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Erotic Group Sex stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

Nicole Rides Again

group jasexy28 2018-03-18

Tom then moved to the end of the bed looking up at Nicole, he took the panties from her and started to rub her pussy with them. I looked over at her ass several times, trying to decided what to do, when Tom said “Are you joining us or not?” “Of course I am” I said and moved closer to her as she opened her legs a little wider for me. She was totally soaking wet and I could easily push three fingers into her and could feel Tom’s cock from inside her pussy as he fucked her ass. I pulled my hand away and looked at Tom’s cock as it began to pulse and twitch and I knew that a load of hot sperm was being pumped deep into Nicole’s ass.


Mr. Fix It Ch. 2

group usm1carbine 2018-03-18

She handed him the tea and he sipped it before setting the glass on the coaster, "Lyn is a charming girl," Mary Beth said, "She is a lovely creature Jed and the kids at school have been giving her an awful time," and she sipped her tea, "It seems that she has no experience with men Jed and after talking to a few friends, I hoped that maybe you would introduce her to being with a man," Jed froze, he had never had a virgin before, much less an oriental one and he felt his cock stir, "Where is she?" he asked, trying not to sound too anxious, "She will be here shortly.

In Public pt.1

group 2018-03-18

I love public sex.i dont care if its solo,ametur,threesome,foursome,gangbag, i dont give a fuck.But yeserday i was walking my little puppy,coco.As i was walking coco,there was something shaking in the woods near the walkway at the park. I thought it was a squirrl or something so i said fuck it and walked along.then coco started barking loud and didnt want to move."come on u stupid dog"i yelled but i let go of her lesh and he ran towards the bush.As i walked to coco i saw 2 men jerkin off like crazy.they were the ones in the woods that were moving.One of them openened their eyes and said "wat the r u looking at?" i was nervous.


group MCTX 2018-03-18

Terrance and Holy were a nice African-American couple that had just recently moved to the area, Andrew and Becca were a couple in their late 40s that had been involved in the "lifestyle" scene in our city for years, Boyd and Anna were a young couple (probably in their late 20s) and had been to one other event but this was their first orgy. I moved to the other side of her, she continued to watch Becca's efforts as I pulled her panties further aside giving Terrance and Hope a good view of my wife's red landing strip of pubic hair as I continued to pump my fingers in and out.


A Weekend of Reconnecting Ch. 01

group JourneyNbyS 2018-03-18

I'm not quite sure where I was headed, but was quite surprised when Lisa moved her arm out of my way, tucked it under my arm, and grabbed my shorts, giving a little pull towards her, again ever so slightly pressing my cock into the crack of her ass. As I rolled a nipple between my fingers, Lisa insistently moved her hand to grab the waistband of my shorts and boxers at the same time and pulled them down below my balls, and then pulled them down over my hip so they would stay out of her way. Like lightning, in less time that it took Molly to cover the distance between their suitcase and our bed, my hand grabbed the top of Lisa's pants and panties and stripped them down her legs.


Handsome Ch. 10

group Paris Waterman 2018-03-18

I had to find a "boyfriend" or two for Kassi and Brittany; and two of my baseball teammates, Will Patagonis, and Artie Spears, seemed good prospects for several reasons. As we left MacDonald's and made our way to the movie, Brittany hooked her arm through Artie's and began chattering away about inconsequential things like shopping at the mall, and some TV show that I never had gotten around to watching. "What's the matter?" Brittany said, leaning away from Artie. "If they come back, you mean," he said, obviously fearful that the girls, upset by my presumably callous remarks, might head home instead of returning to sit with us. Artie finally realized that Brittany needed his assistance, and holding her hand in his, helped her to salvage his cock from his pants.


Jenny Ch. 3

group Easy Street 2018-03-18

She looked around and saw Mike’s next door neighbor mowing his lawn, but his back was to them as Mike leaned down and licked each nipple before pushing her shirt back down and stepping back. She looked delicious as she walked toward Matt and Jeremy, her full tits jiggling under the thin shirt. “Well, for starters, ever since you walked up poor Matt here has been trying to stare a hole through that shirt you are wearing.” Jeremy said, “I think he is in love with your tits, so why don’t you slip that shirt off and let him have a look?” Jeremy already had his shorts and shirt off, and was watching her pussy engulf Matt’s cock.

Krissy Gets Nasty With The Guys

group c7racer 2018-03-18

"Did you enjoy that, seeing me and Jon fuck your little girlie so hard, making her do all those things?" asked Krissy, teasing Ryan. "Now lie there and watch Ryan's big cock fuck me the way I like". As she fucked him, she talked to Jon, asking if he could see how much his flatmate was stretching her, asking if he could imagine that same cock deep in her arse, telling him to keep himself hard by wanking his cock. She went for the kill, pulling hard on his cock, with Ryan soon erupting into Jon's mouth. She could see that Ryan was hard again and said "Do you want to fuck my ass then?


group Tess_Stevens 2018-03-18

In my wife, now only just beginning her pregnancy, I would shoot up all of my semen, but I couldn't come in this patient. I knew that it would be hard for me not to come if he shoved his erection where his fingers had been, so I hoped he would try to put it in his wife's ass. Maybe, if I can wait until my wife and her sister have returned to come again, they won't notice I've blown my load while they were gone, but as I left for lunch before the busy afternoon schedule, I noticed the husband standing over the scheduling desk, making another appointment.

The Date

group rockgoddessuk 2018-03-18

While Marissa went to the kitchen, John began to kiss and lick Anne’s bare breasts, Anne was too tipsy now to care what happened. About 10 minutes later, they went into the bedroom ,and while Marissa licked Anne’s pussy, Anne took her turn at sucking John’s cock. So while John was fucking Anne, Anne was sucking on Marissa’s pussy, and Marissa was licking Anne’s clit. In the morning Anne felt a little embarrassed but Marissa told her that she had no need to be, and that John often brought other women home for her, but this was the first time that she had really enjoyed the experience, and that Anne was welcome to return anytime.

Calling Her Bluff Ch. 1

group RomeoDT 2018-03-18

And ever since Don took the big chance and told his wife about how he use to play around with his buddies when they were very young, she also had fantasy’s of watching Don and another guy together as they sucked on each other’s cock, and maybe even take each other deep in the ass for a good hard fuck! Steve said, “Let’s change positions so I can suck your husband’s cock!” Cindy didn’t want to stop sucking on him, but she slowly pulled her mouth from Steve’s massive pole. As Steve’s cock was sliding out of her tight pussy, Steve said, “Boy…I sure wanted to cum in you!” Cindy said, don’t worry…we have all night.

Game Night Ch. 01

group greggmis 2018-03-18

Our usual game night with Joe and Cindy was coming up in a few days when my wife Susan shocked me with playful flirty banter as I drove my hard cock into her sweet pussy, "mm... Round 10 I lost again and I jokingly asked if Susan (who had been dealing the whole time) had stacked the deck to which she replied "If I were Joe would be naked already, you I've seen." We all laughed but we all looked to Cindy to judge the sincerity of her laugh. It seemed like an eternity before he smiled and said "Cindy mentioned she thought you were REALLY open minded." And with a laugh we all relaxed again and Susan dealt the next hand.

The Ride

group dogs_of_phwoar 2018-03-17

Whatever!" They laughed together and Jennifer thought they would retire to a table to order; but Adam surprised her by first telling her the food order was placed, and then immediately leading her over to a group of men by the pool tables. Jennifer spent the rest of the afternoon trying to concentrate on her work, but always returning in her mind to the thought of a full day out riding with her husband and the guys from the bar. Jennifer knew she had over an hour till Adam got back, so she took a luxurious shower and contemplated her clothes while her hair quickly in the day's rising temperature.


Gym Buddies Ch. 03

group jasliz 2018-03-17

"The goal to do DP with Eric and Rob. I'm going to help you get ready," she said sitting on my couch and putting the plastic bag on the coffee table. Eric didn't get the hint and was soon standing over Rob with his fat cock in his hand right at eye level. "Dammit, Eric, you've ruined my view, now all I see is your ass instead of Lacy's hot body," Rob said, frustrated. "Sorry, man," Eric said, moving to my left side so now I had to turn my head to suck his big dick. I was stroking more than sucking and working my hands on Eric more than my body on Rob so I was pretty confident he wasn't going to cum unless something changed.


A New Years Surprise

group Dareringcpl 2018-03-17

Anna had pulled her hand away from me and had started laying wet kisses and tongue swirls all over Christy's neck, collar bone, along her right shoulder, making her way down to her right nipple. She then started rubbing Christy's clit and running her fingers around my cock and balls, spreading Christy's juices everywhere, making little moaning noises herself and stating, "Oh, that's so hot, don't stop my love, I could watch this all night, god that yummy pussy looks tight..." Anna then grabbed my cock, pulling down hard to force my foreskin as far down as it would go, fully exposing the sensitive head and pushed me back into Christy's pussy.


Office Spanking

group little_miss_naughty345 2018-03-17

"Miss Jones has already shown excellent oral communication skills last week." I stifled a moan as I remembered Mr Carter cumming in my mouth. My breathing got slightly ragged as Hayley slowly slipped her hand into my panties and between my legs, I felt her hand cup my lips and clamped my thighs together, my throbbing clit sitting in the palm of her hand. Do you like looking at Hayley's pussy?" Mr Carter asked, giving me another hard smack. Mr Carter continued to spank me as she fucked herself, removing her fingers and pinching her hard nipples, making them wet with her juices. I watched Hayley slowly lick her juices from her fingers and I felt myself cum again, pleasure running through my whole body as I screamed in ecstasy.


group d4david 2018-03-17

In the confusion I tried to ease out, just as I reached the exit a huge hand grabbed my shoulder 'well fuck boy what you gonna do now...' The door was open and I was pulled from the cargo area of the van and pushed to a ground floor apartment. 'Shit this bitch is really getting into this,' I tried to push away but was pulled back to this mammoth cock that was filling my oral orifice. After a while they pulled my head from this huge saliva gleaming cock, the brute pulled me by my head to the bed and push me face down into the mattress. Pulling my butt cheeks apart, I could feel this huge fuck tool searching for my anal opening.

Hanging Out With The In-Crowd

group JakeLeBrux 2018-03-17

As ringleader of the conversation, and following a whispered private conference with Todd, Rebecca announced we were going to play a game of Truth or Dare. I had been unsurprised at the apparently dry lips that originally met my touch - I mean, being placed in the embarrassing situation of being "abused" in public as part of a dare was hardly guaranteed to be turn-on of the year - but nothing could have prepared me for the shock of discovering that just beneath the surface, her pussy was every bit as slippery and juicy as Rebecca had advertised. Todd and Russell cheered their approval of this new evidence of Rebecca's allegation and both congratulated Clare and I on our impressive carrying out of the dare.


In the pub

group freakster81 2018-03-17

A few moments late he comes out side with his friend she looks shocked but he fit to she start to kiss the tall man she met his hand fondling her body she asks his friend to join in they both start kissing and fondling her her heart is pounding she drops to her knees and unzips the pairs trouser there massive cocks falling out. His friend the take over slaming her up to the wall fucking her tight wet pussy she sreams as she hit orgasium she cums all over his massive cock she pulls her pants up and walks home knowing he will never know what has happend.

The Bathroom Argument

group m_storyman_x 2018-03-17

Amy wiggled her hips as she pushed the dress down, letting it fall to the floor, exposing her shaved smooth mound, her full round pussy lips exposed as she stood there for me to look at. She pressed her body to me, finding one of my hands with hers and guiding me down between her legs where my fingers felt the hot wetness clinging to the soft outer lips pushing down between her full round outer lips. Jennifer lifted her other hand to behind my neck, pulling her body against mine, her firm round tits pressing against my chest, the hardness of both nipples pushing against mine.


A Car, 1 Woman, 2 Hours, and 3 Young Men.

group 2018-03-17

The thought makes me laugh out loud, I can scream, 'Fuck me', in my loudest voice, and no one will hear it of course, but just doing it wets my crotch in nervous anticipation, and my hand touches myself, as my summer dress rides high atop my long thighs, I begin to masturbate as I drive through the highlands of this beautiful country, if only someone else were here, or at least watching, but still, just doing it feels good. I was glad he was asking, I needed these boys to be thinking and talking sex, 'Does my body turn you on Harry', I asked him, I was driving with my dress hem high on my thighs, and my legs open, something Dick was finding hard to deviate from?

Hitchiking Ch. 6

group Linda Jean 2018-03-17

1-2 3 and Bam he erupted in me as my whole body shook erupting in my own climax I looked up to see the man fucking Jim finish and pull back, I moved my mouth to his ass and worked the sperm with my tong waiting for the next man to come fuck my husband. I looked up at him and smiled, I said "well I am waiting on my husband, but I don't think he'll mind, come on and sit down." He sat down and then two other men walked up, both of which were black and also dressed in nice suits, one man said "God Harry you ran over here so fast we thought you would be out of breath, introduce us to your new friend."


Saying Stay Ch. 01

group LingerieRobot 2018-03-17

Still, we had ended up talking at the post-last-class night of drinks, and when I mentioned I was looking for a place she offered up a recently vacated room in the house she lived in. About halfway through the tour I began to realize that while Padma had described this place as huge, it wasn't really that big -- it just had a lot of rooms, rooms that were for the most part small and angly. I was looking for a place to live, not a family, and certainly not some kind of commune. So, uh, I don't have a problem with it." In other words: I don't want to be a part of your weirdo sex cult (although now I was wondering what Padma looked like naked), but I can't really say no to the cheap rent.


Caught in the Act!

group MadeForOneStory 2018-03-17

Alex moaned, her breasts bouncing in time with my cock pounding into her tight pussy, her orgasm starting to build again. Once my penis had become fully erect, Alex decided to help put me back in the mood, and leant forward and took the head of my cock in her mouth, and gently sucked on it, licking it with her tongue and bobbing her head ever so slightly, while jerking the shaft with her hand. I reached forwards and ran my fingers through Alex's hair, cupping her head as she went about her work, and slowly stroked her hair from root to tip, feeling it run through my fingers as she started to take more of me into her mouth.