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Erotic Group Sex stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

She's a Cum Queen Ch. 05

group Blackhat47 2018-03-17

His cock wasn't very big but by god if those balls explode . I pulled his balls in to my chest then pushed my tits up around his cock. The old fart fucked my tits like a dog on his bitch. " If you want to watch, pops, get the fuck out of the way!" The corporal ordered. The strap-on cock slipped up and down between my tits collecting all his cum. The lights went out, the chair tilted back and that fucking cock rammed all the way up my ass. Just before I ran out of air, he lifted and gasp for air as the cock came all the way out.


Emmeline & the Cult of Free Love Ch. 01

group Passionate_Lass 2018-03-17

Today she could finally spread her wings and fly away from this dreary place that she had known as her home for the past thirteen years. There, Mindy had given birth to Emmeline and was a good mother until she'd gotten involved with the wrong people and ended up in jail. Emmeline had been sent to live with her grandparents, who, not wanting to have Emmeline turn out the same way as her mother, homeschooled her and prevented her from speaking to boys or having any friends. The only times she saw other people were on Sundays at church and the rare occasions that her grandmother sent her to town on errands. Emmeline gasped.She was shocked as she saw, for the very first time, a man's cock.

Ed comes of age

group 2018-03-17

She said the first time he put his finger in her pussy he came right on the spot. Finally after about a month Jean told me to come to her room one night. She told me she wanted Ed to fuck me first because she wanted me to feel how weird it felt having a skinny dick inside me for a change. I laid on the bed and Ed got on top of me still wearing jeans lingerie. Jean said she wanted to see how many times we could make him cum. I sucked his dick until he came in my mouth three times. We counted eight used condoms plus the blowjobs made twelve time our little buddy came.


group PALady757 2018-03-17

You know you have a ways to go and should keep driving to ensure that this load gets there on time but you start to look for a place to pull over, at least to rest your eyes for a bit. I'm going to undress our friend...Cindy answers...I want him naked as we are when he gets into bed. As Marie's orgasm subsides Cindy looks up, her face wet with cum and smiles at you. Fuck him hard...she kept saying...I want his cum inside your tight pussy. You reached past Marie's ass and grabbed Cindy's hips, slamming her down hard on your cock. Entirely spent, Cindy lay on one side of you, Marie on the other, your arms around their naked bodies.

Weekend With Emily

group smokeybrown 2018-03-17

"Well I think you got it on your bra too," I said looking over at Sid who didn't seem surprised at her at all. I think Amy noticed because after staring at my crotch several times she asked if I wanted to join her and Sid in the hot tub. "Do you think he'll do it?" Amy asked Sid. "Amy made a deal with me that if she let a girl join us, then she could chose whomever she wanted to fuck of my friends. I started to think that Sid was right when he told Amy that she could convince me. As Sid and I were shooting the shit, I saw Amy start rubbing sun tan lotion over Emily's back.


The New Coach

group DetailedRPer 2018-03-17

Coach Smith is walking around looking a bit nervous as she watches the matches wanting to win her first one with the team. The force of them hitting it sends Tyler's dick deep inside Coach Smith's pussy. This ignites something inside her and she begins to bounce even harder than earlier "Cum for my Tyler" she practically yells lost in the moment and then the whole team knows exactly what is going on. "Go..go...good" he says between moans, this whole time he has been watching her suck on Greg he has been going every so slowly inside her pussy not sure exactly what to do.


See What Happens

group two2havefun2 2018-03-17

My wife butted in and said she was ready to go home and asked Dave if he was coming over for a night cap, this was very strange for her to do this, but I went along. I got into a good rhythm and he started to rock back and forth, while my wife stroked my cock and started to finger fuck my ass, which she has done a few times before. He was able to get his whole cock in and started to pump my ass and get into a rhythm and my wife encouraged him to fuck me harder and fill my ass with cum, Dave fucked faster and harder, felt so good and I can tell he liked as he filled me with cum and kept pumping until he slid out.

The Hunger Ch. 08

group CorsetLvr 2018-03-17

Jim had then gone on to explain my housing quandary to Sharon and I thought I saw them share a look afterwards that said "we'll talk later." There was something going on there but at the time I didn't have a clue as to what it might be. I fell into a sort of floating, nirvana like trance in which all I could concentrate on was the sensations surrounding me: the taste of Sharon on my lips and tongue, the sound of Jim's cock pumping in and out of me accompanied by his hips meeting my ass, the smell of my own aroused pussy, his loose balls slapping against my clit, and above all, the feeling of his cocking invading the depths of my pussy.


Cecily and Her Daughters Ch. 01

group dan57 2018-03-17

Cecily was now totally naked in the arms of Gupta and she had stopped squirming in her bonds : she knew that fighting was useless and she wanted to keep her strength for later opportunities. It had been a rather bad way to start a life of married wife but Cecily had coped : her daughters had never seen anything in relation with sex, she had not taught anything about her own experiences and just a few minutes with Gupta were sufficient to find an answer to many of her questions. Gupta had certainly no intention not to breed the daughters but not in presence of their mother at the beginning but he wanted Cecily to always wear Indian clothes as a remembrance of his domination.


Halloween Party At Our House...

group r_robert 2018-03-17

My pussy throbbing as I am going to explode, suddenly the door opens up and in walks Rob, a good friend of Rick's who also played on the same football team in school. Rob pulls my skirt up again and this time he slides a finger in my pussy and tells everyone I was soaked, and needed fucked quickly. Taking the cock deep in my throat at the same time Rob shoves his cock into me hard I start shaking and my orgasm hits me hard. Rob moans then I feel his hot cum shoot deep into my pussy. Looking around I see a woman sucking Rick's cock and she is rubbing her pussy.

Sex Studio Secrets #20: Sasha and Ashtyn-5

group petdyke 2018-03-17

First bite by sexy Sasha who knows well how hot naughty Nat likes her tough treat to her pretty pussy. Fine for Petra who loves mother's milk, so sucks eagerly at Natalias D-size big breasts dangling down. Ashtyn continues after Sasha gives her place, proud she induced even three orgasms at her hot wet Nat. Ashtyn is new to the cute cunny of nice Nat up in our swing. As she bends over a bit munching those swolen love lips Ashtyn offers a sexy sight to Petra and Peter. Peter positions his piston where the tongue of Petra has left the wet wanton twat of nice Natalia. Peter lets Natalia nicely suck all the seed from his balls when they finally come hard together.

Fun on the Fourth Ch. 3

group LesbiansBrotherinlaw 2018-03-17

Brenda leaned forward until she was on all fours above me, watching her friend's finger as Emily slowly stroked herself. "Well, I was thinking that maybe you'd like Pat's tongue buried in your hot, wet pussy," Brenda told her. Brenda leaned over us, moved Emily's hand away, and began tonguing her best friend's pussy as I fucked it. "I'm gonna come!" Emily yelled, and yet again I felt the muscles of her cunt spasm as my cock and Brenda's tongue brought her to orgasm. She didn't take her mouth off Brenda's pussy long enough to say so, but I knew she was looking forward to another fuck. As I slowly slid into Emily's wet pussy, she moaned into Brenda's.

The Network

group DreamCloud 2018-03-17

"You were fantastic last night Darla," I needed to get out of there before she called me 'hon' again, "I have appointments to keep and all good things must come to an end." I knew she was inwardly happy that she didn't have to perform again. Your business acumen is quite close to mine and I figured you would appreciate meeting Samantha and Rebecca." I was being butter up for something and I feared I wasn't going to be able say no. "I would really like to know how you knew there was a stack to put it in." I tried to sound relaxed but, I suddenly felt kind of raped. "I don't quite understand why you felt that two obviously highly educated women would be a good fit for this position." I dropped the personal intrusion issue.


Milking for Mike

group loloishorny 2018-03-17

As soon as I began to suck her right nipple, Carol let out a loud moan as she came in Mike’s mouth. Mike pulled from Carol and said that it was my turn to get a good pussy pounding. Carol said in the easy chair and fingered her pussy and toyed with her nipples as her husband fucked me. Mike lifted up to suck my nipples again, and then worked his kisses to my hot wet pussy. When I came, he sucked my pussy hole til he couldn’t get any more come, then lifted to put his dick back in for some more.

A Very Seductive Couple

group metacarpal 2018-03-17

She felt Ann swirling her tongue over one nipple and her fingers pinch and pull at the other as Ben began a slow, deep, insistent fucking. She moaned against Ann's pussy as she felt her suddenly overfilled with hard, excited cock. Patti felt her sanity begin to run away as she was overpowered with the intensity of licking this woman, feeling her vagina orgasm tightly around her hand, with her own pussy being enormously overfilled with a somewhat oversized erection from a very excited man pushing into her from behind. Patti rested her head on Ann's panting belly as Ben began a slow, deep, deliberate fucking, now seeking his second ejaculation. Patti awoke several times that night to Ann kissing her face as Ben gently fucked her from behind.


Lucky Camper Ch. 02

group SDwake2001 2018-03-17

My hand barely covers half of him." Kelly paused to lick Jack's swollen cock head. Pulling her head away from his subsiding cock Kelly smiled and opened her mouth to show him a large ball of his cum. Jack felt his cock stirring to life as the pixie clung to him, tears running down her face kissing the side of his neck, thanking him for saving Fawn. Jack had to keep one eye on the canyon walls and maintained the boat's course, but he pulled Fawn closer and crushed her lips to his. After kissing all three Jack had to admit he liked Fawn's beautiful lips the best, they were perfectly kissable and he could do it all day long.


Autumn at the Winery

group pafantasy 2018-03-17

Terry said she hesitated, when suddenly Joanne leaned over and kissed her full on the lips pushing her tongue deep into her surprised mouth. Joanne knelt at Terry's crotch and pulled her pussy lips open with the slender fingers of her right hand. Terry is still working on Ellen's pussy now positioned over her mouth, she has three fingers inserted and is moving them rapidly in and out, pausing every other thrust, removing them and licking Ellen's cum before reinserting them in Ellen's wet hole. With the slender middle fingers of both hands Ellen gently pulls open her pussy lips and then slides her right middle finger into Terry's hole.


Why I Love Chocolate Ch. 01

group JillianRoberts 2018-03-17

Her head hung off of the end of the table as her hand reached for him and she took him into her mouth, deep and delicious. The blonde on the table was clearly affected by these sounds and sensations, and I watched entranced as she began to move, writhing with pleasure, moaning softly, her back arching in response. A deep groan—a sound of intense pleasure and longing—escaped the throat of the man at the head of the table as he watched her move, watched her hands slide down across her body. I watched, enviously, as the auburn-haired woman stretched forward across the torso on the table and pulled herself up, straddling the blond woman.

Math Slut

group Moon Glade 2018-03-17

He answered, "Look my little math scholar, so you don't feel like a hooker, I will pay you for your tutoring at the end of the semester and, if I pass the course with a C or better, I will double it." "Oh, I don't think so," he said as he began to cum into me, "A little Brian lube juice will get you ready for it" and with that he withdrew his cock and started working the dildo into me.


Out of Order

group Acktion 2018-03-17

And I need some hard cock, so pull them out or get the fuck out of my way and I'll go see if I can fool some kinky ass into little girls into thinking I'm younger than I really am." As the young looking woman waved her hand in the air and a man stepped forward to let her grasp his cock, Jessica's hand pressed against her swollen, aching, empty pussy. Jessica felt the familiar tickle of sweat under her full tits and her nipples were so tight they hurt as she watched the girl being fucked in her pussy and her face with a third cock grasped in her hand. You mean you want more than one cock fucking you here in this disgusting bathroom where men come to piss like some slutty little whore?"


Erotic Massage Ch. 07

group hema_willams 2018-03-17

Vijay's right hand leaves my breast, moves to my buttocks and begins massaging my right butt cheek. Vijay's hands, still both wrapped around my right ankle begin to slowly slide up my bare leg. Naveen slides down and begins sucking on the breast he is playing with and soon Vijay does the same. Naveen reaches over and begins to fondle my breast, paying a lot of attention to my very hard nipple. When I open my mouth, Vijay pushes my head down so that my open mouth engulfs Naveen's hard dick. Vijay puts his hand on the back of my head and presses it all the way down on Naveen's dick. Vijay's body begins to shutter and I feel his dick spurting it's cum up my ass.


Chloey's Slutty Stories 1/5

group Chloeytheprostitute 2018-03-17

As soon as he pulled out he put his cock right in my mouth, and another man stuck his hard dick in my boi pussy. I took his throbbing cock like a little whore while sucking the other man clean, and to completion. Things continued like this for about four hours until everyone had taken their turn with my boi cunt, and slutty mouth. Once I sucked off the last guy, the man that brought me there thanked me and said he would take me home. He suddenly pulled my head up, held it here, came all over my face, thanked me & told me to get out immediately. It hurt so bad I started to cry, but I would never ask a man to stop fucking me.

A Tale of Two Visits

group Gina_B_33 2018-03-17

What would it be like to be nude all the time, inside and out, free to get up in the morning, walk outside totally naked and scream at the world "Here I am, take it or leave it." I wasn't going to mention anything about what had happened, but Becky spoke right up, "Thanks, Gina." I remembered last time he'd driven the ATV down the hill and parked right in front of the house. Becky and Steve's place was right in the middle of the training flight path of the nearby army base. Steve took his sandwich down the hill to the pond, telling us "I'll leave the two of you alone for a little girl time."


It Happened Last Night

group maggie2002 2018-03-17

He reached and started mauling her tits pulling them up, rolling them hard between his fingers and pop letting them snap back. He then massaged it into her skin kissed her ass cheeks and pulled his jeans on as he grabbed the rest of his clothes and headed for the bedroom door. I had time to think he hadn't done that to Paula when I felt his fingers inside me and I flooded him with juices. He was swearing under his breath and telling me how wonderful my hot tight ass felt on his hard cock. Leaning over he kissed me witless and pulled a card out of his jeans said, "Tell Paula when you two are ready to play again call me.