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Erotic Group Sex stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

Meeting The Neighbors

group amandablaze 2018-03-28

"We met in college," said Shane, turning towards his wife. Shane stood up and moved behind his wife, removing her top and watching as Vale slowly fucked my pussy with her tongue. Vale's tongue moved faster, flicking and teasing my clit as she stared at me between my legs, a triumphant look in her eyes as my legs began to shake. Shane seemed to be holding back from touching me but I grabbed his cock and stroked it a couple of times, feeling his pre-cum on my hand. "Yeah, slap that ass," growled Shane as she continued to work his cock in and out of her mouth. "One more, baby," said Shane, his face flushed from trying to hold back as she sucked him off.

My Wife Ch. 3

group Jon Ridge 2018-03-28

I try to pull away, because I¹m able now because her hands have gone to my ass, but as my head moves back her¹s comes forward, successfully keeping her as yet unfulfilled tongue entrenched in my mouth, prolonging the kiss; there¹s no escaping. But, with how I can¹t just lay still, like a board, like someone who doesn¹t realize how lucky she is to be this multi-orgasmic, and just lays there waiting for something, that isn¹t going to happen no matter how hard one or two people try to give her that powerful, warm, giddy explosion that erupts inside and continues to erupt (in me, I¹m saying) a good three minutes.


Slut Lessons Ch. 02

group AhMyGoddess 2018-03-28

She peeped over the edge of her cup at Tom's crotch, wondering how big his cock was, what it looked like, how it would feel deep inside of her. He rubbed the head of his cock up and down her slit, each time it touched her little clit Renee would moan and her body would buck and jerk. She screamed and flailed her arms, grabbing at the blankets beneath her naked body, hitting at the Big Guy, tearing her fingers through her hair, grabbing at her pussy to have her hands batted away. The Big Guy was talking, telling her what a hot tight cunt she had, how fucking great she felt around his cock, how he was going to fuck her brains out.

A Journal of Truth Ch. 07

group Dlicious_49 2018-03-28

Rolling over on my back to catch my breath, I saw that Tori was on her knees sucking her guy's cock, while stoking another dude who had joined them at some point. Motioning to one of the guys to come over, when he got close enough, I reached and unzipped his pants, pulling his semi-flaccid dick into my mouth while I stayed on my knees. Wiping cum from my mouth and chin, I looked over at Tori who was being fucked by two guys, one in her pussy as she rode him, the other one in her ass from behind. Young'un finished milking his dick into my soaking wet beaver, and when he was done, I turned towards Tori who was finishing off the black dude I had just fucked, her mouth stretched with his thickness.

Anniversary Fantasy

group sexy_mama_09 2018-03-28

Later in the afternoon, Pete noticed Sherry was talking to a few naked girls down by the water. After showers at the hotel and dinner at a beach front restaurant, Sherry anounced she had a surprise for Pete. It wasn't long before Pete's cock exploded inside Jasmine and Jeannie was cumming on his face. After a late dinner, Sherry and Pete went to a night club on the beach. Sherry and Pete got naked and opened the bar. Sherry took to the view while Pete slipped his tongue into her. Master (the limo driver) took a paddle from behind his back and smacked Pete's ass. While Pete drained Master's cock, Sherry slipped the fake dick between his ass cheeks.

One for the Road Ch. 03

group jeffee27 2018-03-28

You were gone so long." She said as she winked at me, "Do you want to read the paper? "OK then," she said as she placed the cup on the table, "now that you've got my pussy juices flowing let me tell you about the two German backpackers last night. I realised that although my balls had been sucked dry, I actually craved a good hard fuck. It took some effort but she was soon getting fucked by two cocks. That guy then started taking the photos. "Oh, and that last photo was taken by the maid," she continued to tell me, "After the guys left I called room service and told them there was a mess to clean up.

Foursome To Be? New Years Eve

group jimstory 2018-03-28

I've tried to remember as much as possible about our foursome with Wade and Jo on New Year's Eve. When I got to my office on Monday I closed the door and immediately went to my computer and started typing notes. Wade had started the year with slightly hugging Marti whenever we got together. Marti smiled and said, "It's good to see you" as she looked directly into Wade's eyes Wade kept his right hand on Marti's mouth as he slowly moved closer to us. Wade then suddenly moved in front of Marti, bent down, and immediately sucked one nipple into his mouth! Wade got on his knees and started to pull Marti's skirt down!


Amber Loses Control

group messy-n-nasty 2018-03-28

Amber didn't know what to reply, her mind's eye was replaying Maya's confident and shameless nude walk to the changing room, hips and ass swaying to each step, when she felt two strong arms reach around her from behind, wrapping just beneath her chest. Moaning into the kiss, Amber returned it, mouth opening slow against Maya's as she felt the model reach behind her head, pulling her fingers through Amber's hair and clenching tight a handful so she could force herself stronger against the other woman. Yet again, all thoughts about her friend were momentarily wiped out of her mind as Maya ground her thigh against Amber's crotch, mashing the fabric of her skirt against her cotton undergarments and forcing another groan from the woman.


Mirror Vision; Wife Spit-roasted After Vision

group goldenpalomino 2018-03-28

Thinking back to the images in the mirrors at Stratford wherein another man’s hands clutched Jennifer’s white ass cheeks as his cock spurted come inside her, and another man’s purple cock was engorged, plunging and throbbing in my wife’s wet pussy, I become wildly aroused, even though it is sullen Steve’s cock that may take the place of my own in that vision. Jennifer moans and trembles as Steve grips her small frame, one hand clenching a bright white ass cheek and the other throttling her neck, and wildly plunges his cock in Jennifer’s pussy. With Amy tightly and firmly gripping Jennifer’s neck, perhaps a little too tightly, I clench my wife’s bright white ass cheeks and repeatedly slide my wet cock in her come-filled pussy.

Caribbean Blue

group 2018-03-28

"He went in the dune with Lynn while Dave watched and watch Lynn getting fucked by a black man, turned on "Joe's going to fuck her for me," said Winston. Kate saw Dave and Lynn and looked suddenly embarrassed. nothing at all but just watch Winston fuck Lynn on Day drinks before Dave went over and lifted Lynn's dress climbed up Lynn to stick my cock in her mouth while "I'm going to love watching you fuck her Dave," I said. Kate cum and she grabbed Dave's buttocks as she climbed went over and stuck his cock in Lynn's mouth while she "Cool man," said Winston and he pulled his shorts on black guy visited our dune one day and Kate got to suck

caught by a group of lads . . . P1

group 2018-03-28

he fucked me hard, we were both very turned on and as we began to get into it I noticed a group of youngish lads (some black, some white) at the house next to that which lies directly opposite. They began cheering almost, they were quite chavvy I must admit, but I liked it, my man hadn't noticed, I pulled my top down for them too see my pert little tits and then one took his cock out, it was BIG! And as he did so and I felt myself getting wet, there I was surrounded by a group of young lads, all of them had seen me get fucked already, they all had me on their phones, I knew they had wanked over me, and I loved it!

Erotic Massage Ch. 05

group hema_willams 2018-03-28

Arun caught my hair and pushed his lund deep inside my mouth while my husband rubbed his lund over my nose and ears. So watch me!” Arun fucked me hard and signaled my husband to give his small lund in my mouth. After we all came, Arun asked my husband to clean my choot of his come. Exhausted we slept and then I woke up both the men, with sucking their pricks and then they both fucked me together with Arun in my ass and husband in my choot. This was real dirty, an insult to my husband but I kept sucking and he came in my mouth and all this time the sethji was moaning and enjoying it.


Summer Heat Ch. 02: Rob Finds Out

group JazzdBoutU2 2018-03-28

Heather and Jeanie had spoken a few times, laid out some plans, but couldn't quite get the timing right to seduce Rob. Each time they attempted to get him alone, something would come up, or someone would drop by their house. I continued eating, licking, and sucking her sweet pussy as she told me how she was able to seduce Jeanie's man. She kissed his cum soaked lips and said, 'Fuck her, Rob. Let her know what a real man feels like in a cunt.'" I simply said, 'Fuck me, Rob. Put that big fuckin cock in my cunt and fuck me!' Jeanie swallowed his cock, getting him good and wet, while he went back to work spreading his saliva all over my already drenched cunt.


Other Fantasies Come True

group mikoli5763 2018-03-28

After Sandy, my big, beautiful wife, and I returned from our adventurous weekend in Nashville; our lives got back to a semi-regular basis. "Well, since I know the answer to the first question, I'll get to the next one." Sandy explained to me getting that excited sparkle in her gorgeous, green eyes. Sandy asked if I wanted our mixed fantasy to come true so I told her yes. "Do you know what my surprise is now, my love?" Sandy gushed at me as she swiveled her hips so I could see whatever she had on under her gown from many different angles. I knew Sandy was completely aroused when she started kissing me back hard and pressing her breast against my fingers.


Lot Lizards

group Autarchic4Ever 2018-03-28

He slid out of me and pulled off the condom, then pushed his fat cock into my mouth and began to stroke rapidly. I could feel myself getting juicier by the moment and I was going to need a lot of lubricant to get his cock inside me. Bryon stood beside the bed and pulled her over enough so that she could suck his cock while Abner fucked her. Jenny whimpered something around the cock in her mouth, but I wasn't sure if it was encouragement or a protest. The guys weren't going to leave me out of the mix so I was told to climb up and straddle Abner's head so he could lick my pussy while they double teamed Jenny.


Joan Ch. 01

group Mikro 2018-03-28

Still no one made a grab, she reached either side and taking one of Jamie's and one of Matt's hands, put them on her tits, looking Craig in the eyes smiling, she moved there hands in circles and when she let them go they stayed there. Matt went upstairs and poked his head round the door, Jo had put on a thin white negligee and was standing in front of the bedside light, the look on his face as he saw everything, was wonderful, I don't think he had seen a naked girl in his life and definitely never a real woman.


Debbie Gone Wild Ch. 03

group DeftProseForYou 2018-03-28

That semi-hard black cock, coated with your pussy juice and the commingled come of about 10 guys - is now nudging at your lips. A couple of guys come over and start fondling your dangling swaying tits, saying encouraging things to you like "you can do it" and "suck that cock" even "ride that monster dick" You are rocking back and forth now, harder and harder - really getting into it. You try to imagine what it looks like, and you miss the warning signs - the cock in your mouth erupts right at the top of your throat - his orgasm makes him shove it all the way in.

Lights, Camera, and Lots of Action

group WayneGibbous 2018-03-28

We did most of the things we normally did, I gave Jill oral, she sucked me in her very nice way, started with missionary-style, reversed to girl-riding cowboy frontwards, then backwards, ending with doggie-style. After it started, Darlene said, "Wow, you guys really are hot in this," and I look over and she was rubbing Rick's pants as Rick tugged down his zipper and brought out his cock for her to play with. As I taped them, they were soon on the floor, one over the other, eating each other out, as Rick and I watched and played with our cocks and the girls gave each other orgasms. I took Jill on the sofa and Rick and Darlene ended up on the floor doing it doggie-style as they watched our video.

Swinging Lifestyle Initiation Ch. 02

group Sweetcheekss 2018-03-28

Rick was all excited about meeting Mike and Sheila socially and finding out more about the swinging lifestyle and their experiences. I think Rick and I felt comfortable with Mike and Sheila. I didn’t think about Rick and Sheila sitting right across from us, where they could see what was going on. I thought “oh-oh, what was Mike’s reaction going to be.” Mike just smiled and leaned in for another long and passionate kiss. I’m not big breasted like Sheila, just a 34B, but Mike didn’t act like he minded my small size. Mike smiled at me, maybe seeing if I was going to react to seeing Rick with Sheila.

A Surprise Roadtrip Stop

group KCTallMan 2018-03-28

Just knowing that it would make her squirm, I moved my hand up and cupped Carrie's breast while looking over her shoulder to see what they were reading. Tina – certainly not a shy one – moved a step closer and put her hand over Carrie's and then slid off to give my cock a slow stroke through the front of my shorts. Carrie's hand left my cock and she lifted her hands to encircle Tina's neck and pulled her forward the last couple of inches until their lips met in a soft kiss. "God, oh God, I'm going to cum all over both of you." My words must have set off both girls because as soon as I said that, they started to writhe, Carrie against my cock and Tina against Carrie's mouth.


Sisters, Friends, and Lovers Ch. 24

group SteveWallace 2018-03-28

At that point in the video, Sheila was in a small airtight gangbang with three men with large cocks who were turning her every way but loose by rotating round her body, taking turns in each of her holes. Jane sat in one of the large family room chairs with one of the younger men frantically pumping his cock into her quim; they were both talking dirty to each other despite the similar words coming from the TV. Sheila kissed Chip, and I left the two of them so they could start fucking beside Ivy and Lyle. Later, I slowly collected the girls, we dressed, and headed home about one a.m. Fran and Ally rode with René, and I had Sheila, Jane, and Ivy with me in the car.


Daring Birthday Pt. 02

group Winterscumming 2018-03-28

I, however, was enjoying it all: the sounds in the room, knowing that Jazmine was watching us, the feeling and taste of Anitra as she fucked me, the absolutely hot scene of Marc sliding in and out of my best friend's pussy... Anitra moaned; her body tensing as her pussy clenched around my fingers and her wetness splashed all over me just as I felt Marc enter my ass for the first time... I bit Anitra's thigh and she moaned, "Fuck her Marc she wants me to watch." I needed to cum because Marc's dick in my ass felt glorious; the only thing that would have been better was to also have a second thick throbbing cock in my pussy.

The Partnership Ch. 02

group teller72 2018-03-28

My cock was almost aching with lust the whole time, imaging Sookie and what she'd be like to ass fuck whilst Paul pounded her cunt. She gave a seductive smile, "I was just going to have a little swim to loosen myself up, make myself nice and supple, and wet as well, very wet." She turned from us and began to walk towards the exit to the pool, her ass wiggling like she was trying to entrance us with it; I'm not saying she wasn't succeeding as my schlong was like iron under my pants. He laid the palm of the other on the back of Sookie's head and pressed the short-haired blonde further onto my dick, "Suck Mike's cock good," he instructed, "Give him a deep one."


Howl at the Moon

group GoddessKaren 2018-03-28

It was hard to get much movement as I sucked him because of the awkward position of my head and so Dan began to fuck my mouth while my tongue swirled around his thrusting cock. Kevin did not have the largest cock I had ever felt, but he had this way of rolling his hips as he thrust that soon had me teetering on the brink of an orgasm. I moaned as Dan slipped his cock from my mouth and Kevin began to pound into me like a jackhammer. I have no idea where Kevin slept or where he was the next morning when Marc finally fucked me as I sucked Dan's hard cock.