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Erotic Group Sex stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

The Meal Ch. 2

group Kip Carson 2018-03-25

As she sucked her clit, she began rubbing the wet pussy with her long red fingernails. Mona moaned and held Cindy by the back of her head, stroking her long beautiful red hair. Cindy knelt down and her and Mona began taking turns sucking the huge cock. Chad pushed his mother back onto the couch in a sitting position and he began rubbing the monstrous head across her wet slit. Mona moaned as her son moved his huge cock head up and down her wet pussy. Chad mounted her from behind and struggled to get the huge swollen cock head inside of her very tight pussy. Chad leaned forward and began licking his mothers hot pussy.

Our first Bi MMF

group 2018-03-25

I know this is a big turn on for her listening to her moan i believed it ;b My cock slipping from her mouth as she came.When she stopped shuddering she said "I want to suck both of you at the same time." we moved so that we were both on our backs our legs intertwined so that our cocks were right next to each other our balls resting against each others. It didnt take long before Angel came louder and harder than i had ever seen before covering both of our cocks in her juice, she slid off and shook and moaned for about a minute after ;b I wasted no time and stradlled you and slidyour big hard cock deep into my ass.

Three Days

group fadedgiant 2018-03-25

The shock forced me to break from David and Randy's hold but they soon had me back in place as I felt the hot sting of Marty's heavy leather strap burn across my entire ass. David and Randy slowly stroked their cocks as Mary left Marty and Anita. Anita had all eleven inches of Pat in her as more leather stroked my ass followed by Marty mounting me again. David took Richards place and slipped his cock up my ass as I watched Marty pound into my wife's cunt and blow a load in her. If you want to fuck him, be prepared to have your ass whipped hard." I knew she had received an initiation of spanking and fucking from Marty.


Quinn Goes Down

group wordsmith 2018-03-25

Quinn was a twenty-something city girl, three years out of college and enjoying life as a well-paid executive assistant in a communications firm, while working on her MBA. This Saturday morning, Quinn woke up with a slight headache from one vodka too many the night before, and a recently fucked feeling in her pussy from her buddy Steve's large cock. Within minutes, Quinn felt his full weight banging her ass, and his full length fucking her deep. Quinn tasted the wet pussy and became ravenous, she needed to eat this girl, give her an orgasm, and take Steve's load also, before she could get off herself.

Apartment Slut

group WhatIKnow 2018-03-25

I bet your little pussy loves getting fucked." I reach around her and grab her ass. Her clenching pussy squeezes my cock till I cum, filling the rubber with a huge load. She is begging for me to fuck her hard and I have a hold of her hips as I plunge my cock into her waiting pussy. I start taking long, slow strokes with my cock as I push my finger into her ass and soon have it up to the second knuckle. I just stare at her a moment, but waste no time pulling out of her pussy and pushing against her ass.


Three to Tango

group techsan 2018-03-25

Jan had Keith sit at the head of the bed while she got on her hands and knees to suck his cock. I felt my balls quiver and rammed into her pussy hard for a few strokes before I grabbed her hips and held us tightly together just as the cum started boiling up and out of my straining cock. Her little girl eyes captured my full attention and as she stared into my eyes, she opened her mouth wide, stuck out her tongue and began to lick my cock head like it was a lollipop. With Keith sucking my balls, rolling them with his tongue, and moving his finger in and out of my ass, his wife sucked my cock and squeezed back my climaxes three times.


My Cousin's Sorority Ch. 02

group JoeDreamer 2018-03-25

"Let's go back to the room and have a couple of drinks before going out," my cousin said once the meal was done. I was resetting the board once again when Sarah surprised me by asking questions about what happened between Toni and me. I wasn't sure why, but Sam and Larry were smiling and Sarah looked unhappy. Let's play foosball instead," Sam said. He taught Sam how to play foosball almost at the same time he showed him how to ride a bike," Larry said with a grin. "Sarah, did Tara tell you I joined a fraternity at my school?" I asked as Sam put the ball in play. "...And then Sam took a swing at Tom," Sarah said.


Secluded Bliss Ch. 02

group Liquor69 2018-03-25

The thing Marv definitely knew was that he wanted his cock inside Annette's spectacular ass right not. "Darling, we don't want you hurting your knees when you're sucking cock or licking pussy," John told her. "That's good because darling, the one thing I have not done today is suck your cock and now, I want you to sit back, watch this movie and enjoy," she said as she kissed him deeply and slipped to her knees. Tabitha turned his head and she kissed him lovingly and deeply as Inga started to work what could only be described as a miracle on his cock. He grabbed Tabitha's hand and his cock erupted, sending massive ropes of his hot cum into Inga's hungry mouth.


The Department Store Ch. 03

group Jena121 2018-03-25

When next they visited Bob made sure that he did not drink too much as he had all intentions of getting some pussy from Jean. Not wanting to disappoint her, I complied with her wishes, but much harder that I would ever pinch Jean's nipples. She could use her cunt muscles to squeeze my prick and that felt so fucking good. My attention was drawn back to the moment as Ann had been squeezing my cock with her cunt muscles and I started to feel my cum about to erupt. I unloaded a stream of hot white cum deep within Ann's cunt as she clenched her pussy to make it tighter still.

Welcome Home

group Justdome 2018-03-25

I pulled Michelle back up towards me as I started to massage her pussy and inserted my fingers into her already soaking cunt. Nathalie gave me a hug and Michelle reached down and massaged my dick as she got in, Nathalie's back was turned. Michelle then starts to suck on Nathalie's nipples and moves her hand inside Nathalie's bikini panties to finger her clit. As Michelle bends over to suck on Nathalie's nipples, her ass pushes back into my cock. Michelle steps out of her panties and lies down on the floor pulling Nathalie's panties off and exposing her pussy to Michelle's mouth. As Michelle recovers she plants her pussy on top of my face and starts to kiss and massage Nathalie's breasts again.

Widening the Circle Ch. 07

group fntsymn 2018-03-25

She had called during the week wanting to know everything that happened in their vacation but that day Vanessa was busy preparing the outline for her lectures and hadn't been able to tell her much except that they'd had a great time so they'd agreed to meet over the weekend. "Mhh, that sounds good, so you can stay with us for the weekend, you know, Bob is also looking forward to something more than watching pictures and Ed and Pam are coming over tomorrow so we all can have some fun." Vanessa told Karen. "Well Van, actually there's something I wanted to tell you about that." Karen said, "You know it's not that I have anything about you guys having sex with other people.


Support Our Troops

group mrklin 2018-03-25

"Young men like you need to sample around and not settle on any one girl for a few more years." I laughed and rolled my eyes at the Corporal as Lisa smiled at both of them. By the time we reached the floor the other three guys were staying on, Lisa was kissing Jeremy as both he and Tom held and massaged my wife's breasts through her dress. We stepped into our room with Lisa leading Tom and Jeremy by the hand. Tom's hands kept busy by unclasping Lisa's bra as Jeremy guided her dress down her legs to the floor.


MP3 Playlist: Freak Me

group tamalone 2018-03-25

"You hear this young boy T," Hunny replied, "Miss Cummings, well, I guess that shit is better than Ma'am." She looked me in the eyes, "Young Boy we about to fuck, so no need for formalities. She smiled at me, and it was, before I met Lynn of course, the most beautiful smile I had ever seen."So, is fucking me a fantasy come true?" she said shooting me a sexy look. She looked at me grinning, "You mean that shit don't you with your high, sexy, nice cock havin ass," She laughed taking the joint from me, and took a deep toke, before she put it out in a glass ashtray.


Jims Mowing

group Inseminator181 2018-03-25

Joel, took a moment to admire her pussy, Krissy's labia was engorged, her Joel could feel the change in Krissy's body as he worked his tongue. Soon Krissy felt Joel's body change slightly, his Joel groaned loudly and Krissy could feel his cock pulse as it cock, wet with Krissy's pussy juice and his semen. Krissy felt Joel's hands on the back of her head, she knew what this Joel was only focussed on the feeling in his cock and Krissy stood at the front of the couch, Krissy grabbed Joel by the cock and Krissy, could feel cock at both ends, she felt like a complete slut, Krissy felt Joel's knob grow bigger and his thrusts become more

A Christmas for Sharing

group body_artist 2018-03-25

Cheryl's problem was that Debbie's rich live-in boyfriend Dan overindulged the gorgeous blonde with everything she could ever want. John never minded having the incredibly sexy Debbie around and Cheryl, if pressed for an answer, might concede she kind of liked her sister's hunk of a boyfriend. One of the best things about having Dan around, according to John, was the fact he often asked his little sister Trisha to tag along. There had been many times when John was thinking about either Debbie or Trisha while fucking Cheryl. When he and Cheryl were with Debbie and Dan for Thanksgiving, John made sure the entire group was thoroughly under the influence. Your turn," John said, looking at Debbie.


Baseball & Hot Tubs...

group MaterialGrl 2018-03-25

And to continue the story...Todd and Lisa went their own way after the ballgame, which left my husband, Jeff and myself....and let me remind you, I was so horny at this point. My husband immediately stripped down and got in the hot tub, and I was much more reserved, not wanting to strip down in front of Jeff, especially with hubby watching. Now here is where it gets interesting I am sitting in this hot tub, my husband to my left playing with my breasts, and Jeff to my right trying with all his might to get into my panties. I hope we stay in touch and mayhap fulfill Todd's fantasy for the three of us...but then again, I can't complain about my husband and Jeff's loving later that night.

Class Act

group zimabean 2018-03-25

She told me she had always wanted to fuck me and that I was her first black cock. I asked about her husband and she told me she had three other men and two women besides her husband she fucks on a regular basis and he knew about them, they have an open marriage. I told her I would as I wanted to fuck Alice again. Tony was the other woman and we met at Alice's house. I mounted Alice first and we fucked like crazy till we both came hard. My cock soon got hard again so I mounted Tony, slowly. After that night I became one of Alice's regular lays, fucking her a couple of times a week.

Condominium Ch. 12

group SteveWallace 2018-03-25

As we stood and sipped some wine, and snacked on a few things within reach, Amber came by and I got to introduce Kristi. Kristi said in a serious tone, "I hate to admit it, and I've had sex with more than a few men -- I don't think I'm promiscuous or a slut or anything like that, but I have enjoyed the act often." She sighed and took a deep breath, before going on; "And, I have never ... She floated into the room, obvious awash in someone's semen, but went right to Kristi to kiss her, and then to her pussy to commence a cleanup of the area, inside and out.



group ck3891 2018-03-25

Cooperatively, Mel shifted her legs apart and lifted her hips, giving me, opposite her, a view of the lips of her pussy, before Andy spread lotion down over the top of her thigh. He stroked out from the hairless slit to the top of each thigh, and a little moan escaped from Mel. Teasingly, Andy lightly brushed her clit once more—then his fingers danced away, coating her mound and surrounding skin with sunscreen. Andy's finger disappeared slowly up Mel's pussy, his thumb lightly circled her clit, while the other hand gently held her waist, and their tongues entwined. Mel looked up at Andy, whose attention was all on her face, one hand resting on her shoulder, and slowly engulfed more of his length, applying slight suction.


At Last - Part One

group bbwsforever 2018-03-25

Kate had known Sarah for years and was the very closest of all her friends which down the years had brought a close and friendly familiarity with Sarah’s husband Dave. Dave had long been an admirer of Kate’s wide, curvy ass which gave way to luscious thighs, a combination that meant she walked with a natural wiggle and sway giving off consistent “come and get it” signals. Kate’s breasts were ample though not particularly large; as she turned to face Dave she fixed him with one of her signature “I know what you’re thinking” smiles as her naughty green eyes stared piercingly into his own full brown eyes. Kate ventured into Sarah and Dave’s room and quickly saw the cream, silky gown d****d across a chair.

House Warming

group Justtoold 2018-03-25

She replied in a coy voice while still smiling with that teasing look on her face, "I didn't say anything about how I was going to 'behave..." If you remember I told him I "would do my best." She paused a bit then added, "But I also didn't say best at what though." When I came back Quince was standing beside Lindsey, bent over with a hand caressing her leg, and with his other hand he had one of the strings from her bikini top between his fingers and in a teasing voice was asking her, "What happens when a guy pulls the end of these strings?" Of course, watching Quince using Lindsey's body like that, there was no way I couldn't help but get a hard on.


A Gangbang Fantasy Ch. 01

group sammdavis113 2018-03-25

They fucked her for what seemed like hours before as two of the men cried out at roughly that same time, filling her pussy and her mouth with hot, sticky cum. As they pulled away cum ran from her pussy, down her legs and onto the bed; her husbands cock still well positioned deeply inside her. One cock slide in her pussy as another left her throat, followed by her mouth wrapping deeply around the huge dick in front of her and the sweat from his balls brushing her chin, as her husbands continued to expertly dig deep into her pussy with such perfected rhythm.

Paul and John Share Melissa

group pjlush 2018-03-25

"She is good looking, and a lovely pair of tits," he finally said smiling as he opened his eyes and he watched Paula working his cock. Paula looked up smiling before slowly starting to lick the length of John's hard cock, stopping for a moment to ask, "So how do you want her?" Paula leaned over to John and gave him a kiss giggling from the hit of tequla and then looked over to Robert to see him smiling with his arm around Melissa. Paula giggled and squeezed his cock a little, she was enjoying the building up excitement and she loved John talking to Melissa like that.


Condominium Ch. 06

group SteveWallace 2018-03-25

I got a call one day from Bree Wilson, the CIO at Delta Pharma, headquartered in the growing town of Sky Palm Ranch about a half-hour drive from the condo. Amber was kissing Bree, and pinching her nipples in a highly erotic way. Bree was even happier when Amber went down on her to lick and suck up my cum, and then share it with her in some sapphic kisses that were really excuses to snowball my load. Bree and I were at work at Delta by eight in the morning, even after stopping for coffee at the Starbucks near our condo on our way out of the city in our reverse commute.