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Erotic Group Sex stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

Hot Bi Lovers

group Dennis_Kiros 2018-03-21

That's fuckin' nice Celeste," Jackie said raising her head to look at me. Brad looked at me and nodded, then returned his attention to Jackie's blond pussy, fucking her even harder. Brad's cock was right in front of our faces and as Jackie was still licking our lips he shot a hot and sticky load of cum right on our faces. Celeste and Jackie kissed my cheeks and played with my hair as I sucked on Brad's cock. "Oh you look so beautiful with that big cock inside your mouth Mike!" Celeste purred. "Your big cock looks so good inside her fucking hot pussy. Jackie's screams became louder and her body went completely stiff for about a minute as she came all over Celeste's pussy-hungry mouth.


Bi-curious Ch. 02

group KY ridgerunner 2018-03-21

When he pulled out of me I lay on the bed looking up at him and said, “I guess the answer to Dave’s question is, no we can’t keep our hands off each other for that long.” He laughed and we cleaned up and went out to join Sharon and Dave by the pool. The next song was a very seductive one and as I started running my hands up and down my body Tom said, “Go Girl” and went and sat with Dave and Sharon. Tom said, “I guess the delivery boy enjoyed the show?” I looked at Sharon and we both started laughing again and as she was putting down the boxes and opening them up I told them the story.


BJ Bliss Ch. 08 Hustle & Blow

group masterandmargarita 2018-03-21

"Katrin, seriously, what are we going to do without Marco?" Malena asked, worried for the afternoon mother-daughter blowjob workshop that was fast approaching. They'll take care of you." He looked at Katrin with wide eyes for a brief second before Malena dragged him into the office lounge, with Holly trailing behind. Soon enough, everyone in the city would know all about Katrin and Malena's risky endeavor to provide male models to roomfuls horny women; how they were essentially trading cock for cash and getting away with it...for now. She looked over the BJ Bliss Headquarters one last time, from Katrin's dust-covered bike to the ridiculous office jacuzzi and then headed out, anxious to be ready for Claudia when she arrived.


The Birthday Gift

group catscleavage 2018-03-21

I had stopped by your office earlier and left a key to the room with you and a whisper in the ear that this was going to be your best gift yet! I moved down your body and took your cock in my mouth and sucked you until your shaft was completely hard. I opened my legs wide and lowered my wet cunt over your cock, sliding down very slowly on you. Reluctantly Nicki moved off your mouth and I pulled myself from your cock.... There on the bed Nicki and I lay, our legs spread wide and a big red bow stuck on our cunts. And as quickly as you buried your head between my legs, you turned your attention to Nicki and did the same to her, then alternating between us....

Hauntings of the Unexpected Ch. 03

group Xelover 2018-03-21

I push Monica's face away from my shivering pussy and she stands up, wiping my juices from her mouth as she slips on her robe. Monica stood up quickly and was more than happy to pull herself up onto the counter, kneeling and pushing aside the candy bar and the soda as she spread her legs wide, creating a small gap between her pussy and the countertop. We all walked together, dropping Tracy off at her house, then Jamie, and finally Monica. Once he opened the door, he took me inside and let me drop onto his fancy red couch, pulling my robe from my body as I fell.


The Downhill Run Pt. 01

group aadirtyoldmaninphx1 2018-03-21

"I'm fucking horny," Amy announced and took my hand on her tit and pulled it down over her belly, stretching the waistband of her panties up so my fingers slipped easily between the already moist folds of her pussy. "You know, you could stop talking long enough to jam your cock inside me," she said to Jerry with a wicked grin then went back to lapping Amy's dripping cunt. "He wants you to take the same trip he and I did a very long time ago, a voyage that has a lot more to it than simply going from here to there." Mel explained and pulled another envelope from the desk and handed it to Jerry.


Bad Girlfriend

group timflh401 2018-03-21

Without missing a beat, the man who had been fucking her mouth moved to position himself between her knees and shoved that big cock into her pussy before she could object. When he rolled off her, the two guys that were watching both stepped up to her side and almost simultaneously, one shot a stream of cum across her sexy white breasts while other shot his stream across her face and partially into her mouth as she still panted from her fucking. In all the commotion and cum, I didn't realize the first guy was hard again and he positioned himself in a 69 position and forced his cock into Kendra's mouth.

Katie's Unique B-day Gift

group kittykatbc 2018-03-21

"Keep sucking her, Dre, I want your tongue and my cock to make her cum." This is driving you insane and you're teetering on the edge until Dre sticks a pussy-soaked finger in your ass. He's a little shorter than me and slightly bent over so I can see you take him deep and stroke his man-meat while I take some lube and rub it along his ass, my cock sliding between his hard cheeks. I'm so turned on now that I must also cum as I shoot my impressive load into your ass and down onto your pussy, mixing with you and Dre. You reach down, put your fingers in the mixture and put them in your mouth. I see your fingers work their way into your pussy and I release my hand to stroke my hard shaft.


Slut Girlfriend Diane in Thailand

group johnmilken 2018-03-21

Diane may’ve been a little pissed that I was pulling her away from the boys, but her eyes locked on my cock and in a second she was on her knees sucking like a dirty whore, working her tongue from balls to the tip, getting the whole thick length wet, before trying to cram the most in her mouth. Diane rolled onto her back and Rob went down on her, licking and sucking her cunt, poking it with his fingers and tongue, while Steve kneeled by her face and got some class A sloppy head, while feeling up those great big tits.

Bad Penny Ch. 01

group MVPrimetime 2018-03-21

I had kissed her stomach and thighs, and even as far as the soft hair on her generous pubic mound (the Mount of Venus as the Victorians called it, which we adopted as our own coy terminology) but she had always subtly moved away from me getting any closer, but in the midst of orgasm with my finger inside her and another on her clitoris, she was too distracted to stop me from swapping my fingers for lips, and she came again in delighted horror as she realised what I was doing. I had been moving my hand back and forth along Penny's cotton knickers in time with Tara's bobbing head, and had slipped my other hand down a little and inside Penny's blouse, into her bra, to take her left nipple between my fingers.


Sex, Drugs, and Rock 'n Roll

group Lola49 2018-03-21

My girlfriend Nicole invited me to a party Austin; her lover; and his wife was having at their home. Nicole was excited and called me at work to ask if I was going to the party. Of course Nicole decided to show her ass, since Austin was being an attentive host with his wife, she felt he wasn't paying her enough attention so she decided to make him jealous by dancing with a guest at the party name Todd Franklin; a fine brother in the accounting department; he asked her to dance and boy they did some serious grinding. After Austin left Nicole's place, she called to tell me she had sex with Todd earlier that night in one of the spare bedrooms at the party.

Maria Stephanos, Maria Menounos News Anchor Bukkak

group zombie100 2018-03-21

The camera zooms in on her pained face as the old man fucking her ass grabs her hair and yells out "TAKE MY OLD COCK AMERICAN BITCH." Both old men are close to cumming. grabs her face looking her in the eyes and says "I CUM IN YOUR AMERICAN PUSSY" "NO DON'T NOT INSIDE ME" Maria M. The guy fucking her face starts to nut in her mouth then pulls his cock out and cums on her chin and onto the front of her dark red blouse. begins to jerk his cock with both hands and says "COME ON YOU DIRTY FAT FUCK COVER MY FACE WITH YOUR NASTY CUM." He begins to shoot his load onto Maria S.'s face the f***e of it almost knocking her over.


group fetchdis 2018-03-21

I want to watch you fuck her till you fill her pussy with your hot creamy load, then I want to eat her cum dripping pussy! During the conversation they explained she had always wanted someone to eat her pussy after she had been fucked and filled with cum. Her boyfriend laying at a 90 degree angle guided his cock into her wet pussy. Cheryl ask if I was sucking his cock and he said yes. It was not long until he stiffened and his cock was throbbing as he deposited his load into her hot pussy. I thrust my cock in from behind and due to the level of excitement within 5 minutes I was cumming hard inside her.

Bobby Gets Lucky at the Office

group BlueEyedSmoke 2018-03-21

As can often happen in a small office when anyone can walk into your cubicle I think both my supervisor Mrs. Hettler and Mrs. Cummings the HR manager walked into my cube not only when I had a massive hard-on but when one my partially averted second monitor was playing some naughty secretary video or something. Mrs. Jenkins the older of the two put my worries from my head when she pulled my chair forward placing my face about a 12 inches away from Mrs. Stacey's swollen and hungry vagina, then quickly stepped between us and with a deft hand she reached between her leg's and guided me into her hot sex.


Annie Babysits the Kids Ch. 05

group DocCIS 2018-03-21

Knowing what was about to happen, I watched mesmerized as he slowly untied the band, his hand sliding over Annie's bare hip as the material fell away and gripping her ass cheek, pulling her body further against him. Rick continued for several minutes and it was apparent watching Annie's body she was enjoying the attention as her hips slowly rocked in motion with his arm. I stared in shock as Rick laughed, obviously thinking I was surprised at him telling the truth about some girl sucking them, but for me it was a dream come true seeing more of Annie's mall experience. I looked at Rick incredulously as he smiled, the expression on my face misinterpreted as one of amazement at the truth of his story, not of seeing my fiancée sucking one of my friends.


Bored at work, here is a story of my time at Alton

group 2018-03-21

The second guy, I now realise is a big buff gent, lifts me up my back to his front, gets a big glob of spit on his fingers and pushes them into my arse, his big 8" meat stick follows, he backs into the cubical and 'presents' me to the first guy, who rams into me with f***e and his once again rock hard cock, and I swear he is bigger than before, but that could be because I'm so full, after a few minutes of fucking me like an a****l, they flood my insides one at a time, the third guy taking over for the second as I was lowered to the floor and fucked on my tip-toes.

Cherry's Gangbang

group SoftBrie 2018-03-21

For seven months I had a busy career as Cherry, an adult movie actress and featured live show performer, working for a company based in a suburb of Los Angeles. The music track on the video was just enough for us to provide a floor show for the other men as Brad held me close and spun us around the room. Brad played with my tits a little, proclaiming so everyone could hear, "She's got a beautiful pair, I'm impressed," as he fondled me and pinched my nipples. Brad flung his wet hand on my face, then licked his palm and jerked his cock harder, spraying even more on me. I panted while asking, "Brad, should my mouth be open or closed?"


First Time For Everything

group MoniqueBardot 2018-03-21

Juan looked at Crystal and in a smooth deep voice said that he would start in the kitchen and then come into the lounge room. Besides I knew that with her large ample bosom, blonde hair and large doe like eyes no-one would look at me next to Crystal. Crystal removes her hand and looks at me – again asking if I am sure. Taking my glass she places it back on the coffee table Grabbing a strawberry Crystal bites the end then rubs it over my nipples then proceeds to lick and suck the juice from them. Still kissing me I feel her hand move to the top of my pants and move inside – her fingers moving straight on to my clit.


The Christmas Gift

group GQ1NYC 2018-03-21

"Who the hell is this, what is this about?" I told her, "This is your christmas gift, Brad here is going to Fuck the living shit out of you while I video tape it." Gina stood in shock, not knowing what to say or do. BRAD'S PERSPECTIVE: I decided to do this guy a favor, he seemed like a cool dude and his wife looked pretty hot from the picture on his desk so I decided to agree to fuck the shit out of this chick. So I watch them going at it for a while, as my wifes' ass is moving up and down on this big cock, I hope she'll feel me again, I'm getting too horny just watching them, I have to jump in.

A Slow Unwinding Ch. 01

group deSilentio 2018-03-21

To be honest, John had to admit that Marc and Theresa were way cooler and hipper than he and Sara, and though they had been married since college they were still the first to crank the party up a notch, and the first to disappear and then make it loud and clear to those around them—with emphasis on "loud"—that they had managed to maintain in permanence the libido of a horny teenager. I don't want to even think about this place for the next three months." They had not even pulled back onto the street before she betrayed what she had said, launching into the familiar recount of the day's gripes, grudges and annoyances, which lasted the fifteen minutes it took to reach the highway and begin the three-hour drive in earnest.

A Jetty Story

group BodyModdedMom 2018-03-21

She licked at the girl's already hard little clit and she moaned deeply, wrapping her hands in Jessica's hair as her tongue started darting around her clit. Jeremy couldn't stand the sight of this excruciatingly erotic scene just sitting there, so he had his very hard cock in his hand, stroking and watching Jessica suck the girl's cunt. Jessica let her play with her pussy for a minute, rubbing herself against the girl's hand, before moving and sliding up next to her to suck on Jeremy's balls while Michelle fucked her mouth with his cock. Watching the girl's tongue lash at Jessica's pussy and watching Jessica finger the girl's hard clit was almost too much as Jeremy began fucking the stranger, his cock sliding easily in and out of her creamy cunt.


Three Ain't a Crowd

group fordl20 2018-03-21

Mia walked behind her friend, pushed her breasts up against her and moved her long dark hair aside, nuzzling her neck and looking at her in the mirror. "Well then it's your lucky day...he's just asked if it's ok to stay in our spare room tonight and I said yes...maybe I conveniently forgot that there's someone else staying in there tonight..." Mia winked at her friend, let her hand linger on her ass just a little too long and slinked back out of the bathroom. He grabbed Shelley by the waist and pulled her up onto all fours, leaving her free to do as she pleased to Mia. His hard cock pushed it's way into her tight cunt, causing her to moan.

Karen and Michelle’s Sad Story - Chapter 1,

group 2018-03-21

After both he and his parents got several good pictures of Karen posing in her lavender prom dress they finally went out to his car. I will not get out of this car and if you know what’s good for you, you will take me home.” She was so adamant against going into the hotel room because she might get out of control and she was definitely not ready to lose her virginity to Darrell on their first date, her first date ever. Once they got home from the doctor’s office, Karen’s dad called Darrell’s parents and asked them to come over for dinner that night as they had something very important to discuss.

Three is Better than Two

group BukkakeBoy 2018-03-21

Ryan has always loved it when we go out and I'm wearing nothing under a short tight dress or skirt. I'm lightly tanned, slim but shapely, firm breasted, shaved down between my legs and feeling tonight like a fucking slut - a slut who is fully in control. The cloakroom guy looks like he'd be the perfect fuck, too bad he's working. Before we leave tonight I intend to be fucked by this sexy stranger - and I am anticipating a deep shuddering orgasm as I cum and as this guy, whose name I still don't know and don't want to know, is spent as he gives me all he's got.