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Erotic Group Sex stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

Sex School Ch. 01

group Skibum 2018-03-17

On arrival at the Institute Sandy brought Janet and Mike to a luxurious bungalow that was to be their home for the next two weeks. Sara's nearly nude body had been arousing to Mike, but the sight of his lovely young bride undressing in front of him for the first time raised the level of his desire another notch. Janet wasted little time putting on the garter belt, stockings, and slippers, but Mike was having trouble trying to fit his rampant cock into the small pouch that he was to wear. When everything was in place, Mike's balls were held snugly in the white lycra pouch, with his erect cock sticking out of the hole. Janet and Mike self-consciously followed Sara into the living room.

The Hazing Ch. 04

group jallen944 2018-03-17

One of the curtains was pushed aside and Sylvia stepped out, wearing a tiny floral print string bikini top bra that just barely covered her nipples, matching garter belt, which held up pale pink stockings, tiny matching crotchless panties, and a brown leather collar around her neck. Pam put her hand in Julianna's, feeling a little silly about being led around like this, and let herself be led out of the room and down the hall. The girl moved Pam's hair aside, looped the straps that bound her wrists together through the ring on the collar, and gently, slowly, drew her wrists up between her shoulder blades, just to the point where it began to be painful, and tied it off.



group K_Finnegan 2018-03-17

The photographer was busy giving us directions as Andrea and I posed with the boys, when suddenly the last member of the Pranksters, Kathy the bass player, stormed into the lounge from the ladies dressing room. Dressed in tall black high-heeled leather boots, a tight black miniskirt and a green Rush concert shirt she looked the part of a rock and roller, but what really commanded attention was her curly flame red hair which hung down to the middle of her back and her sparkling green eyes, which right now were flashing with anger. Mark excused himself and disappeared into Kathy's dressing room as Shane and Jeff exchanged embarrassed looks before turning back to us. As the band members went to their respective rooms to freshen up, Andrea and I made our way to the pool area where the party looked to be starting and grabbed a table.


Katie's Favors Ch. 02

group Faye_Skylark 2018-03-17

The alcohol was working its magic on the girls too; Katie was already beginning to get turned on by the idea of what she was going to do for Greg and Lyle; meanwhile Amber had turned from teasing the guys to actual flirting. Katie finally managed to pull her mouth off of Lyle's cock, and wiped her lips with the back of her hand as she stood to face her friend. Greg meanwhile had grabbed tight hold of Amber's hair and having almost pushed her head back to the wall itself, was frantically and desperately fucking her gorgeous face. To her surprise, Katie could see Amber grabbing Greg's ass with her hands and urging him even deeper, encouraging him to fuck her mouth and throat even harder and faster.


First Threesome

group tk5555 2018-03-17

Almost right away she felt hands caressing her breasts, fingers circling her nipples, teasing her. Frank and Joe moved around her body, kissing and caressing Fiona all over. Fiona lowered herself so that just the tip of Frank's dick parted the lips of her pussy and she moved his cock back and forth. Frank saw her head lean forward and her hands moved from her breasts to Joe's penis. She pushed Joe away from her, and rolled off of Frank, moving on to her hands and knees. For a moment, Joe just watched her sucking Frank's dick, slowly stroking his own cock. Frank reached out to her, his hand finding its way between her legs, and gently caressing her clit.


Island Fever Ch. 08

group Jeremydcp 2018-03-17

Still massaging Lindsay's bra-clad breasts, Trish planted a series of angel kisses along her girlfriend's exposed neck and then trailed her tongue across her shoulders, and down her back. At the same time, she slid her right hand between Lindsay's firm thighs and caressed her pussy through the denim shorts she still had on. This time, Lindsay leaned forward and again worshiped Trish's breasts with her curious lips and tongue. Trish rose up to her hands and knees and met Lindsay's mouth with her own in a series of hot, sweltering kisses. I could not read what exactly was on her mind right now, but Lindsay's eyes were still about to burst as Trish took her into her arms and offered a loving, heartfelt embrace.


April's Back in Town

group Irish Moss 2018-03-17

I started playing with Nadine's asshole with my free hand while eating and fingering her pussy and she responded by cumming and flooding my mouth with her pungent juices. That got me pretty close, but about the time she took her hand from her clit and put it to work with the other one on Nadine, I pulled out of her wet pussy with a slurpy sound and brought my cock over to Nadine's face. I watched them going at it for a few minutes, my cock in hand, listening to their slurping and moaning, appreciating their curves, then moved behind Nadine and guided my cock into her dripping, slippery, hot pussy.

A Little Help From a Friend

group chocolatecookie3 2018-03-17

I've got a good friend..." Luisa smiled like she wanted to tell another one of her raunchy stories. "Did you have a good time, baby?" Luisa asked James as they drove home. Being with his best friend's wife felt exhilarating, like finally opening presents on Christmas day. "Looks like you weren't enough, Dom. How does that make you feel?" James walked over to him. "You're a good licker," James said, and Dominic saw that he was hard again. He tried not to think about the sound of James climbing up behind him, opening the bottle, and slathering oil on his cock. James pulled away, and Dominic collapsed in his wife's lap.

Heart of Texas Gift Shop

group kingmaker 2018-03-17

She pushed Jessie up on the counter and went to work, sliding her tongue around her clit and pussy, just like I had done. Jessie got off the counter and began licking Michelle's pussy. Jessie sucked one of my nipples teasingly and crawled under Michelle, stopping to rest when her face was buried in the sleek wetness just below her ass. Michelle had only to lick Jessie's clit a few times and she came, loud like last time, but this time she bucked against my cock. I felt my own orgasm coming and I pulled out of Jessie ass and Michelle grabbed my cock like she'd been expecting it and began stroking hard and fast.

Emma's Initiation Ch. 02

group Harryandsally 2018-03-17

Nicki got back down to sucking Ian's cock back to full hardness, before telling him to hold his legs back for her. As he was getting dressed, he could hear Emma shouting at this man, telling him that she wanted his come all over her face. Over the next week, Ian started to send out a few emails on dogging websites, he put out a date and a time and said that he was looking for a dozen or more men to satisfy his girlfriend. He soon pulled out and a couple of seconds later Emma felt the familiar warm jets of spunk landing on first her tits, then her stomach and shaven pussy.

My Fantasy

group SecretLoveGoddess 2018-03-17

We were both a little lit and things were getting a little out of hand, we started to dance a little more sexually, touching each other in places we shouldn't. Her hands go to my hair wanting me to keep moving down her lovely body. You see my wetness and behind me, you start fingering me, I moan unable to continue to lick her for a second. I start finger fucking her and I suck her clit into my mouth. I start to cum gripping your penis like a vice. She licks across your head and down your shaft to taste all my juices that cover your penis. You start to cum in my mouth; I love the taste of you.

Ann: A Love Story Ch. 24

group mimaster 2018-03-17

With the gun Ann sent me tucked in the holster inside of my coat, I felt like I was a young Connery, thinking it was plausible that I could be a young Bond...other than the blond hair and lack of a British accent. Tammy looked at me and said, "If you came to save me, James, put away that little gun and get out that big one you have." But as Tina moved to give her some breathing room, Tammy was eagerly going down on her fellow Secret Agent while I took another picture. "Don't mind if I do," Tina said as she started pulling hard at Tammy's nipples.


At The Mall

group susurrus 2018-03-17

Each time Paul pushed his big cock into me, I let out a little grunt, and after a little bit, he had me cumming, hard. After far too short a time, it seemed to me, Rita crawled under me and started to lick my cunt and Paul's balls. When Paul finally pulled out, Rita licked the juices from his cock before clamping her mouth over my cunt and sucking out everything Paul had just shot into me. At first, I tensed up, and he couldn't get it in, but Rita started whispering to me how good it would feel, and eventually, I relaxed, evidenced by the fact that, little by little, Paul slid into my butt.

Uncharted Territory Pt. 05

group RonCabo 2018-03-17

In a daze, but uncertain whether it was due to the miserable day or the three beautiful women waiting for him, Ron glanced at Jenna with much of her medium sized tits exposed, her nipples standing out against the nylon material, the hem of her nightie high on her thighs; and then over to Chelsea, her breasts a little bigger but with an equal amount revealed, her nipples also pushing against her nightgown, as much of her legs available to his view; and then to Mary, her large globes and nipples straining against her negligee nearly revealing her areolas, not the mention her beefy thighs . Jenna then started placing kisses on Ron's head, ears and neck, prompting Mary to do the same on the other side.


White Wings

group Theora 2018-03-17

She knew I liked Gavin, even though I wasn't working his class, she took over for me back in business class so I could spend more time with him during that flight. Once everyone who wanted drinks had been served and everyone was either comfortably tucked in to sleep or watching a movie with their headphones, I slipped into the executive class and looked for Gavin. I really didn't want to have to go back to the aft galley because then Jessica would know I was mixing a drink, and besides, to have to walk past Gavin apologizing would feel completely stupid, and tonight I wanted only to be perfect for him...


Doing Two Mrs.

group dsoul 2018-03-17

Linda couldn't help feeling herself being moved by it: the way the young male moved his head back and forth, up and down, between her raised legs while Gwen rested on hand on his shoulder and the other playing with her breasts, the sound of her 'Oohhhhs' and 'Aahhhs' bouncing off the wall into Linda's ears. Linda couldn't believe the proposal she had just heard, and before she could make up her mind if at all to accept or not, Gwen had raised herself from the table and pushed Tee Mack away; Linda watched as he licked the stain of pussy juice that glistened on his lips.

Is There A Doctor Available?

group CharlieL 2018-03-17

"No problem." I said as I turned and took Lois's hand and let it grab my cock. She had her 'examination' had a big cock rammed in her pussy and had gotten to see her hubby give a blow job and get his ass fucked by the same guy who had rammed her. I felt Lois moving behind me and when I turned my head to see what was going on back there I could see she had her fingers buried in her pussy and was finger fucking herself like crazy. It took my cock a little while to soften completely and Jim stayed right with it until it slipped out of his mouth.


After School Detention

group natashastevenserotica 2018-03-17

"We know you're not allowed to touch the students, sir, so we want to help you resist temptation," explained Gabriella, and planted another kiss on Valeria's full lips, their tongues intertwining. Still feeling Valeria's tits, Gabriella said, "I can feel her nipples right through the bra, sir, I think she's excited." "It's okay, Gaby, I think the rules don't address nipples, either," said Valeria, moaning as Gabriella pulled the cups of her bra down and teased the big stiff pink nipples. "Yes, I want to suck your tits, Valeria," I said, and then she pulled my head and mouth against her breast and gasped in pleasure as my tongue and lips met with her hard pink nipple.


The Doctor Will (Bleep) You Now

group daddykins 2018-03-17

"If you want the job," he said, boldly placing his hand on Beth's bare knee, "you should know beforehand that we like to have fun in our office. However, barely into her second week on the job, Beth discovered the true nature of Dr. Fenton's cautionary, "We like to have fun around our office." And it quickly became obvious that this nondescript little dental practice was, in all actuality, a den of perverse, uninhibited wickedness. "Now," Dr. Fenton said to Beth, scooting by to begin working on Melinda's second tooth, his rigid cock freed up and poking obscenely through his fly, "as I'm busy yanking tooth numero two-o, I'm going to position myself so that I can watch how you eat pussy.


One Day at the Gym

group allysynn 2018-03-17

I continued with that motion as she got louder and came leaving her own mark on the mat, it's kind of hot too to know people are going to be working out on it. He moved to the side of us and I grabbed his cock taking him down my throat for a moment then she took over and back to me and so on for a bit then kissing with his cock between our mouths. He laid her down to taste her she motioned for me to lay next to her we kissed and she fingered me a moment till she couldn't hold focus and I quietly asked him where he had put his condoms and went to get them.

My first BBC

group jontd5 2018-03-17

I was a bit shocked to be given a bottle of wine but never the less we opened it and after what seamed like 5 minutes he had d***k half a glass, i had d***k almost a bottle, it turned out we had been chatting away for nearly 45 minutes, he got up and went to the toilet and i turned to my hubby and said that i was wet already, and couldn't believe how much this guy was turning me on with out me even knowing.

The Convention

group Mr Ed 2018-03-17

As it had been a long time since I had had sex and they, Ron and Don, were both very attractive, the thought of asking both men back to my room was intriguing. As I slid my lips over the head of Ron’s cock, I could feel Con sliding his fingers into my pussy from behind. I took Ron’s cock out of my mouth and held it as I looked back at Don and told him to stick it in. The vibrations from my moaning must have felt good to Ron as he had a hold of my head and was now fucking my mouth. I told Ron to hold still and turned around, straddling his body but facing his feet.

Hot Wife: Mexican Vacation Ch. 04

group hotorangecouple 2018-03-17

Cristina still has her hand behind Paulina and from my angle it looks like she has a couple of fingers plunging in and out of that tight little pussy. About that time, Juan has had his cock in Cristina's mouth getting a good hard suck. Then, Paulina stops eating Diane's pussy, looks at Cristina and kisses her full on the mouth. Juan gets behind Paulina doggie position and starts fucking her pretty hard. I see Crush sucking on Diane's left nipple as kind of a thank you for stroking him, then he gets right behind his Misty and starts fucking her doggie style.

My Renaissance Ch. 18

group Modern_Citizen 2018-03-17

How's your room-mate look getting fucked?" I asked Amanda. "Oh god I'm coming!" I said as I began to squirt inside Tracy's pussy. I was about ready to come again when I noticed Tracy was looking as though she was getting jealous after Amanda had enjoyed at least three or four orgasms. "Not a clue, but I let him fuck Tracy since that night you first visited, so turnabout is fair play I'd say," Amanda said. Amanda explained how she and her boyfriend Jim had been having some super hot sex since my last visit and had been leaving the door open as they fucked, allowing Tracy to look in on them if she wanted.