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Erotic Group Sex stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

Daisy's Blues.

group Rocky Mountain Man 2018-03-23

As the woman fucked Daisy with her fingers she told her, "I hope this little white pussy is tough, because you are going to have to fuck your way out of this bar baby." Ron reached the table and grabbed Daisy's hand and said, "Come on baby, let's get out of here!" But, Daisy just kept sucking the cock that she hoped would shoot a load into her mouth. The other men lifted Daisy's body about six inches off of the ground as the other man worked his fat cock into the entrance of her pussy. Sensing she was ready the man started driving his cock in and out of her pussy like a jack hammer almost knocking Daisy and the men holding her over.

First Couple Ch. 03

group ava23 2018-03-23

Jeremy opened his eyes, looking down at Sarah, his cock filling her mouth, her head bobbing up and down on him. Jeremy pulled off of Jenny's aching nipple, and looked up as Sarah, standing directly in front of him. Jenny moved on the bed, on her knees, behind Jeremy, pressing her body against his back, looking at Sarah, whose eyes were closed in pleasure. "Oh yeah, maybe you should show him how it's done." Sarah pulled from his grasp, and then crawled on the bed, moving to lay on her back, legs open, wet pussy exposed and ready. "Now I usually like to start by kissing and licking the outside lips, and work my way in," Jenny said, before moving back in.

A Hunting We Will Go

group snooper 2018-03-23

Perhaps only one or two percent succeeded in escaping capture, but the Emir was a man of honour and observed the prize rules scrupulously, with the result that there were nine such women alive at the time Ramzy El-Najjar attended his first hunt. One of the caves in the complex actually went through the hills and although the hunters knew about this, it was impassable to a horse, and so provided a way of gaining some twenty minutes for a hunted woman who could slip through the hill while her pursuers had to go round. It is his first hunt and he manages to kill the quarry, probably by accident if I know this girl, and yet remembers that it is considered the best honourable practice not to take the tag of your first kill until the Emir arrives.


My Psychiatry Practice: Part 3

group JonoX 2018-03-23

I hugged and kissed each girl, then said, “Why don’t we all get undressed, crawl into bed and see what happens?” Cynthia said as she cuddled up on my left, “Now what are you going to do for us?” “Well, give me a few minutes and you, Cynthia, can sit on my face and Brigitte can ride my cock. Brigitte said, “And I’ll ride you all night if you’ll let me.” Cynthia bent down and sucked my cock into her mouth as Brigitte stroked it. Cynthia said, “Oh how exciting!” I’m going to cum again!” she moaned as she wiggled on my cock and I pushed my finger as far into her ass as it would go.

Center of Attention: Two Against Me

group cheatingwife 2018-03-23

With my right hand holding Donny's cock in my mouth and with my left hand pushing Scully's face into my bucking pussy, I came. I pulled my mouth off Scully's cock and told Donny to hold still for a minute I needed time to adjust to his size. Again I pulled my mouth off of Scully and told Donny that that is as far as his cock was going to go. I pulled my mouth off Scully and told the guys that I was going to cum soon. I was getting fucked hard by the biggest, sexiest deck, I had ever seen, I was cumming, and Scully's cock was pumping shot after shot of ejaculate all over my face!

Prohibited Pleasures

group Indickative73 2018-03-23

Marco said all this sexy talk was getting him horny and he started to run his hands over Carol's big breasts. Marco had already pulled Carol's black top off as she unbuttoned his shirt revealing a strong well haired torso quite like Irina had imagined it. Carol's hand had moved to his chest now and his cock which was at least 9 inches and rampantly stiff, stood there beckoning Irina. He watched Carol's tongue pleasuring Irina's pussy, licking the sweet engorged folds. Irina fucked like crazy now and then hands tenderly fondling her breasts, she came loudly with the most amazing orgasm she'd ever had, tensing , shaking, sweating, grinding down onto his huge male hardness and then he gasped and came.

Penny's Passion & Pleasure Ch. 03

group RedHairedandFriendly 2018-03-23

Penny looked back outside and saw Tim, Megan's husband, and Carol's husband Rob, working their way over to her Mustang GT. Penny heard snatches of conversation from Megan and Carol, concerning the first night that the whole group, including Mark and herself, had enjoyed at one of the clubs. Penny continued to allow Brian's hand to move along her thigh, as she thought of the conversation that she and Mark had had, the night after they had each touched and caressed another. Penny leaned back slightly, and looked into Megan's eyes, "Oh, I was just thinking of when Mark told me about the meeting he had, with Carol and Rob."


The Pickup

group saint9767 2018-03-23

Mark continued to date Beverly during the year he worked full time after graduating from high school, using her delightful body every chance he got unless another conquest was available. He found it was convenient for getting a feel in a movie without pulling up her dress hem and would get Beverly to remove her panties before they left the house, leaving her sexily bare beneath the silken material. "Hey, a lot of guys want to talk to Bev. She attracts guys like bees to honey." Mark was trying to relax Bob with small talk, wanting him to feel at ease while he planned how he was going to get Bev to give them both a little fun.


The Laundry Room Ch. 2

group Sperman Alexie 2018-03-23

Todd standing over my head, knees bent to reach Candace's face, fully clothed save for his exposed member. Todd fell over backwards, and his dick made a bizarre popping sound as it broke the suction of Candace's lips around its head. I wasn't thrilled to have made either of these discoveries within the last minute, but I couldn't beat having my first lay in years be a beautiful and sexy classmate from my psychology class at the local community college. Candace slowly continued to dress, never taking her eyes off Mrs. Bellker. Mrs. Bellker walked to the double-locked door that Todd and I figured was the home to the more expensive lawn tools. "Come inside," Mrs. Bellker said, "Come in and service the management of this apartment complex." Mrs. Bellker walked to Candace in the center of the room.


group amyredek 2018-03-23

I gave Trevor a nod and saw that Thelma still had her hand on Tom's arm. 'We couldn't let two young fella's like you suffer out in that sun, an' we know that not much travels on this here stretch of road around this time of day.' I saw her hand drop from sight, and by the angle of her arm guessed that the hand had come to rest on Tom's thigh. Tom gave her a small smile and nodded his head toward Trevor, still facing forward and driving. Trevor's beckoning hand drew our eyes away from the water, and he led us past glass sliding doors on our right, the water being on the left, and towards a table at the other end of the pool.


A Pair For Pleasure

group rob99202 2018-03-23

I passed by the sisters a couple more times in the store, and each time the one pushing the cart smiled and the other avoided eye contact. “We are anxious ladies and we don’t like to be kept waiting,” she said as she took me by the dick and led me to the bed. Cindy took scarves from her purse and started to bind each of my feet to one of the bed posts; then she moved to my hands, straddling my chest as she worked the knots. Finally, Cindy slid her whole mouth over the head, while Sandy moved her mouth up to mine and we began kissing.

My pub fuck

group redhead123 2018-03-23

I sucked hard on him, and heard him moan, how long had he had this hard on, it was fucking rock hard, and he was loving my mouth around it, sucking it and pulling it hard with my hand. The guy I was blowing couldn't believe it, he was being sucked off while I was being fucked, and I was sucking at his cock so hard, he jacked all in my mouth, cum sliding down the side of my face. His cum came out like a raging waterfall, covering me and hitting my face, I was licking my lips, getting a good taste of it, loving it, all sticky and thick, alas, I didn't stay working at the pub much after that, I'd had my fun with the boss and his flirting with me began to piss me off.

Bi MMF Chance Encounter Ch. 03

group Kayden 2018-03-23

Sally leaned down and grabbed my cock and guided it into her still wet pussy. I felt his cock through her pussy as we both started fucking her hard. “You’ll find the KY on the floor I think…” he said as he guided his cock back into Sally’s pussy and began fucking her again. His tight ass felt so good as he started moving in time with me, fucking Sally. It was the tightest pussy I had ever fucked and I looked down to see my cock covered in cum as it moved in and out of his ass. They both then moved over onto their side and Sally turned around as Ryan entered her from behind again, but was fucking her pussy this time.

Best Friends

group tadgh64 2018-03-23

So now here you were, on your knees with your man's hard cock in your hands as your best friend watched with interest. Your man stand behind you wraps his arms around your hips and hugs you, the shaft of his hard cock pressed against your firm bum, the head just inches bellow your now drenched pussy. Your man rubs the head of his cock along your pussy lips, slowly parting them, until his cock slides up and over your clit sending shivers through your body. Your friend watches with renewed delight, having a beautiful view of both of you, your full lips, with his hard cock sliding in and out, his balls hanging below as he thrusts. Her tongue feels so wonderful against you, with your man's cock deep inside.


A Great Evening With Friends

group ptsteve 2018-03-23

I got up from the table to help Liv and she turned and planted a huge kiss on me right in front of Ted and Pam. She explored my mouth with her tongue and my hands went straight to her ass to pull her into me. I lost and Ted won, hell I knew the pants were gone so I just stood and faced Pam and said "you remove them." Ted stood and faced Pam and asked Honey you do the honors." She reached up and just pulled his underwear down exposing his erect cock. Pam just took Teds hand and placed it underneath and at Liv's pussy and he began to finger fuck Liv as she sucked me.

Marilyn and Ben

group zack1981 2018-03-23

Ben always considered himself to be the normal guy, at twenty-seven he had completed college, been married for five years to the love of his life Marilyn and had worked his way up to a middle management position leading an IT group at the software company he worked. When Ben and Marilyn had first started dating experiencing his fantasies was not his primary concern, given that he knew he half of the equation had been met as he had found the woman he wanted to be with. It was not long after that first night that both of them began to think of marriage and after the best year, both psychically and emotionally, Marilyn finally got to say yes to Ben when he asked her to marry him.


My Girl Wanted to See Me with a Man

group Plato 2018-03-23

That's true in every relationship, I wasn't complaining, but when I met Char it was like a fantasy come true, every time. Like when I was driving my boat on the intercoastal and suddenly felt her bare tits on my back and her hands reaching around to rub my cock through my bathing suit. "The thing is," I answered, "I think everyone has same sex fantasies, but if I guy tells a woman he does, he's called a fag and she goes running home to Momma- or where ever disgusted women go to run away from a man who might like to be with men."

Indianapolis Threesome

group BoneyMoreOny 2018-03-23

I went back into the living room where Sharon and Glen were close to a corner talking. Sharon got up and said "I'll show you to your room, Glen can bring in your bags." Sharon turned to pull the covers down on the bed when Glen reached out and lifted her dress, exposing her ass. She was so wet and warm as she came, It was a wonderful feeling to have her cum like that, coating my cock with her juices. As I lay on my back, Sharon sucking my cock I could see Glen laying there, fully erect again. After a brief time Sharon stopped sucking my cock, got up and went over to the room desk and brought the chair with her.

The Swinging Divorcee

group Wattyjoy 2018-03-23

When they sat up on the bed, Karen, looked into Anne's eyes, and licked, Anne's pussy juice, of her fingers, as if she was having some delicacy. They did so, and Anne could see, Nicky's ass, straining in the tight pants, with Bobs straps, being backless, you could see his ass-hole And he hadn't one single hair, on his body. When they all got to the cellar, Karen made the men, stand by the Jacuzzi, and she made Nicky, undo his zip, and take his cock out. Now that both men stood, with their cocks dangling Karen told Anne to come and belt them, with her cat-o-nine tails. Later, as Anne and Nicky were leaving, Karen kissed her, and told Anne she was welcome to come again, any time she wanted too.

Crossdresser Dominated For The First Time

group Badassgirl123 2018-03-23

After what felt like the longest minute of my life he replied and said that they were here to work on painting the walls of my parent’s room. After a minute of escalating sexual tension, the older man by the name of Bill, stopped touching me and took off his painter’s suit with his underwear untill he was naked with a hard 8 inch cock in front of me. Well get off the couch and let Jake sit then you can learn a few things.” I did what he said not wanting to disobey such a strong man. I moaned like a bitch and Jake took the opportunity to shove his cock in my mouth.


group Many Feathers 2018-03-23

Though it was somewhat exciting to know that Rachel had actually come outside to watch us, it was somewhat of a let down however that we never knew, and could only guess and even fantasize about what she was doing or even thinking about while watching us. Tracy must have been watching him too as she emerged from the women's restroom a moment later, walked over to stand by the door of the men's room and produced a cigarette though she failed to light it. Here we were with a complete and total stranger, standing outside where we could easily be seen as Tracy man-handled the guys hard stiff prick, her breasts bare for all the world to see, and me getting hornier and hornier by the second.


Diary of a Rockstar Ch. 01

group RiversEdge2010 2018-03-23

The first time she'd given Bobby a handjob, she let him watch her masturbate at the same time just because she wanted to know what it would feel like to have an orgasm with the actual organ in her hand. They looked into each other's eyes, Paige obviously more nervous that Bobby was watching them than Ken seemed to be. Paige continued to massage the bulge in Ken's pants gently as his hands slipped under her underwire and over the naked flesh of her breasts under her bra. Still, the idea of Ken feeling Paige up kind of excited Bobby in a twisted way that he wasn't familiar with. Paige whimpered like an animal and pressed herself closer to Ken. She turned and looked at Bobby who watched them nervously.


Girl's Night Out Ch. 02

group bunny3374 2018-03-23

I wanted to be able to drive you away from here when you were ready to go, and oh boy, am I glad I didn't drink a lot." He took her hand in his and gave it a gentle squeeze, then started the car and left the parking lot. She moved with the beat of the music as she unfastened the garter straps and rolled her stockings down her long legs, propping her foot up on the coffee table in front of Tony. He knelt on the floor between the couch and the table and started kissing her, moving from her mouth, down her neck to her shoulders and chest, kissing each nipple and breast, not missing a spot.


The Hotel Manager

group trainman 2018-03-23

He said he was delighted to meet them, and asked if he could buy us a drink, to get the celebrations off to a good start. “Now, my darling, give your present a nice kiss, to say how pleases you are to meet him.” He took hold of her head and started to pull her towards it. “Now open your mouth and put in.,” he said “After all, you liked me to lick you, didn’t you and it is time to repay me for that pleasure.” Pat came into the Bathroom, and said had I seen the things Jane was doing to Tony.