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Erotic Group Sex stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

Wife Gives a Treat

group MrGreySuit 2018-03-27

Jen has kissed her way down your abdomen and her tongue starts flicking against your clitoris as she expertly slides two fingers into your pussy and immediately hits your G-spot. I rub and suck on your breasts, nipples, neck and push on your abdomen where I can feel Jen's fingers moving against your G-spot as you quickly begin to moan with pleasure. Your orgasm is so intense that a small stream of ejaculate from your pussy sprays Jen's face as she keeps licking and sucking your clit and fingering your G-spot. I take Jen's fingers out of my mouth and kiss her while feeling her breasts, abdomen, ass, and finally pussy.


group morris40 2018-03-27

You imagined Alan and Rebecca watching you make love to me in that dress." She looked down into her lap for a moment, then she gently lifted one corner of the robe and exposed her generous triangle of pubic hair again. Becky had already thrown off her robe and had a finger deep inside her pussy as she watched my wife and her husband. Jocelyn watched Becky and I masturbate for what seemed like a very long minute, then she threw her head back over the top of the sofa and spread her knees wide apart. I knew my wife was turned on now, because I could see Alan's tongue work its way down from her pussy until it lapped into the little depression.


Surprise party

group 2Slutty4U 2018-03-27

He says that he has a couple of black co-workers who always brag about how many hot white bitches they fuck and he wants to see their big black cocks shoved up my cunt and shooting their jazz in my mouth. Mike's dick is not as large as those 2 black guys, so he said that he would go first and get me opened up a bit and ready to take in the big ones. Then I told the black guys that I was a nympho slut, who felt horny most of the time and needed serious fucking and a dick in my pussy. So the black guys began taking turns fucking me until I gave them the real long orgasm that I had promised.

March Madness Leads to March Nakedness

group 2018-03-27

Then I upped the wager told him that if Xavier beat Arizona that Babs would strip naked, allow him to suck her tits and feel her pussy and that she would give him a blowjob. About that time the Xavier – Arizona game was ready to start, so Haley sat down next to Mark and he told her how wonderful she was and how proud of her he was and they kissed. As much as I wanted Arizona to win and see if Haley would really give me a blow job, I also knew that if they lost that Babs would gladly strip and suck Mark off so it really was a win win situation. Once naked, Babs undressed Mark and began slowly stroking his cock as Mark’s fingers started working her wet pussy.

Strangers in the Night

group RonCabo 2018-03-27

"You know, Brian, you might have been right before," Ellie said, "about the cosmic significance thing. Brian wondered whether he should sit at the other end, but as his fourth martini was kicking in and Annie was sitting with her legs crossed and a lot of them showing, and he now noticed a button on her blouse that had been previously buttoned but now was not, which maybe showed a tad more cleavage, he decided to sit next to her. "Not necessarily." And with that, as Brian was kissing Annie's neck and fondling her breasts, Ellie stepped up, placed her hands on either side of Annie's face and pressed her lips to the realtor's.


Pushing My Boundaries Ch. 04

group Kissytina 2018-03-26

His other hand was roaming under my skirt and his fingers found their way inside my panties, "Yes, I wear panties.'' I find it more of a turn on than going pantie-less,"Would you like me to give you a blow-job?" I whispered in his ear. "I want to stick my cock, right there, cutie!!" He said with a glint in his eyes. I felt a hand run down my cheek, drawing my attention, Without warning his hand grab me by my arm, pulling me off Ricky's cock, then he threw me onto the bed, making me squeal. The combination of me sucking hard on his cock, and my giggling, quickly had him blowing his entire load of cum down my throat.

Take A Pizza Me

group filthygingers 2018-03-26

After a few minutes of the best kiss I'd ever enjoyed, she kissed my nose and then turned to her hubby, saying, "Baby, I think it's time we showed our guest a little more hospitality." I looked up at the husband while I played with his wife's tongue: he'd removed the blindfold and was staring at us, unable to believe his luck at having two hot women so horny from worshipping his cock that they now couldn't keep their hands off each other. Her husband sat back, continuing to tease my nipples with one hand while rubbing his cock, which was already starting to get hard again, and his wife brought her face to my cunt.


Fantasy Come True

group SerendipityOcean 2018-03-26

Kelly pulled on her chains and bucked her hips as Jasmine grabbed her and ground Kelly’s dripping wet clit and pussy into her mouth, Monique put her hands under Kelly’s hips and jammed her tongue deeper and deeper into Kelly’s stomach hole; pulling Kelly’s hips up to meet each thrust. “Where do you want me to fuck you with my big black cock you slut?” He took his cock in his hand as Kelly watched in the mirror and began to rub its huge head up and down between her clit and her ass. Monique and Jasmine each had one of Kelly’s breasts in their mouths now and they bit down on her nipples hard as she came causing her to scream even louder as another orgasm tore through her entire body.


Fuck The World

group Nyissa 2018-03-26

Tangling my fingers in her long hair, I pulled her head to me, plunging my tongue deep into her mouth, kissing her passionately. Moving from the dance floor, we headed for a table in a dark corner, away from all those eyes. I leaned back on the table as Alli grasped one ankle and draped it over his shoulder, pushing his mouth further into my soaked pussy. Not needing to be told twice, he spread my legs and, with Alli's help, placed his cock at my pussy lips. Alli had slid under the table, her mouth now on my sex, alternating her tongue between my clit and his cock, her hands massaging his arse and balls, helping to control the thrusts.

Teacher's Pets Ch. 4

group Jenne64 2018-03-26

With no sight and her hands tied she had little choice but to lay back and enjoy the sensations that suddenly bombarded her senses. She groaned in anticipation of the touch but instead the hand and finger were removed leaving her wanting more. She felt like a caged lion in a zoo, needing to be released from the confines that these two pupils had placed her in. One of them broke away and while she continued to lick, suck and lap the remaining one she felt a finger being inserted into her moist pussy. She felt the pupils balls slap against her ass cheeks as he rammed his cock deep inside her, pushing her onto his friends cock as he did so.

Surprise Surprise III

group heyheymymy1984 2018-03-26

"I know what you mean and I thought you'd feel like that, but for what it's worth you're 10x better than him in bed, 10x better looking and I'd never dream of just fucking him alone-you just got me so turned on that I wanted to try something dirty" she said He pulled out of Nicole, and I could see the cum was already starting to shoot from his bellend, some also dripping from Nicole's pussy (he'd obviously been unable to hold back) but he wasn't finished and as he grabbed his cock, wanking as he directed it towards Christine's open mouth an almighty load shot not just into her mouth but all over her face and into her hair.

My Initiation Pt. 02

group Brit1986 2018-03-26

Michelle's imperceptibly spreading lips, damp and glistening in the weak lip afforded by the lamp on the floor, caused that same internal yearning to more its way from the pit of my stomach throughout my body and to cause my mouth buds to come alive for a taste that could only be quenched once my lips were sealed on hers and my tongue was probing her sleek insides. Despite Brad having plundered her pussy moments before, her inner walls still hugged my cock and pulled me deep inside in one slow stroke to begin. "All the way," Brad cooed while staring at the white inches of my long cock ease inside his wife's rosy vagina, her pussy lips spread wide. I began my final twenty to thirty strokes, not as long anymore, but deep thrust right at the farthest point inside Michelle's pussy that had turned into a sloshing tunnel.


Linda Report Swinger Club

group Johnsexlife 2018-03-26

After a week of orientation I was given my first assignment which was to report on a local members only Swinger Club located in a nearby suburb. I noticed a threesome in one room where a middle-aged man was fucking a 30-year-old gal as she was giving another younger guy a blowjob. She was getting fucked simultaneously in the mouth, ass and pussy and when the three men got off three more replaced them Soon my mouth, ass and pussy were filled with hot cum and three more replaced the three guys. As I left the club I knew I had a great article to write I would just have to leave my participation out of it.

Not So Demure Wife

group Mrbigdick2014 2018-03-26

Tina and Angie took the stage and got drenched by the ice cold water, Tina grabbed Angie's top and ripped it off of her, no sooner was my wife's top off had Tina planed a huge wet sloppy kiss on my wife's mouth As Tina slowly worked her way down my wife's body, she worked her titties with one hand and licked my wife's nipple with the other. We left the bar we were at, Tina and Donna were with me and Ben was walking with Angie with her arm around his waist and his hand on her ass. "Oh I don't think so, come over here, and I'll clean you up!" I sat on the couch vacated by Ben and Tina immediately placed her face in my crotch and began licking up the mess caused by Donna and I.

Threesome Ch. 2

group femihussy 2018-03-26

In the back of my head I knew that she had wanted to have sex with Ty and was perfectly willing to be with another woman to get it. Her lips drooled with lubricant causing her slit to look like a little mouth. I drew it into my mouth and sucked hard causing her to gasp out and arch her body. I took her wet clit in my mouth and sucked hard, making her body go rigid. It turned me on more and I kept going, sucking harder and finger fucking her like I had watched my man do. After what seemed like ages of being fucked, I felt him quicken and his body start to shudder, both she and I cried out as we felt our own most intense orgasms hit.

Diary of a Sex Therapist Ch. 3

group JennyWrites4Fun 2018-03-26

When Ellen finished speaking, I moved Ron's hand to her tear stained face and had him wipe her tears. "Don't stop kissing, keep going." She went to pull away but I instructed her to accept his love and feel his hands on exciting they must feel, how stimulating, how hard her nipples must be getting as he massages and lovingly pulls at her breasts through her sweater. Since Ellen didn't look like a woman who was enjoying herself (I would've gladly taken her place), I began massaging her breast. Her hands were pushing my mouth onto her breasts, obviously wanting me to suck her nipples, and her husband's head down into her dripping wet pussy. She obviously wanted to suck her husband's cock so I moved aside and placing my hand on her head, I guided her pretty face down on his penis.

A Job Well Done Ch. 06

group WhatIKnow 2018-03-26

Mandy was in tears the other day because of what happened and I'm sure she's feeling just great right now." I turned and walked out the door. They let me stare for a few minutes till I saw Nicole start to blush and then she quickly finished her wine, stood and walked to the door. "I'm sorry we didn't check in again, but things were so weird during the dinner I just felt it was better if we stayed away." Her eyes were sad but she managed a small smile. You'll have to trust us, but you will have a good time tonight." Nicole looked quickly at JC and then turned back to me.


Linda & Daughter Do San Francisco

group Johnsexlife 2018-03-26

They danced very closely and soon Linda could feel Paul's cock growing and pressing against her. They sat down with Linda between Pete & Paul and Angel between Al & John. More drinks came as soon Pete was kissing Linda as Paul moved his hand under Linda mini dress and started rubbing Linda's cunt through her totally wet tong. Pete was fucking Linda in seconds as Linda took Paul's cock into her mouth and sucked it for all she was worth. Linda got even more turned on as she peered at the adjoining king to see Angel sucking Al's cock as John was eating her daughter pussy.


Got gang fucked by 3 fuys at same time @ 18yo

group 2018-03-26

Me and Carrie were just sipping on a bottle of captain morgan upstairs watching netflix and Chris would hang with us for a little but he spent most of the night downstairs with his b*****r and the rest or the party. Chris had been downstairs this whole time and me and Carrie were so gone off the bottle of captain that we figured we would just lay on his bed and watch netflix till he came back up. Chris threw Carrie on the bed face up and said "aight b*o i got this pussy nice and loosened up for ya" I remember looking at Carries face when she knew she was about to feel Reggie inside her.

Marline Becomes A Slut Ch. 4

group Linda Jean 2018-03-26

When I finished, I smiled and said, "you boys ready for some more yet?" Harry said "Not me, but I have an idea, have you ever been to a X rated truck stop baby?" I had, but I said, "no, what are they like?" Billy said, "well, it is sex, just pure sex." I said, "good, I’m game" Harry went into more detail. I said, "You’re the boss big boy." Billy said "If anyone ask you if you will spend the night with them, let us know so we don’t wait around here all night." I told him "I am sticking with you guys, your taking me to my sisters after we leave here right?" Harry said "right."


Beth and Gwen Entertain

group atomulatta 2018-03-26

Beth was looking around the room and watching various sexy women dancing for the men in front of them. Tiffany gyrated in front of Gwen and peeling off her clothes slowly, the way Beth liked for Shane to undress her at home sometimes. Dan paid Tiffany some cash and plopped himself on the other side of Gwen from Beth. Gwen was clearly enjoying what Dan was doing inside her because her mouth was open and her eyes were closed. Beth drank most of the margarita before Dan climaxed deep inside Gwen. Beth had watched Dan and Shane fuck Gwen, but never a stranger. My lover needs some loving,” Gwen said then turned to give Beth her full attention.

The Dark Muse Ch. 02

group Lost Boy 2018-03-26

Ryoko hasn't heard all the tales of the great and famous Roger Sterling." I rolled my eyes as we left my hotel room and headed out into town Otomba on one arm and Ryoko on the other. My heart was beating in time with the drums and I felt my climax getting nearer and so must have Vivian she stopped and looked over her shoulder, "Shall I let you finish?" I pleaded with my eyes and the goddess of the flashing diamonds pronounced my doom. Ryoko never broke eye contact with me even as her hand wrapped around my hard flesh I think I groaned. I wandered among the various tribes for about six months sharing and learning moves to improve my repertoire when I return home." Vivian reached over and began teasing Ryoko's nipples.


The Good Deed

group jpln 2018-03-26

I explained my situation and he said he didn't have any gas but maybe Pete and Ken could help. I wanted to be sure Pete didn't feel slighted so I quickly turned to him and gave him the same wet and warm invitation I had just given Ken. We spent a few minutes in this position, their hands fondling me everywhere while Ken licked and sucked my clit and I licked and sucked Pete's cock. Soon, I heard Ken breathing harder, then his stroking stopped as he held his cock fully inserted and I began to feel it pulsing as his cum filled my vagina. A couple of weeks later, coming home from work on a Friday night, I noticed a familiar pickup truck in front of the little bar.


group craigool 2018-03-26

This morning, Liz was doing all the talking, telling Dennis all of her horniest secrets, including the threesome with myself and Dave, which she claimed was one of the most loving experiences of her entire life, as she fingered herself into another come. After lunch, Dennis took another nap, and Liz spread herself on the dash, then fingered herself all the way until dinner time, as she told me about her fantasies. The next morning, Dennis brought coffee and donuts, Liz greeting him with a wet kiss, pressing his hands into her bare nipples.