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Erotic Group Sex stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

The Orphanage Ch. 02

group Dickers 2018-03-20

I closed my eyes, thinking about the moment during the night when Anne had been straddling my penis, rising a falling, fucking me whereas Nicole had been standing on the bed, her legs open, and knees bent as she fucked my tongue. I have come up to change my panties, they are so wet and I was going to fuck the dildo to quench the thirst of my pussy, but no need now." With that, she ripped off her clothes and fell to her knees in front of me, taking my penis into her hand and licking from the base to the top, licking up all of Anne's cum.


An Independent Streak Pt. 01

group EJSimpson 2018-03-20

Carolyn felt the hand change shape as it cupped her neck lifting her head back a little; it wasn't gripping hard, not in any way painful but just enough to stop her moving. After what felt like an eternity the hand of the stranger slowly slipped further down into the front of her dress, where it came to rest, cupping her right breast. The grip around her hands softened and Carolyn felt fingers stroke down the outside of her arm. Next she slipped her fingers into the side of her knickers and pulled them a little way down her legs; she could feel the cool air against her opening.


Slut? Ok, Honey...

group Marla B 2018-03-20

I must have been quite a sight there: on my knees with my legs spread and my hands holding onto the bed, as my entire body - back slightly arched - rocked to and fro, my cum-splashed face looking in this girl's direction. After a few minutes, one of the guys said, "I'm gonna cum", and quickly shot his load across the girl's right cheek, onto her lower lip, and into her mouth. The guys slowly left the room and, as I quickly wiped down my face (of what little cum hadn't already dried) and got dressed, the couple said they planned to use the room now.

Well, I AM on Vacation! Ch. 03

group BrimStonez 2018-03-20

"It looks like Jim doesn't mind" Lori replied as she popped the growing cock into her mouth. You're going to have to fight me for it!" Melissa said as she got down and pulled Jim's cock from Lori's mouth with a pop. Jim was licking Melissa's pussy while Lori continued sucking his cock. Lori pulled Jim's cock from her mouth with a loud pop and said "Wow that's good but I have another idea!" She straddled Jim and held his rock hard cock up positioning it at the entrance to her dripping pussy. Lori removed the pillows as Jim held his cock in Melissa's ass. Jim pulled his cock out of Melissa's ass and continued cumming on Lori's face.

Little Bird Sings

group Hannamarie 2018-03-20

Tiny Dick laughs; I steal a glance at him and see that he is now riveted by the clit-stroking hand, and it dawns on me; he has two subs, Mamma and D.D.! At last, Honey and Dan Dare come simultaneously, Honey screaming "titty bitch, titty bitch!" and D.D. roaring like the incredible hulk as he slams me sideways and across to the sofa, my face now so close to Mamma's lovely, open cunt I can smell her delicious spicy pussy smell. Honey is in raptures; slumped down under the sub's left arm, she is pinching one taut Mamma nipple with her fingernails and sucking/licking/nibbling at the other with her red-tinted mouth.


Another Reunion with an Ex

group JamesSD 2018-03-20

She's heard all about the rest of Emily's sexual history too: Steve with his small cock that didn't please her, Bryce who was acceptable but lacked confidence, and Troy, "Mr. Horsecock," the good looking and well hung asshole, the idea of whom both repels and yet excites both girls. I look at Isabella and say "baby, would you suck on my dick to get it ready for Emily to ride?" My cock is already like a bar of iron, but Isabella smiles and places her mouth around my cock. Her mouth not leaving the lighter girl's tit, Isabella's hand gropes to grab my cock and start to stroke it.


A Married Couple's Fantasy Cruise

group dave110256 2018-03-20

I wasted no time, taking him completely in my mouth, devouring his delicious shaft as I began milking him with my hands, twisting and pulling as I plunged onto his cock, then rose until I could feel the head touch my lips. I removed my wrap as Dan stared at my tits, making me a little self conscious and looked around to notice a few other sets of eyes were on me as well. I could tell Dan had noticed these guys looking at my tits as he tapped my knee and made eye movement their way, signaling their interest. I had Dan's cock out of his suit now stoking him as he swelled, I had no idea what I was going to do with him right out in the open like this though.


Doing Rebecca

group fuzzyb2 2018-03-20

The lights were still very low, but I got a look at the woman who'd surprised me so: it was Rebecca. This was almost too bizarre for words, but I caught up right away and replied, "Great fuck, Veronica — we should all be so lucky to meet beautiful women this way." "Veronica lives about two hours away but I knew she would enjoy a little party with just the three of us so I convinced her to visit for a few days," explained Rebecca. "Many people have confused us as twins and we have been able to pull off some little tricks because of it ('remember high school math?' she said to her sister conspiratorially) and the time Veronica did my husband of course.


Geek's Revenge Ch. 05

group Creamer 2018-03-20

"Dude, you live like ten minutes away," Scott said, confused. While the guys were getting pretty worked up, Carla's plastic smile only wavered when she turned her ass towards them, her face towards me, and rolled her eyes in hopeless frustration. "That," Carla said as the door closed behind her, Nolan safely out of easy lechery range, "was the single most fucked up sexual experience I've ever been a part of!" One of her earmuffs was undone, leaving a long brown braid hanging over her left shoulder, and she had long ago ditched the white robe, but the white equestrian boots were still on.


A Kitten's Tail Ch. 17

group wolfdragon76 2018-03-20

I know you wanted to take my anal virginity today Master, but it has been over a week since we played with Sonia. "I know the two of you are probably anxious to play with Sonia, but I want you to wait while I get started with Marta. I know kitten had been worried that Sonia was going to leave, but the longing looks she got every time Master took one of us to the spare room to play made it clear she was just waiting for the right time to rejoin us. "Master wants to enjoy your body again before he takes my virgin ass, so he decided that you are going to get me ready for him," I told her once I broke the kiss.


Polar Opposites

group WFEATHER 2018-03-20

Slowly, I moved up the camera up the Asian beauty's white-splattered body, showing Reiko in the aftermath of over two full hours of nonstop sex. I was so incredibly wet myself, from just watching two hours of sex, that my thong was really uncomfortable, yet I tried my best to ignore it as the final guy – the party's host, my boyfriend – stepped into the view of the camera. From inside the house, the cheers and growls and screams seemed to intensify, yet my body felt like it would melt into the earth as Michael gently licked between my thighs, probing me with his fingers like an explorer entering a gold-filled cave for the first time.

Three's Company

group sandycjayne 2018-03-20

Jessie and Isabel held Jeff's cock between their bodies as their wet pussy lips smothered him. Isabel slid her hands along Jessie's breasts, down to her hips and moved slowly toward her pussy. Jeff looked over to Isabel and took her hand, "She is always best at picking wine, what do you think sweetheart?" He said as his hand warmed hers. Jeff started to pull his hand away but Isabel whispered "No, keep going, she won't know." Jeff's hand reached her hot soaking lips and he could feel her clit swelling. "Is this a special occasion this evening?" Jessie asked as Jeff slid his fingers deep into Isabel's pussy, curling his fingers upward closing her in his grip.


The Shower

group Mizz_Erotica 2018-03-20

“Fuck, fuck, fuck God damn that’s so fucking good.” Her juices started flowing down his cock dripping down his balls, all too shortly she felt his seed pumping hard, hot and sticky inside of her. “Don’t move, I’ve been watching you for the last hour and I know from a reliable source that you want this.” Keith couldn’t lie and say he didn’t; the feel of the big hand traveling down his abdomen past his happy trail and taking his now thickly aroused cock in hand felt good. The man did as told, gripping Keith’s hips tight and started slamming harder; Keith made a small mew in the back of his throat as he felt his ass rip just a tiny bit from the brutal assault.

Life Outside the Cult Ch. 02

group LaPatitMort 2018-03-20

See if she is wet." Without hesitation, Betty slipped her hand up Ginny's leg and had her fingers find their way to her friend's cunt. Betty took her hands from under Ginny dress and brought her fingers to her own lips and sucked them. I pulled Ginny to me and we kissed through Betty's fingers licking and sharing the taste. As the tip of my cock touched her folds I pushed and Betty let me slip through her fingers and bury deeply into Ginny. Betty knew what I wanted and eased forward and began to lick and tug at Ginny's pussy lips with her mouth.


Minimum Wage

group MayorReynolds 2018-03-20

Melanie's title was Office Operator which kept her off the floor during my shifts, but The Feedbag's dress code required all females to wear their hair out of the way regardless of where they worked. Whenever my eyes wandered toward the overseeing window as I sorted groceries into plastic bags, my impression was that Melanie was Miss No Fun. I didn't want to know Frank this way, or McKelvey and especially Benny, but my eyes were nevertheless fixated on the show. They both brought their fucking to a gradual stop and then Melanie gulped Benny's load. I just prayed that Melanie, Benny, Frank and McKelvey wouldn't be there today. A police officer was in the office with McKelvey, Melanie and Benny.


Wendy's Unusual Relationship Ch. 04

group Tappy_McWidestance 2018-03-20

Speaking of Steve, Rebecca seemed concerned that his hard cock from my dance was causing him discomfort because he had unzipped his pants and was giving him a hand job as they both watched me. Rebecca then stood up and removed the apron to prevent it from soaking up his cum and told me to continue dancing pointing at guys three and four. All of the other guys left the room and Jim told me to dance for Tony and then to give him his victory hand job. After seeing Jim wasn't making a move toward me I looked to Rebecca who was sitting on the couch with a couple of other guys.


Lake Fun

group thabeast96 2018-03-20

This time, Travis and me got onto the jet skis, started them up, and went into the open water. We both turned toward the middle between us, and in the next second, I saw Travis' jet ski out of the corner of my eye. Travis and the other girl, Taylor were seated on one of the couches in the middle of the room. "Well," said Kaitlyn with a seductive smile, "what we're going to use to bet you can definitely see in this room." "All right, I'm going to deal!" said Kaitlyn, grabbing the deck of cards and dealing. It looks like this might be a pretty good game," said Kaitlyn.

Weekend in the Country

group lustfuldesires 2018-03-20

Amanda moves her shoulders and moans that she needs a good back rub and to her surprise Ted mentions that he took a course on massages and would be happy to give her one and she looks at Bill who shrugs his approval and soon Ted's firm hands are on her shoulders working the muscles in her neck and upper back as she closes her eyes and savors the feeling of it. In the other room Ted has Amanda lying naked on the bed and takes some strips of nylon and ties her hands to the bedposts and slowly inches his huge cock into her and begins fucking her wildly as she moans from the thrill of it all.


group ZanderCruz 2018-03-20

He pulled her legs apart and moved in between them while Lance slid under Heidi, so her head was right over his lap. She was squeezing Lance's cock with her left hand as Keith began to slam his huge erection into her. She pulled her head up, still grasping Lance's saliva-covered cock, as Keith began to slam his hips into her. Lance was pushing Heidi's face back into his lap, all she could do was gurgle and squeeze with her hand, as Keith grunted with the force of the fuck. Joseph had one hand on the back of Heidi's head, the other resting on the couch as he worked in and out.


First time adventures part two

group ab8715 2018-03-20

"Lets get started" said Raj, and immediately went to work with his mouth on Abhi's cock. After some minutes, Raj said "time to fuck the new guy" and I immediately bent over and begged to be fucked by Vinny. The first was a standing 69, and Manu quickly lifted me up, turned me around and nudged his mouth around my cock, while I tried to reach for his dick with my head pointing at his feet. He lay on his back, I lifted his legs and pushed them above his head, and slowly entered him, This was my favourite position from the gay sex guide, and I enjoyed myself to the fullest while slow-fucking Abhi.

Weekend Getaway

group lollipop77 2018-03-20

"MMMM that feels so good, suck my clit baby" you deep throat my entire cock in one shot, we're so deep into pleasing each other when Steve walks through the door, I see him out of the corner of my eye, holding my finger to my mouth so he doesn't make a sound, he strips down and starts walking up to the bed. He lies on his back as you begin to take his cock into your pussy, slowly, deeper, you get all his cock into you "Oh Jim, he feels so good in my pussy" "Ride him like you do me baby, show him how to fuck" You begin to move slowly up and down on his cock, his hands are moving all over your boobs, squeezing your nipples, your pussy juice running down his balls, the room is full of the sweet smell of your wet pussy.

Adventures with Suzy Ch. 05

group yarnspinnerr 2018-03-20

Bill refilled the bowl of weed and as we passed it back and forth he told me that he doesn't mind kissing his hot wife after she sucks him off but won't do it with somebody else's jizz in her mouth, let alone all over the side of her face. As I sucked her fingers hungrily into my mouth and twirled my tongue around them Suzy let out a low growl in her throat and said "Oh my, I'm gonna enjoy you later!" She put her other hand gently to the side of my face and withdrew her now clean fingers from my mouth.


Punishment: A Sultan's Slave Tale

group Aelfwyn 2018-03-20

Looking down at my exposed cunt, he breathes in - incense, skin, oil, excitement – then replaces my fingers with his long, warm tongue. Then, I’m going to fuck this glorious cunt while it’s as tight as your perfect arse.’ One finger tempts me, sliding back and forth along the length of my lips; he leans forward to taste me once more. That easy caress of his tongue on my throbbing-hot clit, the agility and strength of his fingers as they reach pleasures that bring cries from my lips – soft at first, then building louder… My hips are meeting him, now, thrust for thrust; I feel a third finger enter me and I’m telling him how good it is – oh Gods yes, I want more!


Steph and I Go for a Couple's Massage

group Taegul 2018-03-20

Chris and Amber started folding the towels up from the knees, reducing the coverage area to just our rear ends. Chris was still echoing Amber's movements and Steph looked like she was in Heaven. Chris and Amber stepped to the back of the massage beds and started on our feet, fresh oil in hand. He would bring his hand back up across her ass before sliding it back down again to her waiting pussy, repeating the motion over and over again as Steph clasped the edges of the table and moaned in ecstasy. Her hand started rubbing up and down my hard cock beneath me again and again, occasionally sliding down to grasp and massage my balls before returning to their masturbatory duty on my penis.