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Erotic Group Sex stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

Putting in the Overtime (part two)

group henrygatewood 2018-11-13

Hailey reached into a pocket and flung Vanessa's ripped panties at her face, then in the same movement turned and grabbed me by the dick. The jacket, I thought, as Hailey gave a surprisingly deep moan and put her hands around Vanessa's head to pull her deeper in. Vanessa's long hair hung down over the edge of the desk, while above her she held Hailey's arse open wide, penetrating her tightest hole with one stiff, circling finger. Vanessa reached one hand up and gave my balls a playful stroke, while Hailey made some noises which are literally impossible to write down. My cock throbbed as I fucked Hailey's tight pussy, and a line of raw pleasure shot down my entire length and back to where my asshole pulsed around Vanessa's thrusting finger.

Saturday Night At The Movies

group Sophie_Williams 2018-11-13

As I waited to see if my new friend would be joining us, I couldn't help but smile at the thought of the look on his face when he discovered he was buying tickets to watch Harry Potter. Instinctively I turned to Mike and felt the hands on my breasts stop. Recognising the voice of the grey-haired man I tilted my head around and they both smiled at me, still with my breasts in their hands. "Yes, baby, that's it," the grey-haired man grunted, "fuck that pussy with your fingers. "By the way I'm Gary," the grey-haired man said, "and this is Ritchie." Again we all chuckled as Richie stripped off and sat on the toilet.

True First Time Bi

group runner_1099 2018-11-13

Tasting her for the first time and looking up and seeing her take his cock in her mouth was extremely hot. Matt looked down at me, sweating and out of breath a little and told me, Lisa told me she had cum, rubbing her pussy and watching me suck his cock. I got to the hallway and then turned around, I thought, "why not." I picked Matt's black briefs off the floor and took them as well. Lisa's were soaked and Matt's had a very nice pre cum stain in them. He said that Lisa had told him for a few weeks that she wanted to see him with another guy.

Black People Rule The World

group Samuelx 2018-11-13

I'm a White chick who loves having Black men and Black women in the Halls of Power. Submitting to a sexy Black man or a gorgeous Black woman really turns this chubby White chick on. They absolutely love to dominate and humiliate chubby White chicks like myself and I love getting dominated by strong Black men. Paul and Mitchell slammed their cocks into my eager holes, calling me everything from a useless White slut to a cock-loving Irish whore. Now the Black man has finally gotten his revenge by ruling the world and making the Black woman his proud Queen and the White woman his submissive whore. That's why I offer Paul and Mitchell my mouth, pussy and asshole while Monica and Tamara watch us do our thing.


After The Game Gangbang

group marie5555 2018-11-13

Other hands were fondling my tits,and helping the others swing my body back and forth onto the impaling prick, and then I was coming hard, feeling the tight muscles in my pussy squeeze the invading cock until it exploded warmly, deep inside me. After about the eighth fucking, and God knows how many climaxes, I was lifted with feet high, and legs held wide while one of the shower jets was directed between my gaping pussy lips, washing out the spunk and love-juices. All those who could still manage it stood round me and pumped themselves until they came one final time over my exhausted and well-fucked body, with legs still wide open, the warm sticky cum coating me, tits, hair, face, and belly covered in it.

And the prize is?

group WANTIT42 2018-11-13

I was going crazy, I had eight hands on me doing all kinds of different things.  I was reaching for cocks, my ass was humping off the table, but they weren't letting me cum yet.  My boyfriend had a guy lay on the table and planted my pussy on his cock, someone else rammed my asshole, and another was in my mouth.  Hands were mauling my tits and my nipples had had enough as I saw hand prints on them, and somebody was playing with my clit.  I was feeling good and getting sore.  My holes were filled with cum, as someone had lifted me up and bent me over so I got different cocks in me. 

Old Friends, New Loves (part four)

group Green_Man 2018-11-13

They had accepted me. But it was a pleasure to notice them, because they had both taken care of themselves. As we dined on seafood we talked about the trip they had just made across the ocean. I accepted happily. Spending some time talking in the library was the evening entertainment. As we talked together we two girls took off the shirts to get a little more sun. We dined and then conversed in the library while playing some music. She was really quite up on newer music. "Don't be silly. Wouldn't you say so?" He grinned at me. "Shut up you silly Limey. She sat up and grinned at me. She was playing with me.

The Bachelorette Party - Part 3

group NVMii 2018-11-13

We talked about the upcoming meeting with John and DeeDee. Robert was concerned when he didn't fuck me on the beach bed after Maria stretched my pussy to new limits, that I would be pissed at him. I was determined that this cock was going to fuck me, so I placed my heels on John's buttocks and pulled him toward me, pressing his cock head further into my pussy. "John, fuck me hard, push that big cock into my pussy, I'm not going to stop fucking you until you are buried deep in my cunt! John pressed harder, I looked at the mirror, the woman's legs were spread wide, so wide I could see this humongous cock entering her cunt.

From virgin to slut-true story

group Jaque69 2018-11-13

They spread my legs and Rob put three fingers into my pussy, Jim kept my legs apart, soon after he was finger fucking me I started shaking and had my first orgasm. He put one hand between my legs and reached my panties, pulled them down over my feet, and pushed two fingers into my cunt and finger fucked me while he was sucking my tits. He fucked my face, his cock was all the way down my throat when he shot a huge load, I loved the taste of cum. John is pumping holding on to my hips, my face is on the seat, I felt his cock throbbing and a couple strokes later I felt his hot stream of cum filling my ass.

Sex with Mom and Her Friend

group bava12 2018-11-13

"Feel good honey?" Mom asked as Sarika took me in her mouth and started to give me a proper blowjob. "Oh honey," Mom said eventually, "Of course I swallowed your cum and it was very nice." My cock started to grow in my pants. "Your dad called and said he had to travel to North Carolina this evening for an emergency meeting with a client tomorrow, so it looks like it's just you and me k**." She smiled, wiping some excess batter from her fingers onto the flowery apron that hung around her neck. Mom totally knew how to deep throat and it was amazing feeling her lips on my balls as my entire cock was gripped by her throat.

Girls Shopping Party Has Unplanned Pleasure

group gemstory 2018-11-13

I readjust and try to hide my growing erection as the though crosses my mind and Jill says "I haven't had good oral in a long time and I asked if I could borrow you for a while." I turn a million shades of red and she finishes, "Do you know how your lovely lady responded?" You lick the tip and then look up and say "How bout this, since you didn't get to fuck her pussy, why don't your fuck my mouth like you wanted to pound her." I moan as you say that and I hold your head and start to go in and out of your mouth.

Beach twins

group magentalips 2018-11-13

The men are soon sitting on the porch of her comfortable beach house, looking out through the big trees to a tide receding under the moonlight. We can give you another massage some place more comfortable and private,” says Ord, smiling.  Oey’s head nods in agreement this time, despite himself. The boys take off their clothes and run into the smooth sea for their usual midnight swim, this time here in front of the house. “I never had a night like that in my life, boys,” Manee says, giving them a moist kiss on the mouth in turn, her hands brushing their crotches as if by accident.

It's A Man's World Ch. 06

group sahebji 2018-11-13

'Shamit and I have already given it lot of thought,' Amit explained, 'Mohan and Abhi could give up their present jobs and shift to our city.' The only change in our daily routine was that now Shamit and Amit would talk with jiju and jijaji for hours at a stretch, discussing business, money including our new house. Who is going to sleep with whom?' Mr. Chairman said, 'The Council has decided that tonight each husband will take his family to bed, Shamit will bed Adi and Basanti, Abhi will fuck Rashmi and Kanchi and so on.' 'Come on sweetheart, don't be difficult,' Abhi said, trying to persuade her, 'Kanchi let's me fuck her whenever I want.'


Winter, Wonder, Sex? Why Yes!!

group ToXiCFuN84 2018-11-13

Anna and Mark soon joined us, with suggestions on how to spend our first evening; usually we spent our first night in, cooking dinner and watching an old movie. I felt her hand on my ass as she told Mark to kiss me; Anna was in control and I really liked it. Anna also kissed Del and rubbed my pussy with her husband. Del came to Anna's side with his cock in hand and rubbed it across her lips. Anna grabbed my head from Mark's cock and kissed me, shoving her tongue down my throat to taste her husband. I lifted myself off of Del and Anna took him into her mouth and liked his cock clean, then kissed me again.

Black Men Love Strap Ons Too

group Samuelx 2018-11-13

Rachel is a tall, good-looking Black woman in her early thirties. Next thing I knew, I was making out with Rachel while Eileen knelt before me and began sucking on my cock. While Eileen sucked on my cock, Rachel was licking and fingering my asshole. Rachel told me that she had a fantasy of fucking a Black man with her strap-on dildo. While Eileen sucked my cock, Rachel put on her strap-on and began sliding the lubricated dildo into my ass. I looked at this big, sexy black woman as she got on all fours. My cock felt so good, deep inside Rachel's ass. I was thrusting my cock in and out of Rachel's asshole while Eileen fucked me with the dildo.


Punishment or Reward?

group winterwerewolf 2018-11-13

Isabelle grabbed Andy and pulled him in for a kiss. Isabelle shoved Andy onto his bead and began to kiss him deeply. Isabelle took Andy's sex in her mouth. Andy smiled and began to thrust his sex into her mouth. Isabelle grabbed a semi-recovered Alecia and they began to lick one anothers sexes. Claire felt her legs give way and Andy gentley helped lower her onto the bed. Claire smiled as she felt Andy's member throb. Andy sat up, not removing himself from Claire, and took began to lick and bit her breasts. One of hands slide down to her sex and began to rub her most pleasurable spot as he thrust in her and bit down on her back.

Gail and Gina and Me

group oldhippie1949 2018-11-13

After a few minutes of this, each took one of my hands and began to massage and work my fingers into limpness. "It's okay, Ray," said Gail, "you need release...let it go...enjoy it." And while this was going on, I had spread my legs wide with one hand pulling and stroking as the other cupped my testicles and I began to groan as the feeling of my semen rose through my testicles and then the base and slowly upward. "I have never seen a man cum in person before," said Gina, "I loved it!" And she added, "and you taste pretty good, too!" We laughed and I was at peace. Gail and Gina simply love you and if you pass muster with them, you must be good people."

Good Girl Gone Bad Part 13 - Fucktoy Frenzy

group Kali_Urriah 2018-11-13

I felt the cock begin to erupt, and heard the voice start to moan and then cry out as his cum burst up from his balls and through his dick and inside the condom in my mouth. Mr. Bradford picked me up off my knees and handed me another condom and pointed me to the cock sticking out of the hole on the other wall. His words connected deeply with me, and I wanted desperately to make this stranger cum, and then the new cock that was sticking out of the wall on the left. I am sure that everyone in the store knew that the big titted young slut that walked in earlier was fucking and sucking everyone, because there was an endless supply of cocks.

Lost Enough

group browncoffee 2018-11-13

You looked like I felt.” The way he said my name made me swallow hard. I inadvertently caught her eye across the room and felt eternally grateful for the fact that looks couldn’t kill. The little I knew about Neil didn’t bode well but one involuntary smile and I felt like I’d do anything for him. I tried to look over my shoulder but Neil didn’t loosen his grip on my hair. “You want him to fuck your ass, don’t you?” He looked at me like he knew every secret I had. I didn’t even know what the guy looked like; all I knew was his rigid cock as it pushed against my resistant hole before gaining entry.

We Needed Madison (part three)

group Green_Man 2018-11-13

Natalie loved Madison's bare pussy so much. When Madison was eating Natalie, I was welcome to watch, to jerk off, or to fuck Madison in the pussy or ass. Of course, Madison had her perky breasts, Natalie had her perfect cone-shaped tits, while Evelyn had large but firm and thrusting titties that my two girls couldn't take their eyes off of. So both Madison and Evelyn were using their fingers and mouths to touch, fondle, lick and suck on Natalie's body. After Madison came all over Natalie's face she decided she needed a fuck. I was grunting, Madison was squealing, Evelyn was "praying", and Natalie, fingering her own pussy, stopped eating cunt and moaned with passion.

Just a Quiet night In with the Boys

group Clarabelle 2018-11-13

Harry stepped away obediently and began tracing his own hard cock with his fingers. Harry ran his balled-up hand along it’s length. Carrying on, she supposed, from where he would have liked her to have taken over. It was an impromptu embrace, laced with passion and which pleasantly surprised Elise, increasing her lust. She panted and he sucked on her lips, kissed the fine sheen of sweat from her nape, cupped her breast with his massive hand, sharing his heat. To Harry she continued “I want to stuff your cock into my mouth or my arse and use your pleasure pole to make me cum. As Elise worked at covering his whole cock with saliva, she felt Aiden shift behind her.

The Substitute

group RCPUDGE 2018-11-13

Within moments, while Larry was licking her pussy her body jolted and she screamed, "OH YES" After her climax we rested for about 5 minutes and then Steve said "It's my turn" Since you have not seen Steve's or Larry's cock I'm going to blindfold you and watch as you try to guess who is fucking your mouth. As Larry watched her suck, his cock began to stiffen in anticipation. Then Carol removed her mouth and then felt for the other cock. She stopped sucking their cocks for a moment and said to me, "I love you and I hope you are watching" I replied, "I love you too and this is really turning me on." That's all Carol needed to hear.

My Hotwife Responds To Lush Members

group KenLukin 2018-11-13

Mark and Katie leaned in over my shoulders as we showed him the Lush website and quickly scanned a few of our own stories, plus so many great other ones. Then she looked up at Mark, smiled and commented, “Now, I hope you don’t mind, but Katie needs to suck your cock!” Her lips clamped back around that ring at his cock head, and she stroked his shaft so fast her hand nearly went invisible. Katie gave him one more generous suck then very slowly slipped her lips off the head of his cock. Katie had her own suggestion, and said, “Sounds good, but guys, I think I’m gonna need my bum fucked tonight, if you wouldn’t mind.”

P90SEX adventures part 2A

group p90sex90 2018-11-13

Incidentally, the couples were separated at the table; John sat between Natalie and Allie, and I sat between Nadia and Kim. We were quick to order our first round of drinks and started chatting about the evening to come while we perused the menu. I was in a bit of a daydream, admiring just how beautiful all our women were when I heard Nadia announce, “I don’t know about the rest of you ladies, but I would like to check to make sure that our men are respecting the deal that we made. As Nadia and Allie left the stage, the guys fixed the shower in place with its wide door facing the audience.