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Erotic Group Sex stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

A Handyman's Wife Ch. 03

group riverboy 2018-03-20

Julia was totally amazed by it and said she'd never seen it like that before, but I got it on pretty good authority, from a couple of people that have been to a lot of those conferences, that it was Julia (and me I guess) that was the catalyst for all the fun we had. I had on a pair of those capri pants, real tight ones, sorta like spandexie kinda stuff that showed off my yoga ass real good, and a little button up shirt that form fits to my tits nice, with little shirt tails that look cute. "What is it with guys and tits anyway," I said, trying to help Julia get things going, and everybody laughed kinda nervous like.


Turn of Events

group candiman40 2018-03-20

He reached under her chin and brought her face to his and looked deep into her brown eyes and kissed her. Dan came to her and laid her back on Jim. His dick was in hand as he aimed it towards her cunt. Jim slowed his pace so Dan could enter Teresa, so as he pushed himself in all 3 could feel the tightness of both cocks in both holes. Teresa had turned her head so she could kiss Jim as he fucked her, their tongues inter-twining, he had a hand on each boob as he kneaded her mounds together. Bob didn't want to be left out so he moved up close so she could stroke and maybe suck him as she was bucking back and forth on Jim's chest.


Vacation Foursome in St. Martin

group danny333 2018-03-20

Mats and Mila wanted to check out some local bars, but all of the day's beers and sunshine had caught up with Gail, so we decided to leave our friends and return to our room. As I got to the wall and looked over, Mila was sitting back on the lounge, with Mats standing and straddling the sides, her mouth running up and down the head of his dick while her hands massaged his balls and ass; it was like watching live porn. Mats and Mila let out a little cheer, the surprised look on my face revealed neither a good or bad reaction, but my dick went from semi to rock hard watching my wife suck on another man.


Valley of Desire: Alien Infestation

group Glenn Beuhring 2018-03-20

Why not?" As Max was getting ready to move out of the way and allow the girl to enter his room, she suddenly dropped to her knees right there on the sidewalk. It sounded like it came from the kitchen and as there was no one there to stop him he walked behind the counter that separated the waitress station from the rest of the diner. As instructed he returned his gaze to the kitchen and watched as the man began to ram in and out bringing more and more squeals from the ebony skinned beauty whose face he could see expressed only delight as her ass was filled again and again with increasing tempo.


Two Perspectives

group tonystokeswriter 2018-03-20

She said that Paul was busy in a threesome and she really would "really enjoy taking care of us." Linda turned to her, grabbed her by the back of the head a little roughly, kissed her hard and ran her hand over her breasts. In a couple of minutes Linda worked her way back up to me and again whispered in my ear, "I want to watch you fuck Susan. Linda dropped down with her face next to Susan's, kissed her and then told her she wanted to see her riding my cock. About 1 AM Gail and Marty rounded Carol up and found Linda and me in bed recovering from the wild sex with Susan and then oral for both of us from the school teacher.


My first foursome - BF brought his friend.

group nike969 2018-03-20

My husband tried to fuck me like this some year back but couldn’t done it properly. He start to fuck me in that pose and I start feeling his big cock in and out of my pussy. I loved this pose so much that I wanted to get fucked like this every time. It was time for husband to came home and he was about see me fuck like this. I opened my eyes and seen my husband siting on sofa, watching his lovely wife fucked like a whore. Now my husband came from behind and put his cock in my ass, which was wide open after Adam fucked it. Now after getting these cock in my pussy and ass I took Adams cock in my mouth.

Augsburg Ch. 2

group Sigi 2018-03-20

After he left I put supper on for the boys and went to take a shower so I would be ready later, as the hot water cascaded against my breasts I felt my nipples harden as I remember Don taking me to the TMP motor pool the last time and how he had hammered my pussy with his large black cock until I whimpered and begged for more. Shortly afterwards Alicia came to get the boys and Don handed me a package and said he would drive them to the movie and give them cab fare to get home, he told me to hurry up and change and that he would be waiting at the park.

Daft Davie

group kewtieboy 2018-03-20

Heather didn't care what the guys looked like or how old they were, just that the bigger the cock, the better for her. "I'm just going to make you feel good Davie," I said as I rubbed his foreskin back and forward over the head of his cock. Davie looked down at me as he lay on the bed, his hands behind his head and Heather kneeling to his side. It took a number of attempts before his cock was inside Heather while Davie looked on quizzically. It took Heather a few attempts, as wet as she was, to take all of Davie inside her but once she managed she started to ride up and down on his prone body.


Janis's Father Tells His Story

group Dr Kink 2018-03-20

She told me, they would understand if I didn't want to stay, but she thought I was ready to be nude in front of other people. My shock must have been evident to them because Phillipe told me that Genovive liked to be with a woman now and then. Steve told Phillipe that Joan felt the same way about Genovive. Then, Steve and Phillipe both told me about groups of people having sex together. I was fascinated, watching Steve lick the come off of Phillipe's cock and then suck it. When Steve offered me Phillipe's cock, I began to lick it and then I took it in my mouth. By this time, Genovive had joined Joan and they both were sucking on my cock.


My First MFM Ch. 01

group CuriousDragon 2018-03-20

I leaned forward and my tongue licked him, I licked all around the head of his cock and then down his shaft to meet Janet at his balls, my hand speeding up the stroking as we mouthed his balls. Janet was playing with my hair as I sucked his cock down my throat, I didn't get very far the first couple times. "Your tongue feels so great on my shaft" Then the hands pulled me up the shaft, but in no time at all I was slammed back down Gagging and fighting, but held well. He moaned, so we continued to lick over the head of his cock, the pre cum kept oozing out onto our tongues.

A Nice Night Out

group hclay84 2018-03-20

His right hand is holding your hair, and his left hand is on the back of your neck, gripping it firmly as he rolls his hips up to jam his dick into your throat, causing you to choke a little, and I feel the tremors in your body as I stroke your pussy and pull your shirt down with my other hand to rub your tits. I watch John's strong hands between your legs and around his hard cock, and in my mind I picture you straddling him, your little pussy lips spreading around his hard thickness, and that's all my body can handle and I groan and feel the cum running up my shaft and out into your mouth.

Arlene's Long Spermfest Weekend Ch. 02

group yowser 2018-03-20

It was great fun to look over and see Arlene's finger way up her cunt, pressing the heel of her hand on her mons, and scrunching up her face, then look at Lenny's left hand with a death grip on his balls while he stroked his great gleaming cock up and down. At one point Lenny couldn't resist standing up and going over to Arlene's recliner to get a closer look, one hand still on his prick and pulling on it while he watched her rub her crotch. Like the other night, I saw a faint smile on Arlene's face while a cock was in her mouth, and I watched her begin to swallow, as Lenny pulsed his sperm into her, now fucking her face uncontrollably with quick, short spasmatic movements, his hands gripping her shoulders hard.


Hose Handling

group TP_Lentz 2018-03-20

Probies generally don't drive on an actual call, but since they were 10-9 and heading back, Tiller gambled that it would be a good time to finish Pete's qualification exam. "Good job today, Pete," Tiller said to her prodigy, and touched his arm lightly, wanting him to know that she really wasn't upset with his jack-rabbit start. "TIME FOR PROBIE INITIATION!" Tiller shrieked as Caress and Saddle each took one of Pete's frantic arms and led the nearly fainted firefighter to the bench. "I think Caress is already there," Tiller added, moving her head back slightly to give Saddle a view of Pete's hands squeezing Caress's butt cheeks.

Two Virgins and a Girl

group geekerotica 2018-03-20

She gave a sigh when looking at its thickness and said "I'm going to enjoy having that in me, but first things first, is this your first time?" And Karl nodded an affirmative. She took his cock in her hand and gentle stroked it, she then tugged on it gently to pull Karl nearer and took him into her mouth. She went back to fingering her pussy and sucking on Karl's cock and it didn't take long for him to cum in her mouth. I stroked my cock while she licked the head, building up the cum again, and then I could feel myself releasing my cum into her mouth for the second time that day. "Drat, I'm so close to cumming again." Susan said, and then she saw my stroking my cock.

Our New House Ch. 01

group lovinghusband2012 2018-03-20

I watched as my wife fondled Sarah's tits and began sucking on her nipple. I looked at Paul, then my wife, then stared at Sarah as I pulled my pants off setting my erect cock free. She knelt before Paul and said "there's only one way to compare!" I watched as she took his head in her mouth and slowly worked the rest of it down her throat. Paul and I watched as Sarah buried her face in my wife's crotch. Paul and I came again at the same time shooting our hot spunk all over her face and chest which Sarah and my wife licked up.

A Double-D Threesome Ch 01

group Jonny Cakes 2018-03-20

Use your hands to play with your cunt”, ordered Tim. Shannon did as he wished and took his cock into her mouth and started sucking him off. With that cue, Tim took a hold of Shannon’s head and slipped his cock into her mouth, and started to fuck her face like I just did. I continued stroking my cock as Shannon got her big tits fucked by Tim. I couldn’t wait for my turn to bang her boobs. “Fuck, I’m gonna cum”, screamed Tim as he started to pump his hot jizz between the Shannon’s tit valley. Pump your big cocks between my tits.” Shannon raised her head up a bit and started to lick my balls.

Penny's Surprise Ch. 04

group Linda Jean 2018-03-20

When I was climaxing this man was shoving the rubbed dick in my asshole so fast, so hard I felt like I was going nuts. Jimmy knew what was going on, and started to move with me, he had his hands holding my tits, working my nipples and I felt the tip of his cock hit my butt hole. I felt him leave and I laid there my mind was racing a mile a minute, on top of everything that was happening I realized I was horny, I was hot, and I wanted so much for some other man to walk into my room to fuck me, any man.


My Texas Whore at an adult theater

group milehigher 2018-03-20

After a few minutes I sat down in the front row, spread my legs and began playing with my cunt. "OH I need that cock, fuck me baby, I want your cum inside me." I said. The man who was fucking me finally filled my cunt with his cum and withdrew. "I'm her to be a slut, whatever you want, fuck away." as he was pumping his hard cock in me I resumed sucking the other man. After a couple of minutes I stood up and asked "Anyone want more of this whore or are you all finished." No one replied so I said Thank you for the fun, walked up the isle, put on my dress and left.


group renae469 2018-03-20

My reply to the e-mail got me this reply, 'We're so glad you responded, you, like us must be ready to scream over the number and type of spam people are sending. Well, our messages proceeded to go back and forth as I wasn't ready quite yet to just jump on a chat channel with Diane and Wayne. Wayne didn't write much as I remember, occasionally he'd put in a short statement, comment or ask a question but I was so totally engrossed, I guess I didn't even realize I was chatting with him and not her. Our chat wasn't but about an hour old when Diane demanded I give her my phone number and for me to meet them that night at a local club.

The things teen girls get up to

group 2018-03-20

I looked into my b*****rs eyes, he smiled, 'Hold him', she asked me, and I took him into my warm grasp, squeezing his cock, now firm and erect, 'Wank him Mariel', she was kissing his mouth and her hand found mine around my b*****rs cock, she covered mine and began wanking him, her mouth entrenched on his, and she slipped of my hand and squeezed his balls, he came in my hand as I watched his sperm ooze from his cock and pour over my fingers, his hot breathing into Angelina's mouth, telling her he was having his orgasm, they both laughed while I warmed his cum.

New Friends

group rogue01 2018-03-20

By this point our hostess had managed to remove my trousers and boxers to down around my ankles and was wanking me steadily, clenching my penis firmly in her large hand and stroking it surely up and down, gripping the shaft tightly so that I could feel the tantalising sensation of my foreskin pulling backwards and forwards over my bell-end. With her cute little derriere now turned towards us, and my own penis straining in the grip of our hostess' expert fingers, I could see the spunk slowly starting to ooze from my wife's vagina, dribbling down her pussy-lips and dripping gradually onto the tops of her creamy inner thighs.


Hot Time with the Exes

group TheycallmeMrBig 2018-03-20

As I reached to take it, Sherry stands upright saying, "surprise, Sis you want to take it from here?" As I stood there stunned, Florrie steps in to the shower and wiggles her tight ass and backs up against me. By the time I could get rinsed off and in to the bedroom all three women were taking turn licking my cum off Florrie's legs and out of her ass crack. Seeing that, I was instantly hard again and as I walked toward the bed, Florrie looks up seeing my hard cock for the first time, began licking her lips while asking if it would be alright if she could get my cock up her pussy.

My Wife Likes Lesbian Porn!!!

group jc1961 2018-03-20

They were starting to feel each other up, so I turned over, kissed Sue, and slowly started rubbing her tummy, then her tits. I started sucking the one closest to me, then the other, moved my hand up her thigh to her sweet brown and slightly grey covered mound, and as I slowly separated the lips I noticed she was already very wet. I said to Sue, "it's time, I want you to sit on my face." I moved to the center of the bed while she got on her knees, then threw one leg over my chest and eased up to my face. I slowly started to eat Sue out again, her cunt making wet slick sounds as her juices covered my mouth and cheeks.

gayatri priya ganagbang

group chandan0707 2018-03-20

After few moments he wanted to leave before things got out of hands but Gayu asked him to move a little closer and rub balm on her upper thigh portion. Sultan placed his cock at the entrance of her cunt and pushed really hard as he was also getting restless by the passing of time. Meanwhile Gayu felt sweet sensation on her body due to the tongue work, she was having nice dream of being fucked by her boy friend. But when she opened her eyes she was surprised to see that her body was being licked by two nude men with huge erections and Sultan standing behind them. Sultan was banging her ass with his fat cock and so was Rahim banging her cunt in rhythm.