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Erotic Group Sex stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

first group/first cuckold

group mrsmalls1234 2018-03-24

She turned towards me back to Cory and Brett and bent shook her plump ass out of that skirt giving me a little wink as she bent over touching the floor exposing her uncovered pussy to the guys. She laid on top of me and I licked her dripping pussy and she sucked taking breaks while telling me she loves being slutty and asked if it was ok to be a slut tonight. The guys laughed when Kortny sat up pushing her loose cum filled pussy right in my face. Cory asked how many dicks she has sucked, I knew the answer was 7 including these guys but when kortny said 12 plus you two I was shocked.

First Time Sharing

group overseas 2018-03-24

I looked down and could see Jon's cock growing inside of the left leg of his loose slacks, very near my wife's hand. Christina said, "Jared, get up here and watch this." With her slender hands, she jacked and squeezed Jon's cock. Jon must have not been aware that it was my mouth on his cock because he looked down and laughingly said, "Oh my God, we are all going straight to Hell." We all giggled a little and things slowed down for a bit. I said to Christina, "Can I fuck you?" She pulled Jon's cock from her mouth, then answered, "Yes, yes." The kiss lasted a long time as Christina fucked Jon. She said, "That's so hot, so hot."

Terry Pt. 04: Final

group nonamesusie 2018-03-24

Mike moved to the side to make room for her but he continued to pummel Robin's soft, bare pussy like a rutting savage, hammering into her body with brutal thrusts. Terry opened to the kiss and that's when Mike slammed hard into the girl and came, jerking, shooting his load inside her pussy. Terry touched Robin all over, smelled her sweet skin, and kissed her neck as Mike worked his finger in her ass, spreading her open, lubing her for his big cock. Robin kissed each of them, touched them freely, licked Mike's nipples and stroked his balls until he shoved his cock deep into Terry and spurted hot long ropes of gooey cum into her.

King Ludwig's Revenge

group venuscoffee 2018-03-24

While touring Neuschwanstein Castle, I noticed a rare painting of Elisabeth, the Empress of Austria, the famed and jilted lover of King Ludwig. “Excuse me?” I asked turning to the stranger dressed as King Ludwig II, an obvious tour guide at Neuschwanstein castle, the famed home of this eccentric king who died with his lover out of their homosexual shame in the Victorian era. Knowing all that I had taught you of the fine art of love making, you wasted upon him?” he asked, pouring the wine and reclining on the blanket still dressed as King Ludwig and playing the part to the extreme. “Oh yes, the commoner,” said Max. “On your feet, Elisabeth.”

Thong Fantasies Ch. 04

group Smooth_Bi_Guy 2018-03-24

Despite my admiration of Maria's voluptuous body, the swelling in my cock had subsided somewhat and I felt safe enough to remove the book covering my groin. Maria's head was still turned towards me when I settled back on the sun-lounger, so I took a risk and asked if she would mind putting some sun-cream on my back. My cock was starting to swell and strain against the mesh pouch under Eric's piercing stare and I told him that I couldn't wait to feel his cock inside my willing ass. Maria didn't hesitate with her response and told us that she wanted me to undress Eric and suck his cock until he was hard enough to fuck my eager hole.


Dave Meets Vicki Ch. 10

group Rick_A 2018-03-24

When her hand reached Vicky's wet snatch, she realized for the first time, her pretty step-daughter was being ass fucked. Dave watched over her shoulder as she licked Denise's ass hole and pussy. Vicky finger fucked her step-mom's ass or pussy - whenever she wasn't sucking it. Dave felt his orgasm explode as Vicky's anus clenched tighter and tighter in conjunction with the lewd ministrations of the wanton woman beneath them. Vicky had thrust four fingers into the little woman's twisting ass hole. Soon Denise could no longer hold back the blast of cum that was building as her step-daughter sucked her bulging clit and fisted her ass. Dave's hand massaged Vicky's clit as she began to cum.

Her First 3some

group desireinu 2018-03-24

I worked my way down to his sexy stomach as I felt his chest with my hands; I pulled my hands down and started to rub his hard cock through his jean shorts. Bill really wanted to fuck, so he started to rub his hard cock on my ass and slowly worked it down to my pussy; it slid right in from being so wet. Bill was flicking my hard nipples and rubbing my clit with each hand as he felt so excited, his hands were going over every part of my body, making sure he felt me and enjoyed the feel of me as he watched my suck Ryan's cock while he fucked me hard and fast.

A Good Weekend Gone Great

group patdown 2018-03-24

But what made me think, 'Oh this IS going to work out' was that my charming boyfriend Ted was standing behind Glen and reaching around with both hands, his left playing with a sweet pair of dangling balls and the right stroking Glen's big cock while bumping his own boner against Glen's cute butt. And damn it was just incredible to feel Glen's monster dick go deeper than I had ever known and oh he could really pull back and plow forward good and hard planting my fat butt deep into the bed. So there we were me holding Ken's hips with both hands pumping my strap on deep in his tight little ass while next to us my boyfriend Ted was getting his own sweet little butt porked by Glen's fat 11 inches.

Basketball Game

group B5040905 2018-03-24

Jeff had pulled his cock out and was stroking it slowly watching Becky swallow Doug. I looked up as Billy got to the end of the couch where Becky's mouth was. Looking down Becky is so sexy with a cock on her face and mine between her tits. So sexy I almost cum right then, Those eyes look right into my soul as she takes Troy's cock into her mouth. Then pulling it out of her mouth she takes it in her hand and smacks her tongue with the wet head. Autumn leaned in and licked the little bit of my cum on Becky's chin. Autumn started collecting the cum with her fingers and feeding it to Becky.

Numbers Game

group hkristofer 2018-03-24

Trinity laughed a bit harder, and Daisy roller her eyes at me, but they turned to face one another, leaned in, and began to kiss. Daisy began to moan louder, and I pushed Trinity's fingers more firmly against her cunt, guiding her hand in small circles as I knew Daisy liked to have her pussy rubbed. Trinity worked her way down, and I watched as she began running her tongue up and down Daisy's pussy, As Daisy's breathing increased; Trinity cupped her mouth over her clit, taking it between her lips. Her lips were sticky from licking Daisy's clit, and the taste of my girlfriend's pussy on another girl's tongue filled me with a frantic, drunken desire.

While Steven's Asleep...

group Gary_Alexander 2018-03-24

When she came out into the living room fifteen minutes later, wearing her t-shirt and panties but carrying her jeans, Randi said "Wow, you look good 'n fucked." Finally, praying Randi was right when she said that Steven wasn't likely to climax when he was drunk, she positioned the tip of his penis by the opening of her vagina again and without giving herself a chance to reconsider, thrust her body down. I can't believe I managed to stay 'asleep' the whole time Anna and Britt were fucking me; but I lost it when Calista started sucking my dick and finger-fucking herself, and I started cumming like crazy."

MILFs and their daughters go shopping

group XXXNoBounds 2018-03-24

I'm glad you did. There's been something I've been wanting to talk to you about." Randi told him. Dan quickly shut his mouth, already thinking about how he could talk his way out of this mess. "I'm glad we had this talk. Shit! "I guess I was wrong!" she whispered seductively as she stroked his long shaft. After a long afternoon of power shopping, Randi, Andrea and their daughters sat outside Smith& Wollensky's enjoying the unseasonably warm weather and some liquid refreshment. . Well, I guess that would be okay . Okay . Okay . Okay . You know it goes on all the time in Middleton. Gawd Babee!!!!" . Gawd!!! Holy Shit!!!!

My Wicked Ways Ch. 05

group SEVERUSMAX 2018-03-24

When Nydia actually began sucking Ninve's clit, while my cock went balls deep in her ass, my Assyrian princess just lost it. Something about having another woman try to drink the breast milk from her nipples drove Ninve, but nothing compared to when I really amped up the speed of fucking her ass and Nydia started fingering her cunt as well. That was when Sandra turned to face me and asked, "We've been talking, trying to sort out who we think should be the official wife, though all of us would like a wedding and everything else eventually, at least someday when polygamy is no longer banned.



group KrystalLWatson 2018-03-24

As you began to grow accustomed to the feeling, you started to rock your head back & forth gently fucking your ass, your movements giving little tugs to the clamps on your pussy lips. The first man stepped forward between your legs & thrust his hard cock deep into your ass, as Miranda fired bolts of electricity through your nipples once again making you cry out in pain. The first man at your head stepped forward & gripping your hair roughly turned your head & thrust his cock into your mouth, making you gag as it hit the back of your throat & starting you begging for them to stop.

Sight Unseen

group Deckard Kincaid 2018-03-24

She knows how they feel in her arms at the peak of their passion. She never sees, but she knows each one intimately. Who sees her each day and knows, she wonders? Every man she sees she wonders: does he know her tightness? For those fleeting moments of blind abandon she lives a life aroused, wondering which smiling stranger she meets has had her, which man or woman she passes on the street recognizes her, which nondescript building she passes by is The One within which she's rent and ravished, and within which she will be again. It's her world unseen, to where she yearns to be led again and where in her blindness she'll once more know the passions of her strangers.


Dating a Blind Girl

group hodaddie 2018-03-24

I came home and she was sitting in the living room in the chair naked watching or I should say listening to the T.V. I gave her a big kiss and finger her pussy. She started to moan and I kept going, Max came out of the bathroom and saw me fucking Liz on the loveseat and he got horny. She got up and was about to slid her shorts up when Max came back into the room and saw her ass. I told her about the day I came home and saw them fucking. What she didn’t know, I brought over a guy I just met in the store and asked him to come over and fuck Liz too.

Is 3 A Crowd? Ch. 01

group SexyLexy41 2018-03-24

All Faith could do now was moan louder she got wetter than ever and started to crave more, she hooked her thumbs over the elastic on her pants and quickly moved them over her hips and off her body, exposing herself fully to an eagerly awaiting Lex. "Fuck yeah," Faith moaned as she bit down on her lip, she could feel Lex squeeze her hand up into a fist and she started to fuck her harder than before. Lex got down on the floor underneath them and started to lick at Faiths slit and kept getting a taste of his cock. Now do as Rob asked and clean this up," Lex said pointing to the cum covered desk.

English as a Second Language Ch. 03

group jaybabylit 2018-03-24

Jay kissed his love deeply on the lips, and whispered in her ear "Tonight everything is permitted." Margot trembled all the way down to her pussy when she heard this. Henrike guided Margot to a black door, and it opened into a very small room, barely large enough for the two of them to be in together, but with the soft skinned blonde putting her hands all over her, Margot felt quite comfortable. They worked this cock together, and it ended up erupting as Margot was stroking it in her hand, while Henrike took the tip in her mouth. Henrike took hold of the new cock nearest Margot's pussy and guided it into place.

Home Schooled in Sex Ch. 04

group walterio 2018-03-24

Brenda then fingered Sheila's pussy for awhile and kissed her thighs before moving her mouth to the woman's vulva. Brenda flipped the short skirt up and bared Sheila's ass and pussy to both her and Rudy. "Rudy please get behind me and fuck me as I eat your stepmother's tasty pussy," Brenda said in a sultry tone. "That will be fine, I want Rudy to fuck my ass while I eat your pussy again," Sheila told Brenda. Brenda opened up Sheila's labia and fingered her pussy as Rudy put an ample amount of lotion into his stepmother's asshole and on his rock hard cock. As she watched Rudy fuck his stepmother's ass Brenda reached up with one hand and cupped his balls.


Another Visit from Christine

group JeanCFNM 2018-03-24

"The first page will have links to reasonably mild sets where the ultimate would be stripping completely naked, but there is one 'live round' that would require a man to strip and do whatever is depicted. "The other pages will build on the first one in what happens but whoever clicks on the link, and the nominated man will do whatever is depicted in the pictures shown." Saleen was lucky, or not, as the link showed the woman stripping her blouse and revealing one breast but no more. Rula stepped up and her husband Peter selected Mustafa as the man to interact should it be necessary, she clicked on a very restrained looking woman.

Threesome in the Jacuzzi

group xmx_xfx 2018-03-24

Dane must have felt the same way (aside from Jess's excellent oral skills) because after only a few minutes I heard him grunting in pleasure and saw him tense as he shot his cum down my girl's throat. Before I could move I saw Dane tense again as Jess ground herself against him, he began grunting with effort and pleasure as he grabbed her hips and emptied another load, this time deep within her pussy. Jess moved off his cock as his orgasm subsided but was not done with him yet, she lay half on the edge of the spa and positioned her pussy towards me while she went to work on him again with her hands and mouth.

My Accidental Porn Adventure

group danecannen 2018-03-24

"Honey, right before you got home I was jerking off looking at porn and, um, you're up on a website." Our sex life had been lagging a little, since she started a new job and was working all the time, and I think I may have just gotten used to not having sex, because all my gratification comes from my right hand. But as Sam turned back to us and said, "You like what you see?" and giggled a little, nervously, wearing only her socks, her tits hanging slightly over the couch, I couldn't help but be taken in by her. My dick was being squeezed so good by her tight little 20 year-old asshole, fucking next to Rick's cock in her pussy.


Which One?

group Kelly Louise 2018-03-24

As it dropped to the floor, he cupped one of my tits and kissed it softly, letting his tongue glide over my hard nipple and making me arch my back so that I could push it deep into his mouth. As I let my finger slip out of my lips, he looked at me and said he had hoped from the moment I had opened my door hours earlier that we would end the night like this. As his hands tenderly moved up my back, I pushed my hips gently down and felt the hardness of his cock pressing through his shorts against my naked pussy. I could feel his hard cock pressing against my arse as I moved my hips in time with John using my fingers in my pussy.


The Devil Comes Out at Night Pt. 01

group riverboy 2018-03-24

We passed a small lake that looked like it had leapt off of a perfect picture postcard, and a sign for PINE TREE MOTEL AND CABINS, the last little bit of civilization we saw until Jim pulled off the road and came to a stop in a rutted trailhead parking spot. The woman's husband drove Jim back to his car to get our luggage, and she led Bob and Harvey and me across the parking lot and down a twisting sandy driveway past tiny log cabins nestled under tall trees. "I do like seeing a woman in bluejeans," Bob said, looking at me with his soft eyes after he'd gulped down a few big sips of warm scotch.