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Erotic Group Sex stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

First Day of Summer Ch. 1

group Nelson Branco 2018-03-19

I chose truth but she then stated loudly that I had to pick dare, since those "were the rules." Not wanting to spoil the momentum that had already been built up and eager to see them continue to drink I agreed, already knowing in advance what Amanda would ask me. At the same time I moved my right hand from the back of Julie's head to between our bodies and I began to rub her crotch area rhythmically. "How come you never kiss me like that?" asked Amanda who looked genuinely angry but still titillated at the same time. Amanda was extremely anxious as could be noticed on her face while Julie too looked nervous but at the same time seemed excited.

Any Chance We Could Ch. 30

group Reindeer58 2018-03-19

In the heat of the moment, I said in a matter of fact tone, "So you want to fuck Emerson as well as Dave." Her eyes flew open. Oh, as Veronica was saying goodbye she gave him one of her incredible open-mouth kisses and said 'While you're fucking Hazel tonight, imagine it's Mary Claire or me.'" As Veronica handed her a cup of coffee Alyssa remarked, "You should have heard the girls at the office last week when your contractor visited. When Alyssa asked questions about décor Veronica noted that a male finish for the den matching my tastes would be appropriate but that she wanted female finishes for all the bedrooms. Upon exiting the girls' current bedroom Alyssa asked Veronica, "Close your eyes, let your senses go.


My Invitation: The Grand Opening

group Scorpio44 2018-03-19

Kim moaned and said, "I knew you would make me feel it all the way to my pussy!" Kim smiled and said, "One hand won't cover it all. Suddenly the woman wearing a non-see-through tiny top turned to Kim and said, "You only have one breast." She sat next to Kim and immediately took the other ring and heart into her mouth. When Kim opened her eyes both women said, "Thank you," and sat back down. I opened my Happy Coat and allowed my Happy body part to find it's way inside Kim. A minute later as I slowly swung her onto and off of my cock a woman came up and said, "Can I suck you, please?" to Kim.



group Crissaegrim 2018-03-19

She feels Gaiden's gentle fingers and tender lips explore her already quivering nude body standing before them. Watching from the Victorian, Angel; her arm stretched; plays with Gaiden's cock. Enjoying the show, Gaiden takes one of Angels nipples into his lips, then the other. Flopping her head over to the side, she finally sees Angel and Gaiden, having enjoyed their romp. And true to form, there stands a tripod at the corner of the room, by Angel, with it's little red light flicked on. Gaiden points back towards the door, and there now stands twenty-seven complete naked females of all shapes and forms, all adorned with large breasts and armed with various dildos, vibrators and strap-ons.

Nick the Dick Jr College Adventures

group Nick_the_Dick 2018-03-19

While Ms. Cramer was flipping through some papers on her desk, I was trying to picture her and Rebecca 69ing on that same desk, their lips locked on each other’s sweet twats and their faces coated in pussy juice. Look up ‘whore’ in the dictionary and it’ll say something like this: ‘girl whose pussy gets wet when a stranger sticks his tongue in her ear and talks dirty to her.’ Rebecca passed the test.” She made this cute little happy sound, like ‘oooooooo.’ I asked her if she liked that, and she said ‘fuck you.’ So I spat on her pussy again, real hard, and again she went ‘oooooooo’ and slid down the chair shoving her cunt in my face.

24: One Crazy Day!!

group mondotoken 2018-03-19

Then there was Gloria, a extremely rotund and porous looking brunette who always seemed to be passed out on my living room floor. Claudia Escobar, Shaggy's long time best friend and a constant object of continual lust for me. Debbie had been running the mail room ragged for the last couple of weeks and issuing mandatory overtime, so I hadn't been enjoying Claudia's company as of late. I have just spent the last twenty minutes listening to Claudia pour her heart out about how Ricardo treats her like trash and barely even looks at her anymore. I've had an AWESOME night, a weird morning that included getting my ass in a sling with Debbie and I just didn't feel like adding any more drama to my day.


Caught With a Hard-On

group Jackson 2018-03-19

As fate would have it, they had just decided to start a game of strip poker, and my sister's best friend Annie, who had a knockout body and is very outgoing, suggested that I join them. My sister, whom I was surprised to see was getting very drunk, then spoke up and said that I should go back upstairs and leave them alone, but the other girls teased her and said that it was time for me to learn how to play. But the girls quickly moved in and encouraged me to stay, soon making me feel more comfortable by telling me that we could stop anytime and that since their boyfriends were not there, they needed me to keep them company.

End of Friendships or

group betterway 2018-03-19

Most of the representatives ate in the small coffee/ lunch room, and while he was eating Lisa, Carla and Terri came in and joined him at the table (that looked like a kitchen table). Lisa had a very small chest, but Jake could not help but notice that she had large, erect nipples. The women took turns bringing Jake snacks and cold beverages, and each time he looked over he felt his manhood growing larger and larger. Carla, as always the pushiest, took out a joint and started toking, passing it first to a somewhat resistant and hesitant Lisa and Terri. Jake reacted by removing Lisa's clothing completely, and when Terri and Carla noticed, they stripped down whatever was not already removed and joined in.


Hotel sluts

group 2018-03-19

We get into the lift together and as soon as the doors close Claire’s on her knees with the hem of Kerry’s dress pulled up exposing her totally as she wore no knickers like a little slut and began sucking on her shaved cunt. I pulled out and Claire crawled over to clean up my cock and then got back to Kerry’s cunt to clean my cum out of her as I kissed her tasting Claire’s beautiful juices off her. She turned around to see what we were upto earning her a quick spank of her sexy ass before I got back to her clit with my fingers as Kerry started pushing the beads into her- each one earns a big moan and a lick from us both.

White Biker Gangbang Ch. 01

group qualifier 2018-03-19

In the middle of the afternoon, as Rahul and his pals looked at the bike display, I wandered down to the stage, with my friend Polly, who was wearing tight jeans and a white vest. Polly and I loved the attention we received as we walked through the crowd, with Snakes arms curled around our waists, and occasionally grabbing a handful of soft tit. The Tyre Lady and a friend!" Snake shouted when we approached the Desperadoes campsite. "Do you want a beer?" Crow asked, as he handed us a couple of bottles. On the way we met Egg, and a couple of other gang members, who talked about bikes with our husbands, while Snake openly played with our tits, shocking some 'regular bikers' as we passed.

Halloween Party

group damonX 2018-03-19

"I'm sure we can think of something fun to play", she said before pulling my face into hers.  Our mouths met and her soft tongue slipped inside, as her hand wandered to my loincloth.  Her delicate little fingers worked thier way under the cloth and squeezed my cock gently.  I moaned as she began to rub my small drop of precum over the head of my swollen dick.  I noticed that Brad and Tanya were getting hot and heavy as well.  He was on top of her kissing her deeply as his hand stroked her pussy through her panties.  Her little white nurse's skirt was pulled up around her waist giving me a great view.  Brad didn't seem to mind at all that his girlfriend was exposed for me and Crystal to see.

Best Vacation… Ever! Ch. 01

group deadeye_76 2018-03-19

I like having my neck kissed and sucked." When she said that, I burrowed in between her shoulder length hair and started doing just that. I started running my hands all over her back and ass and she was sucking my tongue like a dick. She broke our kiss, slid down, grabbed my dick, looked up at me and said. My dick had gotten hard again during this time and as soon as she came, I got up and crawled on top. "If we had had sex in your room, it wouldn't have bothered me if your roommate came in when we were done and saw me naked while I got dressed.


I Want To Cum

group Dr S Crow 2018-03-19

I want horny, yearning slutty school girls to fuck - just craving to become depraved, I want to see my wife being pounded by black cock and to really experience what a fucking slut she is for that irrisistable temptation. I want to suck it too, to feel and taste it in my mouth, to see what it's like to be a whore for black cock. And as I stagger around cumming and cumming I order my school girls to fuck my areshole with their tongues, to suck on my sweaty balls, I bury my face into sloppy cum filled cunts, I tell my sluts to cum for their black masters who are using you both like rag dolls.

A time to come

group rodma 2018-03-19

I topped up her drink and sat next to her and started to rub my hand on her leg she lent over and kissed me, started to remove each others clothes as I felt her pussy it was soaking wet I gently rubbed her lips as she opened her legs wide enough for me to put my finger on her clit, she moaned and begged to be fucked hard.

Christian College Sex Comedy Ch. 21

group FinalStand 2018-03-19

Barbie Lynn was pretending to be disinterested, throwing a yawn into the act; Paige's eyes were riveted on me; Opal acted as if she was smitten with me as well; and Brandi knew something was going on but wasn't sure what it was. Brandi continued her attack on Paige by popping her mouth over the breast closest to Barbie Lynn and swirling the nipple with her tongue -- Opal had been doing a good job showing Brandi how to share pleasure. Barbie Lynn began moaning up a storm and stroking Paige's hair, Opal grinned and fell ravenously on Paige's left nipple, and Brandi went over to full-on clitoral assault mode.


Train Trip

group Erotic Guy 2018-03-19

At this time of morning, the station is crowded with people and you have enjoyed the lustful stares you have received from the guys you have passed as they devoured your hot body with their eyes. You know you are being raped and you should scream for help but his thick, hard cock just feels too good to stop him so you spread your legs a little wider, letting him use you. You sink into the sensations filling your body and you feel your cunt fill with cum as you both explode in an orgasm. You are still cuming as the new cock starts to ravage your body and then you feel the guy in your arse stiffen as he cums too.

Private, Don't Look Ch. 08

group Inspirinious 2018-03-19

"I want to know if you would like to join Kim, Erica, and me for dinner tomorrow night at The Top Hat restaurant?" I asked him, attempting to keep a straight face. When I arrived home Monday evening, the girls were waiting for me, eager to discuss our planned date with Joe on Tuesday. I knew that Joe and I would not be doing anything with each other, but just the thought of two men having sex with two women together in the same bed at the same time began to concern me. I'll see you at work in the morning." I said as we broke up and headed our separate ways, Joe left in his own car and Kim and Erica rode home with me.


Fucked by Two Men

group Kay-Dee 2018-03-19

As I hadn't moved away the young man got bolder and was actually moving his cock up and down slowly. His hands were on my hips, just like on the train, and I could feel the hardness of his penis through my thin dress. "I told you she was hot," the young man said, "Just look at her backside, it's amazing. The young man had dropped his trousers and underwear and his penis was standing to attention, red and raw looking. The young man started to suck on my right nipple and I shivered with pleasure. I almost choked on the penis I was sucking as the young man started fucking me hard.

Our Night On The Town Part 2

group horndoghubby68 2018-03-19

She pulls me to her, her hand rubbing my cock some more and says, "Ricco, I want to see your wife suck my husband off. That's a good girl." She kneels down next to Vicki and starts to kiss her face -- I watch as my wife's mouth opens and closes as she sucks it in and out. Does that turn you on to see your wife looking like a slut for another man?" She starts to play with my cock once again, making it hard while she talks. Vicki glances down at his semi-hard cock, remembering what it was like to suck, then looks at me on all fours with Wifey's finger in my ass.

Rochelle Meets Her Sugar Daddy Ch. 03

group Spotscat 2018-03-19

Raylene wiggles her hips a little, and slowly begins to slide her wet pussy down on my stony cock. As Raylene sits on my cock, I reach down, grab her hips, and begin slowly pulling her forward, then pushing her backwards so that her clit grinds on my crotch. "Ever since Rochelle and I were teenagers," says Raylene as she slowly begins stroking her heavenly pussy onto my deeply buried cock, "Rochelle is the one that all the boys wanted to screw because she can squeeze her pussy so tight. "I think you love women with big boobs!" exclaims Raylene as I feel her furnace-like twat begin to clench and tighten around my rock-hard cock.

Getting Back Ch. 02

group rickoshay 2018-03-19

"Oh!" The idea that someone could be pleased to lose a husband like Wayne was so alien to Margot that she was left speechless for a moment. They should be open." She wanted to show Margot that she felt free and happy and going to a pub without Wayne would confirm that she really was an adult. "You mustn't let what happened with Wayne put you off men." Margot said when they'd got their drinks. Margot fluffed around a little, then said goodbye and left the new Georgina to her new life. "If you really want to buy it for me," Georgina said, "I'll be quite happy to drink it." She was feeling good after her reconstruction of life for Margot.


Dreams Ch. 02

group Romantic1 2018-03-19

Neither Peter nor Dave ever mentioned a dream, only a desire to go to Tom’s dinner with them and ‘to get to know them better.’ We laughed about that sobriquet for the coming orgy. I turned to the table just in time to see Tom administering the same treatment to Beth, and Mar with her tongue deep into Peter’s mouth. Beside me Beth administered similar treatment to Dave, and on the love seat Mar and Tom were similarly engaged. Tom and I repeated the process he’d taught me a week earlier, while Mar and Dave went at it, and Beth and Peter raised their libidos.


Dreams Ch. 04

group Romantic1 2018-03-19

This meeting was the first time Fran had seen Carl since the morning she moved out of the house after he abused and raped her. At Ed Harris's suggestion, Fran said nothing other than to acknowledge the polite introductions to the other parties and a nod to Carl. "After he started to abuse me he did it about four to eight times a year, Carl would slap me, hit me, kick me, shove me, or throw me to the floor in some way when he would want to fight. Thornton set a timer; when it went off, he turned to Carl and said, "You may make your statement now."


Mindy's First Time at Truth or Dare

group Luv2pleees 2018-03-19

More laughing followed Dave's answer and then Ashley went next and got a dare card which asked her to remove a piece of clothing. Dave pulled the next card which said, "Choose a player of the opposite sex and remove a piece of their clothing and then kiss them passionately for 30 seconds." If all members of the opposite sex are naked, choose a player of any sex and briefly kiss both of their nipples." Since Todd was already naked with that huge cock, he looked at Gina and noticed she had the most clothes on of us girls. If all members of the opposite sex are naked, touch their genitals for 30 seconds." All three of us girls were wearing panties, so Dave looked at Gina and picked her.