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Erotic Group Sex stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

End of Year Bonus: Shannon

group formywife 2018-03-16

The hot water felt good running over his body, and actually took his mind off of work, and the disappointment his guys were going to feel, for a little while. Shannon could not get the image of her being ravaged by Donnie's crew out of her mind, and she had to sneak away a couple of times to masturbate that weekend because she didn't want to explain to him what was going through her head. I'm going to be your gang bang slut tonight, and you're going to fill my ass with a huge load of come because it turns you on so much." She started to suck the cock again.


Aloha Lovers

group BrettJ 2018-03-16

Kylie got to look into David's beautiful brown eyes and say "I do" in front of all those people and become Mrs. Evans. David went to the bar, got himself a beer, a Sling for Kylie – she loved fruity drinks – and a Rum and Coke for Keylani. When a slow song came on, David thought he should probably ask Kylie to dance, but she begged off. "David was going to get lucky tonight, huh?" Kylie blushed as Keylani eyed her in the light blue teddy she was wearing. "No." David and Keylani looked over at Kylie, still tied to the bed.


Impregnating Alice Ch. 04

group eatoure 2018-03-16

Gabe, Alice, Bobili, and Curt liked one another. Bobli liked Alice a lot, and would have cheerfully gotten it on with Alice as much as Alice would let her, but Alice was so into men that she didn't usually respond sexually to Bobili until she had been sexed up by a couple of male lovers. Sometimes in public, on the street, Bobili would flash her tits for fun at guys she liked, or at girls she thought might be into it, but she never did it when Curt was around, because he had to be so discreet, being a lawyer and all. Well let me tell you she's got a right bleedin' wonder mouth on her and you'll come in a minute if she sucks you off" she was saying to Curt about Dorrie.

And Emma Makes Three

group mrjones502003 2018-03-16

Teri, whose elementary school ran like relative clockwork, had gotten home at a reasonable hour and when I trudged in the door supper was already bubbling away aromatically on the stove and the two girls looked as happy as I'd ever seen them. "Disappointed?" she asked, and while she did, Emma kissed the side of my wife's face and her neck, and her hand rested on Teri's belly and then slid up to cup a demure breast. About that time the panties were tugged off and discarded and Emma buried her face between my wife's legs, tonguing her cunt furiously, and Teri leaned her head back against the billowy cushions of the sofa and enjoyed being eaten.


'Research' Project Ch. 04

group DreamerKitty 2018-03-16

As he shifted positions to take Alexis' arm off his chest, Emily began to stir and wonder were they were. Alexis felt Emily's womanly touch go from her now hardened nipple to her collarbone and across her chest and neck, and back across to the far side of her face. They knew the hot shower in the other room was not going to last forever and they wanted to join in the bubbly fun. Alexis reached for Emily's other hand and put it to her own pussy. Wanting to test out the adjustment, Emily wrapped her hand around that beautiful cock and led it to Alexis. Emily guided him into her so she could watch the fluctuation of Alexis' lips on entry.

Pet Ownership Ch. 13

group KY ridgerunner 2018-03-16

I didn't even know they were there until I heard Pet's voice, "Well Aunt Kathy I guess we'll just have to get them hard again." We had all fallen to the ground after fucking Jackie. When Kathy saw me fucking Pet she pulled away from Jackie and got on her hands and knees in front of Dick. She rolled over and pulled me to her saying, "You don't know how much I needed that." Just then we heard a loud moan and looked to see Kathy getting pumped full of Dick's creamy load. Pet thought it was time to get it all in the open and just said, "Aunt Kathy wants a baby too."


A Fantasy Cum True Ch. 1

group snowbond 2018-03-16

Steve couldn't believe this was going to happen he loved Diane very much, and they both had been looking forward a long time to something like this. Matt and Steve were sitting on the couch as she returned they both had discarded their jackets but the ski pants were still on she looked at them out of the corner of her eye she ran her hands through her red hair with sensual bliss. Diane was in heaven she loved the way Matt kissed, and she couldn't believe how good it felt having Steve's warm mouth on her chest that was exposed to the cool night air. Steve was loving the attention watching Matt and Diane licking and sucking his cock.

A Trip to Singapore Ch. 04

group BenLong 2018-03-16

If someone said "Hey Peter, you and Annika want to join us for dinner and the evening?" It's certainly different than someone saying "Hey Pete, we're asking a group of friends over for dinner to celebrate my wife's birthday on Friday, can you and Annika join us?" Just like with you and Bridgette, we've already set the groundwork; we went to dinner, had a good time. He looked at me for a moment, and said "You sure you know what you're asking me?" I nodded, then told him that Bridgette had indicated after we had dinner the previous week that he was attractive, and that one of her fantasies was to have two men service her at the same time.


Waiting Is the Hardest Part

group Goldiloxxx 2018-03-16

Rubbing them softly I slowly moved my hands down my body, actually showing you my tits for the first time. Then you said, “ ok I want you to show me what a good girl you are and show me what you would do if this was my cock in front of you.” I slowly kissed the tip of the vibrator just like I would have with his own cock. Remember, no cumming until you get it!” I looked up at you and said oh my god you mean you are going to leave me here like this!” You just started to laugh and said, “You want your surprise don’t you?” “Yes, but”.

Our New Naked Adventure Day 05

group TXhardsucker69 2018-03-16

Renee's face headed straight for Cindy's snatch, leaving a Suzy of hot kisses all the way there. When they did come to, we talked some, and Renee asked me "So would you mind terribly if I stole Cindy, and we did a girl's getaway sometime? I got the message real clear that my help was not needed at the moment, so I snuck off to the kitchen, grabbed a beer, and headed to the living room and turned on the TV. I had taken the day off, and was looking forward to getting outside in the sun working on my yard and Joe & Suzy's yard, and maybe enjoying some quiet time with a brew or two in the back yard.


Young Toms

group 2018-03-16

The party night finally arrived and Susan and I got him up to dance and Susan took my son as well. He said, "I'm going to watch my son started sucking her breast as our son, Jeff, sat to he pressed his eager young cock hunting his pussy cats She said, "Come to your momma cat, you little Tom It wasn't long until Fred said, "Son, now I am going to our Young and Old Tomcats and said good night. "Well guys, Susan said, "We think it is about time our heard are interested in a good party with young guys. cats, when the Old Tomcats are away, the Young Toms I told Susan that we needed to let our sons know that

Girls Just Want to Have Cum (1987)

group masterandmargarita 2018-03-16

Corey turned back to the telescope just in time to see the four college girls stepping into the house and closing the front door behind them. "We've got a bum water heater so we need to conserve our hot water," Rhonda explained to Stacey, temporarily leaving her hands at the sides of her top while Corey watched in suspense to see if she would take it off. "So I'm just going to hang out with my boobs, bush, and butt in your faces all night?" Rhonda replied with hands on her hips. "Corey, please accept my humble apologies for my earlier criticism of your camera placement," Max said as he drooled over the visual barrage of lingerie and nudity on the black and white monitor.


First Time

group hereinca 2018-03-16

Instead of her being upset with the situation, she actually came over to me as I was laying on the couch, taking my already hard cock into her mouth, and started sucking me slowly and deeply as I got back into the conversation I was having with the other woman. As I felt my orgasm curse through my body and my cum flow freely into my wife’s waiting mouth, the woman on the phone experienced her own total release, and we came intensely together, hearing each others breath, listening to each others sighs, and all of the other sounds that come with the total release of cumming, deep and hard, until your body is completely spent and totally satisfied.

The Special Feeling

group Red_Debris 2018-03-16

Then, Josh told the other guy to hold me tight and he started nailing his cock so hard in my pussy making me scream with joy and pain and I felt so good. "Mmm baby, I feel your juice on my balls, I like it, I like how you moan, I want to cum inside you to make you ready for more, your pussy deserves to be filled with cocks like these." he said. Luke and Josh were hammering me so hard I was all wet, two big fat cocks in my wet pussy making me scream and moan, and both were so strong holding me between them, and going harder and harder on me.

How Could I Resist? Ch. 01

group Randomcarrot 2018-03-16

Mark had had a little more to drink than me so his confidence was in a better place than mine so he answered with a smile "Trust me, we wanted to, but it looked like you and your friends didn't want to be disturbed by every guy in this place hoping to get lucky. "So my noble ladies" Mark said bowing his head, then continuing "what be thy names and what may we have the pleasure of offering you to drink on this most auspicious of evenings?" I had to look away for a moment to stifle a laugh; Mark really knew how to be charming and silly at the same time.


Meeting Ron's Brother Ch. 03

group Annatartywife 2018-03-16

"Fist the tart." Sam shouted as he got behind Louise, spread her legs, slipped his red hard cock up her cunt from behind and began to fuck her as she stood bent over. Louise had said she was ready to take Ron's cock up her backside so asked Simon who was fucking her pussy to stop moving for a moment while Ron slid up behind her and then guided the head of his lubed-up cock head up into her tight young ass-hole. Then with his orgasm complete, she felt Ron's cock slamming in and out of her tight ass until he also began to spurt his big thick cum-load deep inside her bowels.


group MidnightTemptress 2018-03-16

So Jennifer asked Amy if she would like to go to a bar later that night. Jennifer stood and grabbed Amy's hand and headed to the bedroom. They got to Jennifer's room and Amy looked at her questioningly and a bit hazed. Allowing Jennifer's high small breasts and Amy's heavy, perky ones to fall free from the restraints. Jennifer laid Amy back on the bed and began kissing down her body. She began licking harder, faster, sucking more on the clit as she pumped two fingers into her friends pussy. Jennifer quit pleasuring Amy and both ladies sat up, looking at him intently. Jennifer was at her head and torso rubbing Amy's nipples. Kissing, licking, and teasing with mouths, tongues, fingers, and hands.


The Visit

group DBarclay 2018-03-16

An hour later Tony and Trevor had to go out on a bit of business, and would be eating out that evening, so I turned on the hot tub to heat the water up for a soak; Monique was still enjoying the sunshine on the pool deck, as I jumped in the hot tub. By the time I had got everything sorted and had a shower myself it was getting near the time to take Monique back to the airport I found her on the pool deck all dressed ready for the trip, drinking coffee with the boys and telling them how much she enjoyed the visit.

Chemistry 103

group theimperialmistress 2018-03-16

Sarah felt moisture begin to slide down her inner thighs as she pictured the three of them fucking in the study room where Nate's fingers and tongue had brought her to such an intense orgasm the day before. Nate thrust his fingers slowly in and out of her, not breaking eye contact for even a second, as he said, "Well, I guess we'll just have to move this somewhere more private." He withdrew his hand from her cunt, making her whimper slightly. Sarah came with a loud wail, the combined sensations of Rob's talented fingers and thick, pounding cock, along with Nate's finger in her ass, sending her into an orgasm that tore the breath from her lungs.

Train of Thought

group avasogently 2018-03-16

Ivory skin was the only clue to the identity of the man who had pursued the adult Millie in her dream for several city blocks, then down an endless flight of steps into a nameless subway station. At the end of 15 minutes of infamy, she bent down to lick and suck the flushed head clean while hearing him drawl, "That's a wrap." That dream haunted Millie upon awakening, and throughout the day -- to the point that she developed an aversion to drinking from public His right hand pinched the shield over her throbbing clit, sending Millie's body into paroxysms as powerful as the rumblings of an express train chugging over run-down tracks.

A Weekend Away

group taylorreynolds 2018-03-16

Those skin-tight pants started well below her exposed belly button and clasped her skin all the way to the ankle, where the fuck-me shoes and their spiky heels raised her another three inches off the floor. In the little triangle they formed, she surreptitiously pumped her hand up and down on Zach's cock, while Amanda leaned in to lick a hot path across the top of her breasts. Zach was still gentleman enough to help them both over the cobblestones and up the stairs to Savannah's main level, then he dropped his arms around each of their shoulders and they trooped on to the hotel like three friends, not three people ready to fuck themselves blind.


Camilla Ch. 019

group MawrGorshin 2018-03-16

As soon as Camilla's urine was heard splashing in the toilet water, the girl pulled the door open. "I didn't know you were here." Looking down at herself in the middle of her urination, Camilla then looked back up at Tina without a molecule of embarrassment on her face, and with a friendly smile said, "I'm sorry--I'm just about done." Tina looked down at half-naked Camilla and admired her labia minora, pink curtains Camilla had opened up with her hand to display her urinary performance. "I can wait," Tina said; then she closed the stall door, and in her passion forgetting to lock it, she took Camilla's head and brought it up to her face. "I should've known I'd not be your only girl, Camilla," Candice growled, then stormed out of the washroom, with Camilla frantically pulling her panties up and her dress down as she chased after her hurt roommate.

Reluctant Kimberly

group deggles 2018-03-16

It wasn't a lot of money for the company, but it him have me again, regardless of the consequences. He had been gone for to send these to corporate headquarters. I cried. I cried. you understand the situation. ANYTHING, I'll not only send these to headquarters, Do you understand?" Do you understand?" Do you understand?" tremble and flush, terrified that everybody around me first, but in the end I was crying while he fucked me. regardless. top button of my uniform, and then the second one. the couch before they put me back on the floor again. The men picked me up and put me back on the couch. When we woke up, everybody was gone,

An Unexpected Turn of Events Ch. 02

group SASwordsman 2018-03-16

Giving him a quick 'good morning' kiss, she informed him, "I had a great time last night, but don't even think for a second you're putting that thing back in me right now. Within minutes another wave of spasms hit Katy causing Bob to slam his cock home even harder three more times before he finally came to a stop deep inside her. With a little push of his hips, he answered, "Not in a long time, but I'm hoping Donna will let me cum here more often." The emphasis on the word 'here' made Katy groan. As Bob held out his harms and leaned against the shower wall over Katy's head, Donna voiced her doubt, "Baby there is no way you going to swallow that thing all the way."