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Erotic Group Sex stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

The Most Dirty She'd Been

group LucyLou62 2018-11-13

All the guys wanted to shoot a bit onto Suzi’s lips and all let Lucy have the last drops. With slippery cum all over the girls' mouths, Lucy slid her tongue inside, through the large amount of spunk, searching for Suzi’s tongue and passionately kissed her tranny girlfriend. The first guy rammed Suzi’s hole and shot then it went straight into Lucy’s mouth. Lucy could not wait another second and her mouth went onto Suzi’s arse hole and she tongued her girlfriend and sucked and feltched until every drop was in her mouth. Suzi was giving Lucy an even more hard fucking than any of the guys and then she shot it filled Lucy’s mouth.

The Party

group OralArtist 2018-11-13

Muscular hands swiftly lift my skirt out of the way and sit my bare ass on the glass table with my pussy strategically positioned at the edge. I couldn’t help myself, my hand went to the back of her head knotting my fingers in her hair I held her close to my tit. I felt my body temp raise by several degrees as her tongue guided its way to part my outer lips. I moved my hands to spread her lips wide open for me and as I took my second swipe at her swelling lips and clit, I felt Mark’s hard cock slide deep into my pussy.

Paula Invites Melissa

group pjlush 2018-11-13

Paula watched her husband's face, the expression of bliss as he came, sucking and licking Melissa's tits and feeling her moaning with pleasure, taking all the cum in her pussy and obviously loving every moment of it. Robert quickly stood and moved to where John was between Melissa's legs and without a moment's hesitation slide his hard cock into his wife's cum filled pussy. Paula pulled back a little to enjoy the view and then turned to see John watching her, his hand stroking his cock as he eyes feasted on the view of his wife kneeling next to Melissa and Robert pounding her pussy, freshly fucked and filled with cum.

The Bar (Part 3)

group Pegasus4 2018-11-13

As John and I felt the pleasure of Carol’s hands slowly stroking our cocks, Sarah leaned back on the bench and let her legs open wider. Carol turned to John and, looking up at him, kissed the end of his swollen gland softly, then slowly ran her tongue around it. Especially as his girlfriend was only feet away from us, naked, legs spread wide and masturbating, three of her fingers buried deep between her wet, puffy pussy lips, and Carol’s hand slowly working up and down on my pulsing cock. Both now spent, John and I sat down and watched Carol lean over Sarah and rub her tits over Sarah’s stomach.

You can learn a lot in college Part II

group bobjack 2018-11-13

She wanted to again feel the gentle caress of another woman’s hands on her breasts, the soft lips and tongue working on her nipples, the smell and taste of another’s love juices on her fingers. Two days later when Wendi got home from classes Gail told her to get ready to go to Sam’s place. Totally naked now, Wendi turned and faced Sam. She watched his reaction as she licked her own nipples. On the bed, Wendi took a submissive position on her back while Gail worked on her nipples with lips and tongue. With Sam’s enormous cock less than half way inside of her and Gail’s hand stimulating her clit it didn’t take long for Wendi to achieve her first orgasm of the encounter.

Fun Times: Prologue - Part 4

group Hogwash 2018-11-13

The last time Carrie had seen Kim and George together, Kim had been on her knees with George’s cock in her mouth while Billy and two other naked, horny guys impatiently waited to strip her naked and take their turns with her which they all did, while Tommy took Carrie’s virginity in the next room. Carrie gave her an insolent look and glided on back to Tommy, George, and Kim, all of whom were watching her with open mouths. George kissed and fondled every part of Carrie and Kim’s body that he could reach against the girls’ giggling attempts at defense, but when he started tugging Carrie’s gown down off her shoulders, Tommy interrupted him.

My Birthday Treat

group eroticwriter 2018-11-13

He began fucking me hard, pounding himself into me, thrusting his cock deeper and deeper, and within a couple of minutes, he cums inside me, his final thrust makes it feel like his cock is going to push through the front of me into the mattress. At several points, I want so bad to be able to reach down and masturbate myself, but my predicament inhibits that.  I try to grind into the bed as I’m being pounded by a couple of the men, but am unable to provide myself with any release.  I feel as though I am about to explode.


The Modeling Session

group anubis63 2018-11-13

At the same time one of Sue's white, sexily saggy, boobs had slipped out of her dress again, and her smallish, dark pink areola and hard nipple was gently bobbing about as she took the photos. Here is a photo with Fran looking back at me in a Basque, with her tits hooked over the top, legs wide apart, fingering her own reddy brown, hairy pussy, whilst sucking on the prick of a tubby guy in his 50's. Sue nodded and picked up her camera, and Fran immediately stepped forward, pressing her body against me she opened her lips and kissed me open mouthed, whilst at the same time she placed one of my hands on her generous arse.

All Somali Swingers In Ottawa

group Samuelx 2018-11-13

I'm not gay I'm totally bisexual, Omar Ibrahim said aloud as he rode Khalid Hassan's cock while Fatoumatta Ismail sucked his hard dick. I'm glad you like it, Omar said, wincing as he felt Khalid's dick twitch in his ass. Fatoumatta happily sucked both Khalid and Omar's dicks, and then she told the two young Muslim bisexual men that she was ready for some fun. The Eritrean Muslim stud caressed the Somali chick's big round ass and then slid his dick into her pussy after rolling a condom on. Omar was so lost in the wonderful feelings of Khalid's dick up his ass and Fatoumatta's tight pussy around his cock that he didn't hear her request.


Somewhat Silent Library Escapades

group deviousdevil 2018-11-13

He pushed my face against the wall, lifted my skirt and pulled my hips back. "I told you to keep quiet, now continue but maybe this will shut the little whore up." He unzipped his pants and pushed his thick, hard cock into my mouth. He pulled himself out of my mouth, saliva dripping from his cock and pushed me back up against the wall. Miss Hastings, Giles is one of the personal trainers on campus, I trust you won't complain." Mr Jones withdraw and pushed me onto my hands and knees and positioned himself again while Giles knelt in front of me and pushed his cock into my mouth. He pulled out completely and quickly pushed himself into my virgin ass.

A Very Happy Birthday (Straight Practice part 2)

group Just_A_Guy_You_Know 2018-11-13

Apart from mornings when Shriya and Angie's personalities couldn't be more different, the two girls actually got along well the rest of the time. With a tight grip, fast strokes, and Shriya's dirty pictures, it wasn't long until I came for the second time that day. I wasn't immediately aware of this, but because of the difference in heights between the SUV and my little Nissan, the driver of the SUV got a great view down into Shriya's naked lap, where my fingers were working at her warm wet pussy. As I began pumping my cock inside her, Angie crawled under Shriya, and began licking her brown pussy again. Angie moaned, and I could feel it even with my cock deep inside Shriya.

An Unexpected Bonus: Office Party

group TXGirl 2018-11-13

If Tim wants a show, we’ll give him a show.” Rick starts to argue, but I reach up and kiss him quick on the lips, stopping his words. I want to torture Tim even more, so I lean all the way back on the desk, grabbing my ankles and spreading my legs wide open in a “V.” My cheerleading flexibility comes into play here, and both guys moan. The knowledge that I have this power over Tim, that he wants me so bad he’s blackmailing Rick, is giving me a high of sorts, and I know that as soon as his dick is in my mouth, I’ll own him.

Allie's Surprise

group witchywoman80 2018-11-13

Cole's cock was the best she had ever tasted, and was sucking him hard and fast, hoping to have him cum in her mouth. James watch Allie sucking Cole's dick, and his own cock began to get hard. Cole didn't disappoint Allie, he came hard and fast in her mouth, shooting his hot cum all the way down her throat. Allie licked him clean, and turned to Cole, taking his cock in her mouth, and sliding it all the way down. Cole lay down on the blanket, pulling Allie onto his swollen cock. James pulled out of Allie's mouth, and she willingly opened her mouth so he could watch his cum spray her mouth, and face.

Video Booth blowjob.

group mranonymous7 2018-11-13

The first few times I went I would check out the video covers mounted on the wall in the hall by the booths and wait to see if any of the other guys would check me out. He sucked my balls for a minute or so and then started giving me the worst blowjob I’ve ever had, scraping my cock with his teeth, dry mouthed and only getting a few inches in his mouth, hitting the roof of his mouth. He just slumped over into me, trapping his softening cock in my mouth, forcing me to breathe around it and to suck all the cum out of him and down my throat. Somehow he understood, me around my mouthful of his cock and said, "Next time we’ll meet me in one of the back booths.

From Under the Mistletoe and Into Her Cameltoe

group WayneGibbous 2018-11-13

"Come on, come on, I don't bite, you know," and Lynn nodded to me so I got up and started toward Erica who said, "Oh, come on, let's get down to our underwear, we're all over eighteen," and I stopped, looked at my wife who stood up and began taking her outer clothes off. "Mmm, oh, your tongue, girl, mmm, so good, mmm, right there, oh, yes, yes, UUH, UUH, UH, mmm, mmm," Lynn moaned as I watched her tremble as her hands pulled Erica's head tight into her pussy, holding her mouth there, not wanting it to end.

Bisexual Haitian Marriage

group Samuelx 2018-11-12

Friends call me T.J. I'm a big and tall, dark-skinned and rugged young Black man of Haitian descent living in the city of Brockton, Massachusetts. The thing I like most about getting involved with sexy older Black women from the Haitian community is that they don't play. The tall, sexy and big-bottomed black woman quickly got naked, and urged Gary and I to make ourselves comfortable. After Gary fucked me good and hard, his wife Roselyn took him for a ride. Gently I began fucking Gary while his wife Roselyn made him suck her 'cock'. Roselyn, acting like a movie director told me to stop fucking Gary. Roselyn got on all fours, still wearing the strap-on, and told me to fuck her like I fucked Gary.


Unexpected Four On One

group PA_Mike 2018-11-12

I looked over at the other girls and said, “I do have two hands and a mouth and I’m counting three more girls.” Toni made the first move and jumped up on the bed and straddled my face. Brenda got up on the bed on her knees and came over and took my hand leading it to her pussy while Cindy ran to the other side and did the same. Oh yea!” Darlene then suddenly shoved her finger completely in my ass and I lunged forward again as Brenda screamed, “Oh my God, I’m cumming. We lay like that for a couple of minutes, then she said, “Oh my God, Tom. I don’t think I’ve ever cum like that before.” Then she wrapped her hand around my head and kissed me.


The Workout

group ddsymms 2018-11-12

"Okay, another time then." Jeremy smiled and quickly turned back to the steam room, the way a man would do if flirting with a woman and then being called by his wife. Ellis ran soapy hands over her tits, circling her nipples and squeezing them while Jeremy spanked her again and again, alternately stroking her clit. The tip of his cock against her pussy tantalized her and soon she grew weak from Ellis licking her clit while Jeremy thrust deep inside her. Her eyes met Kay and she scooted up, spreading her thighs over Ellis and lowering her pussy on her cock. Then she knelt again to kiss Ellis, then Kay, and then she ran a finger through Jeremy's hair and kissed him.

Black Cuckold with a Sick Twist

group Samuelx 2018-11-12

Getting more aggressive by the minute, Ken began ramming his dick into Stephen's asshole, fucking the big Black dude like there was no tomorrow. Stephen moaned and howled as Ken's thick White cock invaded his Black asshole, all of which turned Mistress Wilma even more. The curvy, light-skinned Black woman fingered her cunt furiously as she watched the hot man to man action between two tall and sexy bisexual men, one Black and one White. Noticing that Stephen's dick was getting harder by the minute as Ken rammed his cock up his Black ass, Mistress Wilma decided to have herself some fun. Ken howled like a man possessed as Mistress Wilma held his ass cheeks open for Stephen to slam his cock up his asshole.


A Real Life Black Cuckold Couple

group Samuelx 2018-11-12

I kind of suspected that Stephen might have bisexual tendencies because he goes to websites like Tranny TGP and TS Pussy Hunters a lot, but I told myself he was just kinky because, well, all men look at porn. I nodded, and thanked my lucky stars that my husband Stephen Rousseau and my good friend Lloyd were both honest men. I helped things along by sucking Lloyd's dick and spreading his ass cheeks for my hubby Stephen. Emboldened by Stephen's reaction, I urged Lloyd to fuck me harder and the bisexual white dude hammered my cunt with deep thrusts. I thrust the butt plug deep into Lloyd's ass and the bisexual white dude squealed like a little bitch. Stephen Rousseau, the sexy black man I married has the best wife a bisexual dude could want.


The Joy Of Sex

group Sleepyhead707 2018-11-12

I can see Joy is sat around a small table along with Jack the landlord, Ivor the eighteen year old glass collector and local farmers, Joe and Marcus. She gets Ivor to lie down on the table, colossal dick standing proud and erect now, I marvel at the girth of his manhood, he’s going to struggle penetrating Joy’s tight hole, that’s for sure. Jack on the other hand stands behind Joy, admiring her curvaceous bum, he spits on his middle finger and pushes the tip into Joy’s puckered arsehole. Marcus soon has his modest length buried deep inside Joy’s tunnel, despite having a smaller dick than Jack, she seems to be enjoying him fucking her better.

La Douzaine

group pandsal 2018-11-12

Sometimes the result could be disappointing. I enjoy being taken firmly occasionally but enough is enough. There is no group activity except at the December meeting when an interesting variation prevails. Fritz was in Paris to negotiate the English translation rights to the current sensation of the French bookshops, Nue dans la Rue: La Vie Exhib. For a woman I guessed to be in her mid-thirties Sophie was in the kind of shape that makes other women self-conscious. After half-a-dozen firm slaps (I could have taken more), Alan's impatience overcame him. He didn't disappoint me. Now, of course, in the December free-for-all, he would have the chance to sample her again.

Moving Day

group Sssh 2018-11-12

He brought a hand up and touched the side of my face as his tongue pressed against my lips, asking for permission. Robbie came up behind me again, but given that Shawn’s mouth now covered one of my breasts, Robbie’s hands massaged my back and shoulders instead. As soon as I grew used to the full feeling of Robbie inside of me, I continued to lick the head of Shawn’s dick. I tried to match Robbie’s motions on Shawn, sliding him in and out of my mouth quickly, licking his shaft and head with each thrust. He was standing with his legs straddling Shawn’s head, but Shawn was so focused on my actions that he didn’t seem to notice. While I was kissing Robbie, Shawn slid inside of me.

Hotel Slut

group KingNikki 2018-11-12

As soon as I opened the door, Mick said in a low, husky tone, "You're getting fucked hard tonight you little horny slut." Mick then shoved his big hard cock in my soaking wet pussy as Jim shoved his cock in my mouth. Jim got down and started sucking Mick's cum from my cunt. "Open your mouth, slut and clean this cum off my cock," Mick said as he forced his big cock in my mouth. Mick suddenly pulled his cock from my mouth and looked at Jim, who then pulled out of my dripping cunt. Mick pulled himself from my asshole, leaving his cum dripping down my pussy onto Jim's balls.