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Erotic Group Sex stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

Myth and Deception: April Fools

group Gorev_Reighl 2018-03-25

Tim let the outburst run its course then cradled Marcus' head in both of his hands and stared deep in his eyes. Marcus had first heard of Tim's "Balls with the Wind" epic drama not much more than 60 seconds after finishing his own Group Theater with Nina and Elana two months earlier. Both Nina and Marcus then ran their hands up the inside of Elana's thighs to massage the outside of her lips and Elana shivered. Almost on queue Nina pulled Elana's right leg a bit more apart and her pussy lips parted. "Um, Tim is gay - I think he's already given up on the girl thing" Nina stated with a laugh knowing that Elana sometimes gets things confused.


Moonlight Window

group PanesOfGlasss 2018-03-25

As she rubbed on herself, I said, "How would you like to have a woman's hands stripping of your clothes while I watch her doing it to you?" She responded as I expected, and a few more comments about a woman licking her breasts and caressing her body were all it took to bring her to a gasping, screaming climax. When I masturbated alone or made love to you, I would often think about those women watching me and maybe taking off my clothes and touching me. After that, any time I was having trouble getting off, Lara would whisper in my ear something like, "Helen is downstairs right now.


Memoirs of a Porn Actor Ch. 2

group Pat McCarthy 2018-03-25

But already on the way home, the image of what had just happened, with my making love to Annette on a stage and watching her get fucked by Dominique, was enough to bring me back to life. Angela told me to follow them so I could watch, and led Annette by the hand to the booth circle. Annette and I were thoroughly enjoying a long sixty-nine when one of the customers, a young man without inhibitions, opened his shirt, pulled his pants down and started stroking himself. I went out of the booth naked, my cock up and covered with spittle, made my way to the dressing room through the crowd waiting for the next numbers.

The Sex Rehab Diaries: Stacey

group Dancing_Doll 2018-03-25

I untied him, feeling him take control and pin me down on the bed, his breath hot in my ear, telling me how exciting it would be to know I had submitted myself completely and then come home to him to playfully torture him with every filthy detail. I could feel the dampness of my body as I moved to the music, blissfully unaware that we were being watched by a group of guys in the raised VIP section of the bar until Kendra leaned into my ear. I watched Aaron walk away and moved back into the bathroom and closed the door, looking at my reflection in the mirror and the wicked smirk playing on my lips as I waited to hear Matt's voice on the other end of the cell phone.


Dancing Competitions

group knickersoffready 2018-03-25

"Your samba needs a little polish" I told him, "although you already have a high standard." Then I turned to Harry and Clive and asked to watch closely in order to help Pete correct any slight faults. He spoke so softy to me, and as I was at the end of a row there was no-one on my other side to overhear, as he told me that he and Linda had discussed inviting Clive and me for a drink in their hotel room when we returned, when he said he would be able to speak louder about what he thought of my display.


Almost a Threesome

group LeslieBlue 2018-03-25

My good manners ruled, as I pulled away from Steve to greet Chris with a big, broad smile and warm handshake. While we carried on like old friends for a few minutes, Steve was kissing my neck, ears and lips. Eagerly, Chris reached out and touched, gently pushing Steve's hand away. His pink and nearly perfect cock was semi-hard, and I gently grasped it in one hand, pulling him and motioning him to slide around a bit, positioning him near my face so that I could give him a blow job. After a few more minutes of my mouth on his cock, Steve pulled away from me just a bit, sliding his full body on top of mine, mounting me in preparation for a good fuck.

Megan's New Life

group HankThomas 2018-03-25

Megan squatted over the toilet with her legs spread wide and heard the loud "plop" from the first big glob of cum that ran out of her pussy. Cum tasted different when it came out of her own pussy than when she licked it out of another girls cunt, even when it was from the same guy. The taste of her own pussy and cum seemed to mix different when she was sucking it right from the cock as opposed to scooping it from her cunt with her fingers The last of the sweet flavors were fading out now, the taste of pussy, and of ass, and of cum. Makeup gone, hair out of place, covered in sweat and dried cum, nipples hard, and shaved pussy raw and wet.

Sensations Escort Services Ch. 09

group SteveWallace 2018-03-25

Each of the girls buttressed their relationships with their new boyfriends over the autumn: Amber with Mike, Kat with Brad, and Edie with Martin. I'm not sure." She looked deep into Amber's eyes and confessed, "When you and I made love that was the first time, and then the weekend with Mike and you, well I'd never been in any situation with more than one other person. Margo finally whispered, "Yesssss," in response to the loving, gentle, and sexually-inclined assault Amber and Jim continued on her sexy body. Amber chided her for trying to look like a 1950s bathing beauty, and then teased, cajoled, and pleaded with her until she finally took off the suit and joined in the afternoon nudity.


A Photographic Foursome

group Sudders 2018-03-25

"Stuart wants a shot of your slits looking really, really wet and I'm going to make that happen, ok?" explained Hayley. So happy to see her man arse fucking this little whore, Hayley grabbed Daisy's hair and shoved her face into her cunt. Pushing Hayley away, he forced his dick into Daisy's mouth and demanded she suck it clean. The cycle began again: Stuart fucking the life out of the young girl; Hayley making Laura bend to her will and pleasure her clit. As if connected, all four found their way to an almighty climax together; the girls pleasuring one another with their fingers and mouths, the couple fucking and sucking.

Sweet Escape Ch. 03

group sailinggoddess 2018-03-25

Whether its lying on the deck sun bathing, relaxing, reading a book, preparing food, eating, fixing things that broke, looking at the brilliant night sky, playing cards, playing board games, playing with each other, discussing the mystery of life, and having sundowners - these are all ways we pass our time at sea. Poor Baby!" I told him as I kissed his waiting lips and grabbed him with my hips, holding his throbbing cock inside me. I enjoyed watching Jon. He could tell that Alex and I enjoyed a special relationship and I detected a slight jealousy in his eyes when he thought I wasn't looking. I left his store and headed towards the center part of the French Quarter, stopping in various cafés to listen to some great old-time New Orleans' Jazz.


Gina's Weakness Ch. 01

group BACarter 2018-03-25

Those masculine lips were now working their way along the outside of the shaft accompanied by a sensuous tongue softly painting the length with saliva. Another baritone moan filled the air pulling Gina's eyes back down to the action. Those slim fingers moved the head along those masculine lips painting them with that pearly white liquid. She watched the liquid gather on his lips as he descended that glorious shaft trying to imagine the sense of taste, the sense of pure maleness he must be experiencing. In what appeared to be slow motion, that shaft pulsed, the air filled with a long pleasurable moan and that mouth suddenly overflowed with thick rivers of cum.

Foursome Fantasy Becomes a Reality Ch. 02

group mdiver 2018-03-25

You know how I love for you to cum in my mouth; well, Teri enjoys having Don cum in hers." A big smile spread across my face. "Brenda was right, eating pussy is very enjoyable," Teri said with a big grin. Brenda moved off the bed as Teri got on her knees so I could insert my cock in her cunt and she could take Don's in her mouth. I quickly moved out of the way and Teri took Don's cock deep in her mouth. Teri placed her hand on Brenda's knee and said, "Well my dear, there is no way for me to describe the sensation of having a cock in your mouth and cunt at the same time.

My First Double Pussy Creampie

group nymphh 2018-03-25

He crawled up onto the bed where my head was arched back, moaning like a whore from the titty sucking Mark was giving me, took his cock out of his pants and groaned as he pushed it right down to the back of my throat, right at that gag spot. I slid my ass up a little so that Mark's dick slid out of me, but stayed on top of him, and felt Steve crawl around behind me and begin rubbing his dick against my juicy, freshly fucked cunt. Mark was now still sucking on my titties and kissing me, telling me what a good little whore I was being for him. "Mmmmmmmmmmmmm two cocks in my baby's little slut pussy," Mark moaned.

One Fun Night Ch. 04

group FunDareGuy 2018-03-25

It was at this point that both of us realized Charlotte was no longer wearing her little black thong, and Kristi was left staring at the shaved girl's naked pussy, clit ring and all. Looking back down at the girl's nude pussy Kristi replied, "I must admit I've never seen one of those before, let alone so up close and personal. Regardless, because of the size of Charlotte's breasts, the t-shirt dragged along her bare flesh and grazed across her nipples as Kristi continued to lift it upward. To get it all the way up and over her arms, Kristi had to take a step closer to her, and just as the shirt was coming off and Charlotte was removing her arms, their bare breasts touched briefly.

First Threesome

group naughtypickle 2018-03-25

Stacy got a bit tired early on and told me she was going to leave and that I should come home soon. When I got to Stacy’s apartment Indigo and Stacy had pushed the beds together and were talking and drinking some beer. Both Indigo and Stacy gave me a hard time for being late and almost missing my birthday present. It was a good thing that Indigo was not new to all of this, she was more than happy to help Stacy along. I can’t say that Stacy participated with Indigo in much more than kissing and fondling all, in all at this point I think she was still feeling a bit shy.

The Temp Ch. 02

group Pokerman 2018-03-25

Gina moved behind the chair and leaned over Jenn, rubbing her breasts gently, occasionally squeezing her nipples between her fingers. I looked up and was amazed at the sight in front of me – Gina squeezing Jenn’s breasts, while Jenn nibbled on Gina’s nipples. I brought Gina right to the edge of cumming, then pulled my fingers away, just like Jenn told me. As long as I was fucking her, Jenn couldn’t move away from Gina’s pussy, and she kept licking and sucking her beautiful flesh until Gina begged me to let her stop. Jenn was moaning loudly as Gina sucked on her pussy, and I knew she was going to cum again soon.


Valentina's Valentines

group tomlitilia 2018-03-25

Some of the guys had even hinted that they would like to take her out, but she had politely let them know that she wasn't going to date her employees because it was against the company policy. As far as she knew, the guys were all single too, but she still felt bad when she realized she had picked Valentine's day because she knew it was considered a big day for dating in America. I think I could lose my job if I kissed one of my employees." The last part probably wasn't true, but she felt she had to come up with some strong argument, primarily to convince herself it was a bad idea.


Camping with Stepdaughter 26

group 2018-03-25

Bonnie had her leg stretched out under the table with her foot between Lesly’s legs rubbing her hot little pussy. Susan leaned down and slid her tongue between her spread lips stopping just short of her open tunnel. Bonnie took in a deep breath and said EAT ME YOU LITTLE SLUTS EAT MY HOT PUSSY. Bonnie grabbed Susan by her tiny hips and pulled her pussy down on her face. Susan let out a scream and shoved her pussy hard into Bonnie’s face. Lesly pulled her close and slid her tongue into Susan’s mouth and deeply kissed her. They all looked up at me and Lesly and Susan got the hint that I wanted to be with Bonnie again.

The Army Buddy Ch. 2

group LadyBlueMoon 2018-03-25

In unison with his motion, her mouth opened wide, allowing his shaft to slide in across her soft tongue. Far from being angry about the sight that met his eyes, his wife firmly gripping another man's penis, Prew simply smiled and asked "Started without me?" He felt odd, sitting on the side of the bed, another man's wife running her hands over his chest and back while he drank with her husband. As Erica slipped her hand into his lap and began to bring his cock back to life, he was in no position to say no. Prew began to snap pictures while he climbed over Erica and took one nipple into his mouth.

Weekend Group Party

group hammertime 2018-03-25

Mike and Gail were hosting the neighborhood party for their small group of friends. Along with Mike and Gail were Tom and Cindy, Bill and Alice, Ralph and Maxine, Albert and his girl friend Lois. Cindy and Alice were tall with long legs and nice firm tits and like Gail, didn't mind showing them off. Mike mentioned to Gail after one of their parties that Lois looked like she could squeeze a man to death while they were fucking with her legs. It wasn't the first time with him or any of the other that her cunt had felt the touch of a man's hand other than Mike. Gail was having a good time but she knew that it was getting close to getting out of hand.


Dirty Rotten Schoolgirls

group fotisampini 2018-03-25

I love licking tits," Christine breathed, her clear azure eyes keeping hold of mine as she slowly lent forward to flick her long lithe pink tongue repeatedly over Brigitte's left nipple, causing me to bark a groan of utter disbelief. By the time she finally turned I had managed to fix a more neutral look in my face despite the f***eful sucking I could now feel as Brigitte slowly slid her lips in a tight ring up and down my poor penis. As soon as she'd finished shuddering I pulled out of her and began spurting copiously onto her belly and breasts, Brigitte and Christine immediately helping me by squeezing my testicles and rubbing my shaft respectively, ensuring I virtually covered Chloe's torso with my ejaculate.

The Weekend

group jimwilshow1 2018-03-25

The arousal grew stronger as Barb slowly began to rise out of the tub and lean forward to the glass of the shower. I then imagined Steve coming from behind her and entering her pussy, fucking her as she lean forward to kiss the glass, trying to break through to get my cock. I moved my hands up and down, watching Barb's mouth open and her tongue coming out as if it was stretching to taste my cock. Steve moved between Barb's legs and began to rub her pussy with his fingers. After a few more suck and licks of Steve's cock, I felt him tense and he began to shoot his load into my mouth.

Her First Swinger's Party

group Ronnie 1946 2018-03-25

I could sense the passion in his kiss and responded, my hand trailing down and finding his semi soft, cum covered cock and squeezing it lightly. Totally engrossed in lust for Gary's cock I didn't notice another presence in the room until I felt a mouth kissing my bum cheek. The new body in the room must have taken this action as an invitation to proceed because next there were hands on my bum cheeks, spreading them, and then I felt a tongue licking at my rosebud, probing at the forbidden entry. Just as I began to think he'd left the room, I felt a lubricated finger probe gently at my entry, and then penetrate me slowly but forcefully until I felt the palm of a hand against my butt cheeks.


Changes in the Bedroom

group sixtyplus 2018-03-25

“Lilly, how are things between you and Mark?” Linda wanted to know. Linda mentioned to George that Mark and Lilly were coming over that Saturday night for a barbecue and then they wanted to swim in their pool. George liked Mark and Lilly and was all for idea. Saturday night came and Mark and Lilly showed up right on time. “If George doesn't mind, I really like this way best!” he said as he stared With Linda standing directly in front of Mark, and Lilly doing the same for George, the women reached under the water and played with their hard-on's. Having been in the house several times before, Lilly took George by the dick and led him into the guest bedroom and lay on her back.