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Erotic Group Sex stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

Santa Fe Nights Ch.01

group Ron Marsh 2018-03-26

Just as my girl is finishing rubbing my face with the tiny thong, our bi-girl dancing friend showed up, plopping down next to Jesse and shouted, "Found you!" Then she looked more closely at the thong that Jesse was trying to stash and said, "You all are being bad, I think." She grabbed the thong from Jesse, waved it in her face and asked, "These yours?." Jesse shook her head no with a grin and pointed to the woman across the way who lifted a finger and then pointed at the gentleman's pocket where my wife's panties had taken up residence. Mike and Shannon immediately pulled out in front, Phil was driving the second car, Jason was riding shotgun and little Marley's head was just visible above the back seat.


Going Bald

group laughingstock 2018-03-26

And although I loved, loved, loved the idea of the girls skillfully and tag-teaming my cunny hair down the drain before they let me drain my bottomless twat and squirt my goose grease across their faces while hunched on all fours, my clit had other ideas and wasn't going to wait--she was standing up like a proud pole of a cock and needed a flicking. Once again I tried to crane my neck, this time to the right, because I tired of imagining, I desperately wanted the real thing--to see my girls with their little slimy noses and faces playing in my fresh greasy pussy slop.


From Fantasy to Reality

group hyperthread1 2018-03-26

Feeling sexually frustrated, and extremely horny, she asked, "Did you see me dancing with the black guy?" "He practically raped me on the dance floor." Randy told her that every time he looked at them dancing, she seemed to be enjoying it, acting like he didn't see the tit grabbing, crotch grinding, or her kissing him. As they sat there she sipped her water, and when the young black guy didn't reappear after several minutes, she told Randy, "I need you to take me back to the room and fuck me." Her pussy was still on fire, and ached for relief as she thought about the two strange cocks that had been grinding her on the dance floor.


Sex Club

group Randeelustnipples 2018-03-26

She gripped Brads hand and moved up to the side of the bed. He dropped to his knees behind her and she squirmed as she felt his hot breath on her ass before his hot tongue laced up her pussy. She gasped and let the man's cock drop from her lips. "All of these men want you," Brad whispered in her ear as he pressed his cock to the opening of her pussy from behind. Brad reached around took her breasts in his hands, his body pounding into her harder and harder. "Yes, yes," Brad pulled her from the other mans cock and pushed into her as fast he he could. "Come ere'" he told the man as he pushed inside her leaking pussy lips.

Fireman helping a couple in need

group XXXNoBounds 2018-03-26

With one quick movement he yanked Tammy's legs up while ripping down her pajamas exposing his wife's pale smooth pink pussy. By that time his wife had unbuckled my belt and was pulling it from the loops of my bdu's exposing my now rock hard 7 and a half inch cock from the entrapment of my uniform. About that time Tom took his dick and began slapping his wife face with his little but hard dick and saying do you want his cock? Tom looked at me and said OK man pull in off but don't get my wife fucking pregnant. Remembering what her husband had said about not getting her pregnant I pulled my cock from her pussy and laid flat on the bed.

Happy Birthday Eva

group NakedHiker 2018-03-26

When we got there, Selina was busily setting up the food wearing a short dress that showed her ass cheeks every time she bent over even a little, Don was cutting up mangoes, Martin was downstairs doing the laundry, and the birthday girl Eva was helping set up, wearing frilly pink lingerie along with the cutest black knee sox with pink crossbones up the back. After a couple of minutes Peter moved on, but Sarah was busy getting her pussy eaten by Adrianna, so I got up and asked Eva whether she was interested in my previous offer of a birthday pussy shave (I'm a big fan of hairlessness, and have removed all of my pubic hair via electrolysis). By the time I finished with Sarah's foot, Peter was moving the dildo slowly into and out of Eva's pussy, who started rubbing her clit.

My Surprise Second Threesome

group Northerncanoeist 2018-03-26

It's such a turn on, that I lean forward and gently massage his balls as I let his cock slide deeply into my mouth. I watch Jane suck Bill's cock as I slowly lick her. I lick the inside of her thigh, the crease of her leg, I take one lip in my mouth and gently pull on it. I watch closely as his tongue thrusts inside of her, and then moves up to lick the length of her slit. I moan loudly as she licks some of his cum and lets her tongue slide all the way up over my clit. By the time she has his cum licked up, she gets a flood of juice on her tongue, on her face, from my own orgasm.

Hidden f****y Secret

group 2018-03-26

After dinner, David’s dad and mom surprised me when they said they heard that I enjoyed skinny dipping and being naked outdoors. David’s mom asked me what I liked most about skinny dipping and after being thoroughly embarrassed, I meekly said that I just liked the feeling of being naked outdoors. David’s mom asked if knowing that bothered me and I said no it didn’t but I was just surprised to hear it. The thought of seeing Diane and David’s mom naked was getting my teenie weenie hard and they sensed my uneasiness. Again I was shocked and asked if he wanted me to stand there and wank off in front of them and he laughed and said only if I wanted, but it necessary that David’s mom could help.

The Gift - Working Vacation Part 2

group Nomufftootough 2018-03-26

The cabbie dropped us off in front of our motel and, while gathering our purchases, I asked my wife if she felt like stopping for a drink at the bar in the motel next door before we called it a night. I moved our purchases from my bed to the closet in my wife's room and closed the connecting door without even thinking about it, then tried calling Walter at home. 'Well,' I thought to myself 'this was why I got the room to begin with!' It was just a matter of luck that I'd closed the connecting door before I'd left to meet my wife!

Sexplorations Ch. 06

group MarcelTheChamp 2018-03-26

I started to thrust a little faster, of course, every time I pulled back John's tongue burrowed into my anus. We both got to work right away and soon had a large salad prepared, although it wasn't quite as nice looking as Rita makes it. Her tongue licked up and down on it, and then she twisted her head and began to eat Susan's cunt. Then Rita grabbed my cock, sucked the head very strongly, and held it steady as Susan began to sink onto it. Susan moved slowly which gave Rita plenty of time to continue licking the both of us.


Amber's Big Date

group AmberLynn3 2018-03-26

I took extra time with my make-up and put on Keith's favorite lipstick, a bright pinkish-red color called, of all things, "Mistress." He tells me he loves to watch his cock sliding in and out between my lips when I wear it. "God, you look hot as hell," Keith said as he reached his hand inside my dress and fondled my breasts. "You wore me favorite lipstick" Keith said as I opened my mouth and took his dick between my willing lips. At the moment he let go of my head, Keith pulled out of my pussy, came around to the front of me, pulled my head away from Jorge and toward him and pushed his cock into my mouth just as he started to shoot his cum.


Frigid Air, Warm Spew - Part 2; International Wint

group goldenpalomino 2018-03-26

Sable panties and ski tights in a wad at her ankles, round firm breasts peaking from a sky blue top and sports bra bunched around her slender waist, and snug in her creamed muff a immense wet cock with its recently released white spunk deep within her, Anya purrs in the warm sunlight and dry meadow grass as I, behind, run a hand through her flaxen hair and, with the other, fondle her curved and alluring bright white ass. Anya briefly removes her mouth from Sacha’s thick, wet cock and, while continuing to grasp the other two cocks, gasps with pleasure as Kiet holds her bare white ass and slides his entire length in Anya’s pussy, up to his purple sack.

Mags Takes It Home

group W5H 2018-03-26

The first round tasks were quite tame, generally involving massage and loosening of clothing, but all three enjoyed the touching and stroking, knowing that this was the prequel to an event that they had talked about for a long time. Mags watched her friend licking and sucking at her lovers cock and couldn't help stroking their bodies, just enjoying the touch of so much skin and making no differentiation between Liz and Jeff. Next Jeff had to watch Liz and Mags kissing and touching each other for two minutes whilst he looked on and gently stroked his dick. Mags loves girl-play and spent her time educating Liz into kissing gently and enjoying the soft feminine feelings that girl-on-girl can bring.

Wannabe Crime Fighter Ch. 03 Pt. 01

group BMB 2018-03-26

"Oh my god." Tiffany whispered "What the fuck is she doing." Sarah was jerking off two of the men both of which had sizeable dicks while a short white man began to probe her ass hole with his finger and a tall black man felt her tits and pussy. Tiffany found herself wishing that she was in Sarah's position, being pounded by four fat cocks, as much as she enjoyed the touch of a woman the idea of being a filthy whore like her big sister drove her nuts. "Do you like what you see?" Tiffany drove herself down onto Chandra's fingers trying desperately to fill her pussy as her sister was still experiencing ecstasy inside the gun store.


Kass & Lexi: Football Fantasy

group rogo46 2018-03-26

Arms extended over her head, she twirled around as the other girls watched her high full breasts; her strong, lean & muscular legs; her tight butt; the curve of her flesh from thigh to hip to waist; her taut rib cage and smooth, sloped shoulders; no one missed either her bare mound or her nipples standing at attention. Lexi rubbed her big breasts and stiff nipples all over James's face and then had him lay on his side so he could explore her pussy and ass and watch Kass & Jerome while she tongued his balls and played with his asshole. Kass had gotten Jerome's cock slick enough to enter her so she rose up enough to press her big tits in his face, then lowered her pussy on his love spoke.


Forest Car Park

group Horndog7702 2018-03-26

You cum on my face and fingers, grabbing my hands you start to suck your juices off of each one! You grab it and start sucking it again, your hands around the mans waist, pulling him into your mouth! The sadness in your eyes is eased when you realise there are two more men waiting beside the car, rock hard cocks in their hands, pumping them. I push you on your back and start to fuck you again as she licks the cum from your right nipple, sucking it into her mouth! As I pound my hard cock into your pussy, the girl starts to kiss you, swapping the mixture of cum from her mouth to yours!

A Live Show Pt. 01

group Bob_6 2018-03-26

Kim strolled over behind the sofa, she ran a hand over the back of my shoulders as she walked, she said, "I always knew Lou was a dark horse, excuse the pun." Kim was then in front of me and Lou said, "This is Hus, he's stranded and I've just offered him a place to rest his head till the morning, when he can get some help." Kim took hold of the hand I did not have the wine glass in, she looked me in the eyes, and she brought my hand up to her lips and kissed the back. Then while Kim threw the gown onto the sofa, Lou opened her eyes, she never looked at me.


Encore, Encore!

group carnagejackson 2018-03-26

Taking the drink the redhead had ordered for her friend, I walked casually down to the bar and took a seat next to Melissa. The initial shot landed right on the back of Melissa's tongue, but the others came out in odd angles, covering the faces of the two girls as their tongues thrashed around wildly, trying to get as much cum as possible. Melissa had a mouthful of my cum and I thought she was going to spit it out, but instead she pulled Sarah to her and the two girls began to make out. Melissa, not wanting to be left out of the action, had buried her face inside of Sarah's shaved snatch and was sucking and licking at a blistering rate.


The Gymkhana

group Visitor35A 2018-03-26

Her father looked up and opined “she’s a dirty little slut … just like her mother … just take her as you please, son” He momentarily stopped fucking the groom. “No, I think Nicola wants you to see her ride and I know you’re going to need ALL the energy you’ve got later on, big boy” She thanked me for a wonderful orgasm and kissed me passionately. “Oh God, I think I need you to fuck me now” she whined but pulled away and said “No, I promised Nicola that I wouldn’t take up too much of your time before dinner” I was devastated. The groom stood by the front of the horse, still smiling from the doggy fuck she’d been subjected to earlier.

Strip club adventure

group endowedcouple 2018-03-26

We were sitting next to a couple black guys that were checking out Katie and Olivia all night. Once they got that down, violet said she had a move where she hummed on a cock as she sucked it. Kaysie agreed on the condition that she got to give the 2 black guys a lap dance. She started dancing and Olivia followed me and violet to a corner where she sat me down, unzipped my fly and pulled my cock out. When I came out, Katie was sucking a huge black cock right there in the club.!then violet pulled mine out again and sucked mine until I came all over her big tits.

Me,my husband, and our ex babysitter, part 3 of 3

group jackelaine 2018-03-26

I was shocked and for some stupid reason covered my tits with my hands.Abby took over and walked over to him and asked him if he liked what he saw. He asked how long this had been going on.Abby put her hand on his bulging cock and said not long,and asked him if he wanted to join in. Soon both Abby and I were cumming yet again.The smell of sex was thick in the air.He then shot his load deep inside her.I hoped she was on the pill. I lay on top of Abby in a 69 position.While we both licked each other in both holes, my husband entered me from behind, but it was better than it had ever been, and Abby was licking me, at the same time,and had her finger in my wet bum.

The Silver-Haired Sex Gang Ch. 07

group phunandsex 2018-03-26

I want you to look up kegeling and start practicing several times a day." I knelt behind her and slid my cock past her pussy lips deep inside of her and started pumping. The main thing I got out of it was that it really helps to be in decent shape for lengthy love-making like strengthening the PC muscles to hold off ejaculation. Tina said with a smile "Absolutely, I want to protect my love." She, like Kay, loved sun dresses and wore one to the first day. We would lay naked on the day bed listening to surf and the occasional people walk by on the beach while the ocean breeze caressed our bodies.

All Three Holes Pt. 05

group CandiNyse 2018-03-26

Bobby gently pulled and rolled my nipple while Susan licked out my cunt. He flexed his tongue inside her asshole, making her moan into my cunt, then withdrew and swirled it in circles, around and around the sensitive rim of her anus, while I licked and sucked her clit, my nose buried deep in her dripping love tunnel. The three of us rested there, thoroughly wrung out, wrapped around each other, Susan and I in sixty-nine, faces in cunts, with Bobby draped over us, his hands wrapped around those fabulous tits of hers, his balls resting against my chin, his long, soft cock at rest in the cleft of Susan's ass.

It is Like a Drug to Me

group SalaciousMusings 2018-03-26

He watches my hand on my own pussy, moving in rhythm to his thrusts now with an urgency that matches his own trying to draw out of me the pleasure that he feels at this moment. I reach for the nipple I just bit and lightly rub and the mew turns to a small scream that again echoes as your eyes open wide with pain and pleasure. I keep my eyes locked on him as I release his lips and move my hand to your clit and start to press and rub harder now, urging you to the edge of the cliff. I feel his hand now, on the back of my head urging me forward to do what he knows I have always wanted to do.