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Erotic Group Sex stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

Why I Liked School Ch. 4

group freedom666 2018-03-21

"Now I know you thought I was going to suck you before," she said, "and I don't want to disappoint!" With that she took my prick in her mouth, while at the same time using her hands to jerk me off. She swallowed as much as she could, but eventually she pulled the dick out of her mouth and allowed the rest of my cum to land on her face and body. I slid my hands around her back and undid the catch, all the time continuously kissing her breasts, or belly or neck. I would start by licking the left breast, and using my right hand to play with her right nipple, and my left to play with her legs and panties.

The Impressionist Ch. 04

group jim313 2018-03-21

Odile lifted her head from between Monika’s thighs and asked JC to change places with her as she wanted to suck Eric’s beauty also and, although he was enjoying Eric’s still hard penis, he did want to taste Monika, so they switched places and he got comfortable between Monika’s sexy thighs and gazed at the gorgeous pussy and anus that was before him. He and Monika watched her sucking voraciously on the throbbing erection until Eric cried out that he was cumming and his penis erupted shooting ropes of cum into her mouth which she swallowed with glee and kept her lips around his cockhead until she got every drop of juice from his big balls.


Christmas Break

group TammyTrueheart 2018-03-21

Kevin got back just in time to close the bathroom door quietly right before mom knock on his door. I pretended to remain asleep while Kevin lifted up my t-shirt to inspect my body by the lights coming from the bathroom door. Kevin shot his load down my throat and said, "Merry Christmas" as he put his pajamas back on and headed back to his room. Russell then took me by the hand and paraded me around the room to the various boys who took turns lifting my skirt and looking at my naked pussy and ass. I turned around to face Dan and allowed to suck my tits as my pussy massaged his cock through his pants. During the lap dance Stanley unzipped his pants and exposed his cock.


Uncaged Ch. 01

group theimperfetc 2018-03-21

Unconsciously, I started to lean forward for a better look, and that's when Ben lowered his mouth to Jade's closest nipple and began to lick, suck, and lightly graze his teeth across it. As Jade's lips began to engulf the head of his hard cock, I felt Ben's hand around the back of my head, before I could react, he pulled me towards him and started kissing me! Jade was otherwise distracted, Ben was still keeping an eye on me but both were surprised when my tongue flicked our across Jade's coltish gasped and nearly jumped right off Ben's cock, but a few tight little circles later and she had her rhythm back while using my long hair to make sure I didn't stop too soon.


Hotel Room Fun

group clive522 2018-03-21

I dropped onto the bed, grabbed her hips, lifting them up and as I did she leant forward springing my hard cock out of my boxers and in seconds I was balls deep inside her. Amanda quickly left the room and by the time Jean opened her eyed to look up at me she had missed her silent viewer. I gently lined my cock up with her pussy and pushed half of it into the wet slippery hole, she moaned as it went in and I slammed it in and out a few times before picking up a rhythm. Amanda rubbed at her clit like a demon possessed and Jim eased his hand up and down the shaft of his still semi hard cock.

Jade Ch. 01

group Mikro 2018-03-21

The fingers came out and then I realised what they were going to do, another bigger, harder, more confident erection thrust into me, "Fucking hell that feels good" one said, the other agreed "Too bloody right, tight as a ducks arse and bloody great" Dave took my nipples between his finger and thumb, pinching my nipples till I screamed and pulled me towards him, he thrust his erection up into me taking Paul with him All three of them came together, caught up in the throws of my own thrusting passion Dave grabbed my buttocks so hard his nails tore into me, Paul almost severed my nipple from my body and Bill came so hard I nearly choked on his spunk which was pushed down my throat by his now enormous throbbing weapon.


College Gangbang

group cuntpenetrator 2018-03-21

During her junior year, Nikki met a guy named Marcus in her Philosophy class. Anytime he wanted to fuck or get his dick sucked, all Marcus had to do was make one phone call and Nikki was on her way. As the night started to wind down, Nikki followed Marcus to his bedroom. Finally, Marcus returned and shut the door behind him, Nikki proceeded sucking dick again, but she noticed something different. While getting dogged from the back, one of Marcus' friends inserts his dick into Nikki mouth. Marcus and his two friends rotated places for an hour and a half as Nikki remained in doggy style, getting treated like a Chinese finger trap, sucking jerking and getting pounded from the back.

Merry Christmas

group BV17 2018-03-21

"Well I could watch Mandy while you two went for help." Hope said, but as she did we heard a door slam upstairs. "Shame on you, Mandy gets knocked out for a little while and you start looking up other girls skirts." She said this in kind of a flirty way. "Well I was raised never to start something I couldn't finish." I said as my hands started to rub up and down Hope's ass. She wrapped her legs around me and began to grab handfuls of the feathers. I looked closely and saw that Mandy was in the corner with her hand in her panties. Mandy placed her hands against the wall to brace herself as I began to pound her pussy like a mad man.

Housewives Fur Club Ch. 02

group FurLove 2018-03-21

Mixed in with furs hanging in a rack they hump-fuck like crazy as they look out through the store and watch folks go by on the street. "Do you really like me in this coat?" as Frank runs his hands down the thick Silver Fox fur." The two look at Gennie and Fred hugging and stroking each other's furs. "You would think they have this specially prepared for us?" Mary says as Frank pushes her so willingly back into the mountain of furs on the huge fucking couch. "You make my husband look like a lame amateur." kissing Ben more passionately deeper in the furs. Half hour later another woman comes in who wants a comfort fur as Gennie and Fred refer to them now.


Wanted: Hot Chick for 2 Bi-Men

group toysrfun 2018-03-21

We both agreed our favorite position was on our backs, legs spread, being fucked in the ass by a female lover with a strap on dildo, while simultaneously having our mouths full of cock in a hot 69. Most times I would end up stroking my cock to an intense orgasm and then lick the cum off my hand. Even though we spent most of the time in our emails talking about sucking each other's cock we both agreed that having a woman to share it all with was what we really wanted. He brought his hand up the shaft, and squeezed my cock gently as he took it out of his mouth.

OK...But Just One Drink

group gazonga 2018-03-21

Marcus sat Linda at the head of the Marcus was sitting next to Linda and I heard country...great table dances...", Tom said. The conversation hushed a little as Linda returned. the other end of the table resumed their conversation drink." Linda sheepishly said, "Sure," and everyone at looking down at the other end of the table). Linda was leaning over the table and drinks again and notice that Linda had apparently earring under the table, I noticed the back of her head I sat down to enjoy my drink and Linda excused herself A little later I looked up and noticed that my wife had When I got back Marcus was at the head of the table

Sexual Fantasy

group Natures Gift 2018-03-21

Eventually Cassie said she was ready for bed and as she said goodnight, she did not notice the look that passed between Brian and Alex. She needed to come so badly, she began to reach down but Brian took her hand and held it. Brian was still buried deep inside her, as Alex was licking his way down her body. Cassie was ever so slowly sliding up and down Brian's shaft, and when Alex tongue reached her clitoris she thought she was going to die of pleasure. Brian found it incredibly exciting to watch, he was hard again in no time, and he immediately reached for again, rolling her onto her back and thrusting into her, as Alex let himself out of the room.

Gangbang at the Cabin Ch. 01

group officeslut 2018-03-21

Brian fingered me, making sure I was thoroughly lubricated with my own wetness before pushing the large head of his cock into my inviting, waxed pussy! One of Brian's friends, a young guy, maybe 22, called Jack was chatting to me when he noticed the the large ripped hole in my tights. I still had my clothes and heels on so Luke and Brian began stripping me off, pulling my blouse, bra and skirt off over my head as Tom pounded me. This is turn caused Tom who was pounding my ass hole to slip out just at the point of his orgasm, causing his spunk to hit my ass, pussy and Luke's cock and balls.

Billionaire and the Sisters Ch. 06

group SteveWallace 2018-03-21

I had fallen in love with Mark's apartment and I knew Cindy liked it too. I asked about the gorilla in the corner, "Errr, Mark, is there anything between you and Sheila that we might want to know about?" Andy came with his cute wife Margo; Sheila arrived with a male friend who looked like Fabio and as though he'd stepped off the cover of some bodice-ripper romance novel. I got to know Andy and Sheila a lot better than the first time I'd met them at Tyler and Kelsey's party; the same party where I'd met Mark. While Mark was in recovery mode, after filling me and watching Cindy clean up his spend between my legs, I asked him, "What were those goodbye kisses and hugs about?


Sex School Ch. 04

group Skibum 2018-03-21

In vivid detail, Stuart told of how he wanted to fuck Elizabeth in their front yard, with all the neighbors watching. "How did it make you feel to hear about Stuart wanting someone to watch him?" asked Sara. I’m just a little whore, and I don’t deserve someone as special as Stuart. Elizabeth and Stuart were going to be a great case for the Institute, but they would need a more advanced approach than what was scheduled for this triad. Sara and the older couple went into the house while Jim explained to Janet and Mike. Stuart and Elizabeth have had a breakthrough, a dramatic change in their relationship, so they are moving to a program for more sexually developed couples.

Naive Young Girl meets the Wrong Man

group midgalbj 2018-03-21

Will then got undressed and asked if I "was ready for his cock." I looked at him and inserted two fingers into my now wet, dripping pussy and started to finger fuck myself, all the time thrusting my hips in a fucking motion at him. Will told me to keep "finger fucking my pussy," which I did all the time moaning, looking like a whore in heat, telling him "how much I needed his big cock." Will immediately lowered his head to my pussy and started to suck and lick my pussy lips. After several minutes of sucking and fucking Juan said to Will "I hear that eighteen year old pussy is really tight." Will said "it's not as tight now, it's a little stretched it by my big cock."


Three horny girlfriends and one boy.

group Fridagirl 2018-03-21

Girls don't walk up to strangers and ask for a fuck, nor do men walk up to a girl and offer her money to show her breasts then have sex with a running commentary from him, that's pure fucking boring, but a woman will get d***k in her own home, be relaxed and open to a bit of hanky panky with her man and another, something we have all done or hinted at in reality, and if she is a looker and he is fat and geeky, like she is doing him a favour, then shags with all the sexual noises copulating peoples make, that's good wanking material, trust me, it works for me every time and my girlfriends.

Vicki's Graduation Party

group jim313 2018-03-21

When we finished undressing and went back outside, Vicki and Tyko were in the pool and the others were enjoying their drinks on the lounge chairs as Ellie asked Charly all sorts of questions about her sex life while she sat on a pillow and played with the magnificent cock and pussy in front of her. Larry got down between Pat’s sexy thighs and buried his face in her cunt while Vicki waited for him to get settled comfortably before laying down and taking the huge, sloping head of his penis in her mouth and sucking it firmly while teasing the tip with her tongue.


Beach House Guests

group TongueDocAtWork 2018-03-21

Matter of fact he wanted me to personally thank you for being so good to us.” Kati said and leaned in once again but this time she slipped her delicate tongue between my lips, forcing my teeth apart, entering my mouth. Would you like to stick your fat cock in my hot pussy?” Kati moaned as her hands explored herself, parting her legs and running her fingers up between her pussy lips and then up to her mouth. “Oh, Bobby, by the look on your face I think you’ve found out that Dean likes sucking cock as much as I do!” Kati spoke up and giggled. I bet you want to feel Dean’s hot cock slip between your lips and over your tongue.” Kati said.


My girlfriends first gangbang!

group Ass_worship 2018-03-21

Sam: I kind of get how u enjoy getting fucked, I guess that might feel good! Me: I'm submissive by nature, before me and u started there were times where Sue would make me lick her pussy till she cums and not let me fuck her! Sam watched for a bit rubbing his cock, as me and Sue got into it Sam started giving us instructions telling us what to do Sam got up and stood on the bed next to Sue, she sucked his cock while riding me... Sam was sitting next to me with his cock out, I reached over and stroked his dick as we watched sue enjoy her first gangbang I got up and started fucking Sue, Sams cum still in her!

Elevator Music Ch. 01

group den65nis 2018-03-21

"Let's go up to the room." I was more than ready and got up to pay the tab, when the bartender, a very attractive brunette, leaned over and whispered to me, "Don't worry about it, your wife has paid me enough already." I looked at Beth and she just had this devilish smile on her face. When I looked at Tammy I got the biggest shock, she was going back and forth from Beth to Grace, comparing, obviously aroused, as her nipples were standing out in her T-shirt, they were like pencil erasers. We all stood there very aroused and a little embarrassed what was going to happen next, when Beth asked Tammy gently, "Would you like to touch Dennis' cock?" Tammy was just staring at it and slowly nodded her head.


Coupling Coworkers Ch. 05

group thick7in1972 2018-03-21

"So, how many times did they fucking bring you to orgasm," I asked knowing this story was making me hard, but knowing that my wife was probably too sore. "Holy shit, what its like to be young and horny," I said, pulling my hard cock out to stroke it while my wife told her story. Fuck my pussy and ass were raw by this time, but you know how I get when I see a hard cock." The top pretty much only covered the nipples of her b/c-cup tits and when she turned slightly to give Steve a little hug, I noticed her bottoms was actually a thong bottom, which looked like one of the most perfect asses I have ever seen in my life.


Trying New Things

group TessMackenzie 2018-03-21

Don't unlock me until I come." Jake waited while Lena read it, then put a box of condoms beside the sign, and the handcuff key next to them. "Um. Yeah, I guess." Lena looked at the woman, suddenly guilty about involving other people in her weird sex games. The guy inside Lena had stopped moving when the talking began, but now he seemed to decide he didn't care, and began moving again. The pair of guys nodded, and said thank you to Lena, and left. "Well?" Lena said, and looked at the woman. Susie came, and said, "Oh shit, and got off Lena, grinning. "You didn't plan the other two guys?" Lena said to Jake, uncertainly.

The Past Is Prologue Ch. 03

group jay.palin 2018-03-21

Sam was one of the 20-year-old studs whom I'd enjoyed sexually when my widowed father-in-law, JJ, and I had vacationed on the Pacific island of Pohnpei several weeks before. JJ walked downstairs, grumbling, and I phoned my sweet friend Erica to tell her that our plan was in motion, and that I'd pick her up on the way to the airport...along with the blonde teenager, Phaedra. Sitting on the living room sectional with the luscious Phaedra not far away, Sam said, "Oh, we'll find sumpn' ta talk about!" I'd already noticed his lengthy, half-hard member straining inside one pant leg. It seemed a fitting welcoming ceremony for Sam – and would whet Phaedra's sexual appetite for him – plus I wanted to bring him together with Luala at home in the evening...relatively sated.