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Erotic Group Sex stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

Jennifer Ch. 08

group Mark Singer 2018-03-24

Dan and Shannon were still pressed tightly together, so Jennifer let her hands move onto their backsides, fondling both of their asses at the same time as their kiss grew more and more heated. She relaxed her thigh muscles and groaned into Dan's mouth as Jennifer moved her fingers into the crack of Shannon's ass and moved lower, teasing the tight ring of her asshole before exploring further. Jennifer smiled at the wanton way Shannon was moving, and pushed her middle finger deep inside the blonde's pussy, feeling her shudder and grip the digit with her muscles. Jennifer smiled proudly as she watched Shannon curl her fingers around Dan's shaft, staring intently as the shiny pole slid through her hand.


What I Learned That Summer Ch. 01

group SmallTownLibrarian 2018-03-24

I went back to my apartment and after dinner and a couple of warm-up beers, showed up at her apartment wearing a decent pair of khaki shorts, a short-sleeved shirt that buttoned down the front and leather boat shoes with no socks, the better to show off my runner's legs. We immediately got to talking about running, and I could tell by his muscular legs, covered by golden hair, that his stories about competing in marathons must be true. Alas, he said with an openly immodest grin, he would never run a really fast marathon because "my upper body is just too muscular and heavy." Jokingly, he flexed his arm like Charles Atlas, and I laughingly went along with him and squeezed his large bicep.

Club Dingo

group Hardcore Harriett 2018-03-24

Before the Hispanic kid knew what was happening, the bouncer had pried the knife from his fingers. As the mop-up bouncers heaved the two thugs out the front door, a guy with slicked hair leaned against the wall next to me. "Aw, come on baby," he said through gritted teeth, "I don't think you know what's good for you." When they were all good and hard, the hero bouncer pulled off my dress and panties. As he pumped away, hands gripping my hips, a blonde bouncer stuck his dick in my mouth. Five of the bouncers thanked me, pulled up their pants and went inside. Besides, it's worth it so I can have my weekly cleaning session with my hero, Max, and his band of big-dick bouncers.

The Drop-In

group Erotomaniac 2018-03-24

"I'm on my way to Miami," she said, looking him in the eye. When her waves of euphoria had subsided, she looked at him and said, "Now I want you to cum all over my tits." "Did you like Amanda's pussy, Jim?" she asked as she got to her knees and began to suck his cum off Amanda's other breast. "You were testing me!" Jim started to accuse, but when he saw the way Sara was lapping at Amanda's breast, he stopped. He watched Sara licking his cum off Amanda's tit, and then kissing her. Sara's auburn hair was thrown to the side as she pressed her tits to Amanda's and straddled her, rubbing their pussies together.

Jules and Jim and Juliet

group sr71plt 2018-03-24

I painted her face on the canvas nearly last, wanting to catch her expression at the height of orgasm, as I plumbed her deep, my knee inside one of her legs, leveraging off the sole of my foot of the other leg on the floor beside the daybed, and holding her other leg up and out in my free hand—pulling dick bulb to her entrance and then lingering over her clit with it before plunging to the hilt in a long stroke that took her breath away—and repeating the pattern rhythmically as the cameras clicked on.

The Carnival

group Breccawist 2018-03-24

"Then tomorrow," said Mari, "Our innocent young friend, Kasey, is going to be really, really sore." To blend in with the crowd, Rosania wore nothing but a thong bikini and gold body paint, while Mari was dressed in a blue leotard with fluffy, blue cat ears and a matching tail. Unlike Rosania and Mari (and nearly every other reveler on the street that night), Kasey wore both a mask and a full-length dress. "Look," said Rosania, "We know for a fact that the legendary Pendant of Frozen Flame is being kept in the duke's palace. On the morning of the second day, Mari and Rosania stood with the crowd on the docks, watching the duke's ship set sail on a round-the-world tour.

Hot and Sweet Ch. 16

group errant_dreamer 2018-03-24

Dana let out a whimper as her sister pulled the vibrator out of her dripping pussy and began rubbing it across her tiny clit. Jana slid the vibrator into her mouth and began sucking her sister's pussy juice off of it. I began aggressively licking and sucking at her pussy trying to get her as wet as I could, just to be sure that Jana hadn't fucked herself with Dana's vibrator to confuse things. As her pussy began rubbing against the head of my cock she kissed me, her tongue circling across my lips and pressing into my mouth. Jana said something to her mom in Hungarian, I think it was "hurry up" because Mrs. Gecinyelo broke our kiss and tied the blindfold tightly across my eyes.


My New Fetish Part 1

group Lozo44 2018-03-24

I could feel his Cock swelling with a hot load and after the first spurt he pulled it out and shot the rest all over my face.He zipped back up and left for the day to do what ever male sluts do.As the day went on I wondered how I was to be captured,restrained, and abused.As I did laundry,and other housework all I could think about was how I wanted it now.When I went out for groceries my panties were soaked thinking would it happen in the parking lot, when I got home,hoping and hoping to have my holes filled.No such luck,when Lorenzo got home that evening I was still waiting for a deep fucking.His greeting was to drop his pants and stuff his Cock in my mouth again as I sat on the couch.I could taste pussy and ass on it.He roughly throat fucked me and told me he had just cumm from another sluts place where he and some friends had gang banged her and to clean the mixture of everyone's cumm off of it.My pussy needed Cock so bad as I gagged on his held deep down my throat.He made me sit on the floor with my head on the couch and sat his asshole on my mouth telling me to lick it and eat it....pulling my hands to his Cock to stroke.I licked and swirled my tongue inside his hole as I stroked away.

How it started

group Cbuscpl 2018-03-24

I picked her up and went into the hall, my friend got on the other side and helped carry her to the bedroom. Then I got up and moved over her and kneeled above her head with her head resting on my leg and my cock on her cheek, I had my friend move her legs so I could grab them and I pulled them back and apart so he could get a good look at her pussy. I was turned on so much I moved to the side and watched him power fuck her til he exploded in her pussy. He slowly pulled out and he just plopped out, her pussy gaping open, after a sec his cum started to leak out.

Same Time Next Year

group Nocturnalist 2018-03-24

"It's really really too bad it's the wrong time for me," she said, "because I really want that cock of yours inside me. "Yes," she said and looked into his eyes, "I want you to fill my pussy and my ass with your huge cock. Amanda began gyrating and rocking as Cody's balls brushed against Alphonse's cock. He pulled out and Alphonse began kissing Amanda and probing her mouth with his tongue. He and Amanda then began licking Cody's cock. Alphonse began sucking Cody's cock with relish. Cody slowly withdrew from Alphonse's mouth and drove his cock into Amanda's snatch again. Alphonse swallowed the cock and stroked him until Cody emptied his load into his mouth.

Brenda & Molly

group Chimney Sweep 2018-03-24

Do you ladies know what to do with a cock this big?" Molly nodded quickly, a smile wide on her pretty face, but Brenda was slower to react. Brenda, on a cue from Molly, let go of my cock and leaned back out of range, then went to her shirt and started to pull it over her head. Molly would occasionally pull my dick towards her and give a similar flicker of tongue, but the nasty look on her face told me that she knew what I wanted. Molly started bouncing her head up and down, pushing my cock to the back of her throat each time, while her hands gripped tightly and matched the pumping of her face.

What I Want

group PenningFreer 2018-03-24

I scrunched myself up into a ball, writhing back on his body until I found his dick and I lowered my face to it, then slid my mouth across his head and then swallowed him slowly -- slow, but very, very, very tight, as tight as I could suck. I lingered in the wetness and ran my tongue around the head of his dick tasting the clear cum that was starting to ooze into my mouth. I came in waves, and held his cheeks so hard I left red claw marks as I pumped and fucked and flowed into Sam's mouth. Until Jan got there, I tongue fucked Sam's mouth, being careful not to touch his cock. She leaned down and slid her mouth onto Sam's dick and moved around delicately, delighting in that long overdue fuck taste.

The Ultimate Weekend

group lover4u 2018-03-24

Since sharing with a couple is my preferred sexual activity, I thoroughly enjoyed my get-together with Tyler and Lauren where he ended up fucking his wife while she went down on me. The photos all showed Lauren in a variety of sexually explicit postures: her rotating her curvaceous hips in front of me naked to the waist, her beautiful breasts being devoured by me as she bent backwards with an ecstatic look on her face, her opening her damp cunt for the camera's lens, her contorted features as she surrendered to her multiple orgasms. Having enjoyed two orgasms during the evening, I felt in control but the thought of Tyler fondling my cock as he caressed his wife's with the cockhead ignited powerful stimuli.


Brittni's New Job Pt. 03

group stimac 2018-03-24

He lay back on the table with his knob sticking up in the air, squat on my face Britt he said, I stood with my legs astride his head, the banana was sticking out of my arse as I squatted, David reached up and started to fuck my arse with the banana, shoving it right in and then pulling it out, making my butt hole gape! Ron wasted no time in pulling off his t shirt and trousers, he was a skinny 60 plus year old with a long thin dong sticking out in front of him, he pulled his foreskin back as he walked towards me, his purple bell end was glistening in pre cum already, I spread my fanny and his knob went right in, having his black knob up my snatch made me cum immediately, David's prick ramming up my arse and Ron's black knob tipped me over the edge.

The Motor Home Trip Ch. 03

group Liquor69 2018-03-24

I kept telling her in explicit detail as she straddled my lap, her hips raised and the head of my rock hard cock riding along her slippery drenched slit. She kissed me, driving her tongue deep into my mouth as my cock filled her pussy, reaching new depths and she began to cum. I know she's enjoying Tom right now and I know he is having a good time as well but for this moment in history, I am perfectly happy to be exactly where I am right now." With that, I pulled Beth up and kissed her deeply. Beth kissed me deeply and Connie as well and they walked out of the motorhome and jumped into the truck.

Male Man's Delivery Ch. 03

group stoneypoint 2018-03-23

Lou, Sherry, Katie, and Cherise as well as Jerry all separated into little sections of the room. Cherise, Jerry, Katie, Lou, and then Sherry sat themselves in a circle on the floor. "Give Jerry a hug and kiss, but touch him somewhere naughty too, it says, said Cherise, hehehe, oooohh. Jerry looked at her, smiled, opened up his arms, and said come and get me; I'm as ready as you want me to be!" "Hmmm, said Jerry that was a nice kiss, but let's have a little more fun next time. Katie opened it up, read it, and burst out laughing; she said, "Jerry, you're too much.

A Dirty Afternoon at Kings Cross

group ubonak 2018-03-23

After a minute or two of letting Tahrima do the work, Tyrone slip a hand into the space between her neck and the hijab, taking hold of the back of her neck, and pulls her down with him as he lies back on the bed. Never mind that he just fucked her ass and his semen is still oozing down her leg, never mind that minute ago she was spreading her legs so he could watch her finger herself, the removal of her head covering suddenly makes her feel truly naked and she automatically turns her back to James while hiding her face in her hands and crossing her legs.


The Block Party

group blackhillsbbw 2018-03-23

I felt hands moving to my breasts as one melon was roughly removed from my bra and the other soon followed. Searching for my pussy, I now felt hands pulling my thong down around my thighs, to my feet and off. My ass was swaying with the rhythm of my arousal, mounting that pinnacle that was sweeping over me when I felt a thick, fat hard cock began to enter my spread exposed cunt. I wanted to touch my swollen clitty and as I reached to help me to the molten lava that oozed from where cock met cunt; my hand was pushed a way.

Needs Fulfilled

group MsFlsh 2018-03-23

Opening my eyes I saw a hand working on a large thick cock. Tony had started the group with four of his friends and each Friday it seemed to grow I felt a hand on my thigh and my skirt being pushed up. My large heavy breasts, clearly exposed, gave me a "ready" look I knew the men liked. One of the men moved behind me and touched his cock to my wet opening. I closed my eyes and felt one's fingers enter me and a hand cup my breast and raise it to be kissed. Next Friday I would again be the object of sexual pleasure for a group of men and the thought of waiting till then was already stirring my desire for cock.

On The Edge Ch. 02

group Jonny_Blueline 2018-03-23

Go put an ice pack on that bruise and let the girls order what they like on the pizza." With that admonishment, the parents rushed out the door for an evening of adult fun. Alex started, looking at the towel-wrapped pack, at Janice's' pointed breasts, then up to her pretty face. "Ground beef, mushroom and extra cheese looks good," said Janice, looking up at Ann and shifting her breast against Alex's arm. Alex stared at his sister's departing rump, then turned to look at Janice's pretty face, noting the full lips, prominent cheekbones and flawless complexion. He turned to his sister and gave her the pizza box, saying, "You dish the food out and I'll get us some drinks." He stared at Ann's ass as she walked away.


A Titillating Tale Ch. 04

group MKvDeepSea 2018-03-23

With her sweet bottom still wiggling from our last session of making love, her breasts gently brushing my chest, Billie looked at me and purred, "I think, I'll go take a shower." Billie smiled, looked at Leigh and said, "I've been telling my hubbie about who I've been fucking this past two weeks. Billie looked at me and said, "Your turn, tell us your tale about getting some strange tail." When I asked her if she didn't suck her husband's cock she got so flustered I thought she was going to walk off the dance floor." Billie looked at Leigh, "Honey, not all women like it or enjoy it the way we do."


Show Me Your Fire Truck

group Rescue325 2018-03-23

As Bobby rammed his cock into me, Kevin told me he was gonna cum then grunted like an animal as the hot cum hit the back of my throat like a rocket going into space. The motion of Bobby's balls slapping against my clit verses Kevin's huge cock sliding in and out of my sopping wet pussy had me ready to cum again. Bobby and I came hard together then he left me face down in the crew seat as Kevin took his turn. Bobby got underneath and started licking cum from my clit. We got dressed and cleaned up the truck a bit after our romp then went back into the TV room with the rest of the guys.

Wildcat Within

group banks111 2018-03-23

Stephanie had long blonde hair that complimented her blue eyes and breasts that were larger than Laura's. I saw Laura's eyes turn hungry as she looked at Stephanie rummaging through the toys. I looked at Laura as she was pushing Stephanie's head downward, acting a bit more forceful each time. Stephanie leaned back to get some air as Laura grabbed my shaft, holding it like a hose. I could hear her whisper, "You'll learn to like it." Laura then knelt down and reached her hands up Stephanie's skirt. Laura turned Stephanie around holding her skirt up to get a better look at her. Stephanie's body jerked a bit before Laura took a step back, letting her skirt fall back into place.


Vacation Takes An Erotic Turn Ch. 01

group Disbi 2018-03-23

As his cock began to swell, Mike rolled over onto his stomach, but turned his head in such a way that he could stare right between Jennifer's legs at the thin piece of material covering her pussy. She said, "They asked us if we wanted to try it the next time we visited them." Lisa's mouth dropped open and she whispered, "Are you going to do it?" Lisa started to rub Jennifer's pussy, and Sean now knew they were ready for anything. Jennifer licked and kissed Lisa's clit and pussy lips, then slipped her tongue inside. Here were their wives, totally naked, with Lisa spread-eagle on the couch and Jennifer kneeling between her legs, eating out her pussy.