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Erotic Group Sex stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

MILFY, Chocolate and Friends

group Silfy69 2018-03-28

They'd experimented a lot and though Chocolate (her lover's pseudonym - his real name was Daniel) was a little trepidatious at times, particularly when she'd suggested wearing a strap on and fucking HIS arse for a change, they had both at least tried everything that the other had suggested (or more accurately for Jilly, she had just allowed her muscular lover to manhandle her into impossible positions or had done her best to take as much of his cock in her mouth as was humanly possible.) The first few lines showed that this was a message from his MILF lover, a woman who loved to fuck and who had a bottomless pit of filth in her mind when it came to getting more black cock.


More Fun with Frank & Bill Ch. 02

group Annatartywife 2018-03-28

"Oh no," Ron replied."You got me good and hard pet, and don't worry I emptied a load thinking of you,and I must say you're a delight in the flesh too," he added with a wry smile. "Oh fuck yes," I said as Frank had begun slowly teasing my tits, now slipped out of the top of my maids outfit. He gave me his cock to lick and suck and I greedily gobbled on it, taking the length of it into my mouth and letting it slip fully in and out in a fucking motion. "Oh fuck me Frank," I urged him on, at the same time being fed Ron's massive cock into my face.


Paying Rent with Her Ass

group numbsain 2018-03-28

Finally she broke and said, "And I'll let you fuck my face any time, day or night; and I'll give you a blowjob first thing in the morning to wake you up; and I'll be like your sex slave, so if we go out, I'll be naked under my coat, and no matter where we are, if you say, 'take off the coat,' I'll do it; and if you invite a friend over you can just say, 'Christine, suck this guys dick,' and I'll have to do it; and if I'm bad you can tie me up or spank me over your knee; and you can cum right in my mouth and I'll swallow every drop of it; and all you're friends can cum in my mouth too; and I'll do your laundry for you and..."


Mom and Daughter Shared Ch. 01

group Biglupe69 2018-03-28

As I walked towards the bedroom I seen my mom on the bed laying on her back her legs spread wide and high in the air as Brad was fucking her like a wild man. Mom raised up and slid off the bed onto her knees as Brad turned sideways to me. The clubs DJ had started the music off and Kevin and mom slipped out onto the dance floor, Paul asked if I would like to dance so we joined them. All I could see of Kevin was his ass, mom was on her knees grabbing his ass pulling his cock deep down her throat. Paul raised me up, sat me on the bed, spread my legs and stuck his tongue deep inside my pussy.

Roomies Ch. 05

group GentleJake 2018-03-27

The morning it all went down, Angie and I awoke together in my room, our naked bodies pressed together, the same way we'd fallen asleep the night before after a long, delicious lovemaking session. After a long moment, pleasure surging out of every part of me, I gave in completely, releasing my breath in a long squeal that only vaguely resembled the word "yes." I felt soft lips against mine, and I melted into Angie's kiss as my body slowly recovered. Ryan, for his part, didn't miss a beat, snaking his arms around Angie's slender waist, his hands caressing the taut skin of her firm tummy. We lay him on his back, our four hands caressing his naked male body, each of us taking her turn at stroking his long, still rock-hard dick.


Gail Hodges

group Ed0613 2018-03-27

walrus sitting on my face, but Gail said, "She is small like me, a little skinny but very pretty in a mousy sort of way. Gail pushed my head around so I got the idea that she wanted me to kiss Gloria's tits. I knew enough about what I was doing that I didn't need written instructions, but I think Gail enjoyed being the implement of Gloria's seduction. By the moonlight from the window I could see Gail smiling as she pulled my head up and kissed me, full on the mouth without regard for the wetness left by Gloria.

How to Stop Smoking Ch. 07

group Jim McKay 2018-03-27

Lois moved over and, taking his cock in her mouth, began to suck it. A minute or two later, she was ready to fuck and John's cock hadn't gone down on bit. John moved in and placed his cock inside the entrance to her pussy. She began to lick Lois's clit and the top of John's cock as he stroked in and out. When it began to seep out of Lois's cunt, Jody lay down so she could catch every drop, licking John's balls in the process. Ann moved down to her tits and began to suck first one nipple and the other as she massaged each breast in turn. Ann moved into position, took my cock into her mouth and proceeded to suck me.

Andrea vs the Monster Cock

group Andis_dan 2018-03-27

She sucked my dick for most of the drive, and sunk her big black dildo into her soaking wet pussy, giving several truckers a show to remember. The dude almost bolted until he realized that Andrea was sticking her fingers in her pussy motioning him over. Andrea was busy sucking on my dick, with a finger buried in my ass. The dude started to really pump into her hard, and Andrea sucked my dick so hard I blew my load down her throat with a resounding moan. Andrea had pussy juice running down her thigh in streams, and she pushed her thick ass back harder against his dick. I kept staring at the entire scene, and the dude noticed me drooling over his dick.

A Ride To Remember

group Mistress Kalpana 2018-03-27

His friend leaned down and started sucking on him immediately and I watched in amazement, feeling myself getting moist, I felt the blonde moving his hand up my quivering thigh and felt his fingers as the entered under the hem of my skirt, shifting my panties to the side, expertly parting my lips and entering the moist heat. "Don't worry," the friend said, as he sat up, pulling his own hardened cock out, "Jim owed us a favor, he can only keep the ride stopped for a little bit though." Chad was sitting at the mirrored table with Tim. He glanced up when he saw me enter the room, "Hey sweetie," he said as he removed the gunk from his face, "did you have a fun day today?"

Fantasy Come True Ch. 1

group kimmy69 2018-03-27

I wanted to see him fuck Sarah, fuck her like she had never been fucked before, but first I wanted to taste her, I got between her legs and slowly tongued her wet cunt. Dave filled her sweet pussy with his jiz, as I came in Sarah’s mouth, I looked down and I could see her juices and his flowing down her legs. Once again Sarah got down on her knees, and proceeded to suck his cock again, and before he knew what was going on, his cock was hard a rock once again. He knew she was cumming when he felt her pussy muscles grab hold of his cock, so he began to ram into her faster and faster, till her whole body shakes with one big orgasm.

Dave and Karen

group Dayna Jo 2018-03-27

With the cock in her mouth, another filling her tight pussy, and several pairs of hands playing over her body, Karen began to feel an orgasm coming on. Dave then watched as this stranger began to ease the head of his cock into Karen's ass. Eventually, the man had buried his cock completely into Karen's ass and he began slowly fucking her. Dave's cock felt huge in her mouth as the first man began to play with her ass. He was then followed by two more of the men, each fucking her ass as Karen gently sucked and licked Dave's cock, which had once again grown hard. When the men had finished fucking Karen's ass, she was again turned, this time laying face down on Dave, facing him.

That Old House Ch. 02

group OVERLAND 2018-03-27

In a large department store called Armitage Gary soon discovered the lingerie department and soon persuaded Gerry to start choosing what she liked, stressing to her that he was only buying her sexy underwear for him, and him alone. "I'll show him our best evening dresses because that's the department they were going to next," smiled Gloria, taking Gary's hand, brushing her hand across his half hard cock as she did so. Gerry began to undress and Jill looked around at Gary, noticing that his bump seemed bigger. "Do you fancy little Jill then?" giggled Gerry, placing a hand on Gary's cock. Little did they know that Mandy had asked Jill how she was getting on and when she had described Gary's 'bump' she just laughed.


Poker Night

group Bettybod10 2018-03-27

The others watched as I engulfed Pat's shaft His average sized cock fit nicely in my mouth and I didn't choke when pushed my face to his balls. I looked up at Pat's grinning face and thanked him chasing his load with a swig of beer. The men stood up and I reached for Mike's thick cock and pulled him into my mouth. I alternated sucking Mike and Mark and felt Pat's mouth on my nipple. I let Mike's shrinking cock slip from my mouth and drained Mark's spurting load down my hungry throat. I sat up and Ben handed me a hot wet towel and I wiped the drying sperm from my face and dripping pussy. Again I rotated men with Pat deep in my ass and Ben fucking my pussy.

Marilyn's Adventures in School Ch. 04

group walterio 2018-03-27

Marilyn and Donna kissed and fondled each other as Chris prepared Marilyn's ass for his cock. Marilyn groaned and then shivered as her body felt tingles run through it when Donna moved her mouth to Marilyn's pussy. Donna had her mouth fastened on Marilyn's pussy as Chris drilled the inviting ass from behind. She felt her body positioned so that Chris could continue to fuck her in the ass while she ate Donna's pussy. Donna's tongue ran up and down in the crack of Marilyn's ass kissing and probing Marilyn's anus and pussy. When Donna sensed that Marilyn was close to another orgasm, she fastened her mouth on Marilyn's pussy and sucked the clit like she would a cock.


Sottomesso Resort Ch. 02

group Sottomesso_Slut 2018-03-27

We are going to start with you swallowing Master Rick's cock while I eat your pussy." stated Mistress Vivian. Master Rick stepped in between Candy's legs while Vivian climbed up on the table and lowered her slopping wet cunt to Candy's waiting mouth. Gin walked around the table getting close ups of his cock sliding in and out, then moved on to where Candy was finger fucking Vivian while sucking on her clit. Vivian sat on the table and Candy went right back to eating pussy while Rick fucked her from behind. Oh yes...yes..I'm coming..fuck me!" shouted Vivian as she pushed Candy's head farther into her exploding pussy. Gin was thrusting her hips and fake cock as hard as she could while pulling and rubbing Candy's clit.

Some Neighborly Help

group PRNY1 2018-03-27

I just want to watch you." And Amy leaned back on the table and looked down at Jennifer's lips. "Ok, Jen baby, I know I've only known you for an hour, but would you let me see what it looks like, when he fucks your mouth?" I looked over at Amy who was rubbing herself though her skirt, made three more hard thrusts into Jennifer's mouth, and started to erupt. "But to really understand how it felt, you need to feel something hard in your cunt." Jennifer reached down and slowly pushed a finger into Amy's pussy. "Not yet, first me." Jen said and she stood on the bed, straddled Amy's bound hands and sat on the edge of the head board.


The Joy of Joy Ch. 03

group LenNeal 2018-03-27

Joy kept a finger on her lips, thinking, shifting her eyes back and forth between the two men. Victor watched as Josh leaned in, looking very pissed off; he half expected the guy to walk away, but he didn't. Joy winked at Victor, managing it while Josh had his head turned for a brief moment. Her finger was pointing at Josh, and Victor could see the guy trying to figure out how the game would end. When the bottle had been smacked down to erupt on the bar, Joy turned to Victor and said, "Now. Where were we?" and for the next forty-five minutes they made small talk, waiting for Josh.

Dreams Ch. 06

group Romantic1 2018-03-27

Arrow, Alan, and I started in the living room and talked for a bit, sharing ideas before we did our house tour. I went back to the living room and collected Alan and Arrow so we could walk to each bedroom and study it to see what other ideas we could come up with. Arrow thought with a little ingenuity he could set the unit on the roof just outside the windows and get it to service two of the large bedrooms, a light moist mist subtly floating into both rooms.



group MasterSHANGO 2018-03-27

Daniela fell to her knees and went back and forth sucking each cock that got pushed at her face while her hands kept busy stroking the others. Joyce watched each man take turns holding her head with both hands and thrusting their erection down her friend’s mouth. Daniela bent forward to suck his cock while Aminu propped his foot onto the bed as he worked the head of his penis between her ass cheeks. He too climbed on the bed with his thighs spread on either side, his hands still gripped her waist as he leaned forward jerking his hips back and forth, filling her pussy with his cock. Each thrust Aminu gave shoved her forward till she had her face pressing against the other man’s thigh.

Joining Ali and Violet

group JamesSD 2018-03-27

"Well, it's been fun talking with you girls but I should find my friends." The truth was the party was packed with attractive women and while I found Ali and Violet amusing and cute enough, I had hopes of getting lucky that evening and two partnered women didn't seem to be the right place to look. "Ok, well I think we should start out with you watching Violet and I together, and then we'll tell you when to join in," Ali said. Violet extended her tongue, sliding the tip of it from the base of my shaft slowly up to the sensitive spot below the head without breaking eye contact with Ali for a moment.


The Birthday Party

group Miss Rule 2018-03-27

A heavy package containing a paddle; a riding crop; a couple of dildos one large, extra long -- a head at either end, from Kim; another with a couple of X-rated films, each with it’s own exotic theme, courtesy of Beth & Amy. I smile and blow you a kiss, while mouthing out a ‘happy birthday.’ Jane sits next to her as well, flashing you her much larger breasts and bushy vee, as she begins to finger herself. I am more than a bit surprised to see Jane leaning in for a taste of sweet syrup but judging by the expression on your face, you love the results as Kim squeals as her pleasure reaches it’s obvious conclusion.

Vivian's Decision

group mountaincat4 2018-03-27

I walked back to the kitchen and picked up the cup of freshly brewed coffee then returned to the master bedroom to get Josh up and begin the daily routine of getting ready for work. Well it's been said that the best way to get over a man is to get under another one but I want to be sure we're talking about the same thing here. I continued to pack my suitcases and told him I was going away for a week to think things over and I would let him know when I would return so we could decide where we go from here.


My Best Friend? Ch. 03

group nighttimestories 2018-03-27

I really knew that I was going to have a hard time staying focused on the meeting knowing that my wife was probably at home fucking who knows how many guys. I sat there knowing that my wife was in there having her part in fucking and sucking the guy who just went in. As this guy was in the room, I began to wonder how many of Jen and Beth's "shopping trips" were actually visits to this place. Suddenly the door to Jen and Beth's room opened and I quickly stood, turned and left the building. I then saw the front door of Beth's house open and Jen stepped out. Seth and I went to the kitchen and opened a beer when the front door opened and Jen walked in.


Brotherly Love

group WayneGibbous 2018-03-27

I think I got some pre-cum out of both of you and I couldn't tell any difference." Now you can show me if you eat pussy the same way, and she led Eric by his cock to our bed and lay down with her legs apart and knees up. "OH, Eric, mmm, OOH, OOH, oh, mm, mm, oh, wonderful, you make me feel so good, my pussy's so good, mmm," and I reached down and pulled him up over me, his hard cock now pushing between my legs, as I kissed his face over and over. "Do me doggie, hon, so I can suck Eric," and I knelt on my hands and knees as Adam's cock slid right into me and he began fucking me.