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Erotic Group Sex stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

A Sexual Proposition Ch. 03

group ainu 2018-03-26

Each time I went out on a date I figured this would be the time that I finally got fucked, had a cock to suck, had a guy lick me until I came. Then Brett said that since he never had, he should give Marian proper treatment of feeling and licking her body and then her pussy and then fucking her and I agreed. I'm right next to her so when she rolls, her face comes right between my legs and while he fucks her she's obviously feeling very hot and she starts licking and fingering me. Actually, I started dreaming about cocks again once I was home and went back to Brett's for another session before bed time.


My Birthday Party

group midnightfalcon 2018-03-26

"Yeah." Terry began, "do it, I want to see how big he really gets." Babs snickered and whispered, "Oh he's big and he can keep going all night if we work this right." Although he had been fucking her mouth for over five minutes, he hadn't cum yet and now it was Babs turn and she began to suck him but she slid her left hand under his butt and pushed her finger deep inside. Terry pulled her fingers out of me, and as Babs lifted off Blake she grabbed his cock and thrust her face down towards it. Terry had disappeared behind me but suddenly reappeared next to Babs and they lay on the bed beside Blake, one on top of the other, with their pussies pressed against each others mouth.


English Class Ch. 02

group Balke7612 2018-03-26

"I think Jimmy should be," Talia replied at last, "what?" she laughed as he stared at her, "I know what you're like, you'll be all over me the minute she's gone." "Mm-hmm," Talia nodded, "my parents are going out tonight, they won't be home until late." She sighed in his ear, letting one hand reached down and brush up his thigh. Hiding her actions from Talia she let her hand drop and her fingers brush over Jimmy's cock straining in his jeans, her eyes staying locked on his as she casually teased him. "Now Jimmy," she said, reverting to her teacher voice, "I don't want you to think about cumming on Talia's ripe young breasts.


Making of a Cuckold: Unintended Consequences

group CreemLicker 2018-03-26

Optimally, I'd be watching while Cindi was having sex mentioned to Cindi that we might consider Charlie as Charlie was rubbing Cindi over her pants and she began thought of Charlie putting his penis in Cindi was just Charlie mentioned that he enjoyed sucking a man's cock As I began to suck Charlie, he and Cindi began After Charlie's penis retreated, Cindi rolled off of Charlie, Cindi and I got together a few more times. Charlie told her how much I liked getting fucked. were naked and Cindi had Allen's penis in her hand. After 15 minutes or so of pounding Cindi, Allen rolled Cindi held Allen in her hand and told me to suck the

the weekend away part 1

group philf 2018-03-26

We went down to her mums house for the weekend in the summer, the weather was amazing, and Beki was on real form, horny as hell, and all the way driving, she was telling me different places she wanted me to fuck her. But then it went a little to far when Beki asked her mum if she had, had sex since her dad had left...... "You'd fuck mum wouldn't you babe?" Beki asked, but before I could reply she took matters into her own hands. She turned to me and kissed me deeply, rubbing my cock through my shorts, then stopped and said " Fuck my mum for me babe, make her happy"

Breakfast for Three

group soroborn 2018-03-26

Vicky looked a little embarrassed, but then grinned and said, "Do you think you could manage something yourself?" Vicky and I now began to tongue and suckle Helena's bare, erect nipples. Meanwhile, Vicky continued to give both of Helena's breasts attention with her mouth and hands. I resumed tonguing Helena's clitoris, but now reached up one hand between Vicky's legs, which she had helpfully parted a little. Vicky lifted her head from Helena's breast and moved to sit on the sofa so she could watch. I positioned myself behind Vicky, and as Helena explored Vicky's wetness with her tongue, I inserted two fingers into Vicky's entrance, and gently caressed the opening a little further back with my thumb.

Entertaining Businessmen Pt. 01

group Annatartywife 2018-03-26

I felt a bit awkward at first as whilst I had met both Gordon and Jack at Fred's party, I hadn't clapped eyes on the other three men who were to be in attendance. Gordon had decided that I should wear the secretaries' outfit to start with and he had told the guys that if I was feeling up for it then maybe some stronger fun would be on the cards. At one point I was having my tits felt up through my blouse by Raj, had Gordon fumbling at my quim and had Pieter feeling my arse up. "Fuck I'm going to cum off," I cried, letting Gordon's hard on slip out of my mouth.

RV Sex

group LaffWithMe 2018-03-26

While Cliff went to get the Coke, Sarah began talking to me and at the same time bent forward to adjust her slipper. As we talked, Sarah would move every once in a while which caused the opening at the top of her robe to shift giving me increasingly revealing views of her breasts. Sarah and Cliff both were looking directly at my cock head. Cliff's hands subtly pulled Sarah's robe away from her neck slowly revealing her breasts. Sarah reached back and undid Cliff's robe, which revealed his hard cock. Cliff had a little short stubby cock, which looked even shorter because of the size of his belly. Sarah massaged his little stub with her hand as her foot rubbed the head of my cock against my leg.

Rally Scoring

group Shysquirter 2018-03-26

Whole families looked like modern nomads, lugging coolers, easy up tents, and all implements required for beach fun, setting up camp along the miles of hot sand, Julian called home. "Coach, aren't Emily's breasts the cutest." Stacy called out as she squeezed her friend's perky spheres. You bitch Stacy." Emily began to slap her friend playfully while Julian's ears perked up. "You love it you little slut." Emily kept smacking her friend's ass until Stacy fell over and the two became a massive tangle of laughing limbs. Emily noticed her old coach staring at her friend and she began to feel a bit jealous.


Friday Night Fun

group PenanceS 2018-03-26

“So far as I know, we didn’t invite that many;” Chad stated, but I seriously doubt that they would blow us off.” In fact almost as soon as he said that there came a knock at the door. Chad thought that there was some way that Sakx might have snuck a few others in behind him, but didn’t want to accuse the burly football player of anything, so he just let it slide. Chad managed to lay Kellie out on the floor and was doing it to her missionary style, while Ryan was looking at all of the passed out bodies, save for the two lesbian chicks that were still going at it. I think so.” Chad and Kellie retired back into Chad’s, now their room, and slept, while Ryan went around with a garbage bag.

Screaming At Twilight

group Waynegod69 2018-03-26

She slid a hand through thick black hair, letting her fingers linger against the side of her neck for a moment as she basked in the cool October breeze. As she leaned against the stone rail of the roof, her muscular ass feeling the ridges of an old structure's history, she let her fingertips explore the curves of her breasts. With her other hand she had let loose one of her beautiful tits, the night air breathing against her light brown nipple. She could taste the phantom of pre cum on her lips as her fingers snaked inside her pussy, massaging her own inner walls, her palm still against her button.


Isle of Lays Ch. 07

group SkinandSin 2018-03-26

As Charlaine lay spread on the chair like a drying canvas (one that, quite contrarily, would always sport a wet spot), Miguel and Jamaica came in to look at Matthew's painting, admiring the skill the man had applied to the edible artwork. "Do you want to have your hard little nubbin sucked and licked while Pietro fucks you, sweetness?" The question came from Miguel, who'd taken his mouth from her left breast and whose fingers were busy caressing both her nipples now that he'd licked away the whipped cream. Charlaine heard a low buzzing sound and felt her ass cheeks being spread by small, dainty hands as Jamaica licked blueberry paint off her upper thighs in hot little laps.


Bullied in the Bar

group blackforblond 2018-03-26

I had several drinks and I felt like it was enough for me, but guys kept me there and tried to get me to go out with them. I opened my mouth and Sue told her friends to face fuck me. I tried to ask them to use a condom, but Sue kept me licking and guy f***ed his hard member inside my pussy. He told me that my tight white cunt felt like I could be a virgin and I wouldn’t ever get as big a cock as his pushed into me than right now. I was fucked time after time in that dirty booth, while sweaty guys just shoved their cocks into my ass or pussy and had their fun.

Three Gangbangs in One Night - Number One

group 2018-03-26

"Well, I hate to hear that anyone got left out," she said as she pulled the hem of her dress up and let her thighs fall open as all four men bunched around her to gaze at her increasingly moist vulva. Fatcock stepped away and Sharon raised her head just enough to fix the barman and Jacko with a wild eyed glare and croak, "Come on, both of you." She let her head hang back and opened her mouth again in anticipation. When she demanded his two mates fuck her in the mouth, the man throwing a wet, noisy fuck into Sharon's pussy lost his composure and pulled out of her just as his cock began to erupt.

Gold Coast Gang Bang

group rosamunde84 2018-03-26

I started kissing her neck and shoulders the way I knew she liked it, moving her long blonde hair to the side and gently loosening her robe down the front so I could slip my hand in. Jenny thrust back like a whore on heat and I grabbed a handful of each arse cheek and opened her cunt up wide. Sliding down onto her knees, Jenny pulled away from my fingering and started attacked Sandy's twat, sucking and slurping like there was no tomorrow. Not to be left out I positioned myself under Jenny's bush, tonguing in and out like a fucking cock while I pounded my prick with both hands. Sandy jumped off the bed and licked all the white juice off Jenny's arse like a milk-starved kitten.

New Experiences Ch. 2

group CandiceCandy2001 2018-03-26

I don't know, hell, I'm not sure what I'm feeling." Randy gently lifted my face and looked down into my eyes. Look, I think we both need a good nights rest and then tomorrow we can re-evaluate the situation." He said softly as he pulled me back in against him. As I felt her tongue extend out to meet mine, I turned my head slightly, letting her taste the juice that still covered my face. She gingerly began to clean my skin with her tongue, sucking and licking at me as I moved my face slowly around her mouth. Randy was also watching, leaning over Rachel's shoulder with a look of utter fascination on his face.


Fun in Neral with Niharika

group nihadeep 2018-03-26

During these conversations, Niharika used to have her long t-shirt nightie pulled up to her navel, and one or the other of us would either be fingering her or licking her cunt, and sometimes she was left halfway as her mother called us down. Since it was late we dropped continued home, and I dropped them all off, first the boys and then Niharika, but not until I had a session with her in my place, where she sucked me off with a condom on., but promised that the next time we met up with the boys, she would let me come in her mouth, just to let them know that with me it was love, and with them just lust!

His Ranch, His Girl, His Mistake

group Elusive_Mind 2018-03-26

During the summer time the ranch hands liked to hang around on Friday nights and have a few beers. A few minutes later she was a mess, kneeling in a puddle of the three guys and her own piss, her blouse torn open, her tits swaying as one after another of them fucked her mouth like it was the last hole they were ever going to get to stick. She got up and started back for the barn taking her dress off over her head and throwing it down as she went. For a bunch of ranch hands they sure knew a good thing when they saw it.

Two Bi Men & Me: My Fantasy Comes True

group Dkwild 2018-03-26

I step out of the skirt and follow you to the bed, you sit on the edge and pull me forward, you bury your face into my pussy, you flick your tongue across my clit, you are going to make me cum quickly!! He starts to stroke you and we both take turns sucking on the swollen head of your cock, I let my fingers go to your balls and to your ass, then I slide one finger into your tight little ass and that does it for you, you start to cum. You start to cum first and he leans down and lets it pour into his mouth, you jerk on your cock harder, it feels so good to have his warm mouth right there waiting for all of your juices.

The Workshop

group cherrychocolate 2018-03-26

I felt hands laying gently on me, touching me lightly everywhere, as the Instructor maintained a rhythmic, verbal manual on How to Please a Woman Properly. My clit was on fire, and he was licking it so gently, it felt like heat was oozing over my entire body. I felt hot mouths sucking my tits, biting my nipples, and I knew I could come in a second, but I wanted to be a good student so I breathed deeply and held it back. I felt the heat of a male body moving on top of me, not making contact with me except for the silky hot tip of his cock, gently stroking my vulva up and down.

A Darling Harbour Experience

group 2018-03-26

I really started to feel comfortable with a couple called Alison and Martin who were 28 and 29 years old respectively. Once again, I was the filling in this couple's sandwich as Alison pushed herself against me and started kissing me, deeply, thrusting her tongue into my receptive mouth. Alison quickly started to respond to my efforts, pushing her vulva up towards my mouth, and squeezing her own breasts, pinching her nipples hard. As I licked her pussy faster and harder she started to buck against my face and it didn't take long for her to cum, convulsing and squeezing my head between her thighs, all the time screaming at a pitch and volume that I am sure would wake the floor.

Robyn & Bev

group Irish Moss 2018-03-26

Robyn must have decided that she wanted to cum, too, because shortly after I felt her mouth leave my cock, she rolled a condom over it just before it was engulfed in her snug, slippery pussy and we both moaned. I couldn't really push up into Robyn as she was coming down on my cock, so she had to set the pace, but I had more control when it came to eating Bev's pussy, so I was confident that she would be cumming pretty soon. I slurped up Robyn's juices for a bit before bringing my other hand down from her ass and slipping a finger into her snug, slippery pussy, causing her to start humping my face.


Mark and Melanie: The Party Pt. 01

group rainman0720 2018-03-26

When I thought about it, I had to admit to myself that my standing on his patio with him in this situation was a bit weird; in the short time I'd known him, I already knew I could call Mark a good friend, even though if things went the way I hoped they would, I'd be screwing his wife later in the evening. He disengaged himself and stood up, but before he could get out, Donna grabbed his hard cock, and pushed him down until he was seated on the edge of the hot tub next to Melanie, who was holding my cock in her hand again. Melanie knew my arousal level just went up a notch as I watched Donna's head go slowly up and down, seeing Mark's erection disappear between her lips on every down stroke.


Diary of a Teenager Ch. 01

group Erlikkhan 2018-03-26

I leaned forward, lifted my butt off the couch, pulled my panties to the side and slipped "Big Red", as we named it later, into my opening. I was gasping for air as I kept gushing over and over, unable to stop slamming myself onto Big Red. I don't know how long it went on, but when I finished my shorts were a mess and I was exhausted. Since I almost always wear dresses (my mother thinks jeans make me look like a tramp), it's easy to slip my panties to the side and shove Big Red in my hole until I gush. When Judy was finished stripping, she climbed up on the bed with Freddy, then swung her leg over his head and lowered her hairy pussy to his face.