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Erotic Group Sex stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

Learning to Love the Heat

group EverLux 2018-03-23

My dehumidifier hums loudly in the corner, and the fan I've positioned right next to my bed blows warm air on my hot skin. Her pale skin glows, even in the shade, making her look like some supernatural creature—an angel, maybe, or an alien. She's an angel." If this guy weren't my best friend, I'd be shaking my head and walking away right now. As if her body weren't enough to make a grown man salivate like a Saint Bernard, she goes and undoes the messy-but-sexy bun at the top of her head, letting her fiery red hair spill down around her shoulders. My neck feels extra hot all of a sudden, so I grab my clip and pile my hair back on my head, tucking my sunglasses up there, too.


A Day at the Gym

group Cleevedreams 2018-03-23

Both their hearts sank a little and David muttered, "some you win, some you lose'" but just as he had barely said those few words, out of the ladies' changing room came Bev, followed closely by Di. They were both smiling and laughing with each other, and when they noticed Rob and David came over and Di said "ok you guys I never did like the machine coffee here so do you fancy coming back to my place for a proper cuppa?" Rob felt as though he was going to cum, but she slowed, and turning to Bev said " C'mon swap" and with that they both rose up and swapped places, and Bev's pussy enveloped his cock, and she started to rotate her hips on his pelvis.


Moving Day

group MorbidAngelRen 2018-03-23

I am filled with pleasure so much that I almost scream, but as I begin to John pulls me forward and muffles my scream by kissing me deeply and hard, thrusting his tongue into my mouth. As I begin to slide up and down his pole I again glance over and see Chris and Trish slide out of the Jacuzzi and go into the adjoining bedroom to have fun of their own. John lifts me up and we slide into the bedroom just in time to see Trish coming all over Chris' face. I watched them for a moment getting more turned on and then got in the floor with them and fingered Trish's lovely pussy while John fucked her beautiful ass. Chris crawled behind John and fucked his ass while we were all having our fun.

Fitness Star Gang Bang

group cbf316 2018-03-23

Marla then began to pump one of Chris's friends cock hard and fast as she wanted him to cum right in her mouth as Chris's entered her ass. Marla moaned as she increased the pumping of her mouth on the cock she was sucking and she felt the guys balls begin to increase as she felt her ass open and the head of Chris's cock forced its way into its new home and as the head popped in a scream was heard as Chris's friend let loose with a hot, full blast of white cum that sprayed and splashed inside Marla's mouth as she quickly gulped it down and waited for more and more came as jet and after get of white cream filled her mouth as she quickly gulped it down.

Poker Night

group the_gripping_hand 2018-03-23

At one point, Jenny said, with an off-hand tone, that we should play strip Texas Hold 'Em. I looked at Jason, as I didn't want to appear to lust after his wife, even though I did. I think you should make our guest feel at home by joining the skin party!" I had no great need to see Jason naked, but it seemed like Jenny was going somewhere with this and I wanted to see how far she was willing to go. Jason looked at me and said to Jenny, "How do you want it?" Obviously, he knew what she was talking about and didn't seem to have an objection.


Saturday Night Fever - The Sequel

group watchdwag 2018-03-23

When Terry announced it was time to switch, she gave Tim's cock a final last lick and moved over to Jim. Jim actually moved up on his knees and took Courtney's head in his hands guiding her as she licked his cock, moving her head up and down on the shaft, and using her right hand to hold on. Kim sat back almost in shock at the scene that was playing out as Terry kept up her assault, dipping her hand down and rubbing Courtney's little pussy. After several minutes Terry instructed Courtney to take Kim's hard nipple in her mouth, tongue it, lick it all around.


Together to Learn Ch. 05

group millieteases 2018-03-23

"Jenny and I can make a razor and shaving cream run," said Mitsy. "We'll be right back - you guys get ready." Jenny looked at Mitsy like she was a little crazy, but got up and left with her. While they were waiting for Mitsy and Jenny to return, they disrobed and, under Pam's direction, began clipping each other's pubic hair. He was carefully clipping hair from the pink lips of Amy's pubis when Jenny and Mitsy returned with a bag of disposable razors and shaving cream for delicate skin.


Party of Three

group -Sadie26- 2018-03-23

"I want you to sit this one out, Kris," he said, placing his hands on Kim's hips and dragging her naked body closer to his, "Finger your cunt for me, baby, I want you to get off while I fuck the shit out of her." "Now, Kris, baby, get your slutty ass over here, I wanna fuck your cunt now," said Shane, motioning for his wife, who was just now beginning to recover from her own orgasm. "Yeah, baby, scream for me, scream for Shane," he chanted, thrusting in and out of his wife's cunt as she licked and lapped up the cum from Kim's pussy. "Oh fuck, eat her, baby, eat that sloppy cunt," Shane groaned, pounding into Kris's pussy, almost ripping her open with lust.


Fire Island Ch. 03

group cherrygrove 2018-03-23

Moving around the house with John, Susan and Fran, all of us naked, felt normal. Fran asked for a grilled chicken salad, dressing on the side, and Susan said, double that. Susan looked at Fran and said, "Should I tell him or do you want to?" Susan jumped in, "When John told me about meeting Fran, and knowing she was your girlfriend. I saw John reach down to rub Fran's naked belly, and she turned and kissed him. I reached out to Fran and said, "I want to double team you with John on the trails later. Susan's hand went back between her thighs and Fran rubbed a little harder.

Tempted By College Studs...

group MrsCanyon 2018-03-23

And then I saw them, maybe twenty yards away, four young guys who looked like college students, and one blonde girl with a yellow bikini top and very large tits. The two guys who'd been getting their cocks sucked were now fucking the girl's cunt and ass at the same time, while the other two were now receiving the blowjob. She started to massage my cock with one hand and her pussy with the other, and by the time the guys and the girl were finished fucking, we had both come again. When Tracy opened her eyes and saw the two truckers, she turned around and told me to fuck her ass.


Bareboaters Ch. 04

group Jim Dogget 2018-03-23

Jim and Mary have taken Isobel on a sailing vacation with them, and the three of them are now sharing a makeshift bunk in the cabin of their charter boat. Mary tasted as good as ever, and though it was sometimes hard to breathe, Jim was enjoying the simple pleasure of eating out his wife while an invisible woman rode his cock. Jim, prostrate beneath his two companions, watched Isobel's small hands knead Mary's breasts and then begin to squeeze and pinch her nipples. Jim watched Mary's hands grab Isobel's and squash them even more tightly to her breasts. Mary and Isobel were sitting at the water's edge watching another boat anchoring in the bay.


Green Figs for My Honey

group Rain_Lover 2018-03-23

He was trying not to look, but his eyes kept flitting from the beach towel covering Animal, to my wet mouth. I gasped, turned my head, registered somehow that the white cruiser was moored a bit too close for comfort, then shut my eyes as a wave of heat shook me and decided I didn't care. "Now get your pussy over here." At least that's what I think he said, because by then he had his head between my legs licking and sucking furiously, and his cock was kicking against my cheek. He said something to Crete, who slung a white towel over her arm, and climbed down the ladder to the pontoon.


Cathy Unfettered Pt. 02

group nikkiwilliams 2018-03-23

Cathy turning to Emily said, "Take off that housecoat and bend over the table so Pete can ram his prick into your juicy cunt!" The shock of the massive prick's brutal invasion of Emily's cunt left her gasping for air, but Cathy pushed her fingers into Emily's mouth and said, "Clean the shit off them!" Emily sucked Cathy's fingers as Pete began pumping rapidly in and out of her cunt; Emily was in ecstasy as she felt the rock hard prick repeatedly strike her G spot. As Pete and Emily made their way to the bedroom, sperm dripping from her cunt and arse, James turned to Cathy and pleaded with her to let him suck her bare feet.


The b*****r in law from hell

group morelead 2018-03-23

When James was on his way back home to the US his b*****r Rick offered him a job. James had no idea his b*****r Rick had turned into a pretty mean bastard while he was away for those 5 years. Well, after a couple of quiet weeks Rick stopped over to see Juanita while James was on the road. Rick said, “Juanita, why don’t you come over here? Rick got on, slid his cock in and began pumping and thrusting really hard. Rick was thrusting away while Juanita moaned with her eyes rolled back. This being pulled out something like a huge cock and shoved it in Ricks ass.

The French Visit Ch. 08

group christinamonroe 2018-03-23

She was kneeling close to Laura's face, and began to whisper to the girl about how good this was going to feel for her, how Georges was going to fuck her ass open with his fat cock, and use and abuse her hole until he had filled it with his come. But Vivette's hands couldn't resist Laura's trembling body, and soon her fingers began to move, lazily tormenting the girl again, her fingers circling her clit, easing into her pussy, pushing the wads of come up inside her. Paul joined in: he pushed a finger into her alongside Vivette's, probing the girls pussy, feeling the muscular walls of her love tunnel that were still moist with his come.

The Limo

group charlotsky 2018-03-23

You feel someone else turning your head and holding your mouth open, and you can smell 'sex'. You feel a moist pussy, with plump large lips, already spread, and you begin to tease her clit, and probe her with your fingers. You feel your cheeks spread, and someone slowly inserts a plug in your ass. The anal probe is removed, and you feel a tongue on your ass, licking all your juices away. I grab you by the back of your head, and pull you down to my cock, already hard, already wet. I rub my cock between your cheeks, and I pull away. I pull out, and lick your pussy, teasing your clit some more, and you cum one last time.

Gobsmacked Ch. 02

group BigKahunaCat21 2018-03-23

"She has been coming down to our parties for the past 6 months, but last night was the first time she participated Molly went on. I placed my hand over hers and answered, "I was gobsmacked at first, (Janet got a puzzled look on her face) but after analyzing things, I can't say much, I have been gone way too much and I have taken things for granted. Jack, you won't believe it but Henry fucked my ass 6 times last night, he has unbelievable energy." I then told her about watching her this morning with Henry, Janet said that was their 4th fuck. I got hotter when Janet placed her face over Molly's and they began a tongue fight and suck.

Sharing the Love

group PatrickDonovan 2018-03-23

I noticed Bree turning to look as Linda started to kiss my cheek. "Bree...look at me." I put my hand on her chin and lifted her head, then cupped her cheek in my palm. I know that excuse wouldn't hold water with Bree, but I took the chance that she really wanted to keep kissing. Bree turned to look at Linda in shock as she felt my lover slipping an arm around her waist. She turned her head away from me and looked straight at Linda, who raised her hand to stroke Bree's cheek. I started to undo the button when Linda began to kiss Bree's neck. Linda slipped her hand down toward Bree's chest, curious about how it would feel to touch another girl's breast.


The Big Swing: Day 2

group wiintermute 2018-03-23

Jody, obviously still aroused at watching Kyle roughly fuck my wife from behind in the study, was on the living room sofa, her legs spread wide, feverishly fingering her clit with one hand and finger fucking her pussy with the other. I pushed Marlissa’s face down, meeting very little resistance, even though she whimpered, “Oh, no, I can’t believe I’m…..mmmpphhpppphhhh.” Her mouth covered Jody’s swollen red clit and with my hand in her hair, I help grind her mouth into Jody’s sopping cunt. I kept up the pressure on her head, pushing her face into Jody’s pussy, but she was now into it, sliding her tongue up and down the slit, pausing to circle and nibble Jody’s clit, then slide back down to tongue fuck her deep, wet hole.


University Blues Ch. 07

group interestinglife 2018-03-23

On Sunday morning, he had agreed to further take part in Myriam's sex games with her friends, next event to be held on the following Friday, only to spend the evening with Dana in his arms and in his bed, where she had practically given him the authorization to pursue whatever sexual activity he wanted, since she could not commit to him fully. As for Aisha, she rose to her feet and begun a slow moving dance where she undid the snaps on her dark skirt, gently pulling it down - revealing that she had chosen not to wear any underwear, exposing the dark skin of her firm buttocks, splitting her legs to show her own pink, focusing it mainly on Tom. sporting only her red bra, she sat back from down her erotic posing.


She Gets Her Men

group hockeyjohn2000 2018-03-23

He runs his fingers through your hair, clenches your hair in his fist and brings your mouth the rest of the way to his open lips. You begin exploring Bill's body with your mouth, lips, tongue, nose, teeth, and fingers. Your eyes move to the left and you watch Jimmy beginning to undress and you start fingering yourself. Jimmy's hand rises from your pussy and closes gently around Bill's cock. You start kissing Jimmy as he's pumping Bill's long hard cock. You and Jimmy turn your heads to Bill's cock, cheeks together, mouths open wide. Not to be wasted, you and Jimmy both start lickup the ooze, then you turn your faces back to each other and french kiss the jism back and forth between your mouths.

f****y Menage A Trois

group 1965looker 2018-03-23

My dick was growing hard again within Jill's pussy at her mother's unashamed reference to having sex, as Jill's hands relaxed a bit against mine's, still holding her breasts. I let go of Sue's buttocks with my right hand and reached toward Jill, until I felt her bouncing pussy, and managed to slip a finger inside, going along with her rhythm, feeling her hard clit as well. She turned about until her dripping pussy was facing her mother, and began to suck on my relaxed, cum covered dick, while Sue lay on the floor at my feet and slid herself between Jill's knees and pulled her pussy down to her mouth.

Pirates Cove

group Many Feathers 2018-03-23

Jim looked over towards where the girls were still setting things up on the beach, Mac the avid fisherman had already set up on the back of the houseboat, enjoying himself there until it was time to call him for dinner. We let the subject drop there, but I decided to mention it to Penny later on when we were alone, and at Jim's suggestion, recommend that she perhaps speak to Stacy and get her view on it. And then proceeded to tell her the entire conversation, including the fact that Jim had actually suggested that Penny bring the subject up with Stacy at the very first opportunity.



group Many Feathers 2018-03-23

"Doesn't she have great tits?" Larry asked Brian, watching as the tall dark haired woman on stage went through her paces, arousing and teasing the clientele who'd immediately moved in taking their vacated places. "Nobody in their right mind would ever agree to do something like that, especially with someone as attractive as Christy is." Larry sat back contemplating what Brian had just told him. Larry ignored Brian completely however and made arrangements for Marlene and Serenity to come to their hotel room as soon as they were off. Brian and Larry had been good friends and buddies for years, but in all that time they had never seen each other naked, or been in a situation quite like this one before.