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Erotic Group Sex stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

Shopping Trip

group doug1508 2018-03-17

Gail pulled the curtain open and said, " Step in here." It looked like a small dressing room surrounded with curtains on all walls, except one which had a full length mirror, and the ceiling had a curtain draped over it. Gail said, " This will make the final adjustments easier." as she reached up and began caressing her boobs through the lace of the bra, making the dark brown nipples stiffen. Bob, still spreading her outer lips open with his large fat fingers, leaned forward and said, " Now I'm going to suck your snatch until you scream for mercy." His long tongue rammed deep into her wanton cunt.


The Email Addict

group jim313 2018-03-17

Sure enough there was a message from Joe, who loved cyber sucking his cock every chance he got and, knowing how much Ron loved his penis also, always sent one or two new photos of his precum welling up in his slit in beautiful closeup shots and his beautiful organ erupting with his cum streams frozen in mid air. By the time he finished her email, he was hot and his cock was fully erect, throbbing and begging for attention but, since Tanya had fucked him so beautifully, he decided that she deserved a good blow job in return so he had her lay back and relax as he took his time and started licking her from her gorgeous breasts and nipples down to her fantastic, thick erection and full balls.


Kelsey's World Ch. 15

group riverboy 2018-03-17

The garden was hidden from the church and the parking lot, so Charity took the only step she could under the circumstances — she opened Adam's pants, freed his nice cock and rode him to a burning, sun-dappled orgasm. "God you feel good!" Charity said, still grinding slowly with Adam's cock inside her. "Yeah, he and Margie make a good couple," Kelsey said. Brie and Charity had come to the conclusion that jumping into a naked free-for-all with Justin and Adam was too much, too soon, so an old-fashioned cocktail party was deemed a good first step. "You guys are naked with Kelsey's father?" Adam asked. Kelsey knew secrets were being told that Brie and Charity might not want told. Kelsey let Charity and Brie take the lead, knowing they had the most to lose.


If I Could Clone Myself

group WFEATHER 2018-03-17

Would you end up on your hands and knees on the bed or on the floor, with one of me taking you from behind while the other me enjoys the pleasure of your throat? Hopefully the clone would wait until you have already undressed me, for I know how you enjoy peeling away my clothes, especially that moment when my engorged manhood is finally uncovered and fully exposed to your view. Perhaps you would already be kneeling on the floor, your head bobbing slowly back and forth, pleasuring me as my clone finally enters the bedroom, closing the door unnecessarily to command your attention. I know that penetration is practically a requirement for you to finally achieve orgasm, so enjoying a dual penetration might allow you to reach the initial climax faster.

Sunday with the neighbours (another true story)

group steeeviej 2018-03-17

Sandy piped up, “Feel free if you want an audience, I am more than happy to see what you get up to when this porn is on.” At that Suzy was straight onto my trousers, tugging away at the zipper, within a second she was sucking away at my already hard cock. I watched as Sandy slowly sucked away whilst bent over Ted as he sat in the chair with an amazed look on his face mouth wide open, Sandy’s bottom was a picture, I could just go over and eat her out I thought to myself.

MMF in the Chatroom

group lowflykiwi 2018-03-17

D has now become hard and he positions his cock between the mounds of K's arse while beginning an up and down motion. My balls start to tighten in that all too familiar tension and I yell out "I am not going to last much longer." D is grunting as his strokes begin to quicken in pace. D begins to massage the tip of his re-hardening cock against K's arsehole and she starts to lift her pelvis off the bed to meet his explorations. The pace quickens, I start to feel K's cunt tighten on my cock as she reacts in her womanly way to the attention.

A Lesson Learned Ch. 02

group EJSimpson 2018-03-17

Alice lifted up her head and looked Sir Robert directly in the eye, she could feel the wetness between her legs starting to slowly drip down the inside of her thighs, and now she could feel Thomas pressing at her entrance again. Alice kept eye contact with the elder man but reached across with one hand and started to gently massage his cock, for the first time that night Sir Robert looked a little surprised, this was obviously not part of his lesson plan. In fact they were so firm that the thrusting never stopped, the cock hammering into her just kept on going, which made the waves of pleasure so intense that she thought she might pass out; she simply held onto Sir Robert's shaft, her mouth clamped around it until the room came back into focus.

The Dance

group Kip Carson 2018-03-17

Liz began sliding Stef's panties off as I buried my tongue deep inside of her sweet pussy. Liz's ass was raised high in the air, as she buried her face into Stef's hot wet pussy. I pressed my face against Liz's bare backside and began to lick her wet pussy lips. I quickly removed my pants and began rubbing the large pulsating head of my very hard cock against Liz's pussy. "Cum on my face" I removed my cock from Liz's orgasming pussy and and pressed the head against Stef's mouth. I watched as Stef licked Liz's hot wet pussy greedily lapping up all of her sweet juices. Liz climaxed hard, and my wife licked the sweet juices as they gushed from her hot pussy.

Ex Mormons Swing Ch. 08

group BoundariesBroken 2018-03-17

Her kiss this time was far more aggressive and their tongues danced as Katie moved her hands inside the black dress that Brooke had been teasing us with all night. At least three fingers from her right hand pushed deeply inside of Brooke as she bucked herself at Katie's mouth and I rolled completely to the side to watch her continued climax. I wanted to suck him, to taste him and return the favor but as we made out, his body on top of mine and his raging hard on sliding against my wet, cum and spit soaked crotch, I felt him slide just low enough to press his cock head just below my balls.


Hot for Preacher

group ReverendS 2018-03-17

There she stood, looking like every man's wet dream, pouting lips hanging open as she stared at Susie's hand on the Reverend's crotch. Susie spun around and stared angrily at Becky, but refused to take her hand off of the Reverend's hard-on. Becky tried to turn around and confront her, but Susie forced her back towards facing the Reverend, her hands on her shoulders to hold her in place. Susie reached a hand up and turned Becky's head to hers, and landed a lip lock on her before she could pretend to protest. The Reverend watched on with a growing lust filling his eyes as Susie began spanking Becky, building a rhythm as she slapped her ass over and over.


My Birthday Foursome

group justboycrazy 2018-03-17

Eddie first laid on his back on the bed and I got on top of him while Galen and Nick were beside me, playing with my body with their hands. I first began taking off my remaining clothes as the guys were down to their underwear.To be pleasure by all three hot men was to me the ultimate birthday gift.While I was on top of Eddie, Nick began kneading my natural 42C breasts while Galen had one of his hands going up and down my backside as his other hand caressed my hair. He moved up to my face and kissed my lips again as his fingers gently stroked and finger my clit and pussy where his mouth was once occupied.

Punishing a naughty husband

group jackelaine 2018-03-17

She told me she wanted me, and her hand slipped under my dress,quickly finding my wet pussy.I grabbed her ass which was small but sexy.I pulled her to me as she played with me.She then went behind me,both of us facing Mork and Eve. Eve had released Morks big cock from his trousers and was teasing him.She ran her long nails up the shaft.He gasped when her painted black fingernail got to the top.Meanwhile Tori was now massaging my very large tits with one hand and also still rubbing my clitoris.I was moaning loudly.

Auntie’s Naughty Boys chapter 6

group 2018-03-17

"Listen," Herb said, "you guys wanna see me fuck my aunt?" "This won't take long, Aunt Dee," Herb said, took her by the hand, and led her to the said," the auburn-haired girl told Herb and started frigging his prick. "Yeah, yeah," Herb said, "Come on, let's get started." He knew that the Scouts were Herb put his hard rod-head against the rim of his girl-cousin's asshole and pressed Herb's prick swelled even bigger in Julie's asshole, and the blonde girl gasped. Scouts said, "Looks like they washed their cunts, prick, and assholes. "Whew!" Lisa said, "that was good!" She lifted her bare ass off Herb's face, revealing Lisa's auburn hair, pulled the fifteen-year-old girl off the horrified boy's cock.

Silk Blouse

group 2018-03-17

I slid down the side of the wall and sat ,we would have to wait this out,it became hotter by the minuite.I introduced mysel to the two men,atleast i wasnt alone,they seemed very friendly,the lighting returned suddenly and i breathed a sigh of relief,we would be moving soon...but nothing no motor sounded up .I think we would have to wait this one out.I put my head up looking to the small ceiling ,i was getting hotter and started to undo my first few buttond and the men removed their suit jackets.My white bra could be seen ,the lace protruded through the open buttons,and my skirt had rode up my thighs a little when i had slid down the wall earlier,i didnt care im sure they would understand that i wasnt being cheap,i was only hot.

Secretary to Slut - Susan's Journey Ch. 13

group CiaoSteve 2018-03-17

Without waiting for any reply Bex went back to kissing her lover, at the same time probing between Susan's tightly closed legs seeking her hidden pussy. With that, Jack went and sat back in his chair with Bex sitting on the sofa at the opposite end to Susan. "Come on then Susan," continued Jack "it's time to see which way you choose. Susan kissed Bex on the lips, followed almost immediately by Jack. With her head buried between Bex's legs Susan never saw Jack getting up from the sofa and walking behind. Jack broke away from the threesome, pulling his cock slowly out of Susan's pussy and watching as a trail of cum trickled out and down her legs.


Trade Off

group ExperimentalAuthor 2018-03-17

As the man's cock throbbed to life, her lover sank slowly to his kneels, so close she could feel the heat from both their bodies as his hand began to move more swiftly up and down his shaft. Her lover's hand wrapped around the base of the stranger's throbbing shaft and began to pump in time with the movements of his lips, and soon her own heavy, deep breathing was joined by the strangers. Once the man was deep inside him, there was a long, luxurious moment of stillness before both men's hips began to move in unison, lethargic at first as her lover bucked instinctively to protect his own stretching backside, but with growing need and desire.

The Barbers Chair

group DuPain 2018-03-16

"Oh god fuck me Danny, use me like the bitch I am, fill my hot ass with your come baby," I hissed at him attempting to hasten his climax. Then I pulled off looking over at Vivian before I began to lap his cock like a dog cleaning his own dick, down the entire quaking shaft I went and all around his tight painful balls as well. Dan stood directly in front of Vivian's face stroking his long thick rod and with mockery in his tone inquired, "Would you like to feel this inside that cunt of yours, fucking its way in and out of you my dear?" "Please fuck him and let me watch Dan, rape that tight hot ass of his and fill it with your come," she whimpered after releasing his cock.



group harkit04 2018-03-16

Katie's hand had gone underneath the table and lowered Jay's zipper to allow her to reach his already hard cock. The men at the pool tables are transfixed as they watch her give Jay his blow job. He is so turned on that Katie is sucking his cock in a public place that he begins to cum quickly into her mouth. The men by the pool tables are aroused and can't take their eyes off of Katie's huge tits as they are exposed to them. Jay turns to Katie and pushes her face down onto a pool table. Another cock is presented to her willing mouth as the second man in her pussy cums.

Cum Party for Two (and Many More)

group littlemissjen 2018-03-16

I took Jodi's chin, and gently guided her face to mine, so I could ever so tenderly lick some of the cum drips off her cheeks, and then I shoved my tongue down her throat and engaged her in a very passionate french kiss. At Your prompting, all of those thirty guys who had just gifted us with the wild experience of bathing us with their cum, were now going to strip away the "evidence" with their piss. Between the different amounts and different velocities of their streams, Jodi and I became soaking wet (in so many more ways than one) and we were such a sight with our cum-slathered appearances, and our piss-soaked hair and clothes.

Houseboating Ch. 01

group Ronnie 1946 2018-03-16

Rob let his hand trail down over my belly to my shaved mound, felt my wetness and slid two fingers straight into my cunt. Rob started really pounding me from behind, hammering at my cunt with his thick cock, bending me right over the rail, my tits hanging down and flailing wildly with each stroke. Rob bent over and took my left nipple in his mouth just as Glen slipped two fingers into my cunt. Every time Glen hit my cervix with his cock, I swallowed more of Rob, so that Rob’s cock was so far down my throat none of his come would be in my mouth.

Soccer Moms

group lohengren99 2018-03-16

Because of the beer and wine, because of the cool air, because of the flattery of the situation, because of who knows why, I pressed my hips to his and let my pussy mound grind against his cock. I could only moan around Bill's still hard dick in my mouth but I'm sure Gary knew he was making me cum by the way my cunt muscles were milking his cock. I was able to refocus some and saw that Antonio's load of white thick semen was all over her face and running down her neck on to her young firms tits. But I knew the great thing about teenage boys was that they could continue to fuck after cumming once, twice, or even three times without losing their hard-on.


Sex Study - First Visit

group Luv2pleees 2018-03-16

I clicked on the link for qualifications which simply said that the applicants must be between the age of 20 and 40, and that some studies require nudity. I clicked on the application link which started with a page warning that the application requires candidates to answer sexually explicit adult questions and provide proof of age via a government ID such as a driver's license. I clicked the link to apply and entered basic information about my location, age, weight, gender, and days I would generally be available for study participation. The next page was full of yes/no questions about past sexual experiences that you might find on a sex bucket list.


Cin 24: 1 am Until 3 am

group GentleGeorge 2018-03-16

Bruce still had not said anything, just walked past Cin. His face turned as he walked, watching Cinnamon. Cin shut the door, went past Bruce who was now standing in the hallway, and walked over to Bill, who had hopped on the bed. Ok, Cinnamon, start to suck my cock, while Bruce fucks you from behind.” Cin moved up behind Bill’s legs and started to lick up and down his cock. Meanwhile, Bruce moved behind Cin’s butt, and pushed his cock inside her. Cin was thinking, Bruce must be in heaven, getting to fuck another cunt and being sucked too. Cin lay on Bruce, and grabbed his wet dick and placed its head into her pussy.

A great day at the beach

group jman_519 2018-03-16

My cock was already semi hard and dribbling a clear string of pre-cum from the excitement, and I quickly bent down and pulled the thong from my backpack. I stepped into it and quickly pulled it up, wriggling it up over my hips and felt the thong slide up between my buttocks, and the pouch enclose my growing cock. I felt my face blush, draining some of the bl**d from my cock, which settled for a semi-hard state, making a very nice bulge in my thong. For a short moment I considered pulling it off and going by them naked, figuring that would be less embarrassing, but my cock betrayed me and started growing hard. Her boyfriend's cock was now semi hard and he took it in his hand and started stroking it slowly.