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Erotic Group Sex stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

Ashlynn: Daddy’s Little Girl 2b

group baddaddy59 2018-03-22

When they were done with her for the night, the skinny bald black man walked in, he pulled out a length of rope with several big knots in it, she heard it whistle threw the air before she felt it hit. And then played a little game with her, called “what’s in your pussy, bitch” they took turns shoving things in side her and she had to guess what, a beer bottle, a Ball-peen Hammer, a wire brush, a brick, a dead mouse (that was the hardest to guess), and then some fire-works, after a time they must have gotten bored because they stopped and left her just hanging there, with a burnt out Roman Candle in her cunt.

Cuckold intervention

group adventureousmale 2018-03-22

Pam and Linda are now both begging to get fucked and the guy licking their pussies just slide a little further now letting their erect balck cocks slide into their waiting soaking pussies. Honey, I just need so much cock now, there is no way you could satisfy me like this on your own, Linda now moves to join Pam on the sofa, her guys change places and one of them sits on the sofa as Linda faces me as she guides his fat cock into her ass. He moves over Linda and slides his big helemt over her clit, her pussy lips look to be at max already with a cock in each hole.

Twins Saved by Nudity Ch. 12

group regularguy13 2018-03-22

Tyler, Brenda and Abby stood around feeling angry and awkward, unable to comfort Beth, and unable to extract revenge on Paul. "Aunt Janice," Beth said, "I want to take a bath and wash his touch off me. Abby grabbed Tom and Beth's hands and said, "Let's go outside." Beth explained, "Tyler and Brenda are nude because Aunt Janice said she didn't have time to be pulling their pants up and down all day long." Beth and Abby laughed. Abby smiled and said, "Tom, I'll do your back if you do mine and Beth's." Feeling naughty and playful, Abby got on her hands and knees when it came time for Tom to do her butt; and she stretched like a cat.

Stranger Danger

group hinderka 2018-03-22

His dark, short hair was moving from the wind and the beautiful round eyes had their sight on the girl. He kissed her back and put his hands on her waist slowly going on her ass and finally underneath the skirt. He took her in his arms on to the expensive sofa, bent her over and started licking her ass, making circles with his tongue around her asshole. He made it wet just with his mouth, moved up her skirt and slowly went into her ass, fucking her. A young, suited gentleman went inside, absolutely shocked at the sight of the two teenagers fucking on his couch. And then she went on licking his dick, until the cum came on all of her face.


Bisexual Awakening

group Batcum2002 2018-03-22

What does it feel like to have a cock in your mouth or to taste a load of semen? Susie knew I would never find a guy to bring home so she found a man at work. Susie looked at me and said, "honey, it's my birthday and my turn for some fun." I stood there naked next to Jim with our cocks pointing up as Susie laid down with her face between us. My mouth, her cunt and his cock were one big fuck machine. I wanted him to fuck my face like a slave cock whore. Suddenly, he grabbed my head and began to fuck my mouth hard.

Late Night At The Office

group jbgoode 2018-03-22

I DO have work to do." There was a playful lilt to her voice, and Joel ached to be in the room to catch a glimpse of her pussy as she showed it to Rob. His cock strained against his trousers as he heard her rustling beneath her pinafore and unbuckling her jeans. Juliette leave your jeans off, and while your at it off with that pinafore." Joel couldn't believe what he was saying but it seemed now that it was out of his control and all he wanted was to shove his cock into not so eager pussy of the young cleaner. Rob began pumping his finger in rhythm with his mouth on the cock, and Joel could hold it in no longer.

House Sitting

group Onmyback2 2018-03-22

So I got off my chair and went to my knees to let this guy play with my ass and soon he was sliding his cock in me and started to fuck me hard and at the same time I was still sucking this other guys cock. As I arrived home, mouth still with the taste of cock and ass feeling good after a hard fucking, I needed to finish myself off. Not long after I pee'd all over me that I grabbed my wet cock and began to stroke it good and hard with one hand and pump the dildo with the other and then the biggest cum load I probably ever unleashed just kept shooting out of me, even reaching my mouth!

Flood of the Century

group sandollar04 2018-03-22

Loren reached an arm for Ryan's crotch and slowly guided her hand up his leg and onto his hardened dick, leaned towards him, and said with a sexy tone, "We thought that you might jack off." The mind-blowing comment from Loren sent Ryan into a state of shock and pleasure, and his only reaction was to remove her hand from his crotch and try to mutter a response, "N-no, I can-can't really duh-do that in the-this van." "Wow," Loren announced, "that's quite a dick you got there." Dakota laughed from the rear seat as she removed her bra, but Ryan didn't notice because he was too caught up with Loren at the moment.


A Wrestling Prelude to Pleasure

group yowser 2018-03-22

The fair-haired woman with the short skirt at the table across the pub had had her legs crossed, ankle on knee, and it didn't take great vision to note that while she had some sort of underwear on, it wasn't the kind to limit a view of what looked like a handsome, full ass, visible under the table to me. But instead of tilting her head up to Rick's mouth, she dropped to her knees and gave his prickhead a delicate little kiss, which apparently wasn't sufficient reward, since she then slipped her lips around his cock and applied a gentle, teasing, deliberate suction. "I think I would like to have you suck Rick" she said, looking me straight in the eye.


Barcelona Beauties Ch. 09

group Artist1 2018-03-22

I got little boxes and cards and left a gift on the bed or dresser of Vesna, Kiraz, Farah, Yara, Llora, Carmen and Lisa. Vesna sucked the head of my cock into my mouth while Farah tongued my balls (Yara had shaved my balls and ass that morning). She mounted my cock and beckoned to Vesna who, facing Farah above me, gently placed her pussy down upon my lips. Lying at my side while I rested against the pillows, Vesna began to lick my cock as Farah's toes touched my balls. I grabbed Ulrika's ass and began to pull nearly all the way out as her pussy lips closed around my cock.

Cassie's College Years Ch. 04

group irishlovr83 2018-03-22

Julie was standing by the closet, clad in pastel blue boyshort panties and matching bra, with a number of outfits around her, and my boyfriend from home, Charlie, was sitting on our futon, ogling her body. Excited groans from Charlie told me he was enjoying Julie's mouth, so I turned my attention to the dripping pussy in front of me. Charlie fucked me in earnest, and it wasn't long before I was cumming again, each thrust giving me more pleasure. "Oh, god, Cass," Julie whispered into my ear, "his cock is so good."Over her shoulder, I could see Charlie's face contorted in throes of pleasure. The dirty talk pushed Charlie over the edge, and he thrust hard into Julie and I knew he was dumping his load into her cunt like he did to me earlier.

An Erotic Dream..So I Thought

group earthfire1981 2018-03-22

I am just very glad that I know how to work on cars or that bill would have been a lot higher.” I said as I walked out the door, remembering to set the house alarm. As I took the stairs two at a time, she was right behind me, and I could hear her panting...I don’t know if it was from her exerting herself on the stairs or what but something told me that I was going to be in for it when I got up to her room. No sooner than I was about ready to say something, Greg stopped what he was doing and looked up from between my legs and say what I saw and I swore I heard a “Holy fucking shit.” I hopped off and Greg threw Alex off.

A Slut Got Fucked Pt. 02

group bitch2015 2018-03-22

The one who fucked me first on Sunday said he was Max and his partners in operation last day were Jim and Tom and the fourth man was Dexter in short Dex. Dex suddenly told that he thought my tits were 34DD in size, but a slut like me should be at least 36DD. He fucked my mouth as I rubbed Max and Tom's cocks with both my hands.I saw from the corner of my eyes Jim bringing the dreadful glass bowl from kitchen. Dex moved to the sofa And Max first then Jim and Tom fucked my mouth and their cum got deposited in the bowl.

Explorations Ch. 04

group Manny2314 2018-03-22

Her finger felt the smooth head and pushed and played with the pee hole while her other hand held my dick steady. Emily squeezed and felt my erection, and Laura now started on the tip. Emily looked at Laura and said, "He won't be any good to us until this dick feels better." Laura took her mouth off my cock, the hands now forcing my cum to erupt. Emily let out a loud groan, thrusting her hips up and out, squeezing my head with her legs, and pounding her hands on the cushions. As I was concentrating on Laura's pussy, I felt a hand on my cock. Plus Emily's hand was still stroking my cock, pulling down straight toward the floor.

The Party

group foofoo416 2018-03-21

I could feel a hot wet tongue licking at my clit, while a huge cock was fucking me deep. I glanced around the room and noticed another man, furiously stroking his enormous cock and staring at my dripping, occupied pussy. The new man's cock was right in my face, so I reached out and stroked it for him, pulling him closer to my waiting mouth. I looked over at my silent observer, saw that he was loving this, and I sucked this new cock deep inside my wet lips. I heard him groan loudly, and I could feel him starting to thrust his hips inside my mouth when I grabbed onto his ass.

A Hot Surprise

group bigspikehardy 2018-03-21

“Are you ready baby?” Jim asks playfully, causing Alisha to simply shake her ass again as Jim moves in, placing his cock at the entrance to her pussy once more before pushing in and out slowly, his hands on her waist and helping the motions along. “Fuck me!” Jim screams out as he begins to buck back and forth, his dick slamming into Alisha’s pussy and with each backstroke he gets more and more hard cock up his ass, causing him and Alisha to moan in pleasure as she keeps her body twisted, watching the sexy scene behind her as she tries not to cum right there.

Friends In Need Are Friends Indeed

group sansar 2018-03-21

"Arun, today after I came home in the evening, and Nivedita had gone for a bath, my mother-in-law spoke to me...." He stopped and continued "she desperately wants us to bear a child and was instrumental in getting our check up. "I feel that the work pressure and no proper stimulation when he fucks Nivedita are the main reason for him not having a proper cock-stand" I was purposely using all the torrid sex slang to get Jaya excited. I only have one problem in what I have suggested; Vijay may want to fuck you instead of Nivedita." She giggled visualizing the scenario. After our meeting in the morning, Jaya had opened the topic of Nivedita getting impregnated by asking her to share the bed with me.


My Wife's Friend Ch. 01

group TheAdventuresOf 2018-03-21

On the way out the door Vanessa grabbed my ass and said, "You look pretty good yourself, little boy." I gave her a quick peck and a smile as we headed off to the airport. Vanessa moved her head to my shoulder and whispered in my ear, "Meli is rubbing my pussy, and I am going crazy!" I didn't want to let Melissa know that I knew, so I was careful not to move my head as Vanessa's grip on my cock tightened. Vanessa moved her hand over to grip my cock while she continued to suck on Melissa's clit. I had a couple of fingers inside Vanessa's dripping pussy and Melissa was slowly moving the head of my cock toward the back of her throat.


The Voyage Continues Ch. 06

group fntsymn 2018-03-21

"Well, I don't know what you are going to decide, but I sure want to take a swim in those transparent waters, so would you mind if I take off my suit?" Vanessa asked them standing up, "I just love to feel the water on my body." As Vanessa reached behind her to undo her top Robert said, "Actually she looks more naked, I mean more provocative, when the suit gets wet that wearing nothing at all." Robert got up and slid his suit down his legs; Jacky fixed her gaze on his semi-hard cock as he walked down the steps into the water. Vanessa and Jacky thanked the compliments and Robert said, "Anybody for a swim in the sea, or a walk down the beach."


Now Swallow It

group aswpc 2018-03-21

She raised her eyes and looking right at me said in voice loud enough to surprise us both “I was masturbating, Dr. Wood, I was masturbating”. “She was smiling at me and said something like …’That was good, I think I got both you and the guy’s cock on the screen in the picture…’ I don’t know.. “She said she had always kind of fancied me and told me to take my clothes off” Virginia continued. “That was it… she kept me licking her until she came on my face, she held my lips hard against her clit and pussy………” Virginia suddenly remembered where she was and looked up at me. “No, Doctor, she told me to suck his cock.” Virginia said looking at me.


The Princess Selection - Group

group SimonSeeward 2018-03-21

Over thirteen thousand slaves made their way to the Queen of Kritoria's Palace that year; and just as with those foreign slaves who travelled to the capital of their own country, they entered the Princess Selection purely because they loved their country. Instead, they were working together to ensure that the slaves of their country could rest easy, content in the knowledge that they had a Princess and Knights of the finest caliber to defend their interests and display their skill. Elizabeth's determination was of such legendary strength that she survived Maria's assault upon her body for almost two hours, but the Queens and First Ladies watched in the knowledge that her defeat was inevitable.


Holiday in the Sun

group raelene 2018-03-21

Sharon must have heard me because she came out of the kitchen with a still fully erect Steve and said "I think we should stop there for the time being and have some dinner while we can." I could see her outer cunt lips were wide open and there was definitely the shine of a well lubed pussy inside. After dinner was completed and the table cleared, Sharon turned to Steve and said "Now you can compare the difference between hairy and smooth, put one hand on Raelene's twat and the other one on mine." Steve wasted no time responding to this offer and I felt him lightly stroking my pubic area, especially my bushy mound.


Kelsey's World Ch. 20

group riverboy 2018-03-21

Sarah handed off picture after picture to Austin, giving him plenty of time to absorb them, ending with two blowjob images, the last one a close in shot of Barbara's face — her lusty eyes were half-lidded and saliva drooled from her mouth as she hungrily swallowed Richie's young cock. A little while later, when Erin's camera was zoomed in on a leg-in-the-air spoon fuck that left nothing to the imagination about Barbara's pussy, Kelsey checked the time on her phone and broke the news that Koop was coming. Barb's panties were the next thing to go, and then Kelsey joined in, leaning tight against Barbara so Koop could get his arms around both of his favorite sexy girls.


Savagely Sexed in School...6

group d4david 2018-03-21

Daniel's huge cock head, slowly and deliberately, inched painfully further into my anal cavity. Bruce and Charlie had released my wrist and was stroking their cocks as they watched Daniel's huge fuck tool enter my tightly clinching anal opening. Bruce came first, flooding my oral orifice with his substance, Charlie quickly grabbed my head and roughly entered my mouth and started to ram his cock into my mouth. Each time Charlie would ram the back of my throat, I would gag and my butt muscles would tighten around Daniel's enormous penile shaft. Charlie pulled from my mouth and staggered back, Daniel rammed hard into my anus causing me to swallow some of Charlie and Bruce substance as he too let loose his massive load.