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Erotic Group Sex stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

A Fantasy Come True

group foxywoman 2018-03-16

Gradually the hands at her shoulders moved down too Jane's breasts, making circles around the nipples at first, then gently rubbing them in synchronization, the two women mirroring their movement perfectly, mimicking each other. The woman who had been rubbing her face started to caress Jane's lips with her finger tips, then began to kiss her with her own lips, slowly urging Jane to open her mouth, using her persuasive tongue to explore Jane's, tantalizing her, exciting her while the other women stimulated her nipples so much that Jane couldn't help but moan and groan into the woman's warm wet mouth. With all this going on, Jane was suddenly aware that Peter's fingers had begun to explore her cunt, rubbing her pussy lips with oil and opening her gradually but thoroughly.

My First Chatroom Party

group TeriGirl1983 2018-03-16

"I've got nine inches that wants to get into you," a man said from behind me, and when I turned I briefly saw a huge black guy before he bent down and kissed me hard, his hand taking mine and putting it on the hardness in his pants. KatMaggie climbed off of my face and turned around and started making out with the guy fucking me, so I closed my eyes and enjoyed the ride, finally free of her hairy pussy. "Darling," Max said, rising to her feet, "The main course has arrived." Anal looked over and smiled at me, then slammed home one more time before slowly sliding his cock out of the redhead's ass.


Not a Swinger

group Grey Eagle 286 2018-03-16

When the bell rang and the numbers were passed out Betsy handed Bill his necklace and kissed his cheek and whispered, "Enjoy, Darling." He found his partner, a really beautiful girl and put his arm around her and Betsy stood and watched them go as tears ran from her eyes. She climbed back in bed, she was about to drop off to sleep when she heard a slight noise and opened her eyes to see Bill kissing a woman in the door way. I thought that If I got all the other girls here to tell him what a wonderful lover he is it would give him confidence and he would be better in bed.


A Surprise After Work

group jaded92603 2018-03-16

Zach didn't bat an eyelash as he took Joe's cock into his hand and began to jerk off Joe. The sight of what I had caught them doing to this had my panties soaked to the core. I watched as Zach licked Joe's shaft before he took the head Joe's cock into his mouth. As Joe joined us, I took the base of his cock in my hand and began to jerk him off as I rode our new friend. Joe didn't try to back out this time, he positioned his cock at Zach's mouth and Zach happily accepted Joe's hot rod and began to work him with his mouth.

Waterfalls Ch. 02

group randy_writer 2018-03-16

Brandie sat on the edge of the bed and took his hand in hers, "Well the short story is, you found me naked in that creek," she said nodding toward the photo. George pulled her close and kissed her, "Yeah, you got my cherry all right. George pushed his cock closer to her mouth, "Suck me baby. George knelt between her thighs and kissed her breasts, sucking her erect nipples into his mouth and gently nibbling on them. "Good answer baby!" She squeezed his ass again and kissed him, invading his mouth with her tongue. He cupped her breasts in his hands and pinched her erect nipples gently between his fingers, pulling them away from her body.


Being the Unicorn

group StackedAction 2018-03-16

We got her bound and Glenn came over to me and whispered in my ear "Start at her feet, work up to her pussy and lick and eat her really nice and slow. Glenn went back up to head and started talking to her, telling her how sexy she looked, and then describing what I looked like as I rubbed her legs, then started kissing inside her knees, up her thighs, slowing licking and kissing my way to her freshly shaved pussy. She licked and sucked on my clit as Glenn fucked really slow...she said "harder.." a couple times and Glenn just gave her ass a smack and said "patience!" I moved my pussy out even more and had my legs in the air, and Jess took the hint and licked me from ass to clit and back again.

Pantyhose Seduction Ch. 03

group nylondad 2018-03-16

He said that he and Audrey were going to go to New York City on the day before the play as he wanted to show her the sights. Rich poured us vodka from the room bar and after a few minutes Audrey went into the bathroom. Audrey told Rich to stop because I think she sensed that I was getting close to coming. After I pulled out my drippy cock from her pussy she sat at the edge of the bed and placed her pussy close to Rich's head. Audrey then told Rich to suck my come out of her pussy. I did not swallow but got up and leaned over and shared it with Audrey with a very open mouthed kiss who then shared it with Rich.

81% nyc

Three Hot Brothers For Suzie

group exquisitelifetime 2018-03-16

Ken and Doug helped Suzie to lie on top of Andrew, they coated her butt with lube, and then manoeuvred her body so that Andrew could slowly push his cock inside her arse. And then suddenly she felt something new, as Doug spread lube all over Suzie's pussy; she probably didn't need it but it was always a good idea to make sure everything went smoothly [especially when you had a massively thick cock like Doug]. Suzie couldn't see a thing but she could feel what was happening to her, her mind and body could feel that both Andrew and Doug had now began to move their cocks inside her pussy and arse.


Wife's Friends- Stripper Friends- Abby and Ra

group kcfunseeker 2018-03-16

She says that she has never let a “non-black” man fuck her without at least making $100 dollar per “non-black” cock on top of her stripping fee of $100. Rae is the only girl who lost her virginity to black cock and has never been with a white man without being given money. Rae ended up fucking all the guys at the party willingly and even ended up playing with her mom in front of them because they kept offering more money the more dirty they got. Rae’s mom is still black cock only as well and still does gangbangs with Rae. Rae says that she alway makes the most money when guys know that a real mother/d**ghter are sucking and fucking each other.

He Wants Both Girls Ch. 02

group NoPantiesNoBra 2018-03-16

The images of Caine's mouth on Leslie's nipples and his fingers in her wet pussy blurred together in her mind. They had only begun seeing each other again when Michelle's best friend Leslie started dating Caine. Caine closed his eyes for a moment and decided on something that he knew he may come to regret, that may jeopardize his relationship with Leslie. She whimpered and moaned as Caine sucked a nipple in to his hot mouth and licked the tip in a circular motion while pinching and rolling the other nipple in his hand. Caine's hand hesitated at the top of her shorts and instead moved down over her pussy and started rubbing her over the material. All thoughts of Leslie fled from her mind as Michelle pulled out Caine's straining cock.

Brink of Insanity

group HoneysLustfulDreams 2018-03-16

Her now dark blue eyes darting from the one man to the other, the glazed over orbs displaying pure animal lust towards the one knelt between her trembling thighs, a pleading look of desperation directed at the one standing next to her, knowing he is the only one who would allow her the final release her body was aching to achieve. Her grip tightening upon the counter, her teeth sinking into her bottom lip to stifle the "Oh fucccckkkkkkkkkk" she would have uttered as the man who was knelt down in front of her sunk two of his digits deeply into her well lubed cunt; while the man standing next to her slipped his hand under her full breast pulling it out from under the silky material.


Please Me More

group jessferry 2018-03-16

“Why do you need him to give you a good seeing too when im ready and waiting right here?” Carrie said pulling the feather boa quickly from between jenny’s thighs causing her to catch her breath and draping it over her friends shoulders making the feathers brush over her large erect nipples as jenny’s face grew slightly red and she could feel her pussy moisten readily. Jenny started by running the vibrator down Carrie’s neck on the lowest setting, as she worked her way down wards she teasingly brushed it against Carrie’s nipples with her right hand, Carrie as horny as she was managed to grasp jen’s left hand and suggestively place it where it would please her most, jenny catching on to this began brushing against her clit with her thumb sending her friend into shudders of ecstasy.

Party Three Ways Until it Hurts

group michie 2018-03-16

The rest of the line didn't seem as long as I was coming to the realization that I had just taken drugs, there wasn't any turning back but there was plenty of time for questions. Josh had the much bigger dick, and nobody verbally took note of that but at the same time it wasn't lost on the threesome. This time I had two guys so I figured I would make the request and like a good boy Sean was sucking my breasts. The orgasm hit me very hard as I kicked and screamed but Josh continued his pursuit of my pussy as he held me in place as I came and put his entire mouth on my labia.


How It All Started....

group d4david 2018-03-16

The huge head popped into my anus and I screamed out in pain, I had no ideal that the bastard was just beginning to enter my butt. Again I felt a huge rubbery knob slide up and down my butt crack, I cringed as he position him self and aligned his cock head and penile shaft with my ass hole. The bastard in my butt rammed his dick farther and harder into my butt, I yelled out in pain and Daniel pushed my head down on his cock. Daniel rode my ass with his arms locked into the hollow of my knees holding them around his waist, my butt lifted up from the floor and my back arched, his enormous mammoth dick sliding back and forth, farther and farther up into my ass hole.


group Quin 2018-03-16

Giving Steve a big smile she continued to watch her boss and the woman and at the same time stroke her thighs and tense then relax her pussy muscles. Looking back at her husband, Linda smiled and while she had his full attention she opened her mouth and still looking Steve in the eye she closed her mouth over the man's penis. Out of the man's dick shot little spurts of cum and Steve watched as they sprayed into the open mouth of his wife. Their daughter looked relieved then sat thoughtful for a few minutes before she asked, "Did the boss make you have sex with him?"


Out for a run parts 10-12

group Loipyu 2018-03-16

I got down to the park entrance and was just starting to walk the last little bit home when up drives a car, it was my husband asking how my adventure went, and if I needed a ride home – I told him I would let him know how things went when I got home, and that I would be wanting to ride him when I got home. Out I went, it continued to rain hard, but it felt great on my body – the mud under my feet, and rain running down my hair, dripping off my nose, I got maybe 100 feet up the trail and turned to see if I could still see my car, it was gone, blocked out by the rain, I went up the trail further and was having a wonderful time playing in the rain.

little pussy 2

group LmpB 2018-03-16

I felt rough hands grab me and lay me on the table all the while pulling up my shirt to expose my breasts and yanking down my tight little shorts and panties. "I gotta get in this pussy" one of the guys said and I felt the hard probed of one of their cock heads. I was a little whore that night, taking their cum down my throat and in my cunt and ass but my uncle saved the best for last. After the guys left he brought me upstairs to my room and sucked all the cum out of my sore pussy and told me he was ready to bury his hard cock. He fucked me for a long time before pulling out and cumming on my stomach and tits.

Viva Las Vegas

group Dallface 2018-03-16

This book took no time at all before it began to get steamy – Jill continued to sip on her drink as she read and then heard a slurp – the drink was gone already and it had only been ten minutes since she got it. She took a quick sip and sure enough it did – as she once again watched the guy walk away – this time biting her bottom lip a little bit. "Hello Mrs. Stivers, this is Jenna from down at the spa, and I was calling to tell you that James's last appointment of the day did not show and I can give it to you if you'd like." Jill told her that she wasn't ready and didn't think she could make it down in time.


The Prize Holiday

group SimonSays1 2018-03-16

Brenda rolled over and watched for a moment, feeling the wetness in her pussy as her eyes followed her friend's hands moving over her body, from her breasts and nipples, then down over her smooth belly. And even as they felt the throbbing cocks inside them, flooding their bodies with warm cum, Marie and Brenda were crying out as their orgasms ran through them, their cries of pleasure echoing out over the still waters of the lake. Moments later Marie let out a deep sigh as she felt Tom's hands tugging her wet panties to one side, and then his tongue flicking over her lips and clit, before plunging inside her.


The Mountain Home Ch. 01

group demaizefield 2018-03-16

"Well, the way I see it, you ladies have two options," I began, "You can head back down the mountain and get a room down there, or..." Shutting off the hot water, I stepped out of the shower to dry off just in time for the door to swing back open and for Tammy to come walking in. I heard snickers coming from the other side of the room as the other three young ladies took turns peeking into the open door "covertly". Janesha looked at her and smiled as she released my balls from her mouth and took my hard shaft back in her hand. Tammy worked rapidly to swallow all I had to offer and the pulled me all the way into her hot little mouth.


A Woman's sexual Peak

group 2018-03-16

Kevin said, “Keep licking that sweet pussy, but you need this dick.” I looked back to make sure he had a condom on and then I saw how big he is. I thought, “This is going to be good.” I looked Kevin in the eye and asked, “Are you going to talk to me or are you going to fuck me hard so I can cum all over that beautiful cock?” Georgia said, “It is my turn.” I was a little annoyed cause I wanted more dick but they were the couple so I didn’t complain when Kevin pulled his long dick out of me. She said, “You are right, she is sweet.” With that Georgia playfully pushed Kevin out of the way and she started sucking my clit.

A Call on Society

group BlackHat 2018-03-16

Gwen held me from behind and rubbed my nipples, Allison kissed and fondled my balls while Wanda stroked my cock. As I started fucking Wanda's tits I returned to licking Allison's pussy. She let me finish licking up Allison's cum and then pushed my head down to her pussy. Gwen pulled me off and as I raised up she whispered in my ear "Fuck me." She leaned out over the glass coffee table and as she did the short skirt slid up over her ass. Wanda took my hand and pushed my finger to Gwen's clit. We were all casually sitting in the sun room when Gwen called Maria to bring the tea.

Love Forms

group DarkAngelica 2018-03-16

As she sat on the stairs, Mary heard David's best friend Josh shout in mock anger, then burst out laughing. "Sorry Josh was such a dick." Mary tried to interrogate David about what it all meant, but he wouldn't say a word about it. "Like you love me?" Mary didn't know what she'd do if David asked her to choose between the two of them. Every few minutes Josh would stop kissing her and kiss David, and the sounds they made were the hottest thing Mary had ever heard. "David," Josh moaned a few minutes after playing with Mary's clit, "I've got to fuck her now man.

My Slutty Prom Night

group writemarksmith 2018-03-16

Jimmy, who didn't like dancing, grabbed me and pulled me close and I felt the elation of a long anticipated night coming together. When the song ended Eric took me by the hand and led me back to where Jimmy and some friends were talking. I felt a tingle up my body from Jimmy's hand on my ass and noticed Eric looking at me with a smirk. As soon as we got inside Jimmy took me in his arms and kissed me again, grabbing my ass. I turned to look at over my shoulder at Eric and seeing him sitting back and just watching I arched my back and little more, and wiggled my bare ass for him, making sure he could see my wet pussy and my asshole.