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Erotic Group Sex stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

The Car Trip

group Mal 2018-03-19

While in this state she didn't realise what was happening with T, it could feel his climax coming, the cum rising to the top of his penis, he used his free hand to keep her head down, pushing her further and further onto him, he exploded, cum shooting onto the back of her mouth, spurting out, she tried to swallow but it was too much, she started to gag, he released her and her head flew back, cum dripping from the sides of her mouth.


My Girlfriend and Best Friend fuck around

group fisher4890 2018-03-19

When they went to the bathroom they made out a bit and John took her tits out of her bikini and started sucking on her nipples but I guess it was too sketchy to do anything else there. Then once we got back and Phil and I went to the store, she told me that she started to bend down to get out utensils to get ready to BBQ and John said he couldn't stop staring and her ass as she bent down. She had a smirk on her face and said that the vibrating egg felt so good and she wanted to fuck John right there in the living room when I kept turning it on and off.

Recollections Ch. 12

group Kaadorix 2018-03-19

Merissa looped her arm into Alexa's, clearly feigned a smile, and looked to be pulling off her bravest face. Jeremy's mom is looking forward to seeing you, really meeting you, and I bet she falls in love with that belly that's carrying sweet, little Asher inside." Alexa then motioned back toward Cooper and Madison. Merissa displayed another familiar twinge of emotion as she brought a hand to her mouth when Mom stepped forward and willingly embraced me with both arms. "I'm sorry that your father and I pushed you and your family away for such a long time, Jeremy." Now I felt overcome with emotion, yet was able to control it, as Mom added, "It is the one thing I regret most in life now.



group herandtheoldman 2018-03-19

I had just bought something nice to wear i.e.; black PVC Basque that laced up the front I made sure that it was tightly laced enough for my ample boobs to be pushed up to overflow at the top and thigh high PVC boots with 6" stiletto heels, my hair hung down free and loose just like me, I only wished you had the time for me but I knew that time was never going to be your own....your commitments had taken over your life which left you without any control.....totally opposite to the life I wanted to live and was living now.

Closing Time

group zarregwen 2018-03-19

George hooked up with Pamela (a girl staying in my house and very hot) and somehow Zara ended up driving me home. Diane, the bartender, knew the crazy blonde and hauled her out with her just as Zara and the girls came in. Gwen had dark red hair, a pretty face, perfect white skin, a hard body and a heart-shaped ass. Gwen persistently asked why I hadn't tried to fuck Zara at my house. Zara looked me deep in the eyes and said, "I want you to go downstairs to the office and eat Gwen. I told Zara and Rhea to drink anything they wanted but to not touch the phones or let anyone in no matter what.

Best Friends With Benefits

group him28she26 2018-03-19

Hannah called Dena and asked her if her and Paul would like to come over for a few drinks and a dip in the pool. I felt Hannah reach over and start stroking my cock and when I opened my eyes, Dena and Paul were engaged in the same activity. Dena pulled Paul's cock from her lips and told me fuck her hard so Paul could watch. Now Paul got between her legs and started driving his cock home while Dena blew me. Dena started saying she needed more cock so Paul and I got out of the pool and stood next to her just watching the sex before us.

Dinner with Janet Ch. 03

group JTallon 2018-03-19

Karen was standing behind him as he pulled free, and took his place pulling Cindy closer to the end of the bed so she could lick her cunt while Jim fucked her from behind. When Jim pulled from Karen, and she stood from Cindy's pussy, Cindy quickly moved to the edge of the bed reaching for his dick before it went completely limp and sucked him into her mouth so quick he felt it in his gut. Jim stood and reached for Karen's hands, but she dropped to her knees and went straight for his dick taking it into her mouth sucking him hard in no time.


Never Turn Back Ch. 3

group Ask For More 2018-03-19

My body stiff with excitement, I watched as she pulled the towel off me, and started to feel my erect cock with both her hands. Running my hands over her body I pushed and probed her pussy, flicking her clit and sticking my tongue all the way inside her hole until she started screaming and came all wildly, her pussy juices flowing onto my tongue as I lapped it all up. In this position I could look past Michelle's shoulders to the window as I fucked her, and I saw Penny rubbing her pussy and tits as she watched us intently, her mouth open slightly as her excitement overtook her.


group lollipop77 2018-03-19

Looking up Marsha saw Jim's cock in front of her face, her hands moving up, stroking him, working his cock into her mouth as El worked his tongue on her pussy. Jim slowly pulled his cock out of Els mouth, "Very well done for your first time, now go over to her, I want you to lick her from her clit to her ass, she goes crazy if you slide your tongue into her ass." "I want you to start like you did earlier by licking and sucking my pussy, the outer lips, paying great attention to my clit, then down around and finally deep in my ass." "Jim I want you to show him where my G-spot is so I can squirt all over his face."


Au Pair Action Ch. 2

group Di34 2018-03-19

It was also common knowledge that I was becoming something of a "party" girl, and that I was pretty open to having sex with whomever John and Mary asked me to. We ended up going our separate ways that night (after, of course, I'd blown him on the edge of the hot tub!), and I started working my devious little mind on ways to seduce this woman. I told John that if he wanted to participate, he better leave work early that day, because I was on my way to his house as soon as we hung up.

La Playa Ch. 05

group Fog43 2018-03-19

When Julie called everyone's attention to the fact that the sun would set in about five minutes, and that she would lead a ceremony celebrating the day at that time, Steve turned from the window and made his way downstairs. And with that, both Julie and Steve took off their pareos and turned to face the west, opening their palms and spreading their arms to catch the last rays of the dying day on their perfectly tanned and oiled skin. 'Only one set better on the planet,' he thought to himself as he drank in the shape of her nipples and let his hand settle on her right butt cheek as they led the way, their bodies pressed as tightly as walking would allow, to the huge mahogany table set next to a picture window, which commanded a magnificent view.


Busty Jessica's Sexual Adventures Ch. 01

group sethp 2018-03-19

Looking to her left, Jessica saw Mari's grip on Mike's cock tighten and she started bobbing her head faster on his shaft. As the two girls kissed passionately playing with Mike's cum in their mouths and each other's tongues, Jessica felt her skirt being pushed up. Jessica grunted into Mari's mouth, as what could only be Neal's gigantic cock entered her pussy from behind. Grunting with the force of Neal's cock plowing into her, she opened her eyes and saw Mari sitting between Mike's legs stroking his cock back to life. Mike pulled his cock out of Jessica's mouth and ejaculated on her face. Mari had crawled over and leaned in close and started to lick Mike's sperm from Jessica's face.

A Summer Job

group 13thChildofLeeds 2018-03-19

Mrs. Carter smiled and said, "Feel free to enjoy our TV while we're gone." I protested, but she insisted I watch the Olympics or something. The Carters left Friday night and I arrived Saturday, before work, to walk and feed Max. He was a friendly dog that I later found out had started training to be on the K9 unit but failed to qualify because he lacked a certain level of aggression. The scene soon changed to a living room and Mrs. Carter walked into the frame leading two of the guys with their dicks in her hands. Mrs. Carter answered the door and I knew I was going to have a hard time playing it cool as I had planned. "Come, look here, Rob," Debbie said as she walked into the living room and to the couch.


Chloe's Gangbang

group Idyut 2018-03-19

He disappoint did not last long because as soon as she felt him pull out, another took it's place. With a mighty thrust, the man fucking her from behind shot his load and held his cock deep in her while he filled the condom. The guy face fucking Chloe soon began to pant in time with this slow strokes into her face. Cocks came and went from her mouth and pussy with more Gatorade after each climax. As it turns out, the some black man with the huge cock that face fucked her was the last in her pussy. The black man tossed a blanket over her and left the room, with the still full condom hanging from his still huge but now limp cock.

We'll Have All Night

group peeder_exposed 2018-03-19

"Then you're gonna really love my pussy," Becki replied as she slipped out of her shorts and then her thong panties, standing there proudly showing Ralph and Gary all her charms. "Public indecency, felonious intent to commit open and notorious fornication, maybe others that might occur to me once I take you in." Gary placed Becki's arms behind her back and adeptly slipped the plastic handcuffs around her wrists and cinched them tight, painfully tight, not like the pussies at the academy had tried to teach him. Usually oral sex was the lure, but Gina loved pissing in the mouths of unsuspecting men, especially if Gary clicked the digital camera at the exact moment her piss hit the man's mouth, catching his candid facial expression in extreme closeup.

An Honorary Degree Ch. 03

group Selbryth 2018-03-19

I held on, gasping and coming harder than I ever remembered coming, and then Joan started kissing the inner part of my thighs—kissing and just smearing her wet face back and forth—and she so got carried away with the leg-thing she started kissing my knees and turning that way. I reached for that tantalizingly sexy foot of hers but before I could touch it, Joan got her elbows behind her knees and really pulled both legs down; to the point where the tops of her pointing feet were flat against the bed!


MILF Sandy and the Five Soldier Boys

group Mag58 2018-03-19

"Come on Sandy." Lee grinned and whispered in my ear, " here's £130 for a bit of a lap dance; and you finally get to watch me wank for once." "Come over here babes." Lee waved his hand, "and sit on my knee." I did a sexy wiggle and sat astride his thick thighs and demurely crossed my legs as my son's best friend buried his face into my heaving bosoms. Eventually Lee slid beneath me and got me to ride his long cock 'just like he'd wanked about me doing years before' and it was as dirty as I too had dreamed it would be; especially when I leaned forward and spunk dripped down onto his face.

The Downfall of Donna Reed Ch. 3

group captivate 2018-03-19

I had selected a soft blue sundress and pretty sandals for this shopping trip. Then he told me to get my purse and cell phone and go to the car. I was told to select 4-5 things, pretty things, things I liked, and to take them to the dressing room. I sat on the bench and listened to his voice in my ear, feeling drugged with him. My fingers slowly moved to the soft skin of my inner thighs. I told him everything I was doing, how my fingers were moving, caressing, touching. I felt his fingers touching the naked skin of my little girl pussy, then moving inside of me to feel my womanly juices.

Getting Out of a Ticket

group synn14 2018-03-19

"Do you know how fast you were going ma'am," he said, looking me right in the eyes. They looked like they were talking to each other and then the other officer got out and started walking towards my car. I sent the rookie to write her the tickets, but she offered to let him cum on her boobs instead," he said with a little chuckle. "Now make sure you pull out and cum on those tits rookie," the other officer said, while he was right there to watch. "Oh yes, and he is right, I am wet and ready," I said looking at him with cum slowly dripping off me. The chief and cop with the big cock laughed and looked at each other.

A Pleasurable Get-Together

group softride 2018-03-19

Seeing my hand move up that close to her pussy again and again had caused a big bulge to form in my pants, and it looked sort like the same might be true for Ted. I thought there might be a damp spot forming on Kathy's panties, and a faint but very sexy aroma of excited woman. She was incredibly slippery inside, having not only her own juices but two good loads of cum from Jim and Ted. It felt different from other girls I had fucked before, but she was pretty tight and I could feel her all along the length of my cock.

Julia is becoming our favorite fuck toy

group 2018-03-19

He continued finger fucking her pussy while I sucked him, "Sherry and I are gonna make you CUM, Julia, you wanna cum?" He mounted her from behind, and started fucking her, her legs spread wide, and he pummeled her, his dick deep inside her cunt, while I watched from below. I sucked his dick until he couldn't stand it anymore and pulled out, laughing and saying I'm driving him crazy ;d I was extremely horny and he knew it, so Ben pushed me onto my back on the sofa and holding my legs apart, began to suck my clit too, and I came within seconds, my pussy dripping out cum that he licked up.

Sweet and Spicy Horny Toads Ch. 18

group TxRad 2018-03-19

Karen said, "Tom, Shara, either of you can ask me just about anything you want. Karen spread her legs a little and ran two fingers across the smoothly shaved outer area and lips of her sex. Shara moaned loudly and grabbed Tom's head with both hands, rocking her sex hard against his face. Shara was using her legs to move slowly up and down on Tom. He had a hold on both her ass cheeks, helping her. Sue watched our union for a few seconds then walked over and kissed Shara over Tom's shoulder. Karen slowly walked over to Shara and kissed her. She finally looked at Karen and said, "I think I want to try going totally bare...


A Friend Called Ruth

group punk-fuck 2018-03-19

Shane said that they had come to have some fun as well, Ruth had told them that Ania had a lovely body with firm arse and tits. John lay on the bed and Ania was forced to squat over him, she was going to put it in her cunt when John forced it into her arse making her scream. She then felt her legs being lifted and realised that Shane was going to fuck her as well, he rammed is large black cock in to her cunt in one movement and started to fuck her hard. Shane pulled out and came over her belly; Ruth smeared her cum over her face that dripped down to her tits.

Players Ch. 01

group Synthia 2018-03-19

Ted and Cindy, Bob and Lisa, and myself, Laura, and husband, Jim. A lot of planning had gone into this meeting, and it just sort of evolved from casual teasing to more serious discussion and finally a decision to go with it. Bob groaned and humped my pussy hard, and as it slid in and out of my wet fuck hole I felt a sense of relief. Well before our little swingers group got to the final planning stages I picked up hints now and then that Ted wanted to fuck me. We were both panting and urging each other on, and soon Ted plunged his cock in my pussy up to the balls and spurted his cum in me as I made a wailing sound like I had heard from Cindy and jerked to my second orgasm of the night.