vixxen's Threesome Daydream

group Kitty_Vixxen 2018-03-28

I'm in pure heaven and her soft moans spur me on to turn them into cries and gasps of pleasure, of nails digging into my back and breathless demands "don't stop, don't stop" mm pushes me towards sliding my fingers into that little pussy and finding that rippled g*spot, that delicious little spongy spot that I will tickle... My breath catches and I cry out as I feel your dick slide into my very wet pussy and hit the exact spot I am tickling on Nadia and you slip your finger in my ass. She almost immediately starts coming; I feel her muscles clenching down on my fingers and she digs her fingers into the back on my head, holding my face on her clit.

The Hike

group JeannO 2018-03-28

He brushes my hands away, pulls my shirt off and tosses it in the water at his feet. It goes quiet then I hear him come up behind me and he slips the blindfold back over my eyes then pulls me to my feet. I hear cloth rustling and I know he's looking at me and rubbing his dick through his pants. That soft chuckle moving back as the hand pulls away and slaps my thigh lightly. I feel hands on my shoulders and look around to see Don getting down on top of the girl. I can feel Don's rhythm through both his hands on my shoulders and the woman's head moving slightly back and forth.