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Erotic Group Sex stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

Prom Fantasy Ch. 02

group HornyTeenBoy 2018-03-19

When the song ended, Jessica and Charlene said they were going to go get some drinks, and asked would Nick and Danny like something. Danny said that of course Jessica was invited; she accepted happily, because for one thing she didn't want to leave Nick now that she had found him, and for another thing she didn't want to attend the party she had planned to go to, for much the same reason that she didn't want to sit at her table. However, be it because everyone was having such a good time, or because they were too busy getting drunk on whatever was left in the mini-fridge, or because Nick and Jessica had simply hidden the evidence too well, nobody noticed (or at least said) anything.


Can't Lose Football Bet Pt. 01

group P3Driver 2018-03-19

He came up behind me and put his arms around me, whispering in my ear, "What do you think?" Before I could answer, I felt his hand slide down my belly and his fingers went right to my pussy which was already wet with anticipation. I brought my glass in and sat on the arm of the chair John was sitting in, being only a little careful to keep my legs together, which just barely kept my pussy from being completely exposed to Avery and James. He kissed me roughly, still holding the back of my head, and then pulled away saying "Come on baby; show the boys how pretty your pussy looks." He forced my legs further apart and then reached down and ran his fingers over my pussy.


Words On a Page Ch. 01

group AnnabelleandJay 2018-03-19

The book sat in her hand and, where just seconds ago she wanted to put it down and walk away, now she flipped open the blank pages again. Now, as she headed out the door to work, Nora paused by the book and snarled, “Catherine the Great, my ass!” She flipped the book open to glance at the childish jottings she had penned last night. Jeff stuck his head in the door and said quickly, “Shit, Ricky get in here!” and soon both men were clanking around in the small, steam filled bathroom, while she stood naked, hiding in the shower. That seemed to please Jeff until after several moments he reached behind her head and pushed her open mouth deep around his iron-like cock.


landlord with a couple

group JOHNFINASMITH 2018-03-19

She broke my train of thought by saying" do you want a glass of wine?" " No thanks" I said with a smile " a little to early for me." " Maybe next time i'll have to call you at night" she replyed." Your husband will be home and I don't think he would like company" I told her." Sometimes he works at night" she said. I must admit it feels great he is a good cock sucker.I stay busy eating her and she cums in my face the juice just pours out of her cunt. Her husband said " I am sorry to have fucked you so hard,but your mouth is great.Sue chimed in and said" you are a great pussy eater and a good cock sucker."

Velvet's Snow White

group velvetpie 2018-03-19

This answer seemed to placate the others and the second dwarf leaned down, touched the soft skin of Snow White's ankle and straddled it. Snow White hissed as she felt the heat of the second dwarf's pussy, the fat lips opening and allowing the inner lips to slide up and down the silky skin. The fifth dwarf also climbed on top of Snow White, pausing to lock lips with the fourth dwarf, who gave his friend a quick handjob before watching his friend turn his back to him. The first dwarf eagerly pumped away at her toes, the second was riding her ankle like a balance beam, sliming every inch with her cream while the third was content to tug on his own prick, his tongue painting saliva lines up and down her thighs.

Christina's Journey Ch. 08

group Aussiescribe38 2018-03-19

Then they slid into the booth, Mia along side Asami, Annie alongside Josh, she made sure her thigh was hard against his. Things were starting to get really hot, Asami thought she was going to come, watching Annie stroke Josh's cock, she opened her legs, as she felt Mia's hand sliding up her inner thigh. "Uh huh, I think we should all go to his apartment and fuck each other." She watched as Annie straddled Josh, and lowered herself onto his cock, groaning as her cunt swallowed every rock hard inch. Two of the girls and one guy, peeled off, which disappointed Josh, one, a small dark girl, Karen, was super hot, and he thought she'd be a real good fuck, he could see her with Asami and Christina, and himself of course.

Christmas Party

group mastercaster 2018-03-19

I went and stood in front of them and she looked up at me right in my face and said "let me hold that dick you got and ill suck it till you get hard enough to fuck some one with it. I took both hands and reached up to play with her small tit's this made her moan even louder that before "my god I was fucking a beautiful woman in the ass and eating another's snatch what a Christmas this has been." Then the boss came in the room and said "ok everyone stop what you are doing for a minute.

The Life of a Hoosier Farm Girl Ch. 02

group JBEdwards 2018-03-19

She left Indiana to move to New York, became a registered nurse, and went to Washington, DC for the women's march where she has met a seemingly nice man named Mike. I had deliberately stranded myself in DC (I live and work in New York), and I had met this nice, somewhat older man Mike. "Even if I have these?" I asked, as I leaned forward so that Mike could once again feast his eyes on my luscious boobs. Mike leaned back, he looked at me, and I lost myself in his eyes, as I felt his hands unzipping my sweater. Since I am captivated by your beauty, may I kiss you, my sweet woman?" Diego said.


The Julie Journals: Ch. 11 Shopping

group Shady_Lady 2018-03-19

Sarah began to moan as she neared her climax and in lust filled voice muttered "Oh Julie I wish these were your fingers in my wet pussy." With that Sarah cried out loudly as she orgasmed making some of the pedestrians heads turn towards the car, which had stopped at the traffic lights. The finger was soon joined by a second and the man began to pump Julie's ass as she worked her hips back and forward whilst moving her head in a steady motion. The men watched in total silence as Sarah turned her body into a 69 position and lowering her head began to lap at Julie's cum filled pussy.

Imported Pie

group mufdvr5 2018-03-19

The thought of watching her riding another man's cock really gets me hot, and I must say that she has given me some pretty wild rides when we talk about it. She let out a very long and intense moan, and I almost came right then as she looked at me as this other man's cock was now fully in her pussy. Finally he couldn't hold it any longer and he let out a scream as a big smile came across her face looking at me as if to say "here it is." I had wondered if I would really be able to do this, but after seeing the way she savagely fucked this guy, not five feet from where I was watching, there was no doubt in my mind.

Ladies Cocktail Night Ch. 01

group masterandmargarita 2018-03-19

In the car, on the way to Malena's, Ted stole glances of his wife Vera's sexy outfit: a short vintage green dress with sheer black stockings and heels. She is such a dirty girl since the last time I saw her!" exclaimed Malena as she moved her hand up Vera's leg, all the way to the garter strap. "Ted," Vera interjected, "is it okay if I just start by sucking on your balls for a little bit?" she asked with a begging look in her eyes. Malena leaned in and slowly moved her tongue up and down Ted's balls while Vera looked on and held her husband tightly. Liz joined Malena and Vera; their tongues stroking Ted's balls in unison.


The Risqué Party

group seethrufetishes 2018-03-19

There was some good music for the theme so I began by climbing on the bed wearing only a pair of tight leather pants and began to dance. I said “I won’t let those hard nipples be wasted” and removed her dress, now all she had on was a chain around her neck with a crucifix. As soon as her dress fell on the floor, he knelt and said “I will not waste that hard on either” She opened my pants fly and my hard on came out to its full 9”. I did as asked and pushed my cock hard into her pussy and kept it inside her and then slowly pulled out.

first time

group 2018-03-19

I returned to the bedroom with my teddy and bra back in place but left my blouse unbottoned (it looked sexier that way), straightend my skirt and re-snapped the crotch of my teddy, and went over to the closest guy, Jerry, and started kissing him, and feeling his hard cock through his pants, then slid down into a kneeling position and proceeded opening his pants pulling them down to his knees, only to see his erection buldging through his bikini briefs, with about an inch or so past the head peeking out from the top.

At the Library

group FiestyMomma 2018-03-19

Starla sat on the desk as Stormy opened her legs and began licking her wet slit. Starla got home and Stormy pulled up after her. Starla got in the car with Stormy and they went to the Kinky-R-You? Stormy inserted a vibrator into Starla's pussy, making her walk out with it. Stormy leaned down kissed her ass and removed the vibrator from Starla and began sucking her juices off it. Starla let Stormy suck her nipples while they answered the door. Starla began licking Stormy's dripping wet pussy as Ryan watched with intense heat. Ryan got up stripped off all his clothes and put his cock in Stormy's tight pussy. Starla kept licking Stormy until she got every drop of Ryan's juices from her.


group Lezbosexual 2018-03-19

Chloe had been working in London when Phillipe met Angie during a night out with his friends at Mamies nightclub. Angie was indeed lost for words, she scanned the room eventually focusing on Phillipe who was sitting on a chair next to the bed, naked and holding his erect cock. Chloe, still impaling her victim, offered her left breast to Angie's mouth as Phillipe set about releasing her from the handcuffs that had worked so well in the implementation of his wife's plan. Phillipe used Angie's ample supply of love juice to lube up, then positioned the head of his glistening cock over her twitching ass hole.


group itches 2018-03-19

so here I am on my knees naked in front of this huge black man and as im pulling his pants off im looking up as he's taking his shirt off and I finally look down and theres this 9"fat cut cock in my face and im hard as a rock. the guys say no you may not have a towel you cock sucking fagot and you better think twice before coming into our neighborhood and the front door opened and one of them grabbed my elbow and swung we out the front door completely naked and covered in cum.

When It Rains, It Pours Ch. 02

group -Sadie26- 2018-03-19

"That's it baby, suck it bitch, suck that hot cum from my shaft, you slut," Mike moaned, fucking my mouth with brute force. I looked up and watched Mike's cock as Tony fucked my asshole. "That's it, bitch, lick those balls, I'm about ready to make your asshole nice and wet, baby," growled Tony, fucking my ass with all he had. "Oh, oh oh ohhhhhhhh shit, bitch, don't stop, fuck my cock like the whore you are, fuck it, baby, ride that dick," Tony moaned, spanking me again. "MMMMMMMM, Fuck!!!!!, Take it, Rain, mmmmm God, take my cum, bitch!!!", he yelled as I felt a thick hot stream explode inside my raw asshole.

Whore Ch. 02

group emap 2018-03-19

"No no, you just sit there and watch, it's his birthday he gets to fuck me first, after I swallow of course, don't want to have him cumming in 10 seconds after all." I tell Adonis with a wink, my hand going up and down on birthday boy, his head is red and leaking copious amounts. We turned into almost a parody of people fucking, just him shoving his cock in me, his ass moving back and forth driving that cock in me, my hips trying desperately to move under him in something close to the normal way a woman who is so into her lover would, my mouth permanently open wide crying out in orgasm while trying to keep saying in no particular order 'fuck your whore, fuck my whoring cunt hard and fast, give me that hot cum, shoot it in me, fill me up'.

Shirley's First Social Club Outing

group MrPovey 2018-03-19

He turns his hand over and cups a tit through her shirt trying to squeeze a nipple between two fingers, it's difficult but the shirt is open a few buttons and he slides his hand inside instead, she murmurs and they carry on kissing, Paul moves a little closer so he can get his hand further up her skirt and soon feels she's already wet , "Glad you come tonight?" he says. The penny drops with Steve and he drops his hands from Shirley's tits to feel the tops of her legs, her skirt has now ridden so high that her stocking tops and panties are in pretty much full view to the two guys, Steve makes a beeline for her crotch and starts to rub her wet pussy through the cotton panties.

Daughter becomes a Cumslave pt.6

group SafeSexting 2018-03-19

up!...Just cram it in and fuck this little whore like the slut she is!" Lucy Suck Mommy's cunt like a good little slut whore is cumming Mommy!...Uugghh...Fuck the slut!" Lucy wailed as her little daughter's ass with your cum...Turn this little whore into a cumbag!...Fuck him mother pushed her face deep into his ass as she twisted the little girl's tiny, Suddenly the cocks in her cunt and ass began to twitch and the men fucked her Lucy's mother grabbed her head again, holding the little girls face up for the first man kicked the little girl's cunt, did Lucy cum. my ass?...Was it fun to fuck?...Was I good little cumbag for you?" Lucy asked in

Cécile's Calling

group Serafina1210 2018-03-19

I thought the big buildings looked like palaces, with their towers and gargoyles, and when I asked about them Daddy said the king and queen lived there. He fucked me a long time, sometimes kissing me or squeezing my breasts, gazing into my eyes and telling me I was beautiful, and I started to get bored-it didn't feel like much. But if he want to take you to a hotel, make him give you five dollars extra, cause that take more time, and you probably gonna have to find your own way back here." She took a key from the drawer of a little table and gave it to me.


For No Particular Reason Ch. 4

group Aries 2018-03-19

"Tina called me to let me know that she and Tom were spending the weekend at the Shangri-La." She said as her other hand pushed the covers off her legs and she began to play with her freshly shaven pussy. "So I take it you're not planning on taking any clothing at all, huh?" Tony asked as he sat on the bed beside Rebecca and continued to stroke his cock while she masturbated for him. Oh man I'm getting ready to cum baby." Rebecca moaned as Tony grabbed her tits and squeezed them, rolling her nipples in his fingers in concert to his thrusting cock in her pussy. He pushed Rebecca's legs higher yet and began to firmly thrust his cock into her ass, fucking it like a pussy.


Swinger Smorgasborg

group Mrbigdick2014 2018-03-19

As we both watched Halley being fucked like a rag doll Lori said, "It's exciting watching two men fuck your wife at the same time isn't it?" She continued, "Jan likes it up the ass, do you want to fuck her?" "Yes," I answered. I was slamming Jan hard and I told Lori, "Spread her ass wide." As she pulled I rammed my cock balls deep and grunted loudly, "Uuuughhh!" My load jetted into her ass and it kept cumming. Jan said, "Sometimes the big fella can't cum two times in one night." Halley pulled her mouth off of his cock and let us know it was time to go back to our room.

A Christmas Orgy

group uticanyrick 2018-03-19

I must have come a dozen times!" Joanna looked at my cock and said. "I want a picture of Santa getting a blow job from Mrs. Claus" Joanna got on her knees and unzipped my pants and started to suck on my cock. I went to the kitchen and since every thing seemed to be almost ready I carved the turkey and with the help of Joanna and Sally got everything set up buffet style. "I like cooking and cunt lapping." "What a strange conversation for Christmas evening." Joanna said. I got her to cum five times in as many minutes when Sally came over and said. Joanna handed me a dildo and I slipped it in Sally's pussy and stroked it just out of sync with my cock stroking her ass.