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Erotic Group Sex stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

Sexy Golf Wager

group Tall_Stranger 2018-03-18

The first hole ended with birdies for Allison and Jack and pars for Brent and Robin. Robin leaned over to Allison and whispered that Jack must be able to lick his eyebrows as he had just given her the tongue-fucking of her life. Brent and Robin had finished teeing off and made it back to the cart to witness Jack's faces of sheer pleasure. "Follow me to the woods while Allison and Jack play this hole.""By the way the bet is still on and the winner still gets the favor." said Robin. Robin was always sure of what she wanted and had the confidence of a beautiful woman with large breasts and a golf game good enough to beat the men.

Two Into One

group AleksandrII 2018-03-18

Clare and I got really pissed and ended up with her on the floor with her legs wide apart and me knelt between her legs licking her clit and shoving my tongue in and out of her cunt like I wouldn't see tomorrow. I could tell by the way that her juices were flowing that she was ready to come so I stood up and slid my cock into her cunt from behind while she was sucking Rob's and playing with his balls. Clare didn't like come in her mouth so as I was banging away from the back, she lifted her head off Rob's cock and started to wank him off.

The Cam Girl

group DinaParker69 2018-03-18

Quite a few people were still descending towards the platform, however what caught Mackenzie's eye was an old lay at the top of the stairs, with two heavy looking bags on either hand. As Mackenzie closed her umbrella, Jarno looked around. 'Don't tell me I'm getting the privilege of being served by the boss himself?' Mackenzie asked him, with a playful look on her face. Jarno felt himself blush at being called out, but eased again as he noticed Mackenzie was looking at him with an amused expression. The large man shot him a quick look, before telling Mackenzie: 'He's gotten himself a point.' He started to leave but first gave him a rough pat on the shoulder.


Seven Deadly Sins

group al_Ussa 2018-03-18

The man in the mask and red silk robes chuckled, and it sent a shiver down Celina's spine. "Yes," Celina said, shivering as she felt the man rubbing his hands across her body even through the thick, billowing fabric of her robe. As soon as she said that, the man threw open his red silk robe, exposing his equally naked body to her. The man in the red silken robe moved himself behind Celina and then shoved his cock back into her sticky, cum filled pussy. Celina was shocked to hear the door open yet again, and this time, another man in a red robe came into the room. "Celina," Lucifer said to her, "You have faced six of the seven deadly sins, and overcome them.

Neighbour, MIL and then My Wife Pt. 03

group thendral 2018-03-18

I didn't bother her and open the door a little and looked outside; found the room boy standing there asking me if we want anything. She covered her boobs and crotch with her hands and rushed to the bath room. Her hand pressed my head towards her crotch and she slightly parted her legs allowing my face to her pussy. I came up and cupped her tits alternatively with my cum filled mouth and spread it all along her boobs with my tongue. Unknowingly I lifted my sari up and inserted my hand inside my panties and fingering my pussy which was wet with my cum. At last my husband's body was shuttered and he pushed his dick deep into her pussy and kept it idle inside her.


Under the Big Top

group kinkynkazoo 2018-03-18

Antonio, the trapeze artist had noticed Raylene as soon as she walked through the curtains that separate the preformers from the audience. Most people went about their business of getting ready for the next part of the show, leaving Raylene to stare wide eyed just like a child might when in a candy store for the first time. As Brutus went about his part of the act, Raylene noticed Antonio on his trapeze, flying through the air totally naked. Raylene was starting to feel a little self conscious when the Ring Master came bounding in and congratulated everyone on a great preformance. Wanda took Antonio's cock in her mouth as he had Raylene sit on his face.


Our First Party

group Party Hostess 2018-03-18

"I like it when Rob strokes my nipples when we are having sex" I said. I had no idea what he was going to say and having heard myself tell the table that I liked it when he stroked my nipples during sex I was a little nervous about what secret he might share. "Hmm" he began, "Jane can be difficult to figure out and there's more going on than she lets on, but I think she might be a bit like Kate and want to lose control of what's going on. Rob explained that people could volunteer to go first or we could go round in order, but that the forfeits would get more challenging as time went on.


The turn around 4

group lovealladies 2018-03-18

she walks over to my at the time slut wife and stars dropping all my cum in her waiting mouth. i look over and jeffs still fucking the shit outta kenzie he lets go filling my wife with his hot spunk he pulls out and holly with my dick still deep in her ass takes jeffs cock and sucks it the rest of the way dry not done still she begins to eat her husbands cum out of my wife creampied slit no stopping it my second load erupts all up in hollys ass i never thought it would end then holly calls my wife over sits on her face and sqweezes every last drop out of her tush and into my wifes mouth lovelladies

$20 Million Ch. 05

group all_or_nothing 2018-03-18

"You always seemed to really like it when I would fuck you with one of my dildos or stick my finger up your ass; and don’t forget the times I caught you looking at naked men on the internet. I saw the look on your face when Chuck and Ethan were ramming your ass and mouth. The guys walked in and Chuck walked over to Carrie, grabbed her ass, and as he gave her a kiss asked, "you and the bitch get the house cleaned?" While Jake, Chuck, and Ethan stroked their immense hard-ons, I knelt down in front of Johnny and began licking and stroking his cock, balls, and asshole. After Jake and Johnny had gotten dressed they both kissed Carrie for a few minutes each and then said they looked forward to next time.

Tunnel of Love

group Jack T. Ladd 2018-03-18

She broke the kiss, drew back slightly and brought Andre's cock to her lips, quickly sucking in the head once again, then withdrew and offered the throbbing dick held in her hands between us, to my face. From behind, I felt Andre slide his erection between my legs along my pussy lips, fighting with Gilly's hand for the attention of my pussy. Then I felt Gilly trace her fingers around my stretched opening, delving in with her fingers and tongue between his cock and my pussy lips, searching for my clit, finding it, making me moan and writhe, as Andre stayed motionless deep within me.

Prof. Keeley & the Sorority Girls

group HeyAll 2018-03-18

Besides, most of the choir girls were in the sorority, and Professor Keeley had been initiated into that same sorority a mere 10 years earlier. Her student-assistant was also a sorority girl and a member of the choir. But most of all, it was killing her knowing that some of the girls may be pressured into performing deviant sex acts backstage. It was almost surreal seeing Christine putting the finishing touches on the dressing curtains in a way that would allow the choir girls to perform sex acts on the guys. The very thought made the professor shudder, knowing that choir members had been secretly doing -- whatever -- prior to their shows.



group kimbelina 2018-03-18

It must have been the combination of sensations that pushed me over the edge so quickly - the accumulated excitement of the evening, the fact that Anna and Jenny were each sucking one of my tits, and the expert touch of his big, strong hands. Jenny and I both watched as Anna displayed incredible skill in taking Jesse's cock almost entirely into her mouth, just beginning to gag at about 7 or 8 inches. When Jenny finally climbed off me, and I sat up, I was treated to a great show as Anna was taking Jesse entirely into her mouth in long, slow strokes.


An Erotic Night Turned Threesome

group fresha_love 2018-03-18

Moving one hand down to move against my clit, I felt how wet I was and let out a quiet groan of pleasure. We knew it was my roommate, she had heard our moans and wanted to join. Between her moaning and his cock still thrusting inside me, I knew I was about to cum. He felt my body relax and moved down to lap up my juices as she resumed kissing me and began to play with my breasts herself. Then she positioned her wet cunt over his face as I slowly licked his cock. I began to make long, slow movements, sucking him as I gripped his shaft in my right hand, twisting gently but firmly. He moaned into her pussy as his hands found my hips and gripped them hard.

Texas Hold Him

group Lazarus 2018-03-18

Maureen and Sarah exchanged puzzled glances but said nothing as he turned over his cards to reveal a full house, Aces over Kings. He moaned into the bare, wet pussy as he felt another one, hot wet and unbelievably tight slowly lowering onto his cock. As he licked them up eagerly the movement on his cock became intense too and he felt the already tight pussy become even tighter in spasms milking his cock for the cum that would not come out. As he felt the heat of a massive orgasm begin deep in his body the girls' tongues began to lick his shaft while one sucked just the tip into her hot mouth.

Was it lust or was is it hot sex CHAPTER 3

group 2018-03-18

so i got in the stall then i pulled down my pants and started pushing hard it felt good yup im making room for more i said then some wan came in it the boys room so i didnt wury much. i ramed my cock deep in her ass hole yess i started to moan load she said give me ur cum make me pregnet i grabed her tits and thrusted her harder mmmmm. my dick started geting hard thinking about being fucked sandy loaked at me and got under the table she seen my cock she said let me help.

Fuck My Girlfriend, Please!

group rose37 2018-03-18

"I may love Alexia, but man, with an ass like yours it's hard...well, I'm just fucking hard now! Hear I was on my knees with a strap on, on, Alexia shackled to the bed, with my finger up her ass. I started whipping Alexia's ass again. I took my whip and whipped that ass of hers three times fast and hard and yell, "Suck that dick, you dirty little bitch!" Roy was fucking her face real good as I pounded her cunt. "Ann, fuck my ass!" Alexia said as Roy took his dick out of her mouth. Roy got behind me and entered my cunt just as I pulled out of Alexia's and entered her ass.

The Wedding Sixpack

group Vermillion 2018-03-18

As per tradition by the time they got to Bob's townhouse, Paul and Vicky went to opposite sides of the house and slammed their respective doors. Dave, Bob, Stil and Paul - while keeping an eye on the threesome and occasionally taking a shot, occupied themselves with the TV and talk about football. When a particularly active scene came on and the four older men were in the kitchen, Brad had his arm around her and Mike was enjoying the view of her breasts through the open kimono. Stil increased his pace and his pressure on her clit, her hands went to the wet warm cream on the breasts and massage and pinched them as she was overcome with an earth shaking climax.


The Black Bears Ch. 01

group gimmie_your_load 2018-03-18

Keeping Joe very deep in her mouth, Lucia bobbed her head up and down only about a half an inch, just enough to removed the cock from her airway and take in a brief breath of air. Abandoning any attempt to warn Lucia, or shoo away Mike, Joe threw back his head, closed his eyes, and let out a long, low moan that would surely be heard by a few of the other passengers. Pushing on her head, Joe managed to dislodge Lucia, and the unexpected maneuver cause her to spill a small amount of cum she had been swirling in her mouth onto the floor of the bus.

Her Weekend Surprise

group sylviamarlowe 2018-03-18

She slid his cock out of his pants, and he felt her lick his head slowly. When it felt like this hand been going on for hours, M pulled away slightly from his lover and helped her kneel down into the pillows that lay before him. As she did, his lover snuck up behind her and slowly snaked her arms down M's body until she was at her perfectly pink cunt lips. He watched as their cunts began the grind into each other, with both of them gasping and moaning as his lover rode M. M got on top of his lover and faced the opposite direction, with her cunt on top of his brunette Goddess's mouth.

Monthly Threesome: May

group curiousandkinky 2018-03-18

Eric has his hands on my waist rubbing his hard dick on my clit, it feels wonderful but I want that hard piece of meat in me. Eric is filling my pussy good and fucking me like there is no tomorrow and it feels great. Watching Eric's dick shine with our cum and sliding into me feels like ecstasy and looks so erotic as I look up to him and pull him to me and kiss his lips, he responds without hesitation. With this I feel his dick gushing its fluids deep into me as I hear Nick telling him to pump my pussy full of cum.

Mark is in Trouble

group metacarpal 2018-03-18

One of them involves you and me in the shower, naked, with me sucking and licking your cock until you come in my mouth." Mark was stunned and did not know what to say. The front door had not yet closed when Ben immediately took the boy's place, now making sloppy wet sounds in her saturated pussy, taking very little time to pump her full of yet another load of semen. Karen never said so directly, other than her earlier mention of Ben's promise to bring a stud to Vegas with them to help him fuck her, but they all knew this was headed for a really hot threeway.

Skylar's 21'st Birthday

group Mr Thick 2018-03-18

As his dick twitched to life in her hand, Victor moaned inadvertently, letting Skylar know that she was going to have her way with him again. Slowly, he lifted her legs so that her ankles rested on his shoulder, as he reached for her hands, put them above her head, and held them in place as he continued fucking her. Then she felt both hands on her head, pulling her deeper onto the cock. She pushed back slightly as she felt the head of the cock in between her pussy lips. She was going to take her time to get accustomed to the dick until she felt the hands on her hips slamming her down on the length.


The Road Trip

group gurlie_girl82 2018-03-18

"No, I want to go over to Rena and Lee's room and do it with them too," she said. When they got back from shopping the front desk told Rena that her boyfriend was at the sports bar so she said she'd meet Halley later. Halley said, "Sure." Danny kissed her on the cheek and walked away blushing with his head down and a sad look on his face. Lee and Rena were ahead of Halley for she didn't want to leave so soon without going on that date. Lee and Rena were already at the car and Halley put her hand on the door and someone spun her around and grabbed her face in his hands and kissed her.

2nd Bi-curous Series

group 2018-03-18

After that exciting sex experience as I continued my holiday in Thailand going back to Bangkok where I enjoyed Thai gals – all from bars or e****ts from ads or the telephone book called to my room. However did I find an extremely cute young guy, and after checking his ID to ensure he was not u******e, we went back to my hotel room where we had a lot of fantastic sexy fun, He was extremely hot, nude (he had such a toned and tanned body), wanking, kissing. My solution has been to find from the net Asian female-male couples who want a big cocked European guy to join them for threesome fucking.