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Erotic Group Sex stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

Threesome Therapy Ch. 02

group insatiablerob8 2018-03-21

"Honey, I want you to cum." She looked into my eyes, "Fuck me...fuck meeeeee...wanna feel every fuckin inch...fill me with that thing. Finally after edging forever, I felt that surge in my balls and moaned, "Oh fuck, this's it...I'm going to cum!" My body tensed up and found its relief, "Cummmmmmmming...yea baby...uhhhh...uhhhh...uhhhh...cummmming!" Accompanied by her gleeful squeals, I pulled out to spray wildly over her body. "From the sound of things, Eric, I think she had the same feelings and maybe, made the wrong choice...and married him. "Fuck Eric, I was thinking the same thing...we looked like gay calendar boys! I felt the head pulsing and pushing at his throat, "Uhhhh...uhhhh...yessssss, Eric...yesssssss...that's it...fuck, that's good...uhhhh...uhhhh...I want you for Christmas, too!"

My First Threesome Ch. 02

group eagle122999 2018-03-21

I look up over Heather's boobs and I see that she has put her hand down Chris' boxers to get to his hard cock. From behind her Chris says "Is the slut ready to drink some cum already?" And with a loud groan I push my cock as far into Heather's mouth as I can and blow my load. Now that Heather doesn't have a mouth stuffed with cock she is free to moan and cry out as her pussy is ravaged by the fierce pounding of Chris. I hold my hand steady and allow the rhythm of Heather riding Chris to slowly push my finger into my ass.

Our first Couple

group zinko 2018-03-21

Couple times we would be topless and would share our inner most thoughts about our life including our joys of sex, our fantasies, but not the desire to swing. After dinner on our patio and the enjoyment of romanic background music , and 2 bottles of wine over a couple of hours, it was time to jump into the pool for a refreshing swim. In the background were moans coming from both Ben and Trisha which made my excitement and desire stronger and almost too quickly I came and than could feel Steve coming also.

Hot Spanish Nights Ch. 01

group PicturePainter 2018-03-21

As usual I had seen many of the groups of boys and men ogling at my wife's gorgeous figure on the flight particularly those that were sitting alongside us, some of whom couldn't seem to take their eyes off my wife's big fat breasts. Robyn finished her beer and said she wanted to shower and get dressed for the evening, so I sat on the balcony reading a book as she entered the apartment. The horny group of boys on the balcony below were noisy but as my lips and tongue trailed down around her soft mountainous breasts and engorged nipples and she started to moan the noise below seemed to quietened down.

Sister Act

group Cat_photobuff 2018-03-21

She said she's gonna be on her cell phone, standing outside my office window, telling me to look down in the parking lot at the blonde chick with the big tits waving up at me. On the way to the hotel, Cat started thinking about her internet friend Bob. He lives and works around here somewhere, I wonder what would happen if I called him up. Kevin just assumed he was going to drop her off and leave, until Cat told him to come up and chat if he wanted. Kevin thought it was odd when Cat asked for three extra cards, wondering why she needed so many.


Letters to Nicole 17

group derek33 2018-03-21

"Nooo...but her fingers were sliding around inside this pretty little pussy!" Jessi flipped up a corner of the towel and stuck a knee out giving me a good angle shot of her girl-slit! The little blond wants to feel her friend's clit rub against hers!" Jessi pinched my nipples as she said it and liquid fire erupted deep in my sex. "Of course I was...In fact, I wanted to go over there myself and pull up her shirt and take a closer look!" We both laughed at that one and my comment led us directly into a little game where every attractive girl or guy who walked by got critiqued.


Katie's New Job

group Gareth77 2018-03-21

Cameron was seated close by, involved in what seemed to be a very private discussion with Georgina and Evan, a couple whom Katie had not yet had the chance to meet properly. Sure enough, through the crack of the door Katie could see Cameron taking Evan's hard cock deep into her mouth. As Evan rhythmically moved his hips back and forth to fuck her mouth, Cameron moaned and sucked, using her lips to stimulate his wet cock. Katie moved her head slightly, the view allowed to her through the narrow crack in the door moving further down Cameron's naked firm body. She thought about being where Cameron was, sucking Evan's cock and taking Georgina's fingers in her wet pussy.

Seduction, Inc. Ch. 2

group queenbea339 2018-03-21

Tony grabbed her legs and swung her feet up onto his lap, shoving the opened side of her robe further under her body and trapping her one arm securely against Mitchell's thigh. Then while Mitchell was firmly pressing down against her mound with his hand and holding her lips wide with his fingers, she felt the first licks of Tony's tongue. She felt a hand covering one of her breasts and rubbing it, then suddenly Mitchell's warm brown eyes filled her vision and he smiled. When he starts thrusting he won't pull all the way out – so the head will be rubbing you up and down all your secret little orgasm spots." Mitchell promised.


My Sexual Liberation Ch. 04

group sluttyflasher 2018-03-20

I watched Rebecca out of the corner of my eye rub her clit with one hand and play with her nipple with the other hand as my mouth went up and down Mitch's hard cock. I moved my mouth up to the head of his dick and started pumping with my hand at the base. After letting him play with my nipples for a little bit I started to slowly slide up and down, letting my tits rub on his chest. When I had slid down his body I used my hands to push his legs apart and gave a quick flick of my tongue on the head of his dick. I started moving faster and fucking Mitch harder and harder My tits bounced wildly when then weren't firmly in Rebecca's hands.

3 Cocks Outdoors

group cocksucker1966 2018-03-20

After a little while the guy from the car wandered over and stood next to us wanking his hard cock. I switched cocks in my mouth and started to suck the guy from the car while I wanked the other guy. I then reached over and grabbed the 3rd guys cock and started wanking him. After a while the guy from the car wandered off and I was left with 2 very horny cocks. The 3rd guy was getting really close now and he grabbed my head and rammed his cock into my mouth repeatedly and I could taste his precum which I lapped up hungrily. So now I was left with the original guys cock which I returned to sucking, licking up and down his hard cock and then swallowing it whole.

Three in the Woods

group toepicdic 2018-03-20

"Girl, my wife didn't have to work today, this is the one Saturday that she could show up back here." Pete said. After the kiss broke up, "Let's both suck his cock" Wanda said. "I think it's time to make him work to keep us both." Wanda said, "You're smaller than me so you lay on top of me so our pussies are one above the other, so he can suck on both of them." "Fuck one of us" Wanda said, "We need to feel that cock in us" Pete pushed her to the ground; Carol sat on her chest facing Wanda. "You bitch, you held me down so he could fuck my ass, do you think I wouldn't do the same to you?" Carol shouted over Wanda pleas.

Three in a Bed

group rachlou 2018-03-20

Hardly classy, but needs must, thought Sam. He nearly dropped the glasses when he turned back around to pass the girls their wine. When Jenny bent her head and licked a pink tongue across Kate's rosy nipples, Sam knew he had to be dreaming. It was a struggle not to come, but Sam manfully resisted as Jenny engulfed his cock while Kate licked his balls. With Kate riding his cock and Jenny writhing around on his face, it wasn't long before he felt the first stirrings of a huge orgasm. By the time he was kneeling behind Jenny, fucking her senseless while Kate sucked her nipples and rubbed her clit, Sam didn't think the evening could possible get any better.

Asian Girl Becomes Call Girl Ch. 02

group asian38d 2018-03-20

I got a cupless bra to go under the dress because Mei told me that is what her client liked. Then, Mei got on the table and squatted over me so that his cum would drip down out of her ass and fall on my face He held my mouth open to catch some of it. We all went in to the bathroom, and Mr. Client tied Mei up on her knees in front of the toilet. Mr. Client was sitting on the toilet with his cock in Mei's mouth. "Mei tells me that you have never had anal sex." Mr. Client said. He pulled away gave Mei his cock so she could suck the rest of the cum out of it.


The Love Moment

group brethard 2018-03-20

Paul glanced at Robin again, smiling at the sight of the curly black hair on his head, imagining what it would be like to kiss and stroke it. Paul had been with both men and women before he married Dorothy ten years ago, and wished he had met a man who looked and talked and carried himself like Robin, but such men were few and far between in Sydney. It was so hot seeing Dorothy's pale toes in Robin's dark mouth; Paul continued stroking his cock, desperately hoping he wouldn't cum unless it was in Robin's sexy ass. Paul could see Dorothy play with her pussy as he fucked Robin's black ass.

More gangbang fun with Ex-Boyfriend Keith

group kristi4bbcfun 2018-03-20

When Tim gently probed her ass with a wet finger Kristi dropped Ricky’s black cock from her mouth and held it in her hand so she could speak, "You can fuck my ass if you want to....." Based on my wife's last adventure I'm not sure why but her words still surprised Keith. She could hear Ricky moaning and she pushed back on his cock that was up her ass and started to fuck it, she knew it would make him cum sooner and she wanted to stand up. After a dozen or more guys bare fucked her and filled her pussy with cum the only ones left were Tim and Ricky who proceeded to take turns sticking their young once again swollen boneless appendages up her tailpipe.

Lemonade and Pussy

group Noghri 2018-03-20

"Oh, Mae that feels so good." I grabbed the back of her head and forced her face into my pussy. Mae drove two fingers into my pussy, and started to fuck me deeply with them, her lips now concentrating on my clit. I then started to lap the full length of her pussy, hooking the tip of my tongue inside her, and then licking up, and flicking her clit, then sucking it into my mouth. "As it is such a hot day out, we thought that you might want some refreshments," Mae stated as she offered the tray to the closest worker, a small wiry man with dark curly hair and a tattoo of a tiger on his shoulder.


The Nurse & Her Hot Tub

group mrbill4u 2018-03-20

Jasmine saying, "He can come up with some of the best excuses to fondle a women's thigh." I left my hands there rubbing them both as the guys at the bar just looked on seeing it all. She pulled around back in the parking lot stopping the car as both of there hands found my thighs Jasmine said, "We don't have to stay long do we Charlene has a Hot Tub at her apartment." "It won't hurt him just make him a little uncomfortable maybe," She replied taking my hand and leading me to a chair then pushing me back into it Jasmine knelt removing my shoes socks and leggings leaving my supporter & cup in place.


Playing Hostess Ch. 02

group SEVERUSMAX 2018-03-20

Her sweet Matt understood her need for hunky men and had granted her wish to be married to be a stud, so she would definitely fuck around too, if that pleased him, and what better choice than her Dad, whom she had stopped fucking when she went to college, and never quite gotten around to screwing again. She was playing with herself like crazy, getting all worked up, especially when Ruth took things a little further and got underneath Mallory in a 69, eating her out, and clearly preparing herself for her turn with Matt. Matt was already horny as it was, and the sight of his sexy sister-in-law eating and being eaten by the hot babe he was butt-fucking was just too much, so he abruptly pulled out, stick his finger into Mallory's ass to pacify her need for anal action, and began fucking her cunt instead.

My 3 Favorite Guys

group loloishorny 2018-03-20

Daddy is having a hard time not to bite or play with Brian's dick. My b*****r comes down the steps and tells daddy that mom went to the neighbors house to watch the program over there. I walked into my room, to see daddy and my b*****r sucking on Brians dick. Daddy told my b*****r to go around to Brian and have him suck his dick. Daddy told Brian he is the bitch tonight and is getting punished for having the electric go off. Daddy tell Brian to suck his dick, cuz he's ready to fill his mouth full of cum. I reach over kiss Brian and tell him that i had fun watching them fuck.

Golf Course Masturbation

group Johnsexlife 2018-03-20

The video revealed no less than two golf foursomes a day watching Linda with her vibrator thru the window as they jerked off. I suggested to Linda that it might be wild that instead of masturbating it might be really kinky if I entered the room when she was being watched to eat her out as she gave me a blowjob and then fuck as the golfers looked on. The old guys just could not get their cocks harder until Linda gave them each a 100mg Viagra pill which brought them attention in about 30 minutes as they played with her pussy and breasts..they actually admitted they had not had sex in a dozen years and had never had a blow job.

Geek Girl Gangbang

group Lionheart72 2018-03-20

"Yeah, but after two hours of you and Dennis staring at my tits, I was hoping you and I could have another kind of fun," Ellie smirked. "Sure," Ed gasped, his fingers still frantically working to open Ellie's pants, "the guys will be a while getting snacks and such. "Fuck it," Ellie shouted, suddenly jumping up and down in Charlie's arms "We beat the Dark Lord. "Oh fuck," Ellie groaned, grabbing Dennis's head and holding him against her breasts. "Yeah?" Nick's dazed eyes drifted between Ellie's breasts and pussy. "Yes," Ellie shivered, pressing her wet pussy against Nick. "Fuck me," Ellie moaned, opening her eyes and staring deep into Nick's again.


Discovery Ch. 09

group D H LAW 2018-03-20

As I began to get aroused, Nina said, "I can't believe you guys haven't had enough." Sure enough I looked over and Dick was rising as well. Just as Jen started to say something else, Nina said, "Well, when my sister and I were in our teens we did a little exploring but I never told anyone, not even Dick." By the time I got my dick all the way in, Nina was starting another climax. "Keep walking, Tim," I said walking again "Yes we have Tim and Jen was concerned about asking you to play golf with us because she thought things might get wild later." We were getting close to the other guys waiting on the green and stopped talking.

Alicia Goes Gunk Holing

group morris40 2018-03-20

So why do I get quickly and intensely aroused whenever my wife whispers, "Dearest, I want to go gunk holing again?" You'll just have to read this story to find out. In the moment before my wife could respond, we both heard an urgent moan coming from the main cabin mixed with another sound. Alicia and Hannah stood naked in the moonlight holding hands. I had been mildly aroused watching a middle aged couple make love in the moonlight, but would Alicia let me put my hands on Hannah in their presence. Hannah laid her palms on each of Alicia's butt cheeks with her fingers touching my wife's delicate labia. Hannah pulled her hands apart, gently spreading Alicia's vaginal opening.


Is It Hot In Here?

group Nic- West 2018-03-20

As we walked by I pointed to the pants he had in his hand and said, “That looks like a nice choice.” Niki just giggled and we got out of there fast. He was standing there with his mouth half open and said, “Yeah, sure.” We were paying for the jeans and the clerk just kept looking at us as Niki stood there beside me giggling and rubbing her hands all over my arms and chest. I leaned over her shoulder and said, “Hey sweet meat, how you doin?” She looked around and saw it was me, turned around on the stool and wrapped her arms around my neck and planted a big, hot, wet kiss on my waiting lips.