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Erotic Group Sex stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

Art Show

group Nogrod63 2018-03-22

Ingrid grunted hard, Angie had pulled Ingrid's dress up and had thrust a finger deep into her pussy and was fucking her with it. He took Ingrid by the hips and thrust his cock forward deep into her wet pussy till his balls slapped hard against her ass. Ingrid slowly fucking herself on his hard cock while she ran her tongue over Angie's pussy. At last Angie cried out, thrusting her pussy up hard to Ingrid's face her body rocking as her orgasm burst through her. Kris reached down pulling Ingrid up so she was kneeling, holding her breasts in his hands, tweaking her hard nipples with his fingers.

Abyss Remembered

group English Bob 2018-03-22

In his absence, they had obviously decided to take Kay's' flirting to a new level because she was currently being deeply kissed by the guy with the greasy hair whilst a second band member, with short cropped hair was busy sliding the top half of her dress down to her waist. As she began to jerk and suck on the three new erections, the band member that had been fucking her pussy so expertly groaned deep in his throat and, pulling his cock out, sprayed her lower body with a huge quantity of thick, sticky cum. Kay's pussy felt sore and open now and she was quite content to have the other three guys cum in her hands and mouth.

Carnal Knowledge

group J_J_Livingstone 2018-03-22

Whereas Lynn shaved her pussy, Mandy only trimmed, both girl were very beautiful and very horny. Jose and Michael's cocks were rubbing each other inside Mandy's pussy. "Shh" said Mandy "I'll make you cum" she ran her hands down her smooth stomach to Lynn's very wet, smooth pussy. Mandy leaned down and kissed Lynn on her lips, then ran her tongue down the side of her neck and down between her tits, down her stomach, circling her belly button. Lynn noticed Todd start to stiffen and she moved her head in such a way that she was able to kiss Thomas with Todd's dick still in both of their mouths. Thomas stuck his cock inside Lynn's pussy and then waited until Todd was ready; he stuck his massive cock in his ass.


Our first bisexual encounter

group 2018-03-22

From my vantage point on top of the couch, I could see David taking off YSL's clothing and my eyes just brimmed with desire just looking at them. He released YSL's cock and we flick and meet tongues and then kiss (I also whispered in his ear that I wanted him and sucked his earlobe as proof of my desire). YSL's cock, like David's, was thick and huge and I remember it still in my mouth, how it tasted. I left David with YSL, who was propped on the couch, because I decided I wanted some licking and sucking action myself. So I naughtily met David's arriving cock with the tip of my sexy tongue as it came near me.

Picture This Ch. 02

group kandie 2018-03-22

Amanda then said, "Oh baby, you know that after a few snap-shots I am going to yell, To hell with the camera I want you to join us. Amanda looked at them and said, "Well Roger is away on business, and I know he would like to be in on this kind of fun." Janice stopped for a moment and said, "Amanda, honey you have a gorgeous body and I cannot wait to kiss and caress you." He told Janice to continue eating Amanda and spread her legs as he wanted some of her hot pussy. As Todd got behind Janice and rubbed his dick the length of her wet slit she gasped and stopped eating Amanda long enough to scream.

Diamond Valentine

group RejectReality 2018-03-22

Tessa slowly made her way to the bed on feet sore from a long day at work. "Well, Lisa got an eyeful didn't she?" Tessa said as her fingers slipped up the leg of his boxers. Tessa's hand came to rest over his rock hard cock when she pulled back from the kiss. Mark leaned his gift up against the side of the couch and said, "My turn." He'd left his suit jacket in the front room for exactly this reason, and retrieved it from the back of the couch. She slid her right hand down her hip, showing off her new heart-adorned bra and panties, as well as her new diamond ring, and then said, "Happy Valentine's Day."


Wife's ex boyfriend fingers her in front of m

group 2018-03-22

My wife and Weston were sitting on chairs outside but something did not look right, the way they were facing was kind of weird. When I had finished in the bathroom I left the house via the front door and walked around the side path to the back garden, this way I would be approaching my wife and Weston from a direction they would not expect. After a few minutes of fingering her pussy up against the wall and sucking her tits her hands found their way to his jeans, unbuttoned the front and reached inside for his cock. Weston looked over and saw the head of my cock poking through and grinned.

A Day Out With His Students

group Aussie_Teacher 2018-03-22

By the time I thought there were no more I could show after the next one, I was surprised when one of the girls, as well as the boy, asked if they could see more of her as they thought she looked so sexy, and the pictures were not rude, but more like art. After thanking him for his nice words the two girls also said how much they liked the pics and asked to see more. After trying to explain to them that I had many concerns with the legalities and such, but not with the actual photography, Tracy said it was easy to fix, and all I had to do was have them all sign a piece of paper saying they asked me to take the picture for them.


Slut Wife Chronicles... Debbi

group melanieatplay 2018-03-22

I knew this little white dress showed off my tan legs perfectly, that was the reason I bought it, but it was always nice to get that kind of affirmation from such a young, handsome guy. I had to admit it had been years, probably going all the way back to my days in college, since a guy had licked salt off of my neck before doing a tequila shot. "Your cleavage looks so good in that dress," one of the guys said daringly, while he slid up against me as I sat on the bar stool. Another loud cheer quickly went up and one of the guys immediately agreed to pony up for another round of shots for our group, so I'd have the 'courage' to show them what was under my little dress.


My Girlfriends Younger s****r by loyalsock

group loyalsock 2018-03-22

The door was open in my girlfriends room and Jaime had just Jaime wanted to sit on the couch so my girlfriend and Jaime got up and went into her room. Just when I was about to cum, Jaime sweet voice came from her room and was could feel her warm wet mouth take my entire dick as I began to cum. onto the bed and got on to her hands and knees right next to Jaime. pulled my hard dick out of Jaime and put it into Susan. Jaime's body moved wildly with her big tits bouncing as Susan I felt their long blonde hair on my body as they took my dick in

Michelle My Hotwife

group KINKYCanada 2018-03-22

"So I can expect your drunk ass to walk in late and not in the mood tonight?" she said with a touch of sarcasm in her vibrant voice. Will you call if you are going to come home so you don't scare the piss out of me walking in, in the middle of the night?" she said. Her little grunts of pleasure and the way her boot covered legs looked, her long raven hair hanging off the back of her head, her smallish b-cup breasts with stark tan lines from religiously tanning with the exact bikini every time. Maybe have my way with you!" Michelle said giving my cock a hard slap.

Christmas Cookies

group masterfeedlarry 2018-03-22

As a result, Ross was severely pussy whipped, an existence he put up with for five obvious reasons; two of them sat proudly on Hannah's chest and required a 34DD bra to hold in place, two of them were split by a pair of thong panties that only accentuated the mouthwatering way the globes of her bubble butt undulated when she walked, and the fifth was plump and smooth, and sat barely concealed behind the gusset of those g-string style thong panties she always insisted on wearing. As the glass touched his lips, Jessica lowered the concave indentation on the bottom of the champagne bottle onto the upturned head of Ross's pant covered erection. Hannah and Ross watched attentively as Jessica marched back into the room with a fourth bottle of champagne.


The Houseguest Ch. 2

group CCMAguy 2018-03-22

I moved back against her hand and forced her finger deeper into my asshole, she obliged me by pushing harder and then just as I was feeling like I was going to cum, Jill pulled back from my cock and screamed that she was cumming! She didn't miss a drop, and before I knew what was happening Angie was on her feet and leaning over Jill, as ahe got close Jill released my cock from her own mouth and I felt the familiar lips of my wife around my head as I continued to cum into her mouth as well...

The Five Year High School Reunion

group JonC23 2018-03-22

I could feel my dick starting to throb and grow as Jenna, rather quickly, undid my zipper and pulled down my pants revealing my small, European style briefs. I looked down her dress at her tits, which jiggled a bit in her bra as she went down with my underwear, pulling it to the floor. Jenna stopped stroking, but kept her hand tightly wrapped around my cock. Jenna got up and opened the stall door before I could do anything but stand there with my cock throbbing at attention. "Fine, I'll go first," said Jenna and she wrapped her soft, glossed lips around my cock--just at the exact moment it erupted with hot, white jizz.

The Gym Ch. 4

group Kip Carson 2018-03-22

"Ooh, how I missed this monster" Suki moaned as she began licking the shemale's large cock. Suki removed her mouth from Kate's very large hard shemale cock, and announced "I need to be fucked hard". "Oh, GOD yes" Suki yelled as Kate's large shemale cock slid deeply into her tight ass. John moaned and shot his cum into Suki's hot pussy. As John's cock furiously throbbed and pulsated, Kate grunted, and shot her shemale cum. Kate and John removed their cocks from Suki's hot holes, and began to kiss each other. Kate moaned, and her shemale cum shot into Suki's pretty mouth. Suki hungrily sucked the last of Kate's cum from her large shemale cock.

Exhibitionism, Voyeurism and Fun

group EBSFGNCU 2018-03-22

Somewhere in the middle of a position change, I noticed that Jason had Angel's legs up in the air and was pounding away. After a nice hard fucking, Kevin grunted, froze in place and squirted more cum into my throbbing pussy. (I have to stop here and say that Angel gave me and Kevin a ration of shit about the possibility of us getting caught behind that cabin fucking the night prior. Low and behold, I come back from the bathroom and Kevin is on his hands and knees with his face buried in Angel's pussy. Kevin got on his knees as Angel hiked up her legs and he pounded her ass but good.

A Hickerman Party Ch. 02

group saber6 2018-03-22

Someone too young to know what it’s all about.” Standing up he takes her by the arm and pulls her up to him, hugging her, molding one breast into his hand and kissing her deeply with a lot of tongue. Not bothering to acknowledge, Bill hands her two rolls, “Let’s play.” Leaning forward he breaks both rolls into his tray below the machine, picks out three quarters, feeds the machine and pulls the lever; swish, swish, swish, swish, swish.. In the mean time Angel has placed one roll in her tray and has carefully peeled off some of the paper in a circular manner part way down and slides out one quarter, feeds the machine and pushes her button; swish, swish, swish, swish, swish..


Jamie's Confessions Ch. 04

group indigoharvey 2018-03-22

I felt another pair of hands rubbing and caressing my body and I glanced over to see Zach reaching for my breasts, he held them up for the farmer to flick his tongue over my nipples before sucking them deep into his mouth. "Get me hard again, I want to fuck that sweet ass." He ordered, I sucked him until I felt him hardening in my mouth and he pulled out, Zach left my pussy so the farmer could turn me over. That feels so good!" I moaned, rubbing my cum covered tits against the warm metal of the truck, Zach and plunged his fingers into my pussy and was roughly finger fucking me whilst the farmer began to work his cock into my ass.

A Flashback to the Sisties

group Bakeboss 2018-03-22

I was feeling uneasy as if we were forcing Sharon to do something she didn't want to do, but no, she walked over to me and started making out with me as Linda sucked my cock. Finally Sharon looked at Linda and said let's take this boy into the bedroom and see if we can fuck his brains out. Sharon's kids started giggling and I was concerned but she told me her kids see Linda's boobies all of the time. After we had been there awhile and had played in the water and in the sand, Linda whispered in my ear that Sharon wanted some more of my 'nice cock'.

Mother, Father, and Son

group 2018-03-22

then i let out a huge load, and heard my parents stop, and they began to talk. so when we entered my parents bedroom, my father was already in there and stroking his 10 in cock, that was already red from fucking my mom. mom said to my dad "hes getting excited, lets begin." then i felt my mother sucking my 6 in cock. she began to moan and took my dads cock out of her mouth quickly and said she was going to cum! then i yelled "mom im going to cum!" "put it on your moms tits!" then i released another huge load and right after my dad let of a load too.

Clothing Optional Day at the Beach

group SPEN STERLING 2018-03-22

The trio headed back to the house, Gina got busy making a fresh round of margaritas, Dan went out to set up some lounging chairs on the deck and Tori went in to change into a new bathing suit. They ordered a pizza delivery, and Dan told the girls that if they had the guts to go to the door dressed just like they were, in thongs and open robes, he'd pay for the pizza just to see the look on the delivery boy's face. She handed him the money and Tori slapped him on the ass, as Dan went white in the face with the prospect of meeting the pizza delivery girl dressed in nothing but a loin cloth.


Dirty Washing

group AlexHall 2018-03-22

As she said this, I heard him grunt something like, 'Come here' and noticing a sliver of a gap in the fence, I placed my mag' on the lawn and eased myself over to where I had a good view of her showing off those tits to him until the poor guy could stand it no more and her pushed his hands up her tee shirt and pulled it and her black lacy bra up and over her head in one violent motion. Her hands were amazing, stoking and teasing my breasts until the nipples stood out long and swollen, I'd always had sensitive breasts but Becca was driving me crazy with her attentions and I threw my head back and groaned as I felt my pussy gush all over the sofa and her softly moaned 'oh baby, look what you've done,' rang in my ears as she slid a finger along the tiny soaked gusset of my thong.

New Neighbors: Beth and Stephanie

group Goshawk 2018-03-22

Beth took her hands and deliberately stroked Stephanie from her thighs to her face. It looked like Beth was trying to push her entire hand inside. Beth finally turned away from her gaze into Stephanie’s inner being and told me, “I think it is time for another cleaning”. If I have any special requests you will be told.” Beth looked into my eyes and we lowered our gaze to Steph’s body. I am not sure if an adequate description is possible for feeling Beth’s fingers slide next to mine as we explored that gorgeous, steaming pussy. I watched my cock drive in and out of this tight little pussy, feeling Beth’s tongue bath my shaft as it bore into Stephanie over and over.


Last Friday Night

group bitexwriter 2018-03-22

When I get home from work on a Friday night, Margo tells me that we are going to go hang out with her friend Tonya and her husband Rick after dinner. And it might get to be an especially fun evening, since Margo's bisexuality gets a lot more aggressive when she drinks and I know she thinks Tonya is cute. "I have seen Margo get about this far with another girl before, but I think tonight's going to be even better." Right on cue, I see Margo slide her hand all the way down Tonya's sexy stomach until she's inside her pants. Margo clearly loves eating Tonya's pussy, and it looks like she's doing a great job.