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Erotic Group Sex stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

Inappropriate Behavior Part 4

group bad_mann_ers 2018-11-12

I unconsciously teased my tongue against Doll's flesh in time with the rise and fall of Pet's mouth on my cock. Doll moved her breast away, probably to better kiss Pet. Suddenly I felt the unmistakable bliss of hot wet pussy wrapping around my cock. When my tongue met Doll's finger on Pet's clit, I changed direction and started pressing deep inside, and then up to tease her taint. I wanted to tell her that I loved her." Doll had been stroking my cock, but her eyes had been locked on Pet's face. Pet moved to kneel on the bed beside me, and said, "He is right, you have to learn to relax." She pulled Doll's fingers to her throat as she leaned in over my cock.

Party Girl Journals #5 -Fullfilment

group MamaMinx 2018-11-12

He feels a hot moist mouth resuming its attack on his quivering cock, but this time someone is squeezing his cum tight balls too. The cock was pressed even further in, and my friend groaned out with the realization that he was going to be fucked in the ass at last! The One slid all the way into my friend’s tight ass and he moaned out in pleasure as that tight ring closed around his probing cock. She began pulling it in and out slowly, then ramming home suddenly until I felt my pussy being stretched out just as friends ass was.

A new world to explore

group desperate_housewife 2018-11-12

Jeanine faced the window with that pouty mouth she always used on Kent to get her way. I wasn’t ready to be naked in front of Matt and I’m sure he felt the same way. Kent and Matt sat down on the sofa and watched me and Jeanine explore each other’s body. Jeanine slowly moved down my stomach with her tongue and teased my pussy lips. She dominated them and told Matt, as I licked on her pussy, you put your cock inside this tight little hole. She wantedMatt to fuck her ass with his thick cock and she wanted me to watch her being fucked in the ass as I’m licking and sucking on her clit.

A First Time Glory Hole Slut

group stickyvix 2018-11-12

Wanting to return the favour I lifted Tina's skirt, pulled down her thong and went to work on her pussy, me bending over as she lay down. I was so into getting her off, I didn't notice the door had opened until Steve slid his hard cock into my sopping pussy and gave me a good seeing to.  It was all too much for me, the taste of Tina's pussy, Steve's pounding and the thought of all the other cocks I had swallowed as well. As Steve pulled out, Tina and I smiled at each other and went to lick and suck Steve's still twitching cock clean, receiving a round of applause from the group who had been waiting to see who it had been in the glory hole all along.

Bisexual Black Man's World

group Samuelx 2018-11-12

A five-foot-eight, dark-skinned, plain-faced and heavyset black woman with big boobs, wide hips and a huge ass. How I loved the sound of a middle-aged white woman screaming as I fucked her in the ass with my big black cock. Myra Jones was done sucking my cock and I wanted some ass. Myra screamed as I gave her fat black ass the pounding of the century. Big black women like her are always stunned after a good anal fuck. I sucked on Carl's long and thick black cock and licked his balls. Carl fucked me hard, shoving his dick really deep into my ass. Holding firmly onto his hips, I slammed my cock deep into Carl's ass.

Debbie's Distraction

group literot 2018-11-12

I think I said before that I love watching people have sex; I swung around to watch Michelle and Bob, and without asking dropped myself with a gasp onto Charles’ rampant cock. Bob put his erection between her breasts and started to tit fuck her, and with each thrust, Michelle’s mouth took the head of his cock like a consummate pro. Suddenly we stopped laughing and watched in amazement as Gabbie and her Adonis, soon to be named as Jake, walked boldly into the room, completely naked and amazingly confident for their age. “All change,” one of the men shouted and before I knew what was happening, Michelle and Gabbie were sitting on the couch and I was being manhandled into a crouching position on the bed.

A Horny Housewife Goes To An Adult Theater

group Mysteria27 2018-11-12

When my husband would fuck me, I thought about having sex with strange men. I knew this plan was seedy, but I really just wanted to get fucked by a bunch of different people and then just go back to my simple life. My breasts were being played with while my pussy was getting finger fucked hard. The black guy pushed his cock into my asshole and then started slapping my ass cheeks. Another guy put his cock into my mouth while I was getting my asshole fucked. The men all pulled out and this little guy who I think was a dwarf got on his knees and licked my pussy juices up.

A Gulf Coast Welcome III

group oldhippie1949 2018-11-12

As they got up and came over, Candace said, "Ray, I heard that you brought Caren flowers yesterday and that you came over to her house and gave her a massage and a good-night orgasm. "I think it needs a star right on the tippy-tip." Candace began to hum and Caren quickly joined her as the two stoned women happily painted my now hardening and creaseless shank. "Those need eyes," said Candace, " Liz Taylor's..." as she began to paint little eyes on Caren's breasts. She seemed deep in thought, "You know, I don't want to spend a lot of time with her and her surprise...." I wriggled closer to Caren and rubbed my face in her soft breasts, my limp cock slid along her thigh.

My Private Iran Pt. 01

group Scheherazade88 2018-11-12

Roxanna turns to me and asks me, "Tell us your first time story?" Everyone quietens down and looks at me expectantly. Grapes, wine and an orgy, it feels like Ancient Rome or Greece and not the Islamic Republic of Iran, but I have little time to reflect on this irony. Roxanna starts teasing my nipples with her tongue and I lean my head back and close my eyes. I look down at her and I can feel my nipples becoming hard, Roxanna grins at me and starts sucking again. Sliding her pussy into his cock, leaning in to kiss him on the lips and after a bit of tongue, pulls away and starts riding.

Train ride part 1

group xxloversxx 2018-11-12

To her surprise, Amanda felt herself getting warm and tingly inside, and suddenly she was imagining herself unbuttoning his shirt, kissing his lips, slipping her hand down his trousers... That was when Amanda began to feel a little moisture in her panties, and she felt her pussy was starting to get wet. Jackie and Richard looked at each other knowingly and weren't at all surprised when Lisa set her shot glass away and leaned over the card table to kiss him passionately right in front of everyone. Amanda was a little shocked but when she looked at Scott, she saw he was smiling and clearly enjoying the view. Thomas had been watching Amanda working on Scott's dick and now he wanted to get inside her dripping wet pussy which was being so blatantly neglected.

Just Like She Always Wanted

group LeahLidocaine 2018-11-12

She grinded her ass on Jake's lap, feeling the thrust's of Nick's fingers inside her cunt as she searched and wiggled her hand into the opening in the front of Travis's boxers, and found her hand filled with 8 inches of warm, growing man meat. Leah sat on Jake's lap, enjoying everything going on around her, when she looked over and saw Josh sitting alone in her Lay-Z-Boy. He was sitting there with his hand rubbing his cock through the denim of his pants. He bent his face to her chest, sucking her left nipple to his mouth and biting, pushing his hips into her pussy, grinding his cock head against, to her, what felt like her stomach.

Black Women are Goddesses Ch. 10

group Samuelx 2018-11-12

Tonight, I'm having some fun with two students of mine, Andy Pierre and his girlfriend Raven Henderson. Andy is a tall, good-looking young Black man with short wavy hair, light brown skin and pale brown eyes. A five-foot-ten, pleasantly plump, big-bottomed and very pretty young Black woman with dark brown skin, short Black hair and light gray eyes. I fondled Andy's balls and sucked his long and thick Black cock while his girlfriend Raven licked my pussy. Raven put Andy on all fours and licked his ass, then she pressed the dildo against his backdoor and slipped it inside. I've never seen a Black couple do anything as boldly kinky as what Raven and Andy were doing right in front of me.


OHGIRL: Porn Star 4

group ohgirl1 2018-11-12

Felix ordered all of the men to move in and out of the scene, so no one particular guy spent a long time fucking me or having me suck his cock. Plus it seemed strange for me to profess my love for someone after fucking 40 different guys in a film and spending three days getting filled with cum by another porn star before visiting him. I had a couple of offers from a few of the party goers that final week, but they were all low budget directors and I didn’t want to fuck on film for $100 a scene with the hopes of becoming big one day.

Cake And Boobs

group PervyStoryteller 2018-11-12

“Give us a hand!” Marlene says, looking over to where I’m standing with Jacinta and Topsy. “Mr Super Stripper Man will make you feel better.” She’s looking straight at me as Marlene gives a squirt on the outside of Jessie’s pussy for good measure. There’s loud cheering from everyone except Jessie, who just lays there, as if mesmerised by the feel of my tongue moving back and forth, teasing her hole and her clit in turn. The others gather round, watching as I sweep my tongue over Vicky, grabbing at the bits of cream and sponge and jam with my lips. I’m not entirely sure if she’s up for this or not, but when Jacinta moves and holds the cake above her head, Topsy opens her mouth.

Fun At The Football Game

group JayPearce 2018-11-12

Eliza, Tom, Amy, Jay, Bethany, Adam, Wendy, Travis, and Vince continued to have a blast celebrating each score and lamenting each score by the opposing team. She got down onto her knees and just put her brother’s sizeable cock in her mouth without thinking, like ripping off a Band-Aid. Bethany sucked and sucked as Jay placed his hand on the back of her head. Jay watched as Wendy made out with Vince, and Adam had to eat out Eliza after calling the wrong play on a first down. With Jay laying back into the couch, Wendy wrapped her lips around the head of his cock and used her hands to jerk him off in the best way she knew how.

Just Shopping For A Suit, Ma'am - Epilog

group gubica 2018-11-12

"Do you mind if I have some extra help to make sure your suit fits?" she asked as she went to the door. "Now, let's get those clothes off so we can work with this suit," one of them said as they started to undress him.  They did all the work as he was quickly stripped to his shorts. He was surprised, and a little disappointed, when they took the suit and started to dress him. When he felt something against his lips, he opened his eyes and was surprised to find the other woman had removed her shirt and had one of her nipples at his mouth. Thank you for allowing us to make you presentable, but we had to arouse you to be sure you looked good," she said by way of apologizing.

Spa Treatments

group Cherism 2018-11-12

Sarah started driving her tongue as deep into Cindy as she could then slowly licked her way to Cindy’s clit, ending with soft little licks across that sensitive clit. Sarah climbed on top of the table, positioning her pussy right over Cindy’s mouth for her turn at treatment. She pushed her pussy onto Cindy’s face at the same pace that his cock slid into Cindy. Cindy positioned herself under Sarah, which gave her mouth access to Sarah’s pussy and clit as well as allowing her to lick Joe’s balls while he fucked Sarah. Cindy fingered her own pussy as she worked on both Sarah and Joe. going…….to…….cum.” A few seconds later Joe felt the tightest sensation around his cock while Cindy eagerly licked Sarah’s pussy.

Teen Diaries 20: Detention Threesome

group TeenDiaries 2018-11-12

"Suck my dick Hayley," he said as I grabbed the base with my left hand and took it in my mouth. "What a good girl, you shave your pussy Hayley," Brad said as he got on the table and straddled my chest so I could continue sucking his dick. I started to moan with Brad's dick in my throat as he turned around to see what Jeff was doing. Brad grabbed my hair in his fist angling my head up as he pounded me deep, his balls banging against my clit as I started to cum, my eyes tearing up from the intensity of the orgasm. Brad grabbed his pants and shirt and got dressed fast as Jeff went to move the desk back.

Surprise Dinner Party

group Noreasonneeded 2018-11-12

My mouth opened, releasing his cock; I felt it laying wetly on my cheek as I saw Mona's head between my legs, licking and fingering me, and the idea of her there pushed me over the edge; my orgasm exploded, sudden and powerful. I turned to him and opened my mouth and he came to me, and I sucked him, sucked his cum and my own from his shaft and head even as I realized that Mona was doing the same to me, sucking his gift from inside me, her lips kissing and caressing my fucked cunt, pulling his hot cream out with her tongue.

Butch Black Women Ch. 04

group Samuelx 2018-11-12

Firmly tied up to a wooden post, Mary Adewale screamed as Kristi Rand whipped her hard with the Black leather belt. Short, slim and blonde-haired Englishwoman Kristi Rand laughed heartily as she whipped Mary Adewale with the belt. Kristi got off on totally dominating the bigger and stronger Monique by spanking her butt, smacking her face and slamming the dildo deep into her pussy and asshole. Kristi Rand is the kind of dominant femme who fucks Butch women in the ass with a strap-on dildo. Sandwiched between Monique Suarez, Amy Yu-Wen-Li and Mary Adewale was Kristi's most unforgettable lover, the sexy Fatima Abdul-Kasim. This five-foot-eleven, bronze-skinned and black-haired, curvy Arabian beauty studied business administration at Oxford University at the time she met the sexy Kristi Rand.


Haitian Bisexuality Ch. 09

group Samuelx 2018-11-12

Kneeling before her was Bella, who busied herself licking Louisa's pussy like lesbian lick downs were going out of style. Bella was six feet tall, jet-black in skin tone and quite thick, with big boobs, very wide hips and a gigantic ass. Bella stuck two fingers into Louisa's asshole while tongue-fucking her clit. Now, Bella lay on the carpeted floor of the living room, legs spread while Louisa serviced her. While I fucked Bella, Louisa had disappeared into their bedroom and now came back with a strap-on dildo. I didn't think it was possible at this point but Louisa's asshole was even tighter than Bella's. I gripped Louisa's hips and watched her big ass jiggle as it got the pounding of the century.


Anal Sex Cures Bitchiness

group Samuelx 2018-11-12

Those hands belong to James Stanford, a tall and sexy black man who's a member of the Boston College Men's Varsity Volleyball team. I love it when a man smacks my fat ass while shoving his cock up my booty hole. I sigh pleasurably as I feel two long and thick black cocks working their way into my love holes. As James thrusts his cock into my pussy and Christopher slams his dick into my asshole, I rock between them, screaming at the top of my lungs. I love anal sex but double penetration feels even better. A moment later, both James and Christopher came, flooding my pussy and asshole with their manly cum.


One Lust Filled Night-Part11

group gubica 2018-11-12

I felt the walls of my pussy close on the fingers inside as spasms shook me. I was so mesmerized by the sight of his cock moving back and forth between my breasts that I paid no attention to what Becky was doing until I felt something warm and soft snake its way between the lips of my pussy. David's hips were moving back and forth as he pushed his cock between my breasts. I felt two fingers probe deep inside me as her tongue flicked over my clit. Her lips surrounded my clit and she started to suck it into her mouth just as David released my breasts, grabbed my head to hold it in place, and put the tip of his cock to my lips.

Having Fun With The Babysitter and her Boyfriend

group Mysteria27 2018-11-12

Jerry then got dressed and walked over to where Samantha and her boyfriend were fucking. Samantha and her boyfriend Thomas and my husband walked over to the hot tub. Samantha straddled Thomas and put his cock into her pussy and started to fuck him. Thomas buck up into your slut and I’m going to really start to fuck her hard.” Thomas was bucking up into Samantha and started to growl and came up inside her pussy. As we were sucking their cocks, Samantha and myself slipped our fingers into our pussies and fucked ourselves, while we worked our mouths up and down over their cocks. I kept pace with Thomas, but Samantha started to gag, while Jerry was face fucking her.