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Erotic Group Sex stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

The Dark Car

group JenniferO1 2018-03-16

When my orgasm finally passed I pulled Howard from my mouth and lay my head back in his lap slowly stroking him, trying to recover my breath and composure. He pulled my hips into a little bit of a different position and then amazingly I felt the head of his dick at my opening and he pushed in spreading my lips as he slid himself into me. I think he wanted to stretch it out a bit but I wrapped my tongue around the bottom side of the head to that magic spot and in no time at all I could feel his dick starting to throb and twitch in my mouth.

My Wife Melinda Takes Two Plus Eats Pussy - Part 7

group 2018-03-16

I am gonna give you a nigger baby then, you fucking, white cunt," Jerome groaned as he came, pumping what looked like a quart of cum into Melinda's pussy. Jerome turned to me and said, "Since you are gonna be a bitch forever now taking care of my baby, start cleaning her pussy for me. I am gonna use that sweet mouth that she kisses her babies with." Knowing what Jerome wanted, I slid down between Melinda's legs and paused for a moment watching so much of another man's cum run out of her. Jerome wiped his cum-covered cock all over Melinda's face between plunges into her mouth. Kevin groaned as he came in Sara's mouth as Dante fucked her asshole, hard, from behind.


group Archer2050 2018-03-16

Ryan was ready to cum, and he would've love nothing more than to shoot off into that warm, wet mouth of hers, but he wanted this to last, and with the Thanksgiving vacation ending soon, he knew if he didn't fuck her tonight, he might never get the chance again. Stupidly, Ryan's first words to come out were to correct Melanie and tell her that Ariel wasn't a child; she was nineteen. "He was nice to me the first time," Ariel said quietly, not sure why she was defending Ryan, because Melanie was right. Ariel spread her thighs and closed her eyes, trying to reach climax as soon as possible so she could get out of Melanie's way.


Nudist Threesome

group martinjulia 2018-03-16

Whilst Nicole was stroking me, Julia began to kiss and lick my cock with her wet tongue. On the very point of ejaculation, I pulled my cock out of Nicole's cunt and fired my cum over her back, her hair, her arse, with a good amount flying on to Julia's face and tits smothering them with my love cream. I gave Nicole a little snog which allowed me to taste my wife's cum juice in her mouth, then Julia and I quickly manouvered her back to the settee and opened her legs wide to reveal her sweet pussy, desperate for that final bit of attention.

Jills Day Out

group jillbird 2018-03-16

Jill waited in the warm sunshine, hoping he would come soon; she felt vulnerable and a little foolish standing bound and blindfolded in a rough part of town. “Lets see her properly, now!” Jill felt her thin shoulder straps snapping and the dress was pulled down her body, sliding to the ground. The old man considered for a moment then said, “No, we’ve got to get her away from here, you’ll get a turn with her later.” The other two men were waiting, grinning inanely at her. She felt his cock twitch against her cheek, he gasped and jerked back, pulling the knob clear of her lips and a squirt of warm cum shot into her eye and ran down her cheek, making a snail trail.


Prelude - End

group Traviata 2018-03-16

Honey voice’s scorching mouth found hers, forcing her teeth apart with her tongue while her hands kneaded her pillow breasts. Her body afire she was barely aware when he began sliding his long fingers rhythmically in and out of her ass. Her pelvis surged against the fingers assaulting her virginal ass, groaning when his huge cock pushed against her bung hole. She tried to scream when the tip of his rod forced its way inside but the dripping cunt fucking her face silenced her. He chuckled and answered her challenge, fucking her ass until she screamed and exploded with a mind-blowing orgasm. She buried her tongue deep into the honey cunt and felt his hard cock slide up her ass.

Melanie and Jennie

group brian473317 2018-03-16

She was wearing one of Mike's button-down shirts which looked huge on her, despite her voluptuous figure; Melanie had the biggest tits of any girl in her school and had a waist that tapered out to nice rounded hips and a nice curvy bum. Jennie, absorbing the sight in front of her was shocked when Mike leaned forward with his hands on both sides of Melanie's face and kissed her, driving his tongue deeply into her mouth. As her orgasm wound down, she opened her eyes to see Mike and Melanie sprawled together on the floor, clutching for each other's naked bodies and breathing heavily in ragged gasps Melanie flushed again but she let Jennie pull her hands away from her and felt her nipples stiffen as both Mike and Jennie stared at her.


An Unusual Marriage

group jim313 2018-03-16

She had thought about it before going to sleep last night and decided not to ask Alice and John anything but instead, she'd let them know that William was joining them tonight as her date as she was really looking forward to being with him again. He smiled and told her that he loves it inside her also but that occasionally he would like to remove it so that he could go down and taste her delicious juices also and she agreed as she told him how much she had enjoyed sucking his organ and was looking forward to tasting him again. William kept his organ deep inside her ass until long after they both returned to earth and when he started to withdraw it, she groaned as it felt so good she wanted it to stay there forever.


Chance Meeting Ch. 02

group MsErotica1950 2018-03-16

She wanted to know what it felt like to suck on Kate's nipples and would she get as turned on by having her fingers in her pussy as well. "I'm going to fuck my slut with my fake cock and make her cum for me." Kate slipped the cock into Sara's pussy and began to fuck her like Pete would be doing later this evening when he came home from work. He fucked her slow and hard this time, reaching for her breasts massaging them in his hands and playing with her nipples as his cock slipped back and forth inside her pussy. He spread her legs further apart giving Kate a chance to get her finger on Sara's clit which she began to press and rub hard as Pete fucked her.


The Weirdest Experience ever recorded in my Diary

group 2018-03-16

I looked at my boyfriend when he stopped at a table, to say something to a group of guys, he looked at me, well I think he did, and they all laughed, 'WTF', I exclaimed, 'He's OK once you get to know him', he sounded unsure of himself, I was a little nervous as we had planned to stay over at his house, Jim was 17, and I was 15, we wanted to sl**p together and his uncle had offered us a bed, 'He is into young girls, so he does not mind'.

Lindsey and the Crew

group sportsfreak9182 2018-03-16

Lindsey succumbs to the pleasure of Mike's tongue on her pussy and clit, Donald's on her ass, and Alonso's on her nipples, unleashing a mind-blowing orgasm that makes her cry out. Once Scott is fully in, Lindsey sits up, taking Mike's cock back into her mouth, pleasuring all three cocks at once with her warm tight holes. Lindsey steadies herself, as all three men start thrusting into her body: Donald in her pussy, Scott in her ass and Mike in her in mouth. He zooms in on her ass and pussy, getting a great view of Alonso and Donald's cocks pounding away at Lindsey's holes. Lindsey's intense orgasm causes Alonso and Mike to shove their cocks deep into her ass and mouth, and cum for the second time that night.


Billionaire and the Sisters Ch. 19

group SteveWallace 2018-03-16

I told him we'd be leaving work early, had indefinite plans, would go to dinner, and that I would be staying at Ms. Thorsen's home again that night. There was a silence, and Elsa said, "Errr, we girls met some interesting guys last night." Brita told me I had to come back in the warm weather, especially at lunchtime when all the pretty young women that worked in the area came out to lie in the sun on the grass in only their little thongs. Just as Elsa had predicted, Brita started to crest, only this wasn't like the other orgasms she'd been having or that I'd given to anyone. Even as we went off I worried a little about Brita's words that Elsa and Sheila might be in love with Ryan and Deke.


Her New Professor Pt. 07

group Wetpatch69 2018-03-16

Amber was sucking his cock, but he only had eyes for her, watching her body move on Schmidt and Eric, fascinated by their cocks moving in and out of her two holes, her slim torso leaning almost horizontally backwards as she took all her body weight on her arms, her little breasts and tiny nipples pert on her chest. She suddenly saw him cum into Amber's mouth, his eyes of utter lust locked onto Riley's, and she instantly reciprocated, spasming on the two cocks inside her, her pulsating pussy muscles starting off a chain reaction, both Eric and Schmidt being triggered too, cum flooding into her pussy and rectum.


Coupling Coworkers Ch. 17

group thick7in1972 2018-03-16

"At this point, I'll send the six guys to rooms upstairs and tell the women to go upstairs to one of them if they want to get fucked by one of the professional cocks. Starting with her ear, I began to place little wet kisses, then her neck, then her upper chest, left tit, right tit, stomach, lower pelvis and then small patch of hair she had just above her pussy. After she released my head when her body went limp, I worked my way back to her face and kissed her so she could taste the wonderful juiced she had just flooded my mouth with. My eyes had taken so much cum that they were burning and the tearing clouded my vision as guy after guy came into the room to fuck my ass or pussy.


Share and Share Alike Ch. 03

group joetgm 2018-03-16

Jenny instantly pulled me in for a hard kiss and we stood there in the centre of the room making out with our tongues exploring over each other's mouths, hands likewise. We stood in the shower panting, I held her warm body in my arms as the water ran over us; we kissed gently and I let my cock slip from her pussy. I smiled and followed Jenny into the living room; we weren't disappointed to find Josh naked and sat on the sofa with Sue straddling him. I looked up at the three of them taking turns to kiss with tongues before taking Josh's hard cock in my hand and pushing it against Sue's naked pussy.

Got S.M.I.L.F.? Ch. 01

group Evil Alpaca 2018-03-16

So successful that he had three major dealerships in town, and was seen as a 'pillar of the community.' Unfortunately for Trixie, while Paul had gone places, she felt she had been left behind somewhere along the way. The contact was brief, but Trixie could feel the heat emanating from beneath the material (she thought it felt like soccer shorts). She could scarcely believe that she was performing oral sex on two young men, both of whom played soccer with her son, but she didn't want to stop. Haven't you ever seen a grown woman going down on your friends before?" Trixie wasn't sure if she just wasn't thinking clearly or if she had achieved a clarity unknown to her before.


A weekend with Doug and Mich Pt2

group bendee555 2018-03-16

“I want to watch them.” Mich whispered and slipped away from me, heading to the sitting room. Dee sank to the floor and Doug slipped out, his cock dribbling with cum. He put his hands around my head and pulled me forward, I almost choked and his cock slid to the back of my mouth, my tongue swirled on the underside. “Ben,” said Mich, “Lie on your back and Doug on top, I want to see you both doing each other.” With that she slipped away, her finger over her lips indicating for Dee to be quiet. Dee crawled on her hands and knees over to me, she looked down at me, smiling, “Well, who’s a naughty boy then?” Her tongue lapped over my lips, cleaning them.

Everyone's Gone to the Movies

group DJincredible 2018-03-16

As James and I stroked our cocks, the action on the screen began to get hotter. James and I sat there stroking our cocks and watching the action on screen. "Do you like the way I'm touching your dick?" She stroked my cock faster and I moved my hand down to her wet pussy. "Oh yeah," she moaned as James fucked her and she began to rub the head of my dick against her rosebud. I stroked my cock quickly and shot my come all over Julia's pussy lips and the shaft of James' dick where it disappeared into her pussy. Fuck my hot, wet pussy!" She jerked through what seemed like a five minute orgasm and then lay back against me.

After Hours Alicia Ch. 02

group NewAgeErotica 2018-03-16

"I was wondering..." her father swallowed hard, fighting to say the next words, "...if you know of anyone who could do the show tonight?" Irritated, but still feeling sorry for her father's dire situation, she responded, "No. None of the girls I talk to would do anything like this!" She wanted to walk out there, take her clothes off, and let the bar customers fuck her all night and treat her like a common whore. I'll be back later I guess." She let out a deep sigh, gave her father a kiss, grabbed the keys, and started to walk out of the bar. She just agreed to be gangbanged for money tonight at her father's bar.

Saskia's Skinny Dipping Adventure

group angelfeathers 2018-03-16

Jake lapped, sucked and nibbled on each of Saskia's nipples, increasing the pressure with his expert mouth, making her moan in pleasure and then he looking her in the face whilst he stroked and fondled her breasts again with his hands and her breath was increasing, coming in shorter gasps, and she was trembling and it was not from the cool chill that drifted in over the pool To my utter amazement Saskia obeyed without a word of protest, immediately her tongue flicked out between her luscious red lips and she wrapped it around the end of cock and began to lap at it like an obedient puppy whilst looking up at Jake with her cat green eyes, waiting for his next command.


My wife a seat cover store owner

group jcomerford 2018-03-16

One day I observed the owner feeling up one of the ladies customers we were good friends I said nothing to him. He wanted to give us a tour the downstairs anyone of us to go see his bedroom my wife one of first he followed behind I told him to take my wife so she could hear it I stayed downstairs they came down about two hours later. But the next day and work he came over to our shop told me I had one hell of a hot wife which I already knew I told him he can have her any time he wanted and to let his friends know about her.

Pet Ownership Ch. 06

group KY ridgerunner 2018-03-16

As I started to come down and my cock slipped from Jackie's pussy she fell to the ground and some where in the back ground I heard Dick say, "Uncle Dave?" I looked around and everyone was looking at me. Pet walks over and pulls Dick away from Jackie and has him stand at the end of the lounge looking at Kathy's naked exposed body. Pet looks at Dick with a very serious expression and says, "Aunt Kathy has not been with another man since she married Uncle Dave. Uncle Dave and I offer you this gift of the most beautiful thing we share and only ask that we be witness to this first union." Pet lets his cock go and comes to stand with Jackie and I.


wedding day whore part 1

group Whoreowner 2018-03-16

The guys all cheered and proceeded 1 by 1 to stand by her ass, position themselves, take a big swing and “STOP”, mark said, she might scream and then someone will come and see what’s wrong, he looked around the room, his eyes lit up when he saw the laundry basket, he went over and pulled out Lisa’s panties that she had worn the day before when she used the gym, he wiped the cum from her face, ass, legs, neck and what could be seen above her dress line, he told her to open her mouth and he shoved them inside, she gagged a little but kept them there and then closed her mouth.

One of my good friends is a cum junkie...

group billstew 2018-03-16

She's obsessed with the feeling of it - she's, in her words, "addicted." When I asked her to explain why she loved it so much, she said that most women who can feel a guy cumming inside of them, but they can't necessarily feel the cum itself once the guy pulls out unless it oozes out of them. But she was in heaven, and she said that every time one of those guys blew his load inside her, no matter how much cum was already in there, she said she could feel it hit the back of her pussy and simply felt amazing. Sure, she's a cum junkie, but I'm curious to know if what she feels when a guy cums inside her is common, or if it's something unique to her and her body?