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Erotic Group Sex stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

Anniversary Surprise

group batcrazyluvr 2018-03-25

"Come on Honey, let's go dance." He followed me to the dance floor where several other couples and women were dancing. "Give me three rum and cokes and three shots of something yummy, your choice." I said to the hot young bartender. I headed back to the table as the song was ending and Matt wandered back to our table with the younger Jackie following behind. "Oh wow Heather. You guys are amazing and such an awesome couple. Matt pulls away, "Sorry Jackie, that was rude." Matt apologized. In the bathroom, I steady myself and take a couple deep breaths. "Um , Heather? "Um , Heather? They were both moving wildly and breathing heavy. "You two are awesome.

Campground Grannie

group jadon69 2018-03-25

“I think she likes you”, her husband Fred exclaimed. I was getting hard just thinking about her wrinkled soft fingers wrapping around my cock. I helped her out of it and off with her bra while kissing her and flicking her tongue so Fred could start imagine how I was going to devour his wife’s puss. “oh, Fred, look at his cock, it’s shaping up to be a monster”. “You like that young lads tongue don’t ya hon’?” Fred whispered in her ear as he took out his semi hard cock. She took her husband into her toothless mouth and sucked him, his cock muffling her cries as I licked her clit and stuck a finger into her cunt.

By A Mountain Stream

group Hitchhiker 2018-03-25

When we walked into the hut Liz was stripped off to her knickers giving herself an all over wash, Tiffany thought this was a great idea and asked me if I minded going outside whilst she had her wash. Liz lay down next to us and just watched as Tiffany moved her pussy back and forth over my mouth to apply attention and pressure to all the right places at the right time. So she started to kiss my cock with growing confidence, Tiffany told Liz to suck it properly. But it wasn't going to be wasted .As Tiffany came over and helped Liz lick it all up, with both girls kissing each other in the process; this had a great effect on me, resulting in my cock just staying rock hard.

Fortune Favors the Daring

group Salvor-Hardon 2018-03-25

They walked down the hall, Simone leading Krista by her arm, and finally stood before the large doors that led to the library. As the doors opened, Simone stepped away and let Krista enter on her own. Some people in black masks like her own were naked, or clad in leather, a few even in the same tuxedos and dresses as the members in the red, white and gold. "I think the new girl is going to like it here, love." The woman's voice was just at Krista's ear. The woman began to move Krista's legs apart with her hands, leading her to spread them and open herself to the man.


Share & Share Alike

group John P. 2018-03-25

Gina locked her ankles around my legs, squealed with delight, and slowly began to grind her ass as I started to pump my cock in and out of her. As I began to get hard, Gina placed the head of my dick in her mouth, then worked her way down the shaft till she had deep throated me. Watching you two last night got me horny as hell." Half jokingly, I told Linda to ask Gina if she was willing to share. As we began to fuck, Linda wrapped her chubby little legs around my back, I grabbed one of her ass cheeks in each hand, spread her ample hips even wider, and we got down to some serious screwing.

A Billionaire's Life Ch. 07

group bluedragonauthor 2018-03-25

Her head bowed forward as she kept up the rhythm, and together my wife and I made morning love until we both softly moaned our releases, Taylor's whole body shivering with pleasure while I spunked out my load against her inner walls. Meanwhile, Ashlyn talked about calling the agency to resume taking modeling gigs, and she, Taylor, and Kate gossiped together like her depression had ever happened. "Hey, isn't Taylor's birthday coming up soon?" Ashlyn glanced at Kate and then at Charlotte, who would certainly know. It's not like you had time to think, 'Oh, maybe I should go ask my girlfriend before fucking this INSANELY gorgeous woman.'"


Wild Oats: The Canoe Trip

group twistedgraygoat 2018-03-25

I caught the cooler and the canoe as they drifted by and Jason was able to grab a sleeping bag, which he had thoughtfully enclosed in a trash bag, and his paddle. Jason opened up the trash bag to serve as a ground cloth under the sleeping bag and I began gathering wood for a fire on the beach. In the end they towed us back and the three boys took turns loving me, in the canoe with the sleeping bag spread out on the floor, as we motored slowly back to civilization. I cleaned up in the river, put on my bikini bottom and Jason's T-shirt and we finished our canoe trip sexually satisfied.

Triad Ch. 06

group SteveWallace 2018-03-25

An hour later and mostly sated, Abby teased, "Did you like seeing Connie and my mother's pussy?" The three of us were lying nude in the middle of our bed. Out of nowhere, Abby suddenly popped up on one elbow and looked me in the eye; she asked, "Jim, would you like to make love to my mother or to Connie?" Anna and Abby walked away, leaving me standing with my arms around Jean - Abby's mother - Connie. I didn't hold back with Connie, plus Jean, Abby, and Anna gave me some eye candy by creating a beautiful sapphic trio on the adjacent lounger that turned me on.


After Work Activities

group C Love 2018-03-25

Kara's right hand massaged Meredith's tits while Meredith's hand began to rub up and down my thigh. For the entire 30-minute train ride, we fondled and kissed and groped each other the way we'd always joked about at work and happy hour. I hurried over and slid in behind Kara, massaging her breasts as she and Meredith continued to kiss and grope. Meredith and I quickly helped Kara out of her blouse and bra, and spent a good bit of time kissing, sucking and feeling her newly freed tits. I alternated between kissing Kara's mouth and Meredith's still wet pussy. I turned my head and kissed her as I fondled Meredith's breasts with one hand, and tickled her crotch with the other.

Campus Call-Girl

group English Bob 2018-03-25

They were the eyes that Tom had fallen for the first time he had seen her back in college and he knew instantly that Janine was as keen to return to see their old friend as he was. They discussed the coming wedding in some detail and Chris was somewhat relieved when Tom asked him to be Best Man. One beer swiftly followed another and as the warm afternoon sun heated their bodies their conversation, inevitably turned to the subject of sex and of their previous adventures. As Janine let her hands drop, Tom saw her look up into Christopher's eyes with longing.

Susan and John's First DP

group gregsforyou 2018-03-25

I loved the way she was sucking me and she loved having her nipples pulled, tweaked and pinched I continued to do this as she got more of my hard cock into her mouth, my hand reached for the back of her head and I proceed to push deep into her mouth... We got Susan to lay on the bed with her legs up and her head near the edge of the bed so John could kiss and play with her great tits and hard nipples, as he began she reached out and directed his hard cock into her mouth... I knew Susan was hot and needed to cum the moment my mouth came near her sweet pussy to kiss and suck it she arched up to meet my tongue...

Villa Paradiso

group no_hearted 2018-03-25

Bun, Billy, Willy, Supi, Tomy, Indra, and Yulius are friends since the last year of Senior High School. Bun is a slim-looking guy just like Supi, Tomy and Yulius, Willy is a kinda fat guy, while Billy and Indra are though-looking guy. Tommy then forward his dick in her mouth, and said"Will you?" Imelda licked the head, and Tommy began to moan, feeling the pleasure. With no hesitation, Billy jumped out from his bed, then stripped himself, but then he was gonna slam his dick to her mouth, Siu Fen said, "No, not right there. Willy was gonna rammed his dick to Lina' pussy but Indra's hand cover her pussy, and said"She want to keep virgin, don't ram it!"

Katie Helps Out

group MistressMata 2018-03-25

You commented how good my corset looked and I could already feel you getting hard against my thigh. You just stood there and stared at the obviously tall, red head who was kneeling naked and blindfolded in the center of the room. While you finished undressing, I went behind my friend Katie and began stroking her. I used my velveted gloves to trace the outline of her face, neck, and just barely her breasts; making her nipples jump to attention. I pulled Katie back so that she was lying on her back on the floor with her legs spread. You kissed Katie softly, then leaned over and kissed me a bit more passionately, then stood to get your clothes.


group pickohio 2018-03-25

He told her to open her legs as wide as she could so he could cum deep in her, so she grabbed her toes and pulled them wide..then he started to tense up then buried it in deep and started to wife had a total look of pleasure on her face when he came..I wasn't sure if it was from feeling him cum of that she finally got a break from his big cock. But when he pulled out a masive amount of cum dripped out of her..he got up and she just laid there spent with her legs open...He looked at me and said that was some great pussy...Hell ya I of the best i have ever came in....he agreed.

Jayne Returns Ch. 02

group justachicky 2018-03-25

I watched as he rubbed, then pinched my nipple, rolling it between his fingers and I saw that he was doing much the same to her clit, seeing her start to move her hips again, thrashing about, enjoying another orgasm was enough to make me cum as well. I tried to slow it down, to make it last, but as usual, I had little control over my body, I closed my eyes as I felt my muscles contract hard around him, my body wracked with spasms as I murmured, "WOW!" He pulled from me, and just as I started to protest at the emptiness that I felt, I felt his cum hit my stomach, then my tits, then I watched as he decorated Jayne's beautiful breasts.

Punishing her husband

group diddliedoo 2018-03-25

Billy, the younger b*****r of Tom’s best friend Ray, stammered, “Yes ma’am, but I don’t know if I ever seen one get wet yelling at her husband.” They quickly pulled their dicks out and began to stroke them as she rubbed her pussy. She rubbed herself through her shorts at first, but slipped her hand inside so she could run her fingers through her pussy lips and against her clit. Barbara took a second to look back and see Billy trying to lick her pussy again. Willy grabbed her hair and turned her face toward his dick just in time to shower it with cum. Her husband grabbed her by the hips and thrust his dick in her sloppy wet pussy.

A Baby - Family and His Brother Ch. 07

group Nicole48606 2018-03-25

I didn’t know at the time, Jan already wrote them about me, sent a picture, and found out later, they were as excited to see me, as their family was to see them. I grabbed his cock and slowly started to stroke it up and down, letting my lips touch the tip and then circling my tongue over its head. While this conversation was going on, Lisa was massaging my clit, kissing, licking my face and neck, and I continued to massage John’s cock. As John inserted his cock into my cunt, my face just naturally went to Lisa pussy and started to lick her slit. John cock went limbed, and then came out, Lisa leaned over and started to lick my pussy, licking what cum that came out.

Wanting more

group OneRegret 2018-03-25

I look at Jake, searching for any kind of anger about the kissing, and all I see is his face getting ready to go down on me. In fact, as Jake works his magic on my already wet clit, I'm kissing Joe again. Jake able to take his off while still using his tongue, and I'm getting close to cumming. As I'm going down on Joe, Jake stops to watch me- and that's a huge turn on. Joe wraps his huge arms around me, pulls me in for a long kiss. I break from the kiss to moan more and Joe shoves my face into his huge, tan, hairless chest. Jake gets up to start breakfast and joe hands me his phone.

Justine Misbehaves

group ARGEE 2018-03-25

I was now standing about 10' from Justine who was slowly swaying in the center of the group when one of the men came over to her and pulled her blouse apart and we could all she her breasts clearly in the light. Over the next 50 minutes, Justine sat down on all of the cocks in the group and I knew she had been fucked by them all and I was equally sure they had all cum inside her. It took me a long time to get Justine to walk with me to our car after having replaced her blouse but I couldn't find her bra nor her panties.

Sexploits Ch. 08: Kaitlyn Pt. 02

group dpingjessie 2018-03-25

While Miles, Keith and I tasted Katie's body, Pete stifled the girl's moans by kneeling beside her head and shoving his cock into her mouth. Katie swung her head back and moaned, her long blonde hair falling in Miles's face, all as I slid deeper and deeper into the girl until she was entirely fixed on two cocks that penetrated deep inside her body. My head over one of Katie's shoulders and Miles's over the other, we sandwiched the sexy bitch like she had experienced so many times before, all the while as she continued to stretch her legs straight out into the air in what must have been quite the erotic spectacle for my buddies who watched on.


The Penthouse 4

group ajkepper 2018-03-25

Sarah walked over to Anders and started guiding him into the penthouse suite and Andrew started to face the other way while he was eating his cheeseburger. Andrew started go lick Sarah's clitoris and Sarah screamed and she wanted it to be hardcore and let her take it really good and wet. Anders started to lick the nipples of Sarah's tits. Anders went more faster Sarah was getting arouse by this and she wanted to eat also so Andrew undid her from the X board she went to go eat her greek salad. Andrew, Sarah and Anders are 3 people that have to learn when they have to move on in the series of this Penthouse saga.

Golf Prose Pt. 01

group OneSilky 2018-03-25

Lots of hard cocks sounds like fun, with guys who wouldn't hurt me, but it's also a little scary." The next guy practically shoved the first guy out of the way trying to get in, half of them didn't know what color eyes I have." Jess paused, looking into long ago times that frightened me even listening to her. Once I was fully exposed, I dropped them quickly, grabbed them in my right hand, and shot them like a rubber band into the waiting face of the only man still bereft of clothing. I threw my head back and took a sip, and then let a mouthful drip off my tongue and down my lips to dribble over my breasts and drop upon the table.

Wet Jersey Sweater: Real Life

group Drago_777 2018-03-24

One time while at Sovereign Bank, I saw a teller crying (a good looking Hispanic woman about 30 years old) because she got into a sex business contract because she could not payoff her debt to the bank (soon after, she and her husband did divorce, and another teller, I saw her pictures as a real Ghetto Beauty or some title like that on the one of the pages linked trough the -– her boobs are rather big, but she is rather fat--did offer to help him with impotence due to his wife's whoring) ; she was angry that she got sandwiched by two men of the local elite, but she said no "no," and was sandwiched too quickly, and too tightly to even be able to struggle against them plus the law enforcement does not take stories of exotic dancers as seriously as of ordinary women (most especially that the law enforcement agent may be either working for the some one close to the offenders or be the offender).

The Society

group BigDave1340 2018-03-24

Slowly, the butler escorted the female up the human corridor and stopped within feet of Simon and the host. “It is done!” Hoorays erupted and Simon’s hands and feet were untied as the female stood and took the butler’s arm, escorting the woman out of the ballroom. Simon stood still and scanned the room, taking in it’s splendour; the curious trinkets, the female guests and the other mask’s movements. ‘So it begins,’ Simon thought to himself as he felt his cock stiffen to full hardness in the female’s hot, wet mouth. The female stood and turned her back on Simon, then slowly sat on his cock. She tongued Joy to orgasm and Simon felt Joy’s grip on his cock intensify.