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Erotic Group Sex stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

Adventures at the Orgy Motel - Gina and Irene.

group 2018-03-27

I wondered who had been privy to these two majestic holes lately and as I did so I slid two fingers of my right hand into her wet pussy to moisten them up and then slipped them straight into her arse. I was pulling madly on Gina's nipples when Irena reached over to the shopping bag and pulled out a long plastic wrapped continental cucumber and a small bottle of oil. I grabbed the cucumber and passed it to Irena who aimed it at Gina's pussy and slid it in. I reached around Gina's legs and grabbed Irena's tits which must have been super sensitive because soon after I started pulling on her nipples she exploded yet again.

The REST Of The Story: Watching a Mom and Her Dann

group imornery81 2018-03-27

“I decided I wanted the bed after all,” was all she said and within a minute we were fucking like teenagers, trying to keep quiet, only this time it was to keep from waking Teagan!!! I began to have second thoughts as Teagan looked up at me a little shyly and then at Kim. Kim undid her shorts and shoved them over her round hips and I smiled as she revealed that she had been going commando. She raised herself up on foot and I watched as Kim rubbed the thick purple head of my throbbing cock up and down her slit, just before Teagan settled down on it and I felt my tender flesh wedge open the tight velvet folds of her internal furnace!

Pet Ownership Ch. 09

group KY ridgerunner 2018-03-27

How would you like to go for three days out in the woods, using tents, and cooking on an open fire, then lay there looking up at the stars?" Then I pick her up and set her on my lap shoving my cock deep in her pussy and say, "Would you like a real good fuck in the woods with someone who loves you?" Pet took my cock from her mouth and kissed it and told me, "Fuck her good Uncle Dave." I got behind Kathy and shoved my cock balls deep in her pussy. The older woman spoke first and said, "Hi my name is Mary and that's my husband John over there fucking my best friend from work, Sue." Then she looked down at the man below her with his cock deep in her pussy and said, "This is Sue's husband Chris."


The Train Story

group Ooshnafloot 2018-03-27

But just when she's possibly maybe thinking again she would let him fuck her he really blows it this time, he blows his load without saying anything and she's got sperm all in her mouth and over her face and on the bed and stuff. After getting it a second time her friend upstairs tried to get rid of that other guy by coming down to the bottom bunk but of course he followed. She said she had to shift around and do 69 again otherwise she was going to get fucked as well, even though that guy's cock was dirty in her mouth it was better than getting in her cunt.


group Abelard7 2018-03-27

Steve and I drank far too much, but it did not prevent us from unleashing our pent up desires on each other when we got to bed, Steve was almost certainly imagining that it was Gina he was fucking, and although it was Steve in my cunt, it was Michael in my head. Yes, he was keen, I could go to his place on Friday evening and we would go to Gina and Michael's on Saturday, they lived about ten miles from Steve's. Gina spends a lot of time away on business, when she comes home she relates her adventures for me to enjoy, using the basest of language, she has even been known to 'phone me during a session, telling me how he's fucking her from behind or whatever.


Jamie, Yvonne, Sarah, David, Ch. 01

group Michael142 2018-03-27

Most of the time, like almost all the time, I was able to escort my sweet Sarah home, and she seemed to be hotter and more responsive in bed just knowing that she had options even if she didn't exercise them. Coming home a bit early that night, I saw Sarah talking with Sherri out in the courtyard, but they were facing away from the house each on a chaise lounge with some music on. First we were at this huge reception from my work, Jamie and I decided to make it an official 'date night,' meaning our marriage is suspended until the next morning, and I have the right to go home with Jamie, which I do almost all the time, like ninety-five percent, or I can tell Jamie that someone else is taking me home.


Rocker Girl Ch. 02

group KenJames 2018-03-27

"You're just going to stick it in?" I was kneeling at the head of the bed, watching Kevin press his cock-head between his brother's buttocks. Both men sucked my juices, then Kevin licked my tits while Dennis tongue-fucked my cunt and rubbed my clit until I came, splashing my juices onto his face. I'd cum so many times watching Bob's buttocks flex and relax as he drove his cock into Liz. I'd seen her butt muscles working as she fucked Bob's ass with a strap-on. I was kneeling with my legs spread, watching Dennis' cock throb as Kevin fucked his ass. Kevin and Dennis took turns behind me, kissing my neck and back, licking my pussy and butt, and eventually fucking me.

My birthday sex party part 4

group funbeth 2018-03-27

She stopped and said shall we have some fun, I thought we were having fun but nodded and said what have you got in mind, with a wicked look on her face she said get on all fours which I did and she opened my legs a bit and slid the dildo into me until it wouldn’t go any further it felt like it was half way up my body she said hold it there Beth and I presumed she was going to get on the other end but no she got off the bed and walked out on to the landing and shouted downstairs John where are mine and Beth’s drink, she returned giggling, I said what you up to, she replied I thought John would like to see how well our present fits, I started to say something but JO got on the bed and slid the other end into her and started to move it back and forwards.

The Business Trip Ch. 02

group happy_camper 2018-03-27

Every time I began contemplating getting the daughter into bed, my mind turned to thoughts of the General’s normal group of jolly fellows--with their guns, knives and brass knuckles–and my hard-on would wilt. When we weren’t meeting with the General and his daughter, Mel made sure I was up and ready. At her height, she’d been grinding her ass into my thighs if I hadn’t bent my knees.“So you’re sure she’s not his daughter?” No man wants his daughter watching him fuck, and especially when he’s screwing a woman who’s not her mother. I’d been to the place on another trip, but I’d never mentioned it to Mel. I wondered how she knew about it, but decided she’d probably done some in depth research on Bangkok before we left.


Traffic Stop with a Twist

group hotcock869 2018-03-27

I got embarrassed and tried to cover the tent in my pants, but she grabbed my hand and said "don't you need some help with that." Then she put her hand at the top of my bulge and slid it down the length of my dick until her fingers cupped my balls. I grabbed his monster cock and said "I know she's drippin' wet, but I think this needs a little lube too." He looked at me with a questionable look on his face, so I leaned over and engulfed his tool with my mouth. When he was finished, he looked over at me and said "that was amazing, but I've got to try something." I didn't understand what he was talking about, but then he moved over in front of me and put my dick in his mouth.

Caught in the Bar

group luckyone23 2018-03-27

You removed your shirt and bra and began to rub your tits against his bare chest as you grabbed his dick again. You then begin to stroke his cock as you look into the camera smiling. I kept moving where I was standing so I could capture his dick sliding in and out of your pussy and then back to where I could see the enjoyment on your face. I pulled my cock out and began to stroke it as I was enjoying watching you fuck another man. You moved back onto the bed on your hands and knees and instructed him to fuck you from behind while you stared into the camera. You looked in the camera and said you had two cocks inside you.

VP of Sexual Fulfillment Ch. 03

group meddlesome 2018-03-27

I'm so sorry, but I just loved their huge cocks so much and I was so turned on, that I let them do anything they wanted. After Tommy got the door closed, he kept backing towards the room with the hot tub and I kept crawling on my hands and knees like an animal while giving him oral worship. I started to shake with a climax and as it hit me, Nick dumped a big hot load into my mouth with no notice. Over the next twenty minutes, all three men took turns fucking me in the ass while I rubbed my clit with my left hand. Tommy told me to to be a good slut and to sit down on his cock as deep as I could.


How to Stop Smoking Ch. 28

group Jim McKay 2018-03-27

I told Mai Ling that my sex life had indeed improved with the additional length and diameter of my cock and I would be willing to reduce it’s size, but I really didn’t want to return to the old 7” that I had before. I looked around and noticed that Ann had moved to the sofa (between Mai Ling and Tai Soo) and all 3 of them were using a lot of hand communication as they sipped their tea. When Mai Ling finished measuring my cock, Ann straddled my legs, placed my cockhead just inside her cunt and lowered herself on it. Ann, Mai Ling and Tai Soo began clearing the table while Suzy and I headed for the living room.


Bess Ch. 14

group jerseyblue 2018-03-27

Would she feel comfortable watching Scott fuck Marie because it would certainly happen." There were a lot thoughts going through her head. It surprised Nancy her reaction to seeing Deidre and meeting Scott. Scott drove this time as Nancy sat in the front seat and Deidre in the back. Scott noticed that Nancy kept making lazy lines with her fingers on Deidre's arm, gently and lightly, as they talked. I think I might like to dance with him again." Her hand squeezed Deidre's thigh and she gave her a wink. Sensing her feeling, Nancy quickly planted a strong kiss on Deidre's neck while a finger ran up her pussy lips, separating them through the fabric.


The Opium Den

group kinbote 2018-03-27

The room did the swimming slowly down and forward thing again, and I rested my head on Laura's shoulder until it was still, looking at the hard nipple pointing up and to the side from the breast I'd pushed to the side with my chest, and feeling the glow that seemed to start where we joined and spread up our bellies to our chests. Emily pulled Larry down onto his back and covered his cock with lube and rubbed it until it was hard, and then moved her ass over him and slowly slid down so that he entered her asshole. She came again, pushing her face down into the blankets and gasping, and her asshole clenched hard around my cock -- immediately triggering a loud "Oh!" from me and an orgasm that felt like it lasted ten minutes as I kept spasming and coming in her ass.

Case of the Murdered Lovers Ch. 03

group WifeWatchman 2018-03-27

"One never knows, sir." I said, "but we also have had some trouble identifying where you went to high school." As I expected, Arruzio was realizing that we'd been checking into his past, but he seemed unfazed. "Damn, Olivet sure outpunted his coverage, didn't he?" Hewitt said as he watched the tape of Jack Burke deeply fucking Jeanine Olivet in the dogstyle position. I went downstairs to the IT dungeon and begin poring over the data that I had asked Myron to obtain for me by "whatever means necessary." What that slug Ikea couldn't possibly know is that the solution to this case was in this data, not chasing ghosts with whatever his idea of "field investigation" was.


Friends That Had Never Met

group Lee Stam 2018-03-27

Bizza and Chuck were finally going to meet Lilly and Lee. Countless hours had been spent in computer chats and e-mails. The seductive little moans and sighs from the ladies prompted Lee to remind Lilly of her comment that MEN were visual. Bizza, with all of her camera on-experience was quick to disrobe as Lilly circled, taking picture after picture. She and Bizza enjoyed a light kiss and fond, nude embrace to celebrate the photo shoot. As Bizza fell back and Chuck administered to her silky flesh, Lee grabbed the camera and started the new photo session with Lilly's skillful eye directing the shots. When Lilly began to orgasm, Lee went down on her and the passions were so great that photography stopped.


Four On a Quilt

group Jen W._2 2018-03-27

The final time, I pressed back hard and felt the head of his cock pop just inside my cunt....Charles let out a slight moan and reaching down, grabbed my hips firmly and proceeded to impale his cock into my pussy in one long even stroke. There are so many things that I fantasize about, but when I want a really hard orgasm...I just dream of watching a man's hands and fingers busily jerking off a gorgeous dick...James was incredible in his attentions to his cock....I was nearly cumming just watching and the double fucking was getting so intense now....I had to redirect myself back to my pussy.


New Sailboat

group jojogogo 2018-03-27

Interestingly, Nadia's best friend Teresa was to visit for one of the weeks I had planned to cruise the coast. For the next few days I would sail the boat while Nadia and Teresa would lie on the foredeck in their bikinis. The rest of the day was spent drinking wine; sailing and watching the girls continually rub suntan lotion all over their bodies. Before long with loud moans and lots of bucking, Teresa grabbed her best friends head and pulled it deep between her legs and covered Nadia with sticky wet pussy juice. After watching my girlfriend suck all the juice out of her best friends cunt, my cock started to hardened again.

The Bridesmaid Slut

group TurboTits 2018-03-27

"Connie, please behave yourself at the reception, please." Said her sister Judy, the bride. Come on, Sis, I promise I'll only fuck some of the men." Said Connie. Judy, you know that Connie is going to be on her knees sucking cock very shortly. Then when her mouth was tired, but not until she had sucked every cock dry, she would spread her legs and enjoy herself with getting fucked in the cunt and ass, and many times cunt and ass at the same time! The five band members got their cocks sucked and then they each fucked Connie in the ass, one right after the other. Sister Judy thought she was punishing Connie by "making" her suck and fuck all those men.

His First 3Some

group 2018-03-27

He closes his eyes and feels her mouth sucking him, and sucking, and her tongue swirling around his cock. Soon, he feels something different, it's like two mouths are sucking him, two tongues are tasting his cock. He opens his eyes, and his friend is there, sharing his cock with his wife. He grabs his friend's wife and pulls her towards him, and as she hovers above him, he sticks his cock inside her pussy, filling her instantly. His wife begins blowing her husband, gagging over his cock, and her drool falls over his chest, and he loves it. They both stand next to the bed, and the wife lies back, her head falls over to the bedside, and they both fuck her mouth as she's upside down.

Introductory Orgy (Sheri Ch. 7)

group Lykan 2018-03-27

The swift introductions moved on to Julie, who looked just like Jani. Looking over at her hand working under her skirt at the sight of the two cum soaked pussies on TV, I was willing to bet my life savings. The three of us worked at each other on the couch as the on-screen Sheri moved up and Jani began eating her pussy. Looking over to Julie I saw that she had pulled her skirt up to her hips and her hands were working her sex through her white cotton bikinis. Sheri bent, sucked the head of my cock clean, and then joined Jani where she was working up Julie's torso.

Long Lay-Over

group The Mutt 2018-03-27

Natasha had just resigned herself to sleeping on a hotel lobby sofa when a familiar voice said, “Honey, we’ve got room with two doubles. She rolled over to see Duane, his head propped on his elbow, watching Fiona and Tony going at it on the other bed with the passion reserved for lovers who get few chances. Natasha put both of her hands on it and jerked him off, watching in amazement as the fat head of his cock grew purple with lust. When Natasha stopped to gasp for air, she saw that Tony and Fiona had stopped what they were doing to watch. Miss Oatlash got a devilish gleam in her eye and looked at Fiona.

A Day Off Pt. 03

group MDF251 2018-03-27

It'll really help and maybe we can go over and pay Manna and mom a visit!" Becky suddenly added, giving me a big smile and squirming a little in my lap, making my cock begin to stir. As Manna reached for the other side, Renee's hand shot out and grabbed his cock, starting a slow dance up and down his length, as he worked her other fold. I moved in behind Becky and we watched Manna pull Renee, by the hips, to the edge of the massaging table. As we watched Renee and Manna near their explosion I started to speed up again and saw Becky grab her mouth to blot out a scream, her hips violently shaking now, ready to explode herself.