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Erotic Group Sex stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

Not So Boring Afternoon Ch. 04

group agpatch2 2018-03-27

I tried to lick it all up and hold it in my mouth, but by that time I had a pretty good feel for her flavor, anyway. There's a room filled with fully clothed people and one naked guy, blindfolded, on his knees, going around the room sucking each person's penis or vagina until he gets a mouthful of cum. After twelve loads of semen, I was starting to feel pretty full, but they made it clear that I was to swallow, so I just focused on the flavor and tried to be a good little cumslut. I was a dirty, pathetic, cocksucking, pussy-licking, cum-swallowing, piss-drinking, nasty, slutty, toilet-bowl whore.

Do You Trust Me?

group A_Jerotica6969 2018-03-27

In the note you told me I was to put on the blindfold that was in the car and sit back and enjoy the ride. When the car door opened, I heard you whisper "You DO trust me." You opened another door and as we walked through, you said there was a bed in the very center of the room. I didn't know if the mouths and the cocks belonged to the same two people, nor did I care. Another cock nudged at my lips so I opened my mouth and took it in. You pulled my head back by my hair, another cock slid in my mouth, two more back in my hands as you slid your fat cock in my ass.

Jenny Gang Bang

group alid2 2018-03-27

Aidan one of my mates said, "yeah looks like someone's had a party in it", she laughed it all off and I just added " I bet your husband doesn't know your in bedroom with 3 lads" as we walked out on to the stairs she replied by saying " he's too busy playing with his trains or looking at his porno". The highlight was yet to "come", as Vick and Russ the two west Indian lads started taking it in turns to fuck her vagina, Jenny moaned and groaned and the sight of their cocks stretching her cunt was amazing. Russ got behind her and pushed her fairly roughly forward, she seemed to like this and he said "come on Jenny you fuck slut we'll fuck you senseless".

Slippery When Wet

group SueNH 2018-03-27

I then start to snap my neck forwards and back, so that I am truly fucking your cock with my mouth (or are you fucking my face?) Each time I pull back to your head, I let my tongue slurp in a circle around the crown, and poke lightly into your pisshole. I use my fingers to spread my labia, so that when you are finally close enough, your cock slaps down gently into the wet, pink valley of my cunt. I have no idea how long my climax maintains itself, but you keep up the strumming of the tip of my clitoris until I finally let loose of my labia and push your cock away.


Sex On The Road

group LoveBeauregarde16 2018-03-27

Carla attempted to shift her chest away from Guy's hungry mouth, but the reverend was holding her arms tightly. By the time the fight was over between Carla and the reverend, Guy had climbed over the stick shift, positioned himself between her thighs and was in the process of unzipping his pants. He grabbed Carla's ass instead, and each time he rammed his dick in, he pulled her pussy tight to him...getting into her as deeply as he could. Carla worked the reverend's dick with her hands, rubbing it up and down while she screamed, "OH, OH, FUCK ME HARDER, FUCK MY PUSSY HARDER, THROW IT IN HARDER."


It Was in the Cards

group Eagle1 2018-03-27

Mmm, she was looking good enough to eat, and well, you know how a guy's mind wanders from thinking 'nice ass' to 'wonder what she'd be like in bed?' Well it isn't really a big leap. "Great," I said, "Look, I'm kinda throwing a little party and well, not anything too wild, just a few friends right...there's four of us altogether...but I was sort of you have a girl who's, well, who can maybe whip up some, well, some appetizers or know, maybe someone who can cook?" "Look, lady," I said, "I can handle the beer and the pretzels, I just thought, you know, maybe we could have a little fun with whipped cream or something.


Daughter's homecumming part 4 - especially no

group timbo101 2018-03-27

All three of us knew that we had already passed normal f****y boundaries, and as I felt my mothers hand and fingers constantly probe between my legs, rubbing up and down against my panties, pressing them against my soaking wet slit, my lust and desire just kept on rising, so by the time we had finished, I was almost desperate for cock, for a tongue, for fingers to fuck me - anything to bring me off and give me the orgasm my whole body was craving. "Something tells me our special little girl is going to become a woman tonight Kim, don't you think?" my father said throatily, obviously as aroused as I was with his fingers buried deep inside his own daughter's soaking wet cunt, being helped by his own wife to masturbate his daughter.

Carrie Discovers Passions

group SpaWriter 2018-03-27

"One last question Ma'am, would you like a resort that allows public intimate interaction with other vacationers or one that allows it in only the privacy of your room?" To Carrie's relief, Darjeel questions were very matter of fact with no judgment or surprise. She actually did know having read about them in the Penthouse article and online but the reality of being on the phone with a travel agent about to book one was a bit overwhelming and she needed some assurance. Carrie felt stupid and embarrassed for asking that question and changed the subject, "So you said people go to these resorts all the time - even annually?"


Stacy's First Swing Pt. 05

group Boondocker42 2018-03-27

When they had drunk all the juices the fingers had to give, Helen withdrew her hand and fastened it to the back of Stacy's head, pulling the girl still closer and locking their lips together. One of Helen's hands slid downward between their bodies to that cleft of pleasure and found Stacy's little clit. Helen felt the younger woman's probes and was about to return the favor when Betty slid in between Stacy's legs. As Helen's second orgasm rose in intensity and Jared continued to powerfully plumb her depths, Betty shifted her grip on the dildo she was fucking Stacy with. Her cunt convulsed so tightly on its intruder that the dildo slipped out of Betty's hand, lodged over twelve inches deep in Stacy's carnal depths.


The Marine Squad Gets Ernestine

group Coxswain 2018-03-27

But poor Ernestine lived a cold, lonely existence typing supply documents and forms, no doubt wishing she could be working with our squad's medical files, somehow getting close to our bodies, ogling the snapshots of our torsos, our wounds, our cocks in VD treatment, our hemorrhoids, anything to feel wanted. One evening the colonel left the building, but Ernestine stayed behind, no doubt working late on some project – poor thing, probably more reports on "stowage of firefighting equipment to conserve hangar space." I knew what she really wanted was to type up the results of the military medical study of the average weight of Devil-dog scrotums.


First time to be fucked by b*****r and fuck a wom

group ruomadniv 2018-03-27

David(his friend),we've got something good tonight!" So I can feel that my b*****r's trying to put his thick penis in my asshole ,but because it's virgin and I was justb14,so when he finally fit his cock inside me,I screamed out with scared,I don't know it would hurt like this. After a couple of minutes,she undressed herself and opened her legs widely and yelled to me," put your hard rock cock inside that hole!" As I slide into her vagina,my b*****r pushed me hardly to my mom,so both my mom and me get to the orgasm in quickly ,maybe it's my first experience so I asked to cum in a very short time.

Another Party Game

group yurato 2018-03-27

A few weeks ago, my wife Krista and I attended a party Moments later our wives entered the room and Krista "Susan and Bob want us to play a little musical chairs "Sounds like great fun!" I exclaimed "Krista honey, I my wife's tits feeling them up and pulling on her puffy wife's skirt and it looked like he was feeling her ass. wife so I let him fuck me just a little bit. When the music started Krista looked fantastic dancing I took my time removing the bra of the wife music stopped my wife took her place on her boss's lap that I could let them feel my tits and fuck me a little

First Visit to Nudist Beach

group nimue808 2018-03-27

I quickly dart my tongue across the opening of her pussy and she arcs her back, I look up with my eyes to see Tristan and Jason with their hard cocks in their hands, I didn't think it would take long, I get back to the gorgeous dripping pussy waiting for me to feast on, and tease her a couple more times, when she starts pleading I decided I have teased enough and with my hands spread her pussy lips apart and have my first taste of her dripping wet pussy, sweet and hot, I darted my tongue in and out of her, I inserted two of my fingers whilst I was licking her and flicked her clit with the tip of my tongue after a while of this I took her clit into my mouth and sucked on it hard.

The First Time

group randyteacher 2018-03-27

Then I could feel teeth grip just behind the head stopping me pulling back, the door creaked open and a black guy came in behind me. I then felt some hands behind me stroking my head I look over my shoulders and saw the guy I first saw as I was getting changed. Brian moved my legs apart moved between them and sucked my dick into his mouth and started to bob his head up and down. Brian stopped sucking me stood up licking his lips took my hand and put it on his cock then Anthony did the same. Then I saw Anthony's black cock brushing my lips, I could feel his hands hold me head still.

Team Trip: A Cheerleader Orgy

group LeoDavis 2018-03-27

The first time was in the back seat of my parent's car, and the second happened when I'd managed to talk myself into a girl's room and into her pussy near the end of freshman year. After a couple of minutes of sharing names and making small talk, Moose asked, "Anybody want something stronger?" With that he pulled two bottles of bourbon out of his bag. If everything worked out, Moose and Mike would fuck Vicki and Mary while the rest of us beat off. Moose gave us a prearranged hand signal, and the rest of us took turns dancing with Vicki while he alone danced with Mary.


My Amsterdam weekend

group OpenMouth 2018-03-27

You may have noticed that I'm paying much more attention to the girl than 'cock guy.' I don't feel attracted to men in any way, just totally mesmerised at the thought of taking a big tool into my hungry mouth. Lady says one word in Dutch and the cock is pushed into my mouth, much more harshly, touching the back of my throat. "Then suck me of, bitch..." I hear Cock Guy say, as he fucks his ten inches into my greedy mouth again. Lady is putting the whole seven inches of the dildo in and out of me while bathing me lungful after lungful of dense smoke from a fresh cigarette, Cock Guy is losing control, his breathing has changed noticeably.

A Walk Home...

group d4david 2018-03-27

I tried to get loose saying '...y'all done lost your minds you can't do me like this...' The third guy answered '...yeah we can and we gonna do it and you ain't gonna stop us...get the hoes arms up, get'em up...' His friends struggled with me to get my hands above my head and hold me still. The two of them came at the same time, the one in my mouth pulled my face to his crotch so I could not turn away and said harshly '...swallow bitch, swallow it all...' as the one in my bung emptied his testicles into my anus the combined seeds of all three dripped and slithered down my thighs.

My Wife's Dirty Little Secret

group Many Feathers 2018-03-27

To my surprise however, Carol urged me to do just that, saying when she did that she could then host their little book-club at our house on Sundays when I was off playing, which had been difficult for her group in scheduling to do as most of the other husbands (who weren't out golfing) really didn't want to have their day or domain disrupted by a bunch of noisy women. And not that I needed the extra time, but I had told Carol I'd planned on lunching with the guys at the club after we'd finished golfing for the day, so to expect me a little later than usual.


The state of my union :D

group boundlesbian 2018-03-27

Now here's where i got to say "nothing good ever starts with that sentence in a situation like this," and She tried to smile but didn't quite get there....She tells me that She's HIS submissive but not how i'm Hers...basically the way it works for her and men is that men are like sex toys to Her but they come to Her and when they do they have to be all manly and f***eful. i sat and tried to brace myself but before i could he had her by the hair...FIRMLY..."you didn't suck my dick last i was here bitch why," She honestly whimpered and said "i could Sir please she was coming home and i knew i didn't have time," Well she's here now isn't she?

Trish loves being a slut

group clagol86 2018-03-27

Jack said as he pushed his two fingers deep inside of me and moved them, do you want the real thing? Jack said good girl as I have a hard cock all ready for your juicy cunt. His hard dick felt good and Jim’s black dick in my mouth was awesome as Jack kept taking pictures juice and then his black dick was fucking me and he said I have never had such a tight pussy. picture and said Trish you will love this pic of his black dick going in and out of your white pussy. Jim fixed my ponytail and said in my ear, my black dick wants to fuck your little white

A Black Cuckold Anthology

group naughty_bi_interest 2018-03-27

I fucked his throat with my dick until I came, then I ordered him to suck my big White cock and lick my cum like the bitch he is. I sank my cock deep inside Mohammed's asshole, and smiled with satisfaction as the big Black man groaned. I pumped my dick into Mohammed's asshole, filling the Black Muslim man's ass with my cock. And just like that, the big Black Muslim dude began licking his wife's cunt while I filled her asshole with my big White dick. Since Mohammed and Aisha are a Muslim couple from Africa, I never would have thought they got down like that but this goes to show you how much I need to learn about people from different cultures.

A Special Treat Ch. 02

group flying_nugget 2018-03-27

With that said, Darcie reluctantly stopped caressing Heather's breasts and bent down to kiss her friend on the lips. "I don't know if this is the pills talking or if this is something I've had pent up inside, but I love you." Darcie brought her face back down to Heather's again to engage in a passionate kiss. "Well, I like you watching us and blowing your load to the sight of me..." Darcie and her boyfriend quickly turned their attention to their redheaded friend. Do you wanna watch me and Heather play with each other's big titties and suck on our huge nipples while you play with yourself?" The brunette could feel her male lover's shaft getting harder and thicker the more she stroked it and sweet talked to him about her big breasts.


Lady at Midnight

group Allaroundthehorn 2018-03-27

She recalled the cum in her mouth and on her face and the girl eating her pussy as her husband was completely mangling her asshole with his oversized cock. He walked in and started to suck his masters cock, while his wife continued to eat his asshole. The boyfriend abandoned his cock and licked the wifes ass, that was still dripping in cum. The girlfriend watched the boyfriend eat the wife's ass as she lowered herself onto his again erect cock. The husband directed them in sex acts until morning, where they all woke up the next morning in the oversized king bed, where this alpha male began to play again with his used wife, his new nubile girlfriend and his hetero flexable boy toy.

My girl j and the 2 guys

group kentmogg 2018-03-27

I received an email from tony and Lewis saying they would pay for our train fare and a hotel for the pair of us if we meet so I agreed I thought she looked very sexy and was turning heads before we were on the train J turned to me and said she would thank me later for organising the hotel as she squeezed my hard cock J unpacked her stuff, she turned and said I have a suprise for you later It was nearly 9 now and I had agreed to meet the guys at 9.30 in our room She looks at me then tony and nods with her mouth open still not sure what's going on