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Erotic Group Sex stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

Santa's Interlude

group SweetPrettyAss 2018-06-05

The warm, soft and extremely smooth skin of her pussy may have been the most wonderful place his tongue had ever been and he licked slowly up one swollen lip until he reached her clit, which was engorged with her lust. Leaning against Jackie's ass, Cindy raised her body slightly, until the head of the cock that felt so good was once again at the entrance to her pussy. She continued like that, taking Santa Claus's cock into her pussy in small increments until his pubic hair was tickling her delicate skin, which she had shaved in anticipation of the visit from Saint Nick.

My birthday present to my husband - part 2

group shirls 2018-06-05

Then the nibbling at my pussy stopped and another big fat cock was pushing its way into me, my husband said from the other side of the room "I just took our dream to another level, there are 6 of us here altogether and each one of us is going to fuck you in the mouth and in your cunt, so just enjoy" Then I heard my husband say "No need for a condom, she's had her tubes tied, it's all bareback with Shirl, she loves the feeling of cum gushing into her cunt", then he added "and her mouth" with that the cock in my mouth, which I had felt of pulsating and tensing, quivered and shot a big load of cum into my mouth, it came out with such f***e that it hit the back of my throat, the cock kept pulsating and delivering more and more cum into my mouth, I thought that I was going to choke I kept swallowing as much as I could until it finally stopped.

Rugby Club Adventure

group Liz2006 2018-06-05

As I was standing under the shower, eyes closed and fantasising about having some of those big strong hand running all over my body, I was stroking myself all over when suddenly I thought I felt another pair of hands on my tits... I opened my mouth and began sucking, my two hands were full of hard cock and by now I could feel something big and hard against my pussy. Then one guy stepped forward between my legs and turned me over, I thought he was going to fuck me doggy style, but instead of putting his hard cock into my pussy, I could feel his hands rubbing my ass cheeks and a finger slowly probing my ass...

A Friendly Affair

group BrokenAngels 2018-06-05

John became increasingly excited, grabbing a fistful of her hair and fucking her face. I got back in between her legs, opened the bottle and just poured a hell of a lot of oil on my dick; I used the rest that was on my hand to start fingering her little asshole. "I can tell you that I'm a naughty boy too!" As he said this, John grabbed a fistful of hair and thrust his penis into her mouth, just enough to make her gag. She took John's dick out of her mouth and gasped for air, moaning louder and louder now. "Fuck, that was intense!" John said as he rubbed his cock over her cum covered face.

Graduation Day

group Cuylie 2018-06-05

Blinded, as Ben's frantic thrusts force me to close my eyes, my fingers grasp both their throbbing shafts, working my hands along their lengths. I continue to pump Ben and Adam's shafts, I can feel their hands brushing at my shoulders and hair. I can feel Ben's and Adam's hips thrusting a bit with my pumping hands, sliding slickly along their shafts. My rational mind, in an odd alliance, works with my lustful one and slides my hands from Adam's and Ben's throbbing cocks. This allows him the full opportunity to look up the length of my body; along the curve of my thighs, soft mound of red hair, the tautness of my stomach, the rise and fall of my full breasts framed in my loose red hair, then finally the hungry gaze of my green eyes and cum stained face.


Complex Family Ch. 08

group PaulStevens 2018-06-05

"Yeah," Brandon responded quickly then he put on a smile and said, "Of course, I am in paradise with the most lovely woman in the world for our honeymoon, what could be wrong?" She gave a wicked smile and said, "First off buckle up, I'm sure Mel doesn't need the ticket." Then once Katy was buckled in Ashley unzipped her shorts and pulled them, and her own panties down. Brandon just smiled and feeling dangerous kissed the upset redhead on the cheek quickly and said walking away, "I know and I love that about you." Ashley was not fooled and smacking his arm said, "Like you don't know, Katy is calming Mel down after that stunt you pulled, why must you antagonize her darling?"


The Camping Trip Pt. 01

group Tetris07828 2018-06-05

I didn't think it would look good if I had the bed all set up and ready to go. I head out again, business cards in my pocket, camera in hand, sun glasses on and I start to prowl. I walked up to the big Ferris wheel and paced back and forth looking at the ground acting distracted and agitated with the fake conversation on the phone. Britney was looking around, "Nice place you got here. Britney threw back another half beer in the time it took me to pull off my shirt and drop my pants and underwear. Britney reached over with the nearest hand and started half heartedly working it. She moved past me with her beer in one hand and opened the bathroom door.


Bad Bet to lose

group joesal 2018-06-05

The boys spent minutes bouncing off the old mens gut taking their big cocks deeper and deeper, moaning in a mixture of pleasure and pain until Bill moaned "fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuck" as he jolted and let loose his load in Johnny's ass. He began to move off the table when Max said "where you going?" Johnny looked panicked "You got you two into this mess so you're taking my load too" and with that Max slid out of Tom's ass and moved around to Johnny. He stopped mid suck and looked up at his cum covered b*****r "it's ok, I deserve it" he said as returned to the sucking "you fucking bet you do" barked Tom. With that Tom arched his back and jolted a load into his b*****r's mouth.

Mom's Neighborhood Studs Ch. 2

group The Devils Advocate 2018-06-05

After milking every drop of juice from Perry's cock, I gave the cockhead one final kiss and said "Now it's time to FUCK!" After Mark, Steve and Jim took turns fucking me, it was Perry's turn. Taking my eyes off of the young adonis, I noticed Mark, Steve, and Jim standing over me, furiously fisting their cocks, dripping pre-cum all over the place. As Perry was unloading into me the other guys started crying out, too, shooting their sperm all over my face, my hair, my breasts, covering me with cum. I think a lot of mothers secretly would like to fuck their own sons; to climb aboard and ride their cocks to orgasm.

Saturday Nights

group Roohan 2018-06-05

My wife of nine years got up and came to me, sitting on the arm of the chair leaned and kissed me deep, tongue probing kiss. I jokingly peered as if I couldn’t see and asked “Which one of you is my wife, I need her oven for my bread.” “I don’t know about wife Hon, but you sure have too hot and ready ovens here.” My wife said, and I was too drunk to be shocked at the words. My wife had got up from where she was sitting and was watching the cock enter the cunt. Maureen came with a scream and sprayed her juices around my cock, her cunt worked like a muscle, trying to pull the cock in as I was trying to pull out. Maureen went almost crazy as she saw my wife’s juicy cunt right at her lips.


group SilviaViolet 2018-06-05

The sight of the Allen's mouth engulfing Nick's cock made Kerri moan. Nick fisted his hands in Allen's short blond hair, holding his lover's head still as he fucked his mouth, forcing Allen to swallow his entire length. Allen let Nick's cock slip from his mouth and turned to look at her, a wicked smile on his face. "Are you going to let her taste your come?" Allen's hot words brought heat racing right back to Kerri's pussy. Kerri whimpered as Allen ground himself against her while he fought to adjust to the sensation of Nick's cock in his ass. Then Nick grasped Allen's hips, and began pulling him back and forth, using him as a conduit to fuck Kerri.

Ménage A Trois by Ghipster

group ghipster 2018-06-05

I came to love French 101, because it was there that, I learned that the name of my number one sexual fantasy is called ménage-a –trios, clearly knowledge I co85uld use in the outside world and have a fucking good time in the process. “I finally got a DVD player so… you know our guys can even stay over if you want.” Maria said looking directly at Lisa. As we breezed down I-75 towards the border, Maria fascinated Lisa with erotic stories of things that happened in her lesbian commune and it clearly turned her on. “See that?” he said, pointing to my cracked side view mirror, do you have any idea how many accidents a thing like that causes a year?”

My Girlfriend and Her Best Friend

group SkylarFalling 2018-06-05

Lex was very definitely bi, Holly was 'adventurous', and while she had never said so, it would've been a surprise if she wasn't willing to have a go with another girl, and Dylan...Dylan was a teenage guy, in a swimming pool with scantily clad girls, both of whom he knew swung both ways to some degree. Lex had worked out she was bi and had been happy with that for a long time, but as she had a boyfriend it wasn't really a case of going out and flirting with girls until she got lucky. When you're the guy involved, you have to wait for the girls to get it together, otherwise he would look like he was pressuring his girlfriend, or it would look like he had been trying to come on to Holly behind Lex's back.


Long Arm (Pits) of the Law Ch. 4

group belab 2018-06-05

She whispered to me “I know you like hairy armpits Sharon my friend has the hairiest of them all”. As I licked each tit, I began to rub her pussy through her shorts. When I got to her pussy, I teased it slightly with a few short kisses and licks all the way around it before I put my mouth completely around her moist hairy pussy. She had tucked her arms behind her head and I was face to face with the 12 inches of jet-black hair in her bushy pits. As I was fucking her, I lowered myself onto her back and began to kiss her hairy underarms.

Iris at the Frat House

group IrissMaster 2018-06-05

Her thong was a mess of her own girl cream and the guys cum, even though she knew she should go home and change Iris felt sexier than she ever had strutting around the campus with loads of spunk slowly leaking out of her pussy and ass. The guy was called Jim and he kept giving Iris drinks for about an hour, he also felt her tits and pussy, noting how wet she was and even asking her if she had a load of cum in her cunt. Jim was good looking, and his cock felt huge in her pussy so Iris wrapped her arms around his neck, threw her long legs around his waist and enjoyed being ploughed by a well hung stud.

Odd Threesome

group Queen_of_Dairy 2018-06-05

The mime was walking down the street one day, not pulling in a very large load. Earlier that day- Thunder Punch Patrick, the old Irish boxing champ, was walking to his favorite place, the bar. When she got to the back door, she opened it up to nothing but air to walk on. What the mime and the retired boxer witnessed was a fine young lady, in her teens; falling into the same hole they had fallen in. The retired boxer looked concerned and replied, hey mimey, bring that candle here, and let me take a look at the young lass's shoulder." As an alternate route of action, he moved up behind the lovechild and began removing her hot pants.

Billionaire and the Sisters Ch. 43

group SteveWallace 2018-06-05

An acquaintance of mine from the hospital board, Dr. Sarah Slarinsky, a psychologist, came by the condominium before we left and spent two hours talking to Elsa, and then all the sisters, about the attack and how to keep something like that in perspective and still be a whole person. Greg nodded again, "That must have been Pam. She talked about having some sexual thing called The Experience and ending up loving Mark. Lucas and Marcia stood talking to Sheila and looking as uncomfortable as Sean and Pam had been the first time we got them into the group sex thing.



group parasutist03 2018-06-05

I have not even finished Mile comment jediskretno speed and put his hand between her legs I did not even notice, I noticed a movement as if širinoge Mile scored directly at her, and pulled out a pussy moistened hands, licked jeprst ipružio meni.Neko who watched the video with the I could smell that and Lika prst.Mirisao the godfather of her, and fuck the whole move so exciting even for me, and especially for her, all three quickly got up and set off on foot in the board, by the way we pipkali and she stepped out with eusplila nprek**no cha loved one class with the other, so we come to a small beach, I suggested to take a bath, it was already hot Jiaqi, both pristadoše at the moment.

All Day Long Ch. 01

group tall_texan54 2018-06-05

I picked up the pace and fingered her pussy harder and harder and I sucked her hard clit into my mouth and suck nursing on it with small quick suckles. She watched me as her tongue playfully licked the head of my hard cock that was now in her hands. Her warm soft mouth felt so fucking good around my hardness. Oh yes baby that feels so fucking good!" Krista gently moaned. Fuck me just like that!" I felt her already tight pussy squeeze my cock even harder as her body contracted and erupted into a huge orgasm. As soon as she felt the cum hitting her ass, she had her final orgasm as her legs clinched together, holding her hand there waiting for her body to relax enough to let go of her hand.

Diggin' It

group RejectReality 2018-06-05

Not one to waste the steps, Skyler kept his detector in motion as he scanned the landscape, looking for clues that might point toward the location of the house. A quick check of his GPS let him know that the entirety of the yard around the house should be within the larger property he had permission to dig. Skyler sat down the cannonball, as it was too big for his pouch, and quickly planted a flag near the hole before following the pair toward their house. Skyler heard a gasp as he excavated a silver broach and looked up to see Melissa standing above him. She called out, "Brenda, come look," and then asked, "Is that silver?"


The Circle Ch. 19

group SteveWallace 2018-06-05

We could do a trial run, review it, see what we liked and didn't like, and then start and do your feature film." He thought and added, "I'll order my new lights now and they should come within a week so why don't you guys think about what you want to do, and we could do a trial shoot weekend after next." Matt started as they lay there panting, "You know I love you, so don't take this the wrong way, but why on earth would you ever want to make a porn flick, especially one that might go public and even go viral if we do a good job."


College Bed Swapping

group Horny_Chloe 2018-06-05

"I started making lewd comments, like, "Look at the size of her tits, I bet they bounce a bit when she gets a good fucking. I went to bed with Dave at 11 ish and by 1125, I could tell he had dozed off, I snuck out to the bathroom and changed into the sexy get up I hid in there earlier, a light blue see through thong and cami set before going back onto the landing just as Liz was leaving her room. "What would you say if I told you Liz said it was ok for me to fuck you?" I asked. "Tell me Liz can fuck other guys and perform her fantasies and you can do what you want with me" I told him.

Hostess Susan

group Archiebald 2018-06-05

Because of that, it became the default Video Game lounge, and towards the end of our first week there, I was playing against Danny, when Susan came in, obviously from a shower. Interest in the film was falling, and Alistair, who was squashed up against Susan's other side, turned his head to watch my hands at play. When Alistair's arm tired, and he collapsed back into the chair, Susan cried out for more, and Derek immediately buried his face in her cunt, licking and sucking noisily, like he was trying to drink all her pussy juice. Many nights, and every Friday night, became slut-night in our house, and never where there less than five boys in the room, to finger-fuck and lick and suck Susan's tits, cunt and arse to a frenzy.

Amy and the Dentist

group nikki_2021 2018-06-05

She started as she realised that it must look like she was checking the girl out, and her eyes flicked quickly to Anna's face before turning to watch Dr Bartlett. Amy was busy checking out the dentist and was surprised when she felt Anna smooth down the bib over her chest, her hand brushing across her left breast. It was quite some time after the needle had been removed from her mouth while Dr Bartlett was installing the filling that Amy realised that she hadn't let go of Anna's hand. "Hello Amy, how are you today?" she noticed that Dr Bartlett's eyes moved over her body after he thought that she'd looked away, travelling down over her breasts and pausing at her skirt.