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Erotic Group Sex stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

gf friends birthday.

group allurs85 2018-03-24

on friday she went out for supper and clubbing with her friends the next day i recieved a txt from her saying that her voice has gone coz of all the shouting she did the night before plus the smoky atmosphere. so i believed her played it cool and telling her to let me know when shes better. the pictures are of my gf friends in a house with a few guys playing spin the bottle or sum sort of drinking game. the shes eating her friend out and the guys doing her from behind and vice versa, she was very good at eating pussy from the face of her friend, so i might try and get her a bit on the bi side if im lucky.

Christian College Sex Comedy Ch. 29

group FinalStand 2018-03-24

"I think I've always wanted you, to taste you on my tongue, your scent strong in my mind and your sweet, sweet ass under my hand." Mercy brings one hand up to stroke Rio's cheek as she gives a strangled sob. After checking with Rio, Mercy gives a hungry look and lick of the lips at Barbie Lynn. Val's hand starts to stroke the inside of Barbie Lynn's thigh but Mercy's free hand reaches over and starts tweaking Valarie's closest nipple. Rio turns her head the other way to address her lover: "My vagina is numb, my hips feel dislocated, I'll be pulling pillow fiber out of my teeth for a week, and I think he bruised a nipple – I feel fucking awesome."


Miss Vicky

group Markbadoer1964 2018-03-24

Marco moved his position a little and slowly started fucking Regina´s mouth, while holding the back of her head. With his hand Ben moved his cock a few times up and down along Vicky´s pussy opening and when he found the right position then slowly pushed forward, sinking about half the length of his huge cock inside Vicky. Vicky groaned; this cock is so huge and heavenly Ben. She leaned forward and placed her hands on his shoulders and started riding Ben, every time bouncing back on Ben´s upper legs. Vicky stopped her motions and Ben started thrusting his hips up to do the fucking now, so Paul could lick Vicky´s little butthole even better.

Cindi's First Threesome

group Chijarhead 2018-03-24

Then one day, Cindi had been drinking a bit and she asked if I felt like going to find Jay and bring him out to the house, so I said fine and headed to the barracks looking I was kind of shocked when Cindi asked Jay to sit on the floor by her head and talk to her when we both knew that he really wanted to look at her pussy, but I didn't raise any objection. I guess Jay didn't have the oral talents that I have, because after only a few minutes, Cindi was asking if we would switch positions again, telling me she really wanted to feel my cock inside of her.

Young and Insatiable Part 1

group petercee 2018-03-24

Anne came in and put on a robe, letting me know the pool guy was here, I went out to see if he had found the problem to find him looking at the Personal columns the open page showed our last photo of Anne in suspender belt and stockings standing in front of the sliding doors that were immediately behind me complete with the potted Ficus in the distinctive pot. Anyway he finished the pump and I thought that was that, except one week later he was back checking we had no problem with the pump, this time he was in shorts that showed an impressive bulge then a week later he bumped into us at our local the James Craig, this time he briefly chatted asking how the pump was running and did we enjoy the pool, ten minutes small talk and he left us alone, not too pushy.

Crystal Clear Ch. 03

group Romantic1 2018-03-24

Jim and Crystal are both top stars in country music, a major change in life for Jim. Crystal has been asked to pose for Playboy; the trio and Crystal's manager Terry Ross traveled to Minnesota for a photo session with world-renowned photographer Brite Reber that ended in a weekend orgy. About two months after our photo shoot with Brite, a Playboy photographer and interview team arrived in Nashville to do an in depth interview with Crystal, take candid photos during the interview at the recording studio, and do peripheral interviews with Ellen and me. Crystal, Terry, Ellen, and I danced around the studio and the Nashville house every day as the statistics came in about the number of plays and sales.


Slutty Sue Pays Off Her Lost Bet

group raidernation25 2018-03-24

Josh opened the door to the room and as soon as we walked in someone pulled my skirt off. Josh got on my left and Kent on my right and I alternated between them sucking each of their cocks as Bryant sucked on my tits. As he slowly fucked me Jim got on top of me and guided his cock into my mouth. Jim and Kent took my hands and I stroked their semi-erect cocks as their two friends fucked me. Kent gave it one last thrust then he came deep inside of me mixing his cum with his buddy Josh's man juice. We left the convention and on the way home I gave Ed a blowjob and we fucked in the garage as soon as we got home.


Shopping becomes fun 3 way

group bufffreak 2018-03-24

I started strolking myself as Cindi slid down between Sandy's legs. Cindi came over and began kissing Sandy again and then sukled her nipples as I played with her mass I looked at Cindi's face as I came, I felt Sandy clamping down on my hardness and fel ther come also We all showered and then I watched as Sandy gave Cindi some pleasure. She spread Cindi's legs and kissed her sweet pussy lips Cindi looked over at me as Sandy began kissing and licking her tight hole Cindi came over and kissed her mouth and played with her tits while I licked and sucked her to another climax Cindi and I put on our best as SAndy moved around watching from various angles

Anika and Jessica Misbehaving

group missygold123 2018-03-24

To distract him while Anika tied him down, Jessica straddled Rich's hips resting her silk covered pussy on top of his throbbing cock, and leaned in to offer him another kiss. Turning around, placing Rich's body between her arms and legs, Anika offered up her ass and pussy to Jessica. Pulling out her fingers, Jessica ran her tongue up and down Anika's pussy and ass, greedily focusing on her pink asshole. Stroking his 9" cock in one hand, fucking her in the ass with the other, Jessica knew she had both Rich and Anika at her mercy. Hearing Jessica beg her to fuck her only brought more torture from Anika; she popped the head of her dick in and out of Jessica's pussy, not going more than an inch deep.



group ukcpl54 2018-03-24

Pete said he felt funny and had to go but told me he see me later and to relax,enjoy the scene and to finish the wine.As I sat there looking out watching the waves etc I noticed someone opposite me,I looked and there was a young guy looking at me ,he said its nice watching the waves and smiled and it was the smile that did it I felt my nipples get hard as we chatted he kept filling the glass eventually asking me to meet some of his friends which were all young.Found out they had just finished "A" Levels and were celebrating .They bought me drinks and John the guy who chatted to me grabbed my hand and we went on dance floor and he danced with me ,he held me close I could feel his cock and his hand on my bum and later his other hand feeling my tits.

Kissing The Pink Ch. 01

group Jay_Lloyd 2018-03-24

Mrs Minifle, Carol, was bent over a picnic table, her huge bare butt cheeks were thrust out proudly with me behind her, my hands holding her wide hips firmly and my big cock ramming her asshole mercilessly, balls deep on each and every rapid stroke. "Mmmm, that is very, very cute, gorgeous, and your balls look really huge and attractive from this angle." A few more clicks, then Carol patted my cheeks lightly a couple of times. She turned, facing away from me, bent and pulled her panties off in one smooth movement, exposing two magnificent, opulent, edible looking big round firm butt-cheeks.


Stripper Duo Fantasy Ch. 01

group BioJeremy 2018-03-24

Barely able to contain my excitement and panic from the raw sexual power Raven has over me, I default to what I know about movie theaters and purchase refreshments. The blonde woman starts examining me like a piece of drying meat. Honey reaches her third orgasm, and coats my face in her warm sticky love. Moments later I can hold on no longer and I feel myself explode into Sugar's mouth. I feel Honey cum again, as hard as ever, but her warm juice seems distant as the raven-haired woman riding my cock climaxes long and hard on my penis. Honey and Sugar remove themselves from me, liking their lips as they kneel before my cock.

MMF Encounter

group ncm4kink 2018-03-24

Apparently the couple had talked about bi MMF but had never acted on the fantasy before. Things seemed like they were very positive and the wife excused herself to the bathroom where she was going to change. She seemed like she was gone for quite some time and I turned to the guy and asked "what are we waiting for?" He and I stripped down and got into a 69. She came out of the bathroom a minute or two later and her reaction was absolutely priceless. He and I continued to suck each other for a couple of minutes and then we brought her into the action. And finally, I really think that the afternoon brought them much closer together as they realized their mutual fantasy.

Internet Passion

group dotti123 2018-03-24

I used my fingers as David has used his cock and with both my tongue on her clit and the action of my fingers I could feel her pussy muscles starting to tighten, I know she would cum but I didn't want to lose this moment, so I moved away. Both Jo and I turned, smiled and kissed each other, sharing our taste together, David moved forward and slid a finger into both of us, rubbing the insides of our pussy expertly and stopping short of our orgasms.

Tempting An Angel Ch. 1

group Christian_H 2018-03-24

Pamela and Jenny were still talking up a frenzy, so I just gave all the eyes staring at me a helpless little look that said 'this was not my idea!' and stood there feeling ridiculous. Working the lotion into her breasts a little while longer, Katie then began to move down Trish's torso, rubbing over her toned, solid abs, and covering the small of her back. Katie placed her hands on Trish's waist, and coming even closer she said, "Trish, I want you to know that love you. "I love you, too," Trish replied, as she placed her hand gently on Katie's thigh, a big, beautiful smile on her face.


A Titillating Tale Ch. 02

group MKvDeepSea 2018-03-24

After we got our breath back I asked her, "Well, have you been a good, naughty, bad or wicked girl this past two weeks?" Slowly undulating, her face buried between my neck and my shoulder she said, "I'll put it like this, yes I've been a good girl, I was also naughty, I've been very bad and probably, what may be considered extremely wicked." Billie giggled, squirming in my arms, she told me, "I would have to go to one of her beach house parties, help her set up, host it and... "The guy I was talking to happened to be standing over the handle; his nuts got walloped pretty hard.


Accident Grants Benefit Ch. 07c

group femadorer 2018-03-24

Before you'll have me driveling..." Renate shifted a bit in my lap and her right arm reached 'round my back to hold on to my right shoulder, her sweet lips brushed the left side of my neck, "...what we just shared was thrilling Bernd, and that we managed to cum altogether gave it an extra sweet touch." She emitted a deep, like dreamily sigh, "You must know my love, this was the first time in my life to make two beloved persons happy at the same time, and it satisfied me in a very special manner that I was able to concentrate on Sylvia whilst you did everything to bring me to the edge of an earth-shattering climax - and to hold me there till the right time had come.


More Dutch & Rosa Ch. 13

group Paris Waterman 2018-03-24

"Molly," he said evenly, "take off the bra and let's see what it looks like then." But Molly was puzzled when Robert excused himself to 'make a few calls' but when another glass of wine magically appeared, Molly put his leaving out of her mind, preferring to envision her hostess, Alice, in the nude kneeling between Rosa's legs while she got behind the lightly skinned black woman and prepared to taste her, front and back. "I have a few questions to ask of you, Molly." Alice said with a smile. Molly glanced at Rosa and Dutch before responding, and then said, "Well, I like every position.


Learning to Love Hallowe'en

group The_Kinkster 2018-03-24

As she began to take his entire rod in her mouth she felt Andy's strong hand cup the back of her head, holding it in place as he fed his dick deeper inside her mouth until it prodded the back of her throat. Jill could feel the climax building inside her as she imagined Andy slowing down until he offered one final thrust then held his dick in place as his semen burst inside of her and thick waves of his seed washed down her throat. Each time she looked up from her computer and caught Andy's eye she could feel her cheeks redden, the thought of him calling it sexy only made her blush more.


A Night for a Threesome Ch. 01

group ednorton 2018-03-24

Julie began unbuttoning Jeff's shirt as Jeff slid the straps of my wife's sundress from her elbows to her hands and watched the dress fall to the floor. When Jeff was on the brink of coming, my wife removed her mouth and began twirling her tongue around his head before licking his shaft. At this point Jeff couldn't take any more and wanted to come so badly that he placed his hands on my wife's head and began rapidly sliding his cock in and out of my wife's mouth. Julie licked her way down to the right side of Jeff's shaft while my wife moved up so she could suck his cock again, as the two women switched positions.


Emma's Pool Party Ch. 01

group thewhitestripe 2018-03-24

I smiled back at her, feeling my cock stir as my eyes looked down to her cleavage, noticing her hard nipples poke through the fabric of her small bikini. "Yeah, and it gets way bigger," said Emma, dropping her bikini top and squeezing her tits together with her hands. "Ah ah, no tops allowed, Aysha," I said, as Emma and Holly began gently stroking my cock. Holly and Emma pressed their breasts against each other, rubbing their nipples together, then lowered them onto my waiting cock, which Aysha held in place. You look really sexy sitting on his face like that, Aysha," said Emma. "I want to kiss you while he fucks our tits," giggled Emma, looking at Holly.


Debbie's Addiction Ch. 04

group masterofnymphoslut 2018-03-24

Now I'm really gonna give you a good face fucking!" Tom leaned in and shoved his ball sack into Debbie's open mouth. "This isn't going to take long!" Tom backed off slightly waiting for the reaction he knew was coming when Brant's mouth started working her clit. As he worked his cock in and out of her mouth, he thought for a minute he might forego taking her cunt and just enjoy her oral skills for whatever time he had with her. Jack wrapped one arm around her and pulled her tightly into his body as he stroked her head and face with his other hand. Debbie slid down his body and cupped his nut sack in her hand as her mouth sucked in his flaccid cock.


Jahaliya Ch. 03

group AmethystMare 2018-03-24

"Lydra, I know we're looking for toys intended for Ryoga's use, whether he's using them on himself or others," John began, his muzzle brightening as he held up the duo vibrator he had found. The six professional but pleasantly slutty ladies would be best, do you think?" Lydra answered, leaving the final decision up to John, who had proposed the majority of final choices. He blushed and mumbled an apology for being late, before fleeing the room, the heat from his muzzle almost enough to warm the air in his wake; the girls giggled and Lydra held her paw to her muzzle comically while John nosed through the parcel curiously.


Sexy Sister Visits

group lancelot 2018-03-24

As we fondled each others’ breasts and caressed, she said how much she had enjoyed watching Belinda and Rod. She confessed that it was the first time her cunt had been eaten and that she had come in such a great amount of juice. I was surprised that my little sister was thirsting for cock after just being a voyeur to the sensuous fucking that Rod had given Belinda just a couple of hours earlier. The sounds of his cock moving rapidly in and out of her now well-juiced cunt really set our hands in motion, as we stripped and began to feel each others pussies and suck on very hard nipples.