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Erotic Group Sex stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

A Haunted House To Remember

group m_storyman_x 2018-03-19

"Yes. I'll be ok in a minute." She said looking a bit better already in the dim red light I have set up in my ready room. "So does Dracula suck other things besides necks?" she asked as she sat with her legs spread slightly, her short denim skirt hiked up to her hips and her panties swinging from her finger. I returned after scaring a group to find Deb standing in my ready room, wearing a light colored wrap around dress. When they couldn't stand up any more the dropped to their knees and headed toward the tunnel, one with her tits hanging out and one with her bare ass showing as her short skirt hung around her waist.


Handsome Ch. 30

group Paris Waterman 2018-03-19

When Anna pulled the thong to one side giving everyone a glimpse of Kathy's well shaven pussy, I released one of the brunette's nipples and slid my hand down the front of her jeans and sent a finger into her sopping wetness. Then Anna began lapping her like a dog, running her mouth up and down the others wet pussy while Kathy's face contorted as she moaned and squeezed both her breasts. Kathy grabbed Anna's head with her hands and held her face tightly to her pussy. To my surprise, Sigourney's eyes met mine as she slid a finger into Anna's rectum, causing the girl to moan appreciatively.



group bardo_eroticos 2018-03-18

I placed my willy over her face, and she started licking and kissing it eagerly, stroking my length at the same time while her friend stroked her face and her own pussy underneath her panties. When my girlfriend finally swallowed my cock, her friend was looking almost jealous, stroking my balls with one hand. I couldn't see my boyfriend's face when I went down on my friend, spreading her labial lips with my tongue and going straight for the kill after having kissed her ass cheeks. She went down on him for a few more minutes before pulling her head back, saying, almost purring like the cat that got the cream:"Time for a change.


Bad Penny Ch. 14

group MVPrimetime 2018-03-18

Both hands now grabbed me and pushed and pulled to force my cock deep inside her, again and again, as she gasped and writhed and bounced on the bed, face almost purple, hair wild about her head. She touched my face and looked me deep in the eyes, and said in a much quieter voice "It wasn't like making love with you, Sean. Like saying 'cunt' and 'fuck me harder' - it doesn't change the fact that I have a, a vagina, or a pussy, or whatever else, and it doesn't change the fact that when we make love sometimes I want you to be deep inside me, and to do it quickly and firmly, to, well, to fuck my cunt as hard as you can.


Swapping for a Good Cause

group tnbnb 2018-03-18

She had met Keith's work buddy, Katie Tinney a few times over the last couple of years and did not particularly like her. Katie would say that there was no catch that she wanted other couples to enjoy webcamming as much as they did and that she could see that they needed help getting started. Holly was intrigued by the idea of webcamming as a couple but assumed Keith would not do it despite the potential of making some desperately needed money. Keith was surprised that Holly and Katie didn't hit it off the first few times they met but suddenly after the Christmas party, a year and a half ago, they became inseparable which was a bit odd since Katie was his friend first.


The Trip Ch. 02

group SnofireRose 2018-03-18

As I lift my hips to allow the shorts under my ass, they release my breasts and begin to kiss and nibble their way down my body...over my hips, to the outside of my thighs, I sigh in frustration. I moan as I feel my legs widen and Froggie's finger slide into me...Instead of taking off my thong, he simply moved it to the side for a closer look. We develop this perfectly in sync pattern, I go down as he pulls out, up as he pushes in, over and over...I'm almost there, as they're both as close as I am...then *SLAP* Froggie spanked me on my ass, gently rubbing the sting away with his hand as I feel *SLAP* on my other cheek, immediately followed by the gentle rubbing.


group YeahBabyyy 2018-03-18

She reaches up and slides her finger in my mouth so I can wet it and I suck on it as I moan, feeling her sliding her tongue between my pussy lips and stroking my clit. With one hand you bend me over and I feel your fingers run through my hair and you pull my head back as I feel your cock slide deep inside me fast and hard, taking my breath away for a minute. I feel your hard cock slide almost all the way out and back in deep over and over again, feeling your balls slapping on my wet pussy as you fuck me, jarring my while body faster and harder each time.

Filling Gaps

group TimFen 2018-03-18

Marcie took a long lick up the side of my cock, and then plunged her mouth over the head, moving so far down, and taking so much of me into her, that I felt the tip of my tool rub her throat, while at the same time feeling her lips buried in my pubic hair. Nadia lifted her head and said to me, "Jack, if you don't stop working on my toes like that, I am going to cum way too soon." Marcie looked up at me, ran her perfect hand through my hair, and said: "I want this to be the best night Jack ever had." And with that, the two women had me on my back.


A Different Roadside Attraction

group Daren 2018-03-18

Sitting her up on the edge of the closest table, one man seats himself beside her and the other one stands between her legs. The other man bends her head back while he gropes and fondles her exposed breasts, planting forceful kisses on her face, her lips and her neck. The woman in the front seat grabs my hand and, keeping her own eyes on the raunchy action at the picnic table, places it between her legs. My lover is bent over the picnic table now, giving a sloppy blow job to one man who he sits with his legs spread in front of her, while the other guy rams his beefstick into her from the rear.

Sideline Reporter: 2nd Overtime

group FERDY 2018-03-18

Maria was wearing a pale yellow dress that looked like it had been painted on her milk chocolate body. Let me taste some of your hot chocolate sugar." I said as I held her against me and returned the kiss including thrusting my tongue deeply into her mouth past her luscious full lips. When they finished, I eagerly sucked out all of Randy's cum from Maria's pussy and cleaned up his dick. By the time Sunday evening came and Randy and Maria were getting ready to leave, we had tried just about every combination of two females and one male that we could come up with.

An Evolving Relationship

group kewtieboy 2018-03-18

Of course it turned me on being able to talk openly about good looking guys to my girlfriend and it was all harmless fun though our friends, when they overheard us once, thought we were weird. "That's so fucking horny mate," said the 19 year old as he stood wanking his cock furiously. It was day three and I had left Trish by the pool to go out and book a restaurant for dinner I came back and went first to the pool bar for a beer when I overheard two guys discussing her as they sat by the bar and looked over to her by the pool.


The Camping Trip Pt. 07

group Tetris07828 2018-03-18

After ass fucking someone I just can't be that big of a bastard and not buy her breakfast but this was when Tina and I were going to talk about the future and seeing each other. Edna agreed and took a seat in the front while I organized and cleaned up the bathroom putting the used towels in the laundry pile. First, get rid of Edna, and second, I really wanted to fuck Tina once more before leaving. Nikki said, "If I had known how much fun and kinky they were I'd have started dating accountants years ago." I have not heard from her in a couple months, I'm hoping things are still going well.


A Cruise to Remember

group Shirley 2018-03-18

I must have gasped at the beautiful sight, as Captain Glen smiled, turned and took me into his arms ever so gently and kissed me deeply. I took his hard throbbing cock in my mouth and at the same time, licked my finger and eased it into his ass. As we turned around, I took Gene's cock into my mouth and began fondling his balls. I got up and straddled Glen's mouth so he could eat my pussy and I could suck Gene's cock at the same time. Glen said, "Well, I am going to ask Shirley to spend the next eight nights with me, so maybe we will see you again." I smiled and closed my eyes.

FourPlay4: Paula

group Christian Black 2018-03-18

Either it’s out and out lying (Emma,) or the result of a complete lack of insight (Daryl,) or somebody twisting everything around to make it all prettier than it was and to make himself look good (Christian.) Nobody told the truth about what happened, but I will. How Daryl had taken her home and fucked her in the ass so she could “take it like a man.” How she’d gone home with Christian after work and sucked him off, then fed his cum back to him and made him promise to suck cock for her. He must have shot a big load into her, though, because Emma commanded Christian to stop fucking me and suck Daryl’s cum out of her pussy.

Emma in Control

group kewtieboy 2018-03-18

"One thing at a time Emma," said Martin looking distinctly embarrassed, "you'll scare Olly off." Martin again looked sheepishly at me but I realised I had a hot little chick here that might take me back to the horny little sod I was at college and perhaps beyond so I said to her, "I'll go wherever you want to take me!" I suggested that he make like he was going home at around 11.00pm and I would then take Emma to the den, leave the door slightly ajar and he should return around 11.30pm to look for his girlfriend. When Martin said he was feeling tired and asked me to look after Emma in a slightly louder than normal voice, I noticed a very tipsy Larry looking across as he left.


Helen Really Goes For It

group vitesse 2018-03-18

He then moved so that he was side on and had his left hand on her breasts and 2 fingers of his right hand inside her, as her body started to move in unison with his hands quite a crowd was gathered round to watch my wife come in the hands of a complete stranger in public. She then leant back and asked Mick and Simon to stand as they did she grabbed a cock in each hand and started wanking them off, I couldn't believe were she had got all this energy from and as all three men that she was bringing off came I filled her up while Mick and Steve came all over her tits.

Defloration of Monica........

group vanita 2018-03-18

She was keen to know about the first actual penetration and how a girl felt about all that experience...She confessed that she was getting wet in her panties when she saw us embracing each other or me playing with my hubby's cock. She wanted to know all the minute details about how a girl felt when the such hard stiff cock entered the wet pussy.... By this time Ravi too had become bold and was touching her pussy.I had already pulled Ravi's cock out and it was all hard and stiff and ready for action. Ravi increased the pace of his strokes and soon Monica clutched him with all her strength and her whole body was shaking in orgasm....I tried to feel her boobs and planted a kiss on her mouth.

Camera Shopping Can Be Fun

group bluebaloo 2018-03-18

Surfer boy told us he wanted to too see as much of my back as possible and the black guy started pushing my top down. I now quickly pulled the black guy close to me to hide my tits from the camera. Surfer boy kept taking pictures and the black guys kept moving his hands all over my back. Making sure my tits were free swinging and visible for the surfer boys camera he began to push the head of his cock against my pussy. Surfer boy handed the camera to the black guy and laid me back on the desk. My third orgasm hit me fast and hard right when surfer boy was pumping his load of semen deep in my ass.


Summer at Home Ch. 02

group Reindeer58 2018-03-18

"Well, you wanted to see how high heels improved the look of not only your legs, and ass, but of your breasts as well." Jack made a comment about the higher the heel, the greater the effect on how a woman carried herself and the overall figure enhancement, or he just wanted to see my ass in tight shorts." As Elise left the room, Virginia leaned over with her lips near my ear and with her hand back on my leg said, "You will be taking more won't you?" Janet asked to look at the pictures and essentially gave the same comments as Virginia except she added that the stockings could have been a few shades darker.


Seeking a Hot Missile

group knkyfairy 2018-03-18

Steve opened the door for me like he always does and we both walked into the restaurant. Walking to the hostess we let them know that we were here for a meeting and were to meet Cindy. Five minutes passed and the hostess returned to let us know that Cindy was on her way. Poking my husband in the ribs I winked at him and jerked my head towards Cindy, letting him know my approval. We walked the rest of the way and stood while Cindy introduced us to the other members of the group. Steve and I had a great time last night and we were wondering if you had time to have dinner or drinks with us this evening?"


Auntie’s Naughty Boys chapter 7

group 2018-03-18

Lisa kept working her fingers in the woman's cunt, and Julie caressed her aunt's ripe big boy, the senior patrol leader, and another older Scout carried Herb down by his The boy between Aunt Dee's legs pushed his ass way down, so that Herb knew his Lisa had hand-stroked Herb's cock to semi-hardness, and now she started licking it prick, Herb saw another Scout slipping his meat into his gasping aunt. Aunt Dee was beginning to moan and breathe hard as the pimple-faced boy gave The patrol leader, who had been the first to fuck Aunt Dee, approached Julie, his The Scout fucking Aunt Dee came, pulled out, and another boy took his place.

Sex School Ch. 07

group Skibum 2018-03-18

As Jim spoke, Sara sucked on the head of his cock. Sara stopped sucking on Jim’s cock and looked at Janet. You can be sure Mike will be watching you suck his cock, and eye contact will only make it better for both of you. Sara continued to give instructions as Janet began to slowly move her lips up and down over the head of Mike’s cock. Janet and Mike so involved in their own pleasures that they were completely unaware that Sara and Jim were passionately fucking just a few feet away. Recovering from her surprise, Janet hastily took her husband’s spurting member between her lips, sucking gently on the head as the final spasms deposited the remainder of his cum in her mouth.

April in Texas Ch. 10

group SLC-Ohio 2018-03-18

The sign said 'Grape Creek Vineyard" and Louie pulled in. She then took three open bottles of white wine from a cooler, and she poured each of us a two ounce taste of their Grape Creek Cuvee Blanc. I'm not sure if Louie heard me tell him that I was going back down to the hot tub, I figured the kids would be gone by this late hour and that I'd have the place to myself, so I slipped out. So we four left the hot tub and road the elevator to Joan and Allan's room. As I was standing there sipping my martini, looking at the screen – the guys had some hotel porn movie on – Joan came out from the bath.


Speeding Violation

group Clohi 2018-03-18

She looked out the corner of her eye and saw the first officer had taken his cock out of his pants and was pumping it slowly. Slipping the second officer's cock from her lips, she looked at the other cop and told him to come here. She wasn't visible from the road, and no one could see that the officers had their pants down around their ankles and their cocks in her mouth. She reached out and grabbed the second cop's cock in her hands, pulling him towards her, and slipping her mouth around him. Looking in her rearview mirror, she watched the two officers slowly crawl back into the car and pull away.