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Erotic Group Sex stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

Slut For Ugly Men

group NiteWriter 2018-03-22

There were old men wearing filthy clothes, a couple young guys that looked like computer nerds and this one black guy smiled at Nicolle showing three front teeth missing and those he still had were disfigured and stained almost green. "Fuck..., you whore." "That was incredible." Nicolle smiled saying; "I love the taste of your dirty balls." Then she nuzzled her face on either side and downward underneath his sack, so her mouth could taste his entire unwashed smelly crotch. "Do it on me." "Show me what you really want to do to pretty girls." "Piss on me." "Piss in my mouth." With that Nicolle sat on the filthy wet floor, spread her legs so he could stand between them, and then leaned her head against the edge of the urinal.


Alexandra the Great Ch. 03

group Mercurius 2018-03-22

I savored several minutes of having Scott's magnificent cock in my mouth, then decided Shanna needed a taste. She looked so fucking hot, her gorgeous red hair tucked behind her ears, her lightly freckled face working up and down, her blue eyes ablaze with delight, and her moist lips wrapped around a thick, hard cock. She was laughing as come dripped from her lips into her mouth, and she aimed Scott's still spurting cock at me. I slid my lips over the tip of Scott's cock and began sucking ever so gently, while with my left hand I gripped him tightly around the base and milked every last drop of that sweet cum out of him.

Round of Four Pt. 04

group RiteofSpring 2018-03-22

She makes a great, soft, wiggling, pneumatic bed for me as I lie on her with my cock up her cunt, and I can watch her pant and jiggle under me as I thrust deeper and harder into her lovely pussy with its luxurious thatch of auburn pubic hair. Then she rubs the cock head up and down her own sex slit, and I feel simultaneously the bristly brush of her pubic hair and the warm wetness of her labia on the tip of my penis. I hold my cock in her cunt and flop onto her pneumatic body and embrace her, my lips seeking hers and my hands grasping the globes of her buttocks to keep my penis firmly inside her as it shrinks to normal size.

Barbara's First Gang Bang Ch. 01

group eroticwriter28 2018-03-22

Leather straps around her ankles were clipped to a metal bar that Joseph had adjusted to force Barbara's legs very wide apart. Joseph had placed a small space heater on the floor in front of her to keep her comfortable and Barbara felt the warm air from the fan wafting tantalizingly through her thighs and across her puffy lips. After much second-guessing, she had finally come to the point that she was now willing to give her body to complete strangers and let them use her in any way they wanted. "Looks like a little whore who has lost her way", said a second man who also began to walk toward her.

Baby on the Beach

group jugulator 2018-03-22

Allen and I continued to drink and talk, and Dan came back after half an hour with a grin on his face. What excited me even more was the thought that I'm gonna be thoroughly fucked not even a 100 meters from the bar full of people and that at any time someone could notice what was going on. I didn't even have the time to protest because he came inside me, when Allen pulled his cock out of my mouth and came all over my face and my hair. I was still out of breath lying down on the sand when Dan and Allen got dressed and headed towards the bar.

A Favour for Anthony

group encountersxxx 2018-03-22

Their looks said they might be of Chinese origin and from the cut of Lindi's short black dress and the jewellery around her neck, they weren't short of spending money. I dropped my hand down between my legs, running my fingers through my slit, feeling the familiar crevices, the inner lips which always seemed too large, the stem of my clit which was rigid and the sensitive tip which could swell to a size that sometimes seemed embarrassingly gross. For a moment I thought about how it was to be pleasured by a man and a woman together; the delicious combination of masculine and feminine touches from exploring hands, the different pressures and textures of licking tongues seeking to arouse and excite, the sheer eroticism of being the center of attention ...


Mr. Plumber

group Betrayer 2018-03-22

Mike grinned, as his hands removed red top, and he admired perfect small tanned tits in front of him, and another girl started to suck his cock. Natasha dropped down on her knees near Tanya, and Mike fucked her mouth too, then he entered Tanya's lips again, and so it continues until he pulled his cock out of Tanya's mouth and with a groan of passion unloaded on the girl's faces. Finally, Mike dropped on the edge of the table, looking tiredly as girls raised from the floor, as they exchanged deep kisses, tasting his sperm, then they licked each others faces clean, and then Natasha cleaned his softening cock.

Summer Break Fun

group ilikeice 2018-03-22

They were drinking buddies, too, and that had got them into a few awkward moments, like the time Annie bet Rich that she could undo his jeans using only her teeth, and won. Annie, feeling his presence, broke from her kiss with Chris to lean her head back on Rich's chest. He cupped her head as she continued to kiss and nibble her way around his chest, her left hand holding his shirt up, the other casually resting on the front of his jeans, one finger tracing light, lazy circles above his hardening cock. Its better than I dared to fantasize, but now I think its time that I got a little attention from at least one of you." She looked pointedly at Chris who had been stroking himself while watching Rich and Annie.


My Wife, Her Best Friend, Me!

group Biker_Type 2018-03-22

She nodded and smiled at her best friend before she ran a finger tip across the head of my cock to gather a drop of pre-cum that she proceeded to run over her lips before she licked them clean. Not as if she needed help but Marie had added her hands to the back of my head forcing my tongue to stay active and start her best friend to moaning loudly and rolling her head from side to side as another orgasm followed the first. I looked down at Cyn spread and filled with my cock and felt Marie's soft tits and hard nipples in my back, this was not what I'd expected when me started out the night.


Bachelor Party Ch. 03

group pauls_lover_gal 2018-03-22

Bet that mouth sure feels good on a cock," said Tim, as he looked at me greedily. Jake's tongue is fucking me as far inside as he can, and my head moves faster on Tim's cock. I scream into Jake's cock, and it doesn't take much longer before I feel him pulling out of my mouth and emptying himself on my face. You continue to work your magic on my clit and I suddenly come all over your face, screaming into Mark's cock and flooding you with my juices. You place the head of it at my mouth, and I stick out my tongue to lick it, looking up at you and teasing you.

Katie's Birthday, Part B

group LovesNipples 2018-03-22

Chris, who was the largest of the four men it would turn out, was in almost as much discomfort as Pat. Chet, who hadn't been laid in two years, was actually already leaking pre-cum and Frank could not believe what was happening. She blushed at being called a bitch, which surprised Pat. Pat leaned forward in his chair and pushed his wife's head towards her best friend's rock hard cock, which she was about to suck, and said: Having licked all the cum off of Chet's now, deflated cock, she raised up on her knees, looked at Frank and said: Pat, whose cock wanted to explode in his cum-covered wife, looked at the other three men and said: Pat looked at Katie and said: "Well babe, so far you have swallowed Chet's load and had your pussy hammered by Frank.

The Mile Ch. 03

group Beaverhausen 2018-03-22

Alex finished pulling the towel over my shoulders and just looked me right in the eye. As we sat in the living room, Alex and I sitting on the couch facing the empty fireplace and Jake sprawled out on the floor holding the rum, I could hear the sounds of crickets outside and the familiar hum of the sealing fan in the dining room. "Fire!" Alex said passing me the rum he stole from Jake. Run. Just run Sara." Alex said turning away from me. I took off the rum soaked Alabama State shirt and turned the shower on. I started digging for a shirt and suddenly his door swung open and Alex came at me with eyes filled with a fire.

Vacation In Amsterdam Ch. 02

group MrsCanyon 2018-03-22

Watching the twins waiting their turn, they were always smiling, laughing, and making a bunch of gestures as to what and how they were going to fuck Tracy. When Tracy came to the door again, the twins jumped out of their seats, grabbed a bunch of condoms off the table, and ran into the room slamming the door closed. Fredrick then called in the waitress to bring us some drinks while we were to sit down and watch Tracy and the twins. As we sat drinking the drinks, the waitress also stood watching my wife getting drilled by the guys with a broad smile on her face, this time the twins had changed ends and were going hard again on my wife.

Club Paradiso

group bamboomoon 2018-03-22

Meanwhile Lorraine used her stiff tongue as a cock and fucked Marie's cunt. Lying on top of my wife, I pushed my right hand between our bodies and played with her clit while I inserted my cock into her wet pussy. My eight-inch cock slipped between the legs of Marge and Amanda while it sparred with the smaller penises of George and Andre. Marge and Amanda sat cross-legged next to me while Lorraine seated herself between George and Andre. Andre's mouth covered my cock while he fucked Lorraine. I turned around to see George tongue fucking Amanda who pumped a black dildo into Marge's pussy. Lorraine in the meantime presented her pussy to Andre's mouth who immediately started licking between the folds of her cunt lips.

Naughty Fun with Aunt Mischelle

group JosephBarnosky 2018-03-22

My hips bounce from wave after wave of orgasmic pleasure and Michelle turns her attention to my breasts, which she pinches and pulls hard again. As he does this, I feel my Aunt Mischelle slip between my legs and she begins to lick and suck across the top of my pussy, making her way to my inner thighs. When she enters a few fingers in me, I have to grip hard at the bed posts as I try to concentrate on the cock in my mouth while Mischelle attacks my pussy relentlessly. He takes the rope, pulling my wrists back behind my back once again and plunges his hard cock into my pussy. I don't know how long I lay here before my Aunt Mischelle pulls the butt plug from my ass.

First Time Swinging

group BrettJ 2018-03-22

Tom looked at the both of us and before I was able to suggest we didn't go any further, he slid his cock into my girlfriend's pussy and began to fuck her. I couldn't believe Tom had been able to go from being sucked off right to fucking but Georgia bragged that her husband could go for a few hours without going limp. Unfaithful or not, having Tom fuck me like a whore was a blast and I let him know it with grunts, gasps and groans. I think I was still just drunk enough to agree and a few minutes later, my girlfriend was underneath my pussy, eating me out while her husband was fucking my ass.

Pool Party

group Carnelian 2018-03-22

“That’s the great thing about spring break,” said Tammy, “you’re a zillion miles away, and you know you’re not ever going to see these people again, so you can be uninhibited. “Have a party here, like Tammy suggested, and invite just a few guys, and have fun getting them turned on.” About ten minutes later, Steph joined us with John and Carlos in tow—she was actually holding both their hands as she walked out through the sliding glass door toward the pool. “This is a pool party—you guys brought swim suits, didn’t you?” Rich and John said they had, and Steph led them back into the house to show them where they could change.

Trisha is Finally Satisfied Ch. 01

group dada74 2018-03-22

Trisha's little frame sat on the couch, she had the base of the standing stud's cock wrapped with one hand as the swollen head pushed in and out between her pouted tight lips. He kissed and licked her pouted lips, Todd now hard and with cock in hand came over from the couch slapping his buddy on the ass, let me have a turn on the bitch dude, Danny withdrew from her pussy just as Trisha was having another orgasm, grabbing Michael around the neck she screamed, "I'm fucking coming, her pussy wasn't empty long as Todd sank his horse cock into her dripping hole.

Reunion Ch. 02

group Richard019283 2018-03-22

Instead, she put her hand on the bulge in my suit, looked over at Steve and said, “Do you mind if I help out your old friend here?” Steve couldn’t do much more than utter a groan of approval at which point Alice pulled down my suit and pushed me up on the edge of the pool. With her pussy gently moving up and down my cock, Alice grabbed Steve’s cock and began to lick up and down it’s entire length. Breaking away from our kiss, Alice moved to the end of Steve’s cock and closed her mouth around it, taking in half of its length. Just before I was about to come, Alice stopped moving, grabbed Steve’s cock from me and sucked hard while pumping his cock.

Bike Ride

group juangariano 2018-03-22

Helen was a muscular little woman with straight black hair and green eyes who had once stayed with Thomas and his wife, Mary, on their rural block, just outside of town. The woman made a disappointed sound but Thomas stayed in her and, leaning forward, began to tweak her large nipples and play with her breasts, so that she became silent, hopeful. The woman, whose name she said was Julie, had sat down at their table at this stage and though she and Thomas were talking and laughing about things, Mary seemed unwilling to join in. When it was clear that Mary had decided to spend the night with George, Julie bedded down with Thomas in the granny flat and they made love twice more before dawn found them sprawled, exhausted, on the bed.


Poker Night

group TheConductor 2018-03-22

As the play continues downstairs she sits on the edge of her partner's bed, a mixture of excitement and fear running through her head -- would they come up for more or just respect that she's already taken..? She feels something large and hard come closer towards her face and before she realises what has happened she has taken one of their huge throbbing cocks in her mouth, running her tongue over its shaft and towards the base she can hear the guy moaning in ecstasy, sucking it harder and faster another one mounts her from behind and starts to play with her ass which gets her even hotter,

Fondest Wish Ch. 08

group velvetpie 2018-03-22

Amalie took his glass and Donovan reached for the wash sponge, lathering it generously and scrubbing every inch of Kara's body. "Me." Amalie piped up and Kara turned to the woman, eagerly sudsing the curves of her chocolate flesh and spending much time in making sure that her already hairless pussy was clean and well-scrubbed. He stood, breaching the water like a Nubian god and quietly watched the two women scrub his muscled body, moaning when Kara's hand slid gently under his balls and applied the sponge. "Well, let's turn the dreaming into action." His mouth covered hers so quickly that she could barely breathe and his tongue overpowered her, his hips driving his cock along her slit and teasing her as it rubbed past her aching hole.


Pleasure Trip

group lover4u 2018-03-22

The stupendous orgasm that had been building in my balls as my wife excites me suddenly erupts through my rock-hard cock and I feel a heavy stream of semen gush deep inside her velvety vagina. My gorgeously naked wife pulls me to the bed where she climbs on and coos "I'm Lisa and I want it from behind." I position myself behind her and caress her wet pussy with my rigid cock. Lisa puts on a CD of soft dance music, then comes over, sits close to me, adopting a similar pose to Alex on the couch. A long soft moan escapes Alex' lips as Lisa sucks and licks her large breasts and I do the same to her dripping pussy.

A Porn Star is Born

group MawrGorshin 2018-03-22

It was to a 'reunion' party for all of her public school classmates, hosted in a house shared by four young college men her age: Brad Peck, Rod Gibb, Dirk Dengler, and Peter Schiff. Dirk threw the shower curtain aside with a quick pull, and as he and Peter climbed out of the tub, she let out a grinning scream and covered her crotch with her hands, yet seemed content to allow the boys to see her tits. Sighing at their touch, she said, "You never used to think I was beautiful." She closed her eyes to Brad's and Dirk's caressing hands, each on either of her breasts, cupping them.