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Erotic Group Sex stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

Party Girl

group Euler 2018-03-23

"Damn!" I thought, "This chick sure knows how to take cock!" The first guy pulled out and blew his load on her pale ass, and I nearly followed suit. Cum bubbled out of her mouths as the rod there finished blowing it's load down her throat and pulled back to make room for the next one. Again I pulled out and got a cheer for the volume of cum that started to ooze from her ass. But disgusting as it might sound the whole situation had my dick raging and soon I knelt in front of her and again started fucking her well stretched hole. Soon she woke up and making eye contact with me she said simply "You eat a mean pussy asshole," while I continued to fuck her.

Three Way Surprise

group minifun 2018-03-23

"Okay Sara, I'll do it." Del said, fighting the urge to squeeze a nipple or slide her hand down and feel the heat between her legs. Michael moved away from Del. She looked up to see him stroking his hard cock as he stared at her pussy. "Fuck, you have a juicy pussy, DAMN!" Even though Del never saw it coming, she felt all 8 inches of hard hot flesh buried inside her in one swift move. I want to see what it looks like while it's licking around a clit." Sara moaned as she pushed two fingers into her pussy. Sara, her left hand squeezing Michael's cock up and down, 3 fingers from her right buried deep in her pussy, watched Del squirm under Michael hot tongue.

Flirting GF

group DudesDudes 2018-03-23

Lori began to grind her lower body into the second guy's lap, and she noticed his cock becoming rock hard. Lori smiled and looked at Chad with fire in her eyes and said, "Let's go somewhere else." Once in the hotel, Lori gave Adam a kiss and said, "Now you sit in that chair by the bed and behave." She winked and patted his behind. Lori turned her back to Chad and said, "Unzip me." He did and she stood up in full view of the guys and let her black dress fall to the floor revealing her naked body. Adam and Chad couldn't believe the feeling of their cocks rubbing together while inside Lori.

A Hot Tub Adventure, Maybe

group Maverickusn 2018-03-23

Not taking her eyes off of Sam's hard cock slipping in and out of Jerilyn's mouth, she said, It sure is! As Judy was cumming, Jerilyn announced her orgasm and Sam also lapped and drank his wife's cum then stood up and drove his hard thick cock deep into her pussy as well. Jerilyn was in the throes of her own orgasm, bucking on Sam's big cock and he was also grunting as he filled his wife's pussy with is own cum. My cock was rock hard again and Judy would reach inside the towel and squeeze and stroke it as we walked quickly home to continue what was started at the hot tub.

Weekend for a Friend

group werdsmith 2018-03-23

She held that pose for a painfully long time, then turned and slowly worked her way up his torso, pausing to bite his nipples through his shirt, stopping at his ear where she blew lightly into the opening, making his senses jump to life, and causing him to clear his throat and return to the bar for a large sip of his drink. Amber and one of the girls were talking about shoes as the available dancers took turns squeezing Brian's arms and Amber was beginning to feel a slight buzz, and leaned into his ear, nuzzled his neck, and purred into his ear..."you'd like to suck those, huh?" Brian gulped, nodded quickly, and took a sip of his drink.


Snowed In

group Megamuffin 2018-03-23

As excited as I was to indulge Eva's fantasy of watching me fuck our gorgeous friends, I was also excited to watch her sucking Jack's or Todd's cock the same way she was sucking mine right now. "I can't wait to watch you suck Jack's cock while Todd fucks you," I said. "You know how fucking wet it makes me when you suck Jack's cock," Eva said. I only watched for a few seconds, because Sophie was suddenly in front of me, and I reached up to pull her down into my lap while Becky lifted her tits and pushed them into Jack's face. We were averaging out to once a month or so since Becky and Todd moved away that Jack, Sophie, Eva and I would get together.



group winterskiss75 2018-03-23

They both glanced at me and the surprise on their faces was soon replaced by smiles, they giggled for a moment and then I watched as the woman pulled Lisa's chin back and she slowly pressed her lips to Lisa's and began a very deep intimate kiss. I never knew Lisa was attracted to women and yet here I was, watching her enjoying this other woman like they'd been long time lovers. I guided my cock into Lisa's tight juicy pussy and as I slid all the way into her, I felt the other woman's hand slide down my ass and begin gently caressing my balls. With every stroke back I pushed my body against the other woman, feeling her soft curves, breasts and hands working magic on me from behind.

Second Honeymoon Ch. 03

group jt123 2018-03-23

The very next night the two women had switched beds and Jon had been able to slowly fuck Vanessa as he watched his wife suck Sam's cock. Michelle moaned as she spun away from Vanessa and turned to Jon. Their mouths met in a wild kiss and he began to eagerly fondle her tits. Vanessa continued to wildly tongue Michelle's pussy for a few more minutes before she raised her head and looked back and forth between Sam and Jon as she said, "Somebody fuck me!" Jon seemed to lose track of time as he played with Michelle's tits and watched Vanessa sucking her pussy as Sam fucked her.


Becoming a Man Ch. 1 & 2

group NemesisGB 2018-03-23

I dropped the towel, lay flat on the bed and started to stroke with a vengeance, eyes tightly shut conjuring that first image of Barb in her panties and bra, which has been burned into my memory. Lost to this vision I was totally unaware that Barb was standing in the doorway, not until my cock started its voracious stream of cum, soaking my balls did I open my eyes and see the object of my impending orgasm watching with an expression of absolute pure lust. I had had my eyes closed but needed to look, Emma leant on one arm, her free hand was inside her panties the fingers clearly moving quickly, I could smell her, then I looked at her feet on me and started to boil.



group 2018-03-23

This continued,on and on and on and...Sue was jerking like a rag doll,feeling frantically between her legs,which were spread so wide,her hips gyrating in a frenzy,her crying out even louder and yet I persevered,licking,sucking,kissing,more and more and more,and more oh she tasted so good,so sweet,her pussy juices were pouring out copiously I began to think she would never cum until,WOW,there is no other word,she violently exploded,feverishly clutching at herself,crying out in extreme ecstasy , her legs flaying wildly,her head moving from side to side violently and her hips rotating in absolute pandemonium, I could sense this was a multiple orgasm and Emma assisted me with her attention to Sue's clit,as she continued like this in wild spasms for how long I really do not know. We carried on for a good hour by which time Sue had had 2 more big cums and her flaps were so wide and loose you could drive my Honda up there, we swapped positions,Emma fingered between my legs,gently stroking that area around my clit as she pulled on my pussy lips with her expert touch.

Guy Time, with a Girl Ch. 3

group Blue Rose 2018-03-23

“You’re just going to have to try very hard.” Shelly pressed her body against Peter’s and ground her pussy into his rigid cock. Shelly licked and sucked Peter’s balls while holding Rob’s in her hand and massaging them gently. Peter was sucking on her clit while Rob fucked her, which put his mouth in real close proximity with Rob’s hot cock thrusting in and out of her pussy. Rob slammed his cock into her pussy while Peter continued to suck on his balls. Rob moved first, pulling his softening cock out of Shelly and sitting on the dock. Shelly sensed their nervousness about what had happened, so she didn’t bring up the subject of Peter sucking Rob’s cock.

The Unexpected Guests

group charlessmythe 2018-03-23

Then he told me, "Rocky loves Paige's soft body and breasts and how her pussy gets sloppy wet." He said, "Rocky tells me that she is a wild fuck and loves it when she gets fucked by more than one guy. My legs relaxed, going slightly wider and my pussy opened up more for him, I was feeling him gradually filling my sloppy opening, then his cock head pressed up against my cervix and his pre-cum was leaking right at my womb, his balls slapping against my ass. The more I thought of Paige's pussy spreading for Rocky, his cock penetrating her, ramming it in, the more I wanted Garth fucking me the same way, spreading me wider and going deeper with his thrusts.


What Goes On in this Room...

group LusciousLee 2018-03-23

Except for Moray, sitting there in the chair looking dazed, MeMe knew he really wasn't paying her and Meechie any mind. Moray knew that even if Meechie would agree to let him hit his girl, he wouldn't want her to be treated like the whorish cheerleader. MeMe knew she should have been insulted, gone off on Meechie for talking about her as if she wasn't even there like they were negotiating how to share a fucking sex toy or something. While MeMe licked around Meechie's balls the way he liked her to do, Moray spread her ass cheeks so that he had better access to the hole at the base of her pussy.


Confessions of a Cum Slut Pt. 07

group CandiNyse 2018-03-23

He put one big callused hand behind my head and the other behind Lonni's, and alternately pulled our mouths down onto his monster cock, one after the other, sighing and groaning and thrusting his hips to feel it driving down our throats. My job is to fill Lonni's mouth and her sweet ass, pet her tits and make her feel like a woman should. Jeff was telling Lonni to make his cock wet with her mouth, to make it hard, so he could plow him some Cindy pussy. I lost myself in the rhythm of Jeff fucking Lonni's ass, Lonni's cock being pounded into my mouth, and my busy fingers trying to make it all come out right.


The Perfect Party Place

group RedguyTx 2018-03-23

A young, small-breasted blonde was spread open in the swing, her legs on the shoulders of the 50ish stockbroker as he fucked her. Fifi was sitting across the room in a chair with her hand up under her skirt, ruby tongue moving in and out of her full, pouty lips. I checked in at the front door with our hired host and hostess, Adam and Kaitlin, to make sure there wasn't anything else I needed to do. I loved how hard it was for her to tear her eyes away from the hot, sweaty, moaning people on the bed as we left the room. I followed Kaitlin up the stairs, wondering if she was wearing stockings and a garter belt or pantyhose on those long, strong, shapely legs.


Llisa Gets Used Ch. 02

group Bear299 2018-03-23

Your legs wrap around the guys wife as her mouth is making your hot cunt cum hard, pushing your pussy tight against her face as you fuck her face hard. I look down at you, telling you that you know daddy uses you to, but that daddy also loves you and loves making you feel good and loves fucking your hot body. As my cock rests inside your pussy I kiss your neck telling that even though I love using you I also love you hot body, love fucking you and pleasing you at the same time My cock starts pumping your wet cunt, your pussy pushes up at me, my cock going deeper and deeper into you.

Jenny's Gang Bang

group Latinababe 2018-03-23

Steve looked down at me and he smiled, and the he leaned over and kissed me on the mouth, with Bills cock still in there using the tip of his tongue to lick up all the drops of Bill's pre cum from my lips. He was amazing as he pumped away, yes; he was still thrusting that lovely cock of his hard into my pussy as it spurted a never ending torrent of thick, hot cum. Bill, Rob and Tony smiled and leaned closer so they could see every single detail of what Steve was about to do to my cum filled pussy hole. "Oh, that's so good," I moaned; as I felt Steve's wet tongue begin moving all over my pussy lips.

Jokers Wild

group allthewayin 2018-03-23

A third and fourth took their turn filling her pussy with cock and cum before a fifth finally and deliciously pressed against her ever so eager soft and ready ass hole. She was lowered onto him, impaling her quivering, cum dripping slit onto him and then shoved forward and a second cock slammed ungraciously up her ass for a mind blowing thirty minute DP session that brought her to orgasm more times than she could count. She swooned as the first guy in the crowd stepped up behind her and slid his cock deep into her dripping ass hole, sending his own donation of thick cum into the rivers that flowed down the inside of her thighs after a couple minutes of vigorous pumping.

Decisions Ch. 05

group Romantic1 2018-03-23

As we started walking I asked Emily, "Are you at all jealous of my friendship with Grace or Kim?" I mean the past couple of weeks were a very odd start to a courtship: you caught me with Kim -- and Grace, and you've had your thing with Russ. Russ and I both reached over and started to stroke Kim as we performing cunnilingus on Emily and Grace, respectively. Grace and Emily leaned in and both sucked on Kim's breasts as she came, heightening her pleasure. At one point Emily came and gave me the most wonderful 'full body' kiss in my life; in one breath it was tender, loving, passionate, sexy, erotic and emotional.


Online Ch. 4

group MorningStar 2018-03-22

Kneading the flesh with my fingertips, I couldn't stop from turning around in the shower and sticking my butt toward the needle fine spray of hot water and wiggling it around while I let my hands roam toward the juncture of my legs. Hubby smiled, moved and got into the shower while Ranger took over the counter top activity schedule. Slowly Ranger pulled back, put his hands on my shoulders and made me turn around to face the mirror so I could see what he'd been watching over the top of my head. Once we got the position comfortable for both of us, I looked up in the mirror again to see a man with his head tipped back, his hands on my hips and his eyes closed.

Janet & Norm's Party

group Janet51 2018-03-22

All Janet could do was moan, "oh fuck me, your cock is so wonderful, I'll never let you go, fuck me, fuck me, your cock feels so good filling my pussy, I'm so glad that you came to the party, fuck me Fred, fuck me, do you like fucking this old white woman?, I am your white whore weather you like it or not, I need your big, black cock, please don't ever stop fucking me, I love you and your cock, fuck me, please fuck me, harder, slam your cock in my pussy, use me as the slut I am now baby, fuck me, fuck me", Fred suddenly pulled his cock out and Janet screamed, "no, no, please put it back in" Fred told her to roll over and get on her hands and knees and Janet quickly did and as soon as she was in position, Fred moved in behind he and shoved his cock right back into Janet's pussy and began fucking her doggie style.


Comforting My Step-daughter Ch. 02

group MastrStoryTeller 2018-03-22

Before I finished dressing I heard Amy scream in orgasmic pleasure, followed by the delightful moans I had heard emanate from Cindy many times during our love-making sessions. She finished the joint and was well into her second glass of wine when she looked me in the eyes, said, "Cindy and I talked quite a bit while we were out, and I realized that I've been missing a lot of life. The grin on Amy's face told me that she was enjoying the feel of Cindy's "cock" between her legs. After grinding against Cindy's "cock" for several minutes, Amy backed away, but continued her sexy dance. Cindy and I watched as Amy's hands slowly found their way inside her bra.


From Scared to Dared to Bared to Shared: The Next Day

group glendale22 2018-03-22

Cindy was not like Amy in being so forward before, and Vick was therefore surprised a little by how freely she invited him to let his hands wander over body and into the folds of her vagina. Amy, in fact, had to intervene slightly, saying, "Let's all save some for after we dry off." She said it for all of them, but Vick knew she was speaking up before Cindy made him come right there in the shower. Cindy then went to the bathroom to clean up a little, and when she returned, Amy was on the bed, moving down Steve's body and turning herself so her vagina was close to his face.


Fresher's Fling

group Graduategirl 2018-03-22

Jake looked incredibly pleased and relieved, and Wendy couldn't help warming to him. It was a long, lingering, sweet kiss, and Wendy couldn't believe she'd never thought of Jake like this before. Then Louise too began to touch Wendy, taking her hand and beginning to caress her soft skin. Turning her back to Jake, and letting him move his hands over her breasts, Wendy faced Louise and began to touch her back. With Jake holding her, Wendy felt safe, and reached out to kiss Louise gently on the lips. Suddenly Wendy felt Jake's hand, which had been caressing her buttocks, slide between her legs, and he thrust his fingers into her own wetness.