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Erotic Group Sex stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

Father-Son Date Mother-Daughter Pt. 01

group SteveWallace 2018-03-28

Sarah was a mechanical engineer, and worked designing the enclosures and frames to hold the heavy glass panes in place in specialty buildings, like Todd's skyscraper. "I'm not used to women who want to 'do' someone on a first date." I think my late wife and I had gone together for four months before we got truly sexual with each other; of course, that was a long time ago. Penny may be old fashion, but my feeling from knowing her a little is that she's in tune with modern times and is a sexually liberated woman. Penny was duly impressed with Todd's car, so he gave her a brief tour of his new toy, as Sarah and I continued to chat.


While John is Away Ch. 07

group P3Driver 2018-03-28

Lisa didn't register my question for a few seconds but then she looks up straight into my eyes and says, "I was hoping you would." We both started giggling like a couple of teenagers. Her tiny little fingers quickly find my other nipple and start working their magic, pinching and pulling, just the way I like. I can really feel my pussy getting wet and I start the slow decent toward a nice orgasm when Lisa suddenly stops, looks up and then kisses me fully on the mouth, shoving her tongue as deep into my mouth as she can. Just before I think she is ready to cum, I pinch one of her nipples hard and at the same time, push my thumb into her tight little bud.


A 3sum With My Bride

group varun 2018-03-28

Ganesh did not like it, did not allow it but the local goonda came with four to six of his men, and threatened the student. People said later on that he ran away or that it was the victory of the press but the truth was when his parents called him to stay with them, it was heaven for him. Ganesh's parents but came once in five years and that too stayed only for two week, out of which half would be travelling to their relatives. I had a Midas touch and items which were off shelf or unsalable or which the marketing research team said would be risky, used to turn into huge profit making things when it reach my hand.


A Little Cabin in the Woods Ch. 03

group VikingRyan 2018-03-28

Han got on her knees and started licking Kat's pussy, before sliding her hand up to rub her clit. Kat turned and looked, definitely not expecting that, and she smiled back at Hannah, moaning as the fake cock was thrust in and out of her tight pussy. He started to lick Kat's tight asshole again, while she fucked Han on the floor, before he slid his first big finger into her ass. The girls kissed each other, and he slid one of his big fingers into Hannah's pussy, and she moaned. Hannah writhed in pleasure as Kat's skilled tongue went to work on her tight little asshole. Kat smiled, and started to slide that fake cock into Hannah's ass.


Janet's Birthday Surprise

group jomomma141 2018-03-28

As Yvonne rested, Janet got between my legs and took my half hard cock between her lips. Janet got on the floor between my legs and on an outstroke, took my cock from Yvonne's pussy and put it into her own mouth. Janet loves feeling the jets of my hot cum hitting the walls of her pussy, and she orgasmed, squeezing the last of my cream from within my cock. Janet lubed the head and veined shaft of the fake cock and said, "I'm going to fuck you with it. Yvonne got up and said to Janet, "I want to fuck him now." Janet pulled out of my ass and I suddenly felt very empty.

Good sport

group gazonga 2018-03-28

Before Jake was done, Tommy had Pam's dress laid back Pam took her sweet time, her face as red as a Jake said, "Jerry, I'm going to give you a chance to Pam had plenty of time to finish cleaning the ash tray. rest were leaning towards her rear, looking at Jake's Jake reached out and took her left hand, drawing her to Benny said, "Jake bet Jerry that he could remove Pam looked right at me, stunned. Pam shot him a dirty look and said, "I'll do no such Jake said, "Pam, you don't tell me how to take my This shook Pam. Jake ordered the table taken away. Pam stomped over to the man on Jake's left and stood

Crossing Lines Chapter 2

group atomulatta 2018-03-28

Beth was on her elbows and knees urging me to fuck her harder so I wet my index finger in my mouth to get it ready for slipping into her ass. I slid the tip of my finger into her ass and could feel my hard cock inside her pussy. Beth’s grunting and verbal encouragement – okay, and my imagining Dr. Cargill’s hard cock doing the same to me – had me cumming in probably less than 5 minutes. Looking over Jamie’s shoulder, I saw Dr. Cargill lying on his bed, stroking his ample cock. Dr. Cargill’s luscious cock was deflating and he pushed me away as the sensations of me trying to lick up the rest of his cum were too much.

Ellen: The Partying Stepdaughter

group cptfritz 2018-03-28

I saw Mark roll onto his back on the other side of Ellen's naked body and hold his cock jutting straight up in the air. Watching the excited young man hammering his cock into his mother's body with long hard strokes, I promised myself I would take it slower when it was my turn, so she'd have all the orgasms she wanted. Ellen was moaning with excitement and pushing hard up against her son's penetrating cock, fondling his hard buttocks as he fucked her. When he finally rolled off his mother's body, I took my turn and thoroughly enjoyed a long slow fuck as I brought Ellen through two explosive orgasms.


group StackedAction 2018-03-28

I told her both me and my husband were having a VERY nice time and we were going to try and take advantage of every opportunity to have fun on our visit, all while looking the younger tattooed maid and smiling. I just kept thinking about her letting herself in our room with her key and coming up behind me as I was sucking Jack's cock and slipping her tongue in my pussy. As they turned to go back to their table, Nina said "Be right back Mom, I'm going to the ladies' room" and gave me a quick look as she headed past our table. I could no longer focus enough to eat Nina properly and squeezed her ass with one hand and rubbed her pussy while Jack drove me closer to orgasm.


Crystal Clear Ch. 08

group Romantic1 2018-03-28

I nodded to Nadia who had come to watch our friend; she reached down with her right hand and added her fingers to the erotic stimulation of Claire's pussy. Ellen and Claire got on each side of Nadia and started to massage her upper body, paying particular attention to her breasts until her nipples could pierce steel. Ellen and Claire ran their hands running over Nadia's body, taking turns to reach into the junction where my cock met pussy to diddle Nadia's engorged clitoris. Ellen moved to kiss and tongue Nadia's beautiful lips as Claire continued her frontal assault at the place we joined. Nadia whispered at a point where Ellen had moved back to her breasts, "Claire, please come and let me kiss your lips -- your mouth lips and your pussy lips.


Play Night

group wyomingbee 2018-03-28

The light was subdued through this hole, though, and as I put the quarters in and got our video going I could see why: someone's face was up against the hole with their eye looking into our booth watch Phil get fucked. I was surprised when Phil began to open the door and I pulled my mouth from my new stranger's cock. I wanted to get closer." I was stunned by this new level we had just reached and watched as Phil took the young man's cock into his mouth. With my mouth suctioning my second stranger and my left hand jacking his cock intensely, I reached between my legs to guide my new guy into my pussy.


Loving Ch. 2

group Matt 2018-03-28

Her room mate did not return at all that night but somewhere around 5:00am, having not slept a wink, Carol smiled at me and said, The idea of Carol and Patty fucking some guy was exciting... I couldn't think of anything to say and with Carol watching us, our lips met in a sweet tender long kiss where tongues were trying to shake hands in a very friendly way. As the kiss broke I realized I had both of my hands full of Patty's cute ass and I was pressing my hard cock into her. Carol walked up to us and kissed first Patty and then me on the cheek and she looked at me and said,

Nutcracker Sweet: Part 2 of 2

group Stormdog 2018-03-28

Troy laughed outright, albeit somewhat breathlessly, and Rick totally ignored my command, instead thrusting his thumb all the way in, his fingers locked around my balls with the middle two against the base of my cock and his thumb up my ass so that he was gripping me like a bowling ball. Mikki’s tight pussy squeezing my cock, all hot and slick and velvety, coupled with Rick’s fingers on my cock and balls and his thumb suddenly prodding my prostate created a cornucopia of sensations I couldn’t manage, and I came like a fucking freight train.

A Chance Encounter

group Hippy Gipsy 2018-03-28

"Oh god, fuck me harder Tom, fuck my ass!!" Josh groaned, he was so close to cumming, and Julie knew it. Their hard nipples brushed up against each other, and Josh let out a moan of pleasure as his cock thrust in and out of her waiting pussy. Josh loved feeling his lover's cock through the thin wall of Julie's pussy, and he was very close to cumming again himself. Josh's hands were on her hips; pushing her into his cock, and Tom's hands were on her ass and pussy making her orgasm that much better. "Oh my god, that was amazing," Julie moaned, "That was the best orgasm I've ever had," She fell into a deep sleep, with Josh and Tom's cum still warm inside her.

A Fantasy Fulfilled

group kelkel79 2018-03-28

Michael coughs and utters quickly, " Oh yea, well, We are the heads of the neighborhood watch and just wanted to let you know there will be a meeting this Sunday evening at my house. When David forced his tongue into her tight cunt, Sara grunts and began to deep throat Michael over and over. Michaels hand tangles into her hair and holds her head steady as he begins to fuck her more than willing mouth. With David tongue fucking her cunt and Michael slowly working his cock in and out of her mouth, Sara grabs her massive tits and pinches her nipples. Suddenly, David scoots out from under her and wraps his strong hand in her hair as Michael pulls out of her mouth.

Brittany, Arcade, and three horny nerds

group 2018-03-28

I came running down the stairs horny as fuck at the thoughts that might run through the guys head when Alex grabbed me from behind by the arm and threw me to my open living room floor. I let go of Phillip and start double fisting Alex's huge cock and dive straight in. Phillip and Dan grab my top by the collar and rip it off exposing my huge 34E bra encased tits. Alex laughing as he beats my face with his huge cock as I blow Dan calling me a bitch, slut, busty fuck slut. Alex's monster sliding up my even tighter ass with ease with Dan fucking my pussy.

The Trip Ch. 08

group Jake68 2018-03-28

"Come here, Barry, I want to suck your cock," she ordered, her hands holding Jamie's head firm against her aching pussy. Tammy moaned as she grabbed Barry hard cock, rubbing the thick head over her face. "You have to have some of his cock, sis," Tammy said to Jamie, "I can't wait to feel him inside me." Barry looked a the two young women, both wet with sweat and cum, their hands caressing each other's beautiful bodies. "Ooohhhh shit, Tammy, it is thick!" Jamie cried as Barry grabbed her ass, pulling her back, hard against his thrusting hips. "Ooohhh shit, fuck me hard, Barry, fuck my cunt," Jamie groaned, her face buried between Tammy's thighs.


The Threesome Chronicles Ch. 06: Mary Evans

group SarabethW 2018-03-28

Micah's dick popped up as soon as he recognized the video, and Walt's cock wasn't far behind. The ejaculate across my back and buttocks mixed with the profuse sweat and heat given off by all who were fucking, and began to run down the crack in my ass, mixing with my pussy cream, which served as the lubricant up my butthole, and Walt's copious pre-cum, which, thank God, provided the extra lubricant needed to make his assfucking me possible. Micah told me later that he and Walt had to hold me to the floor so I wouldn't hurt myself as my orgasms passed through me, wave upon fucking wave.

Menage A Trois

group Askew Money 2018-03-28

Obediently, you smile, turn and come across to where I’m sitting – the music beats out as you dance in front of me; you lift and flap your skirt teasingly and caress your body suggestively with your hands as you move, pulling your hair upwards at the back, our eyes locked together. Excitedly, Keith gestures for me to hold your ass-cheeks open – I pull them gently but firmly apart to expose you completely as he positions himself closer in and pushes his cock against the tight muscle of your asshole as if demanding entry; the engorged head of his cock presses slowly at first, just an inch, but then deeper.

Keeping It Legal Ch. 04

group AnAmericanDarling 2018-03-28

I was wearing the tightest, shortest, glittering, most low-cut dress I owned and to my right was my handsome boyfriend Jim, and to my left was my very gentlemanly, but very sexy neighbor, Ernie. By this time the food had been brought to our table and we had been eating now and then, but what I noticed most of all is that, while Jim was already very close to me, Ernie was starting to move close to me as well. Jim gave his quick okay on the question, and Ernie held my face and then kissed on my lips. Ernie tilted my head towards him, and like Jim, he beat off onto my face, depositing his wonderful, hot load onto me.

Alicia & Shelly Get Caught

group simaddict 2018-03-28

Melissa stood with her mouth open in surprise at the sight of me kneeling in front of Shelly, her naked, shaved pussy inches from my face as I pulled her panties down her legs. "It's okay, we just decided that the dress would look much better without panty lines," Shelly explained. "Melissa, do you think Dad would mind if we drank some of his stash in the kitchen?" Shelly asked. "Melissa, this is Rose Marie and Brea; this is my big sister, Melissa, girls," Shelly said. During the nude scenes I noticed Rosie squeezing Samantha's breasts I'm sure Melissa saw it too because she would look around from time to time and would raise up enough to take a sip of her drink.


Threesome Club Ch. 01

group clairem90 2018-03-28

She took her hand and rubbed her pussy a little bit before showing me her glistening fingertips that she then licked "Oh, I think I have a pretty good idea." Even though Jane had just given me a powerfully draining orgasm, I was ready to fuck her again, but I decided we should wait, we shouldn't exhaust ourselves before getting to Ashley. Over the course of the night there were little outbursts of sex, with me wanting to feel my cock inside Ashley's pussy one more time tonight and then Jane fingering herself as Ashley watched and followed along, then I joined in by jerking off for both of them, finally cumming on Ashley's face, which Jane licked up like a pro.


Online Couple

group muffin420 2018-03-28

Steve's hand moved up my thigh and my cock started to react. I felt Kara's tongue massaging my neck as Steve reached his intended target. Steve lifted my sac up and started licking my taint and down to my ass hole. Kara was balls deep swallowing my junk as her husband pleasured my little virgin hole. His fingers still worked my ass while Kara started to kiss my balls. Her mouth molests mine, pushing her tongue in and out, the taste of my ass and cock on her lips. I can feel Steve's balls slap against mine as he fucks her ass hole. I blasted hot semen all over his ass hole, and then Kara and I took turns licking it up.

Art Lessons

group VimBrioni 2018-03-28

Gabrielle then began kissing and sucking Maria's right breast, while her hands moved further down her body, while John and Maria engaged in a deep French kiss. Maria began to tremble, a monster orgasm the likes of which she had not experienced before welling up inside of her, as John's cock moved like a piston in and out of her mouth and Gabrielle ate her pussy. She paused in her licking, looked back at John seductively, and said, "Put that cock in my ass," and then recommenced tongue-fucking Maria's hot wet pussy. John, grasping her hips, fucked her ass harder and harder, Gabrielle moaning, reaching between her legs to rub her pussy while Maria watched, transfixed.